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Review #1, by NixiPixi96 Chapter Two

30th July 2010:
Love it! Is she going to be a prankster like Fred and George? From this chapter, it seems like she has the potentual! x

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review! Not sure if she'll get to the heights of pranking that Fred and George reach, but she is definitely going to be launching some of her own devious plots. I will be writing more soon, it's been ages since i did any, but third year at uni is kinda running my life right now :P Hope you read more when i post it.


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Review #2, by peppermintnightmare Introduction

23rd April 2010:
WRITE MORE!! I'm desperate!!

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Review #3, by Michelle Introduction

22nd April 2010:
Wow! You're a really talented writer. Great detail, great steady character development even in the first chapter. You really add dimension to characters :) I'm excited to read more of this, I can tell you have some good plot ideas rolling around! Update soon!

Author's Response: ok i am so sorry if this keeps sending but my computers just gone mental. lets try again. thanks for the review. it's reall overwhelming. i just uploaded a new chapter, hope you like it. it's short, but i will be writting more soon. 3rd year at uni has been a bit hectic. anyway. please reveiw more and let me know what you think. your thoughts and feeling are greatly appreciated!

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Review #4, by pettook Introduction

21st March 2010:
i like it. I hope you update it very soon!!!

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Review #5, by jessicanicole Introduction

28th February 2010:
I really liked it. Good start to what seems like a story that'll be full of twists. George/OC is my fave ship as well xD Update soon :)

Author's Response: So sorry i took so long to respond! I though i had gotten everyone, but i missed you :P

Thanks for the review, it's a little overwhelming knowing that people are actually reading my stuff :)

I have a new chapter up. it's short, but i will be writting more as soon as my assessment let up at uni. in the meantime, check out the author pervertedpens. it's me and my best friend doing weekly little short form challenges, we have just started!

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Review #6, by bostongurll33 Introduction

15th February 2010:
hmm, this is a very curious beginning. i like how you didn't give too much away, and left me wanting more. i'll definitely keep my eye out for updates. nice start! (:

Author's Response: sorry it took so long to respond. thanks for reviewing, it is HUGELY appreciated. have posted a new chapter, it's validating now. it's short, but i will write more soon. 3rd year at uni is HECTIC. anyway. please review again, your thoughts mean a lot!

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