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Review #1, by budabobo Its Complicated

19th December 2014:
Great story, reading it straight through, for the second time. To bad it's been abandoned.

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Review #2, by FredAndGeorgeAreAwesome Its Complicated

22nd May 2014:

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Review #3, by FriendofMolly Its Complicated

1st June 2013:
I just finished reading the trilogy, again. I was reminded just why I favorited your stories. I see though it's been 3 years since your last update. I'm begging you to please pick up your electronic pen once again. At this point you have just whetted our interest in just who will be the one to unlock Slytherin's darkest secret? I was leaning toward Scorpius, but that just doesn't make sense. Your other mystery would be Lily. I have ideas, but you are the one to hold the final say. So please start talking to us.

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Review #4, by Alisha Its Complicated

27th January 2013:
I hope you finish this story one day. The second generation is quite good

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Review #5, by Allison Its Complicated

21st October 2012:
I've spent all weekend reading this trilogy, and I really hope you update it at some point, although I know it's been a while. You're an incredibly talented writer and I'd love to see where this is going, it's absolutely addictive.

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Review #6, by Scott Prologue

9th January 2012:
Really enjoyable! pretty awesome

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Review #7, by Jace76 First Days

22nd December 2011:
Hey, hope the book editing went well. I also hope you are still workng on this story. This is my second time through the first 2. I am also enjoying the third. I really want to know what happened to the other daughter and why Lily blames herself and she and Ginny no longer fly. I don't think the hat put Hugo in Slytherin just because he asked. The hat takes your request onto account but it still bases it on your talents and abilities. So Hugo must have something! Please keep writing it!

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Review #8, by Jaded94 Its Complicated

10th October 2011:
I have just read all three of the series up to this chapter. They are each individually amazing. Most harry and Ginny stories are their domesticated lives but yours are filled with twists. You are an exceptional writer and i have added all 3 to my favorites. Update soon?

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Review #9, by TomMRiddle Its Complicated

23rd September 2011:
I've just finished reading the trilogy in the last 2-3 days. Please comeback with the next update as fast as possible!!

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Review #10, by Clare Its Complicated

20th September 2011:
Ive read your whole trilogy in the last 24hrs. The stories are great- very much like the original books in feel-and I want more! Please update soon

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Review #11, by Samanta Its Complicated

7th September 2011:
I Loved the trilogy! I'll keep waiting for you to update (even if it's been over a year now from the last one), a new profecie is out and hugo it's on slytherin, come on!!! it's really good!!!

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Review #12, by Gabbie Its Complicated

28th July 2011:
I absolutley Love this series.
I deffently hope this story continues.
Even if it has been over a year since it was updated,
I'm still gonna keep a glimmer of hope!

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Review #13, by EmilyPotter2390 Its Complicated

18th July 2011:
Ok having to stop during one of your stories just isn't fair!!! I want more now haha. I can't wait to find out whats up with Lily.


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Review #14, by j Its Complicated

9th December 2010:
i really think this plot is awesome, i'm already trying to figure out what's gonna happen...scorpius seems to have some major part with that bathroom..(i think);chamber of secrets.
but any ideas on when you'll update the story? i'm dying

Author's Response: I know.I've been horrible. I really do know where this story is headed, but I've had a few challenges in getting it written. I haven't abandoned it, though.


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Review #15, by Phoenix4424 Its Complicated

16th October 2010:
Great story so far, i look forward to the next chapter which i hope is sometime soon.

I have only recently discovered your stories and have spent the past few days reading the first two and now this one, i was a bit disappointed to see that this one is still a work in progress but it is shaping up to be a good read so far.

Author's Response: I'm so sorry you've ended up in my stalled story after reading the first two. I am trying to get the update up in the next few weeks.

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Review #16, by Ali256 Its Complicated

22nd September 2010:
Amazing storyline, it makes me wait with anticipation for the next chapter! Keep up the great work.

Author's Response: I'm is just taking a little (a lot) longer than I'd though.

I'll admit that real life has really gotten in the way of my fanfic. I'll try to have the next chapter up soon, but I can't really make any guarantees.


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Review #17, by nevermore one of kind Its Complicated

5th July 2010:
I admire your use of kreacher to find Harry's cloak. You have some interesting points, but flaws rattle thru you story. If I was to write my true my response to your story, there is not enough space.

But like so many other stories, there is no plot or value to read. (To say good vs. evil) hmph... how books around the world have this? I hope you spend some more time on writing to find a topic/plot and let your writing flow.

While, I have written my own stories, it is with a goal in mind. What is the goal of your story? Think about it. I am serious.

Another Harry wins/Harry saves the day/Harry is afraid to face women/Harry is stupid and stumbles on the answer by luck/Harry by the grace of god help humans around the world. stupid etc, etc. What is it? This you need to find for yourself. Neither I nor anyone else can help. I don't care how many reviews you get.

Look and listen to your own story, come read other;s fanfiction writers, then compare those to published writers... So much I wish to say, and I do not wish for you to lose my reply. Even I learn from what I tell you. Flag it. Your choice. Keep it, again your choice.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading. Sorry this wasn't to your taste.


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Review #18, by AlbusRebeccaPotter Many Happy Returns

4th July 2010:
Wow, that was a change. I hadn't expected Arthur to be Minister, or is that just me taking what you wrot the wrong way?

Author's Response: Nope, Arthur's the minister in this story.


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Review #19, by ginnygirl808 Its Complicated

1st May 2010:
good chapter. i missed this story... glad you updated! it makes me really excited. the story is getting really good,. are you making it so that the kids dont really know much about the golden trio's time at hogwarts?? if you are that is kool i cant wait to see what happens next and if you arnt that is still kool too... can you give us more information on the book you are writing. i remember you told us that you were writing one, can you tell us how it is going and stuff i know i am probably not the only one interested! :P thanks! update soon! 10/10

Author's Response: Yes, I think you have a good understanding of the story. I don't think the trio sat around too much telling stories of all their adventures at school (or if they did, their kids didn't pay too much attention). I based this on the fact that in the epilogue, the kids didn't understand why their parents were being stared at.

Thanks for asking about my original fiction. You can get a good idea of how its coming by how long it takes me to update here - a long time between updates = a lot of productive writing on my other story. I've finished the first draft now and I'm heavily involved in editing the first book. I'm hoping to begin sending out query letters within the next couple of months. I'm going to a writing conference at the end of July where I get to "polish" my story, so I'll be ready to submit it after that. I've been told that the current time to publication is about 2 years right now, so it won't be on your local bookstore's shelves any time soon. I'll definitely keep you up to date on its progress. Thanks for asking.

Thanks so much for the 10! I'm really glad this chapter has been met with such a warm reception.

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Review #20, by FriendofMolly Its Complicated

1st May 2010:
I'm so glad you finally came back. This chapter was worth waiting for. Ron's reaction was so typical. I'm only sorry that Hugo is responsible for where he is. But perhaps it will be good for all. It's not nice to mess with the Hat! Now I'll have to go back and read previous chapters, to see if there hints as to what is going on with Lily. If not I'll look for the next from you. Please don't be so long.

Author's Response: Honestly, Ron's reaction was the primary reason for this chapter's existence. I hadn't planned on showing the whole Hermione/Ron scene, but so many asked about it at the end of the last chapter, I realized I was taking the easy way out. (I don't like to write Ron.I have trouble getting in his head.)

I think the rest of the chapters should flow a bit easier, since they were all part of the plan - unlike this one.

Life's about choices. Hugo made a bad one, but, as Harry told Albus - Slytherin has gained an excellent addition.

No, there really aren't too many hints about Lily yet (other than her "attitude" issue). She's really kept a lot of her problem bottled up, and we're still probably 5 - 6 chapters away from revealing what happened.

I'll try to keep the updates coming more frequently. I really had trouble writing this one - hit my first massive case of writer's block where I totally had to walk away from the story for two months and let it rest for a bit. I wasn't getting anywhere (or what I was writing wasn't worth reading).

Thanks so much for taking the time to review!

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Review #21, by Mrs HJ Potter Its Complicated

1st May 2010:

I went crazy when I saw the update. I thought this was a great chapter with a great deal of hints as to what might be going on. First, Ron's reaction was exactly how I would have pictured it. Very angry and upset not just with Hugo but Hermione as well for not telling him before Percy did. As for Lily I am starting to get an idea of what might have happened with Molly. Perhaps she took off flying and there was an accident and Lily had been in charge of watching her. I don't know I am just guessing. These stories have been some of the best I have read on the site. I have reread both the first and second more than once. Keep up the great writing and update as soon as you can.

Mrs HJ Potter

Author's Response: I'm so happy you enjoyed this chapter. Ron isn't an easy character for me to write, so forgive me if I borrowed a bit from another series I enjoy with the fireplace and the liquor.

You're on the right track with Lily, but you haven't quite figured it out yet. Of course, I haven't given you some necessary information to help you out yet.

Yes, there are some rather large hints as to the future of this story in this chapter. I'm not known for being overly sneaky in my writing, so you might be able to piece together where I'm headed.

Thanks so much for your flattering review. I'm just glad not everyone has run off out of annoyance at how long it has taken me to update.

Thanks a million!

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Review #22, by Hufflepuff Woman Back to Hogwarts

25th April 2010:
How could you put a weasley in slytherin

Author's Response: So much about the HP world is a result of your choices - I was following that train of thought. Hugo, being the last in a long line of Weasley cousins, is the "class clown." I'm sure he thought it would be a laugh to hear what the Sorting Hat had to say. He never fully intended to be in Slytherin. However, now that it has happened, he's going to have to deal with it.

Sorry you didn't approve. I do have a reason for it.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #23, by jb First Days

12th April 2010:
when's the next chapter

Author's Response: I have to admit that I've hit a major stall on this next chapter. I don't want to post it before it is ready, and I'm hopeful it'll be up within a week. I'm so sorry for the delay. I hate it when stories I like to read take forever with updates, and I'm disappointed in myself that I'm taking so long.

I apologize.

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Review #24, by HELEN First Days

11th March 2010:

Author's Response: I finished my subbing job today. Look for regular updates beginning sometime next week.

Thanks for being so patient. I can't wait to share the rest of this story with you!

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Review #25, by G3ntle First Days

28th February 2010:
Nice to have this story going again. Loved the first
one. I want to see where you take this.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I wrap up my subbing job next week, and I hope to get back to the every three week updates then. We have quite a journey ahead of us.

Thanks for stopping by and reviewing!

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