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Reading Reviews for Gutted
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Review #1, by Unwrittenangle The Christmas From Hell? Part II

22nd December 2010:
WRITE MORE! Please, i'm begging you!

Author's Response: i will. soon hopefully :L

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Review #2, by DracoTheBasketCase The Christmas From Hell? Part II

19th September 2010:
This chapter made me laugh so freaking much!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update soon!!!

Author's Response: sure :L i will hopefully soon, but having a bit of writers block atm, not really sure where the stories going anymore :/

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Review #3, by Blue Biro The Christmas From Hell? Part II

4th December 2009:
okay, just want to stay, keep going, g8 story!
and i forgive you for being an idiot
your more succesful (lol) mate,
Blue Biro

Author's Response: lol thanks, i think, tbh i think its rather crap but you know :)
Kirsten x

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Review #4, by SaritaMalfoy22 The Christmas From Hell? Part II

31st October 2009:
If reviews mean happinesss for you, then your updates mean happiness for me :) So lets make a deal here; I'll review forever and a day if you update as often as possible with more RoSius :D
-Sarita x

Author's Response: lol
and il try
fourth chapter is coming along. so it should be good!
a rollerball =D

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Review #5, by mileyo123 The Christmas From Hell? Part II

30th October 2009:
i really like ur story and cant wait ti read what happens next!!!

Author's Response: lol
thanks i really appreciate it
the story is really starting to unravel now...
a rollerball =D

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Review #6, by Ally The Christmas From Hell?

26th September 2009:
You had better keep writing. I mean siriously, it's been 4 months since you updated and this story is two good to stop

Author's Response: thx alot and im in the middle of chapter four! its just i like nearly broke my neck and then got flu so ive been a little busy!

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Review #7, by Raimi The Christmas From Hell?

2nd August 2009:
please update quickly
This is a great story!

Author's Response: thx alot you guys really inspire me!

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Review #8, by Jane_Volturi Prolouge- Done For

30th July 2009:
Ha, this was a really good start.
Scorpius: He seems to have a rather short temper lol, it makes me laugh that he feels the need to swear in almost every sentance, probably a way of handling with the fact he cannot control his emotions. He seems quite funny, definitley has a sense of humor, but he seems to have a tendancy to act without considering the consequences he will have to face later. I can detect a hint of immaturity in his peronality as well.
Rose: Good, she seems a lot like her mum.
Plot: Very interesting, quite light, basically a good introduction.
Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation: No mistakes that i could spot :)
Descriptive writing: This was just right, not too heavy but detailed all the same.

Author's Response: thanks alot its always nice to here good things!
and well done you've basicly summed up scorpius (at the moment)
a rollerball =D

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Review #9, by Laiqualassiel Prolouge- Done For

26th June 2009:
This story has potiental! Love it!


Author's Response: thx alot!i really like review they make me more likely to write

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Review #10, by prongsie4ever The Christmas From Hell?

10th June 2009:
it was so good. i can't wait for you to post more up soon.

Author's Response: thx alot. review just make me more eager to rite.
it shouldnt be too long till the next chapter is up, but am quite busy lately.
thx again.
a rollerball

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Review #11, by Blue Biro The Christmas From Hell?

10th June 2009:
Hey, Kirsten, Becky here.
i liked the chapter, even if you didn't, stop putting yourself down!
Hey, since your stpry is the most succesful (bloody 500 reads.) could you, you know, put my name out there, tell people, "hey, check this out" give me a few complements, hint about banners?
you know you want to!
Blue Biro/ Becky

Author's Response: sure il help u out!
i got this person who made me my banner il see if she wants to make u 1!
remember my story went up b4 urs so its gunna have a bit more reads.
stop putting urself down.

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Review #12, by ParkerGirl The Christmas From Hell?

9th June 2009:
Good chapter, poor scorp! PG

Author's Response: thx alot!
as i said i didnt no if i liked the capter or not.
but u made me feel better.

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Review #13, by a rollerball The Christmas From Hell?

6th June 2009:
gd story! plz update!

Author's Response: kl review! i luv u!

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Review #14, by Blue Biro Prolouge- Done For

4th June 2009:
hi kirsten, becky here, love ur story, great start, btter update soon or i might just follw up on alice's threat.
ur so lucky, u already have a banner option, im still waiting for that validation malarky.
see u tomoz!
luv becky, your monogramitc friend!

Author's Response: thx becky
that means alot to me
u being a gr8 author and all
plz dont kill me!
validation wont take long and ur story will be so good youll get a banner in no time.
kirsten x

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Review #15, by MrsAlbusPotter123 Prolouge- Done For

3rd June 2009:
hey kirsten alice here
love it you better update or i'll hunt you down and KILL you
see you tommorow

Author's Response: thx alice!
i was a bit nervous really,
but i think it turned out ok.
plz dont kill me!
c u tmoz

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Review #16, by ParkerGirl Prolouge- Done For

2nd June 2009:
Great start! Looking forward to more =) PG

Author's Response: thx alot! i want sure about it since it was my first fan fic. but the encouragement encourages me (if that makes sense) :D

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Review #17, by Music is Magic Prolouge- Done For

2nd June 2009:
It's a good start, I'd love to read more. Rose seems to be funny.

Author's Response: thx alot! i want sure about it since it was my first fan fic. but the encouragement encourages me (if that makes sense) :D

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Review #18, by a rollerball Prolouge- Done For

2nd June 2009:
good story! plz update!

Author's Response: thx a lt i luv u!

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