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Review #1, by ginnyinlove Scared

4th March 2008:
wow thats short but now bad. Are you going to do more?

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Review #2, by JustSuper Ron Talks to Ginny

9th May 2007:
these are good and funny but I wish you hasn't abondoned it because there isn't enough missing moments from the first three books...

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Review #3, by JustSuper Scared

9th May 2007:
short but nice start

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Review #4, by grednforge217 Ron Talks to Ginny

9th January 2007:
why the crap did you abandon this story? it's great!!

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Review #5, by angel007 Scared

21st February 2006:
I'm going to leave a review even though I haven't read the story: If you're petrified you can't think and you don't realise anything thats happening to you. Other than that it's probably a very good story but sorry, I'm not going to read it because I'm a very strict one-shot reader. angel

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Review #6, by Angela Ron Talks to Ginny

17th March 2005:
Oh my gosh I totally LOVE your story! You are so the greatest writer ever! And this story reminds me of this one called "Harry Potter and the Muggle-Born Princess." I think it's by SydandLiz. You should totally read that, I know you'll love it. But anyways, great chapter! Keep up the great work!

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Review #7, by Brooke Ron Talks to Ginny

23rd March 2004:
I like it alot! Please do update! Its good! Oh I just love Ron + Hemione fics!

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Review #8, by fuzzlebub85 Ron Talks to Ginny

17th March 2004:
hey cool! what a great idea! I really love it. Definitely at the very least nine and one-half stars. I'd say ten but I don't want to be prejudiced... Fuzzy PS plz read my stories.

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Review #9, by lilli Ron Talks to Ginny

11th March 2004:
i loved it v cute! keep writing more

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Review #10, by Sexy_Chik Scared

7th March 2004:
Sorry but dat was sooooooooooooooooooo boring

Author's Response: well, soooooooorrrrrry! if your gonna insult me, tell me why you dislike the story

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Review #11, by iDOhavealife Ron

4th March 2004:
This story has incredible potential. You need to describe things more rather than just say something happened. For instance, when Ron kissed Hermione, you could say that Hermione noticed that Ron had gotten quiet, she could hear him shifting in his chair uncomfortably (he's nervous), then she felt his breath against her face and then he kissed her, a quick peck, before he hurried out of the infirmary. Again, this has great potential, and it's a great idea (Hermione's POV while petrified); just slow down a little. :-)

Author's Response: I just revamped that chapter a little. I hope you like it.

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Review #12, by rose_from_the_ashes Scared

3rd March 2004:
haha sorri, im kinda lazy when it comes to signing in, but if u look in da authors and look fo' rose_from_the_ashes (i should be on pg 3 of da R's) then u'll see my 3 stories, (i'm actully working on six, but I've only submitted like 3 and i haven't had time to update)

Author's Response: I'm slim on time too. I can't wait till summer when I can work more on this! Untill then, I've got homework!

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Review #13, by rose_from_the_ashes being caught and the dream

3rd March 2004:
awww....he'll find out sooner or later

Author's Response: yeah, but he can't find out right now. He needs to find out at a diffrent time in the plot.

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Review #14, by rose_from_the_ashes Ron

3rd March 2004:
interesting story, please continue

Author's Response: thanks, i just submited a new chapter. im glad that you enjoyed it. what fics have you written? i'd like to read them.

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