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Review #1, by leapoffaith24 Wit Beyond Measure

8th September 2009:
wow. i never realized that rowena would be devastated when her daughter disappeared. dang, i love founder stories. 10 of 10

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review. I've only just recently attempted Founders era so I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #2, by MyronWin Wit Beyond Measure

23rd July 2009:
I've not read any Founders stories before this one as I wanted to start with an author I trusted to introduce me to the characters beyond what JKR had done, and there's no one better than you. I've been having fun with the Hogwarts and Post-Hogwarts stories fairly exclusively since joining the site. Still, I have to admit to a certain level of curiousity about how they created the school and all that.

This was a very nice introduction to them. Granted, it was only about Rowena (and her daughter) but it was quite well written and I loved the characterization of them both. Good to know that witches can have "normal" faults just like us Muggles. Her conceit was well done and she was still likeable, though a longer exposure might create more dislike of her. Then again, how many thought Hermione was conceited in the early books? Or the later ones, for that matter, and they still like her?

I have to agree with others that the ending was rather sudden. I understand the reasoning but sudden endings like that one usually mean a follow up and I don't know your plans on that possibility. I am almost always in favor of a follow up of stories I like (especially the one about the Muggle Studies teacher...).

My only other concern about this story was your use of "betany". While I may be wrong, and I don't have a reference book nearby to confirm, but I thought it was "bittany" or something like that. Assuming, that is, we're talking about the same thing.

As always, keep up the great work. Although I'm not around as much as I used to be, I aways come beck, and I always come back to your stories.

Thank you for your story.

Author's Response: The Founders era was one era I hadn't yet attempted, and the staff challenge was the perfect opportunity for me to have a dabble.

I'm glad you liked my characterisation, it is much more difficult trying to get inside the heads of characters we know so little about and who live in an era which is so different from our own.

I also did not like the way I ended it, it didn't sit comfortably with me at all, I wanted it to lead into the story we hear from Helena in DH, but it really does feel unfinished. I'm still not sure how I'm going to rectify it at this point. (I'd still like to come back to that story about the Muggle studies teacher and expand upon it, but I don't know if I'll ever get back to it now, I have too many other new ideas I want to explore.)

In regards to 'betany' I've made a spelling error, it should read 'betony' which is a type of herb that is supposed to have healing properties.

Oh, and just to let you know, I've also written another Founders one-shot about how the four Founders came up with the idea for Hogwarts, it is part of the HPFF United collaboration (just type HPFF United into the author search and it should come up). My story is the third one and is titled 'Croton Capitatus'. Or if you go to my author page you can just copy and paste the url code I've provided and go straight to it. That's if you want to read it of course.

Thank-you so much for reviewing.

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Review #3, by Pookha Wit Beyond Measure

22nd June 2009:
This is a portrait of a flawed, but very human woman. Rowena's pride in her abilities borders on hubris. No, on second thought it's sheer hubris. Her disappointment in her daughter reflects the real world in so many overbearing and overcritical parents.

Poor Helena must have such low self-esteem, hearing constantly from her harping mother that she's not intelligent enough, or if she just tries harder that she could be so much more. I know someone who gave up on math because she was constantly told that she wasn't bright enough to learn it when in fact she's very bright, just not at math.

I felt the ending was missing something. Perhaps a small reaction from Rowena, or a note from Helena.

As always you do a great job keeping in canon, but also giving us something we haven't seen.

Author's Response: We all have flaws, and I think one of the traps of being highly intelligent is becoming conceited (or at least it can be). To further that, and to reflect the way in which parents can be overly critical and have too many expectations of their children, I wanted to portray Rowena as being disappointed in her daughter for not possessing the same intelligence as herself. I imagine that Helena must have grown continuously more resentful of her mother as she grew into adulthood, and probably asked herself numerous times why her mother could never accept her for who she was.

I agree with you about the ending, I wasn\\\'t happy with it myself. I wanted to leave off where the story picks up in DH, but doing it that way has made it feel as though it is lacking.

Thanks so much for your review.

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Review #4, by VampireKisses Wit Beyond Measure

2nd June 2009:
Hey Jo!

It is a very well written piece - I love your narrative style. It does seem very reminiscent, in its own original way, like JK Rowling's own. Simple but poetic at the same time.

I enjoyed the reasoning behind the diadem - Rowena/Godric shipper I detect? And the not so perfect portrayals of both women. You can sense a little smug pride from Rowena at the end there.

Criticism...well, to be frank, the end paragraph lacked a little emotion. It was like "Oh, they're gone! The end!" It would have been nice to see her reaction though, you know? Or even if not, it would be better if you gave some more subtle hints at Helena's desire to trump her mother, not just her jealousy and dislike for her.

Overall, great job! I think this gave me a little boost to write that Salazar/Helga story I've been planning :P

Author's Response: Hi Kristen!

I'm so glad you like my narrative style, a lot of people tend to compare it to JKR's style, I guess it's because I'm using her characters and world so I try to stay true to her way of writing it.

Actually I'm not a Rowena/Godric shipper, I just think they were very good friends. I'm glad you got that sense of smug pride in Rowena, as I wanted to portray her as being a little vain about her intelligence and her accomplishments (including the diadem).

I did think after I had written it that the end was lacking somewhat. I wanted to leave off where the story picks up in DH, but I think I've left it feeling as though there should be more.

I'm glad you enjoyed this one-shot, and I hope you manage to get your Salazar/Helga one written. Thanks so much for reviewing. :)

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Review #5, by Rhoanna Wit Beyond Measure

29th May 2009:

Author's Response: Thank-you so much. You honestly made my day. Thank-you for reviewing.

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Review #6, by RonsGirlFriday Wit Beyond Measure

28th May 2009:
I love it, Joanne! Her reason for creating the charmed diadem made sense (although I did think she seemed a little bit conceited about her intelligence). I like how at the end Helena doesn't seem at all interested but then takes off with the diadem. It was a great way to end it!

Author's Response: Thanks RGF! I actually wanted to portray her as being a bit conceited. I felt that after being told her whole life that she is the most brilliant witch of the age it would probalby go to her head to some degree. I'm glad you liked my ending, I wanted it to lead into the story we know from DH.

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Review #7, by Aisu Hoshino Wit Beyond Measure

28th May 2009:
Very sweet, well-written piece. I think you captured both Rowena and Helena very well. It's very fitting that Rowena should treasure something she literally put all her mind into - yet it still had the sentimental value of being a gift. And of course, you fit it very well into canon. Excellent job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it and I'm glad you thought I captured the characters well and that you thought I was able to stay canon.

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