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Review #1, by Rita Skeeter Swimmingly

4th March 2011:
Upload again asap please!!! I really like this story!

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Review #2, by Rita Skeeter The Sirilene Project.

4th March 2011:
‘No, I’m allergic to Peter... I mean peanuts,’

That is the funniest excuse i've ever heard! ahah classic :D

great job! 10/10 and added to favourites.

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Review #3, by Rita Skeeter Gossip

4th March 2011:

i really like this story!! upload again soon??

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Review #4, by Sweets-Caandy Swimmingly

5th July 2010:
Aww this chap is really sweet and funny!
I like the swimming scene !
And when James drops water on her...that is ...well lets say nice!*g*
And Lilys dreams about JAmes.not very lady like!
But I like her beeing like this.. and well lets see if the dreams become reality , soon!

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Review #5, by HP maniac Swimmingly

20th May 2010:
I LOVE this story! please keep writing! i think my rating speaks for itself :L xx

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Review #6, by Bookworm045 Swimmingly

13th May 2010:
Hola. Finally. I love this story, and was so excited to see it updated! :)

Author's Response: I know, I feel awful. Some things can't be helped though. Updates may be sporadic for now but in 6 months, you guys will be getting updates very frequently.
Thanks for sticking with it.

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Review #7, by Sweets-Caandy The Friend's Box.

8th January 2010:
What ? !?
'kay, Lily IS looking forward to play strip poker with them, isn't she?
'cause then she would see James without clothes, too!
But well maybe the swimming thing 's enough to get them together again, I'll see!

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Review #8, by Sweets-Caandy What Happened?

8th January 2010:
I'm sorry I reviewing so late but I forgot to check if a new chapter was updated...
but this chapter is even more confusing than the last one!
And Sirius saw the two of them kissing or whatever they were doing? Oh my Gosh ist't he teling that James right when the girls are away? But will he belive him? Maybe he thinks it's because got something on the head or somethoing like that...
Well, I'll see!
Great chap!

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Review #9, by lollybean The Friend's Box.

21st December 2009:
you write really really well to love the style of it XDXD.

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Review #10, by lollybean The Friend's Box.

21st December 2009:
please for the sake of my sanity UPDATE.

one of the best stories ive read, love it.

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Review #11, by Mary The Friend's Box.

19th November 2009:
I love it hahaha it is so funny!!!

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Review #12, by SiriusMyMan What Happened?

8th September 2009:
by far!
I love the fresh and un-clichéd characters!
Please update soon!!

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Review #13, by madelgranger The Sirilene Project.

29th August 2009:
"...that James was holding Lily up by the elbow as he pushed the doors open. The entire great hall went silent after a huge clatter of cutlery. "


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Review #14, by madelgranger Gossip

29th August 2009:
hahahahaha dumbledore's letter = love. way to be. way to be.
fun story so far thanks for writing!

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Review #15, by Ronniegirl1990 What Happened?

17th August 2009:
ahahaha ohmigod I died of laughter reading this story! Please update soon because this is my new favorite fanfic!

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Review #16, by LJ2000 What Happened?

10th August 2009:
OMG i cannot wait to see what Lily and Marlene and Alice do next!!! please update soon because this story is amazing. The characters are so original and James is a cutie! Please update soon!

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Review #17, by lilyjames222 What Happened?

9th August 2009:
haha I love Sirius and his reaction to what he saw!! Does that mean that Lily and Marlene are planning on letting Sirius "catch" them a few times to cure him of his "womanising ways"? Thats what the last sentence of the chapter seemed to mean to me. I also love the way you portray Lily and i love her relationship with James. Please please update this story soon!! I can't wait to see how all the relationships develop.

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Review #18, by Lilyjames222 The Sirilene Project.

7th August 2009:
this chapter is GREAT! I love the interaction between Lily and James and between the boys. The mauraders are great together!

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Review #19, by Lilyjames222 Making an Effort

7th August 2009:
This is a great start to a story, I love how James's gets excited at just the sound of his name, it's so cute and shows how lovestruck he is! I also love Lily's joke on her father, and the outfit she wears on the first day sounds adorable. I can't wait to read the rest!!

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Review #20, by Dilys Derwent What Happened?

5th August 2009:
poor Sirius. this is definitely getting interesting. great chapter. update soon!
Dilys :)

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Review #21, by Sweets-Caandy What Happened?

4th August 2009:
Great Chapter!
But if Sirius is talking to James about what he had seen, he will be in a verry bad mood, won't he?
Well, I'll see!

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Review #22, by Sweets-Caandy That Feels Divine

29th July 2009:
Oh my Gosh!
That was sooo funny!Really, I had to laugh so hard!
But it's kinda strange with Lily and Marlene..
I mean, yust because they practiced it once the are still sleeping together?
And that naked, too?!
Well if it isn't a real relationship...I mean, Lily dreams of James and so I think they will get together soon, won't they?
Whatever, I hopre so and am anxious about the next chapter!

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Review #23, by Dilys Derwent That Feels Divine

26th July 2009:
well now that that is cleared up. interesting. i normally wouldn't think of Lily having a relationship like that but it fits i guess. and it did just set up the best scene ever just then. lol. keep writing!
Dilys :)

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Review #24, by bespontaneous Missed Your Company...

20th July 2009:
i love the girl on girl jokes
my friends say that stuff all the time
great chapter
had some good laughs

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Review #25, by Dilys Derwent Missed Your Company...

19th July 2009:
i still don't get the lily marlene and now possibly alice thing but i am trusting that you will tell us soon. right? but i do think it brings an interesting dimension to the story and i am loving james and lily's blooming relationship. and sirius being all romantic is so cute no matter what james says. keep writing and update soon.
Dilys :)

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