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Review #1, by ash Picnic

8th April 2013:
harry is so cute and Sev is a great father and its gonnna be tough telling lily

Author's Response: Yes it will. Hope you don't think it's too sad!

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Review #2, by ash An Absolutely Awful Day

7th April 2013:
i loved it so much i have to keep reading to find out if she can be cured

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Review #3, by Staci My Heart Will Go On

25th January 2013:
I couldn't stop crying during this chapter. It was so amazing but so sad.

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Review #4, by Serpentess Little Leonardo

21st May 2012:
I love DaVinci as well. He and Michelangelo are my favorites.
And I think Sev gets sick? Maybe?

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Review #5, by Serpentess House Call At Hogwarts

21st May 2012:
I can just about her Minerva's thick Scot accent! This is a great story!

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Review #6, by cattistic Hero's Farewell

11th March 2012:
awww you made my nose go tingely and my eyes water... that makes it realy hard to read, you know?

Author's Response: Aaww! Be aware you're going to need Kleenex for the end

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Review #7, by k My Heart Will Go On

10th December 2011:
this made me cry so much!!

Author's Response: aww! Thanks! I know this was a tear jerker.

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Review #8, by Anonymous My Heart Will Go On

25th August 2011:
Aww this made me cry. I really hope my eyes arent puffy tomorrow...

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Review #9, by kirstenalanna His Father's Son

8th April 2011:
I love a soft and tender Severus. Lovely. :)

Author's Response: So do I, especially because it's rare for writers to portray him as having anything resembling a heart.

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Review #10, by kirstenalanna Hero's Farewell

8th April 2011:
Second time reading this...btw.

Good job. :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm honored you liked it that much to re-read it.

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Review #11, by Bookaholic Girl Wet Sunday

28th March 2011:
Where's Frank Longbottom? He's been mentioned but... he's never actually there.

Author's Response: He's around, but he's not going to be a major character in the story.

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Review #12, by Bookaholic Girl Family Reunion

28th March 2011:
I must say that I'm a little disappointed that Lily didn't just hex Petunia's whiny ass into next Tuesday. I was hoping that Severus would kill Petunia, but I suppose that that's beneath him. And I'm happy that Harry got to hit Dudley, the fat, spoiled brat!

Author's Response: She probably wanted to, but it would look bad if she did that, like she was a bully because Tuney didn't have magic. Yes, Sev wouldn't lower himself to kill her, she's not worth doing time for. Yup, Harry gave it to Dudley good, just like he should have in the books.

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Review #13, by kkbri My Heart Will Go On

3rd March 2011:
OMGosh!! This is the BEST Lily/Snape fiction I've EVER read!!! I reay cried at the end:( What order should you read all novels/short stories in this series? There are so many I got confused:S

Author's Response: Thanks! I have another Lily/Snape fic on here, that;s NOT releated to this one, with a younger Lily and Sev called Irresistible Chemistry, if you'd like to read that.

However, the Never Again series should be read in this order:

1. Where Shadows Go (novel) SS/LP

2. Split Second (one-shot)

3. Lily's Valentine

4. Mother's Day (one-shot)

5.Forbidden Flight

6.Harry Potter Dogsitter (short story)

7. Harry Potter & the Monster Under the Bed (one-shot)

8. Never Again (novel) SS, HP, and Tobias Snape

9. Growing Pains (novel)

10. Severus's Christmas Wish--one-shot

11. Object of Affection--one-shot! FUNNY!

12. The Fourth of July Deer

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Review #14, by tory pow Picnic

24th August 2010:
Good story...i know its already completed so i don't know if you did it on purpose or if you just forgot about him, but where is bill weasley...he is the second oldest not percy

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Review #15, by potterfan2012 My Heart Will Go On

19th August 2010:
damn.. this made me cry a lot, because my mom died when i was 14. .. but good story. minus two for killing her.

Author's Response: Aww. I'm sorry to hear that. But Lily had to die in this one, because this was actually written as prequel to Never Again, and in that story Sev is a single parent raising Harry.

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Review #16, by potterfan2012 Family Reunion

18th August 2010:
AWESOME! but i think you should have turned Lily's smack into a cat fight!

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Review #17, by Cassie_Heart My Heart Will Go On

30th July 2010:
excellent story!!! great job!!!

Author's Response: Thanks and there's more in this series. Next in it are the one-shot Split Second and Forbidden Flight, a short story.

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Review #18, by Merope His Father's Son

5th July 2010:
The ending did it for me. I don't usually cry very easily, but the last sentence transfigured me into a fountain.
Great story
Merope :)

Author's Response: Yeah, I know. This is my tearjerker Nicholas Sparks story . . .so be warned! I made myself cry so many times when I wrote it. But the series does have a happy ending and some very humorous moments! Just keep reading!

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Review #19, by Leah Testing the Waters

21st June 2010:
:') Thats soo sweet. Good for sev.. :'D

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

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Review #20, by penguins My Heart Will Go On

8th January 2010:
I actually had to break off at two points in this story because I had started crying and now I've got a big lump in my throat because I'm so sad, though I enjoyed reading this story very much.

Though I am a bit confused becaise you said that Forbidden Flight is the next story in the series but on your FF.N page it says Split Second is your next one

Author's Response: Yes, I wrote this before I'd written Split Second and haven't changed it yet, sorry for the confusion.

This story is one of the saddest I've ever written and I don't know how I ever wrote the end. I cried writing it.

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Review #21, by penguins Playing With Fire

7th January 2010:
Yes! Two of my favourite things - chocolate and strawberries. I just HAD to review!

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Review #22, by bhssingergal Hero's Farewell

28th December 2009:
is there a story before this one? whats the sequel to this? ive been trying to figure out what the order of the series is and i cant quite get it. :)

Author's Response: No, this is the first story in the series.

There are a few small short stories in this series before the next major one. Read Split Second and then Lily's Valentine, then Forbidden Flight, Mother's Day, Harry Potter Dogsitter, Harry Potter & the Monster Under the Bed, then the next novel Never Again, followed by Growing Pains, Severus' Christmas Wish, and The 4th of July Deer.

Hope that helps. Thanks for reading!

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Review #23, by David Wang Great Balls of Fire

24th October 2009:
I liked Alan Rickman as well.

Have you seen Sweeney Todd (2007 version)?
The singing Judge Turpin was just awsome!

By the way,have you noticed that Tim Burton had bloodily executed both Dumbledore (Gambon, in Sleepy Hollow,1999)
and Snape (Rickman, in this movie)? Funny how some coincidences go.

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Review #24, by sim His Father's Son

22nd October 2009:
i dont think harry would have been able to speak those words
because he is only 13 months old.

Author's Response: Not true. My nephew drew started talking at ten months old and by 13 months he was speaking in sentences. Harry is 15 months here and he's a smart kid, he's a wizard, and wizard kids probably mature quicker than Muggle ones. I myself walked at nine months and spoke clear words at that age too and by a year and a half I talked in complete sentences. It depends upon the child. Some kids are quick to speak and walk while others take longer.

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Review #25, by prophecy Bittersweet Memories

27th September 2009:
I absolutly love how you changed things... I only read three chapters and I'm wishing you write more than 33 that means it's great... I enjoyed this three chapters a lot, I love this new universe..
This chapter could turn into a songfic with "with a little help from my friends" by the beatles right?

Author's Response: Yes, it could and I hope you enjoy the rest of the stories in this series. There are many of them.

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