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Review #1, by May_Diggory_Weasley The Same as a Duck

1st September 2011:
and Snape... I loved that movie too!
Nice luna characterisation btw. added to favs!

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Review #2, by BertieClemence The Same as a Duck

27th May 2011:
Oh my days, Monty Python dialogue has never been more at home than with Luna... I'd hate to see what Snape would make of the Dead Parrot Sketch. Thank you for writing this. 10/10.

Author's Response: I do have a take on the Dead Parrot sketch, but it's available on MNFF. Tim's birthday is coming up, so I have another one in the works.

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Review #3, by Bellatrix's twin sister The Same as a Duck

22nd April 2011:
Lol! That was hilarious! My dad and I watch those movies too. I loved the Luna and Snape theme you do here. Ten points to Ravenclaw!

Author's Response: Wow, lots of love for a Monty Python stories. I wonder how many more I could write.

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Review #4, by sparkypony The Same as a Duck

8th October 2010:
Ha- I love the Monty Python reference

Author's Response: Yep, good fun!

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Review #5, by thegirllikeme The Same as a Duck

14th September 2010:
LOL Snape watched Monty Python! I find that hilarious. Now I only wish I had actually seen that movie so I could understand it better.

I love your stories, btw. In case, you didn't know.

Author's Response: Yes, it's is quite ceribral humor, and the sort of thing Snape would probably enjoy. And you're just buttering me up so I'll write Snape Didn't Die. I promise I'm working on it!

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Review #6, by krazyboutharryginny The Same as a Duck

17th August 2010:
LOL that was great! I loved it, a cute and funny little fic! And Snape at the end... that was just... GREAT. 10/10

Author's Response: You can never go wrong with Monty Python!

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Review #7, by ekroman The Same as a Duck

15th August 2010:
Sure thing Luna? Nutter! xD Loved the ending btw :)

Author's Response: Snape being a closet Pythonite? Well, everyone loves Monty Python!

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Review #8, by Ollieb The Same as a Duck

25th July 2010:
Oh wow, i love how it all ties in at the end!
I especially love how even though i haven't seen that particular Monty Python movie it still makes sense and that you managed to actually reasonably explain why Luna was carrying a duck, which i doubted at the beginning whether you'd be able to.
However, i did get a bit lost at the explanation part, but that didn't detract from the fact that this piece was well written as well as funny.

Author's Response: Well, to be fair, you get a little lost in the Monty Python explaination too,

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Review #9, by HermioneTwin44 The Same as a Duck

13th July 2010:
Aaw! This is cute! And good! I loved it! Monty Python and the Holy Grail is my favorite movie! Wow, just realized how many exclamation points i used.

Author's Response: Well, as long as you mean all of them!

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Review #10, by Junie_50az The Same as a Duck

11th July 2010:
Hilarious! I could never have imagined Severus Snape watching Monty Python... did you think of the idea for the story by watching the movie yourself or did it just spring out of your head randomly? Whichever way, the story seems perfect for me (I cannot find much mistakes on it). Luna seems perfectly in character, and it is hilarious that her point of reasoning on the whole duck idea does rather seem like Alice in Wonderland logic (I read the book myself and loved it)! 10/10! I enjoyed the story :)

Author's Response: Oh, everyone like Monty Python, even Snape. And this story was actually written as a gift for Tim the Enchanter (check out his stories on the site), who is about the biggest Pythonite who ever lived.

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Review #11, by aussieginny The Same as a Duck

9th July 2010:
YAY MONTY PYTHON! lol i love that movie! "BURN HER!" lmao

Author's Response: Well, I'm glad you like. I do plan on writing more Monty Python stories.

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Review #12, by bushbabies94 The Same as a Duck

3rd July 2010:
haha i love this! oh one thing, u reviewed one of my stories, and i was wondering how i can delete the posts i put on myself??

Author's Response: I'm not sure how, but reviews really aren't the way to go about doing this. It may be counted as a spam post.

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Review #13, by cassie meadows The Same as a Duck

11th April 2010:

I could quote just about all of the movie right here, but that'd take too long, lol

Ah, I love how you did Luna in this. Normally, people lose her character somewhat, but this was perfect. :D

Author's Response: Yes, they do seem to fit together quite well, don't they?

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Review #14, by Jen The Same as a Duck

1st November 2009:
I just cannot imagine Severus Snape watching a Monty Python movie... The very thought makes me giggle quite hysterically!
Great story idea though - highly entertaining. :-)

Author's Response: Wow, it would seem I have another review stalker! Yes, I wrote this story as an Easter gift for a friend who love Monty Python with a passion, and I just could not help myself.

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Review #15, by Dracoistroubled The Same as a Duck

26th October 2009:
haha! I LOVE Monty Python! The Holy Grail's my favorite! What is your name? Sir Lancelot of Camelot. What is your quest? To seek the Holy Grail. What is your favorite color? Blue! That is the greatest movie of ALL TIME! I have it memorized, all of it. I SWEAR! That was incredibly creative! Pure brilliance!

Author's Response: Yes, this story was written by someone who also loves Monty Python. He loved it, but I am glad so many others are loving it too.

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Review #16, by Revewer not writer The Same as a Duck

7th August 2009:
YES!!! I applaude you, OliveOil_Med! You quoted Monty Python - that deserves an award right their. Amazing movie... ~chuckles and sighs~ 10/10

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it. Hopefully I will be able to write more Monty Python inspired stories.

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Review #17, by Dracosgirl5 The Same as a Duck

14th July 2009:
Umm I would just like to ask WHY WHY WHY?

Author's Response: Well, this story was written as an Easter gift for a friend, who also happens to be a big Monty Python fan. I suppose that is the most basic why.

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Review #18, by lacewings The Same as a Duck

30th May 2009:
Bwahaha! This made me laugh - Monty Python is my absolute favourite.

Author's Response: I\\\'m glad.

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Review #19, by Magic_Writer The Same as a Duck

30th May 2009:
Lol. that was funny. I haven't seen Monty Python but my friends love the move ( refering to the Holy Grail one ). they always say lines from the movie. anyway, this story was very creative and i liked it. 10/10

Author's Response: I am certainly happy a lot of people are enjoying it. The ten out of ten was nice too.

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Review #20, by wand_waver The Same as a Duck

29th May 2009:
LOL!! I read this yesterday but was not logged in so now I need to review it. Ok, confession: I have not yet seen the Monty Python movie :( I want to! But anyway, I had seen that "weigh the same as a duck" thing before, and I thought it was funny but I was like "what"? Now I'm definetly going to see that movie. It has become my sole mission in life. But anyway, this is a hiarious fanfic, the funniest I've ever read (granted I'm new here, so what do I know). I'm gonna go ahead and add this to my favorites now...
My name is Cathy and I do NOT weigh the same as a duck!

Author's Response: I\\\'m shocked at how popular this little oneshot is turning out to be!

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Review #21, by Shinigami777 The Same as a Duck

27th May 2009:
LMAO!!! This is hilarious!!!

Author's Response: I\\\'m glad you liked it.

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