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Review #1, by Jheinx DuBlanc Palace

17th August 2015:
I would appreciate it if you did continue. I love how mean Lucille is. I love her ! She is a meaner version of Sirrah Mapfoy & i adore her!

Please continue

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Review #2, by Jheinx DuBlanc Palace

4th August 2015:
Please post a new chapter soon. I like lucille. Well not at first but i do now.

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Review #3, by demonik DuBlanc Palace

7th January 2014:
I had forgotten the name of this story, just remembered it being awesome. I'm so glad I took the time to scour through the site to find it. It's just such z great story and it keeps getting better and better. Can't wait for the next chapter.

I'm glad to finally see more development on Sirius and Lucy's relationship. I'm even more excited to find out about her parents. I can't wait to see if they're doting parents (since she is the child they've treasured) or very fierce, strict and proper parents that Sirius's was portrayed as. But the fact that they love her to death and still was able to shield her from everything. Oh god I'm excited.

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Review #4, by accioronald DuBlanc Palace

17th November 2013:
this story is fab! please keep updating !

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Review #5, by Sugar_Cane DuBlanc Palace

11th November 2013:
Still reading! I love this story so glad you updated! Write more soon. :)

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Review #6, by meowcowpow DuBlanc Palace

7th November 2013:
please keep updating! this is one of the most interesting/entertaining stories and i gotsta have mah fix

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Review #7, by Guest DuBlanc Palace

23rd October 2013:
Thanks for the update. Looking forward to your next one!

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Review #8, by IcePheonix99 Seducing Rabastan

27th May 2013:
Please update this is a great story.

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Review #9, by Char Seducing Rabastan

24th May 2013:
Update soon!! I absolutely can not wait for the next chapter!

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Review #10, by mischief manage Seducing Rabastan

7th May 2013:
Please keep writing I love it! You have written this so well and look forward to more! :)

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Review #11, by free elf 25 Seducing Rabastan

29th April 2013:
Oh Merlin, this is amazing! I'm not the biggest fan of the Marauders era, my favourite being the Next Gen, but this, with the flash forwards and the secrets and the Lucille DuBlanc-ness, is epic! Can't wait to find out how she turns all super-Gryffindor, and what happens next between her and Sirius in 1995. So as soon as all those edits are finished, update ASAP!

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Review #12, by M Seducing Rabastan

19th April 2013:
Oh man I have so much love for this story, so so much! It's reminded me about how obsessed I can get about fanfiction-I haven't read a fanfic that's done that to me in a long time! So well done, because this is brilliant, and I really hope you update soon, because I have exams coming up and this would be a beautiful distraction from them XD

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Review #13, by marauders_xx Seducing Rabastan

7th April 2013:
She's a minx, that Lucille. Wonderful character :)

Author's Response: thank you for your reviews. Hope to get a new chapter out this month :)

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Review #14, by marauders_xx Brooding Remus

7th April 2013:
You know, I can't even really describe how much I'm loving this... I love it so much that I'm so eager to get on to the next chapter that I skip the review box at the end.. Sowwee :( Seriously though, you've done an amazing job with this, you really have.

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Review #15, by marauders_xx Unfortunate Circumstances

7th April 2013:
You are incredible. Actually incredible. This is an amazing story. It's original, it's mysterious, it's fabulously written. Just brilliant. :)

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Review #16, by C.c Seducing Rabastan

6th April 2013:
FINALLY A BLOODY GOOD STORY! No matter what you say, this story is very well written. I absolutely love your writing style.
Lets be honest here. Your story is the bee's knees. Love the character development!

Author's Response: thank you so much. this is such a sweet review. It's honestly the nice reviews like this that are motivating me to force myself to finally sit down and write the next chapter. thanks again.

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Review #17, by PotterJAM97 Seducing Rabastan

1st April 2013:
Wow. You're an amazing writer. I love your voice, and it sounds realistic, and not cheap like others! It was perfect the way you started this off, and perfect the way it unfolds! I love it! Even though I hate trio fics, there is enough marauders era to be great, the only thing I think about is how awkward it would be for Harry to be watching Sirius in a "scene of a sexual nature", or watching Lucille seducing Rabastan seems a little awkward as well. Either way, I really enjoyed it, and the details just MADE this scene. I really hope you update soon, because this is definitely one of the very very best stories I've ever read! Are you thinking of writing a novel? Seriously, this. Is. Amazing.
Love your story!

Author's Response: i'm going back and tweaking this story a little was meant to be some scenes are what harry sees from the pensive and some are just memories from Lucille (not seen by you said the seducing rabastan chapter would be very awkward haha)...I think a few people have gotten confused with this so I'm going to try and re write parts of the story so it flows a little bit better.

thank you a lot for the review, you are amazing.

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Review #18, by ajbraun Seducing Rabastan

30th March 2013:
I love it do far. I've read all the chapters and can't wait for more!

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Review #19, by Sugar_Cane Seducing Rabastan

7th March 2013:
I've read your story through twice now it is amazing! I love how you develop Lucy through the chapters and looking forward to seeing how the other characters interact through the story. I love how it flits from present time to past. All in all i love it hope your not giving up on the story cant wait to read the next chapter! 10/10

Author's Response: Its been a long time but I'm not giving it up! I've just gotten so SO stuck with it for a very long while, so now I'm going back and seeing what I can change (very slightly) to help me push through this enormous writers block and I think it's working. I'm hoping to get a new chapter up by the end of this month.

Thank you SO much for the review!

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Review #20, by mel Seducing Rabastan

28th October 2012:
Nawww, how sweet was Sirius and Lucy seeing each other again! I'm really in love with the two characters.
And what did I say about Lucille's naivety! It really shows in this last chapter, where her main annoyance is that she doesn't follow orders from others. Poor Lucille, she's sort of innocent in that sense. No matter how bratty she is, she's strangely endearing. I especially enjoyed Sirius's description of noticing her impatiently waiting for letters everyday. She's like a little kid, adorable, really.
The only problem I have, which I don't really mind, because I really enjoyed the Azkaban scenes, they were so insightful, and upsetting. And it was so tragically sweet how Lucy was the only one who believed sirius without question. But, there is a bit of a disparity in the scene where Sirius finds out about Lucy coming over, and he's shocked when he learns about her being 'sick' and weak, and the Revisiting Azkaban chapter where he can clearly see her getting thinner and weaker. That's my only complaint though! And not really a complaint, more of a something I noticed. Apart from that, I noticed that you haven't noticed in a couple of months, I hope you'll update soon! Because I really am hooked! I really want to read the entirety of Sirius and Lucy's story :)

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Review #21, by mel Brooding Remus

25th October 2012:
Loved the date/non-date! Haha Remus is adorable! And look, Lucy being normal, and nice, and hating on slytherins. The poor thing, she's just young, na´ve, sheltered, she didn't know a thing! I definitely wasn't expecting that, I was as shocked as Sirius. I think we're starting to see a change..

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Review #22, by mel Cherry Drops

25th October 2012:
Ohmygosh! Sirius and Lucy reunion upcoming!
I also meant to say in my previous review, that I'm actually liking Lucy's character. That's young Lucy I'm talking about, a complete spoilt brat, but still, she's witty, and kinda funny, in a dry, dark way. Like her interactions with Remus, which I'm loving! And I want to see this compassionate and loyal side of her that the hat was talking about.
And as if I wasn't curious enough, what Remus said now has me super curious about what she did for James! And how she redeemed herself and I'm also hoping to see Lucy and Harry talk. Great chapter! Just sad to see it end!

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Review #23, by mel Bewildered Hippogriffs

25th October 2012:
I'm hooked!
I just had to review to say that.
I have to admit I was a bit sceptical when I clicked on Wicked, because it sounded so dark and angsty, and I don't know about other people, but I read marauders for the 'yay! Fun times!'-ness. The fact that I know, but they don't, they're all going to die :( is usually enough gloom for me. But I opened it up anyway, and again I was a bit iffy with the modern day and marauder era time jumps business, until I realised what this means... I've been reading a couple of siriusxoc fics lately and a lot of the time, the oc dies because obviously in canon, sirius has no love interest, and by the end of the fic, I'm all sniffly, but what can I see upcoming in Wicked... A REUNION!! Yay! Ha, I'm not really for corniness, despite how I may sound, but really, it's like poor sirius, you're life kinda sucks. So hopefully in 'present-day' sirius and lucy will have a lovely reunion, without drama - impending war and deaths not inclusive.
On the present-day topic, I find present-day lucy quite awkward, in her interactions with Harry, and Remus and Dumbledore, but that could be because she's been in isolation for the past few years.
Back to the time jumps, I actually find myself really enjoying both! At first I was thinking just give me marauders! I don't want to read about harry and the war, but now I'm excited. I want to read both present-day and marauder era. I want to know about how/why/when lucy changed, how she and sirius got together, what happened to her after James and Lily's death, why she fought for Harry, why Voldemort wants her, and of course - the reunion! You see, it's a mix of time jumps! Anyway, really loving this fic, and can't wait to read more!

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Review #24, by Pinkelo Seducing Rabastan

24th October 2012:
I am utterly obsessed with your story. Lucille is such a complex character in which, she could be misunderstood simply as that 'slimy-slytherin-at-heart' girl without any other redeeming credentials but I applaud you for making her 'likable' to the readers (at least to me). Really, I love her with a passion! Keep doing what you do because so far you are definitely doing it right. Please don't feel pressured to write what you think the readers would 'want' but rather what you feel is right. This is my first time leaving a review to well, anyone on this site really. Hence, with this I hope that you will update sooner :) xx

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Review #25, by Leightning Seducing Rabastan

1st August 2012:
Now things are starting to get exciting! I wonder what Lucille┤s next step will be. Will there be a confrontation between her and her parents? Can┤t wait to find out! As I said before I love flawed characters, and I find Lucille very intriguing. When you look at her you don┤t now what you get! Please update as soon as possible!

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