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Review #1, by AeroFerrarro You Belong With Me

9th December 2013:
Scorpius's mother's name is Astoria. Not Asteria.

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Review #2, by Lion_girl You Belong With Me

4th July 2012:
Wow... Love it! Off to read the rest. :)
Amy x

Author's Response: Thank you! Enjoy :) ~writergirl8

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Review #3, by Ginnypotter87 You Belong With Me

29th November 2010:
Oh, wow. This is my all time favourite Taylor Swift song. (Along with Love story) I was just listening to the song and then I went to HPFF to see if the world according to triple chocolate ice cream was updated. But it wasn't. So sad. *sniff* So, I went to your page to see if there were any other stories, and this one was here. Instantly I knew what song was used for this story. Yes, I immediately clicked it, read it in 7 minutes (I think) and now, here I am, reviewing another great stroy of yours. Have you done a songfic for any other Taylor Swift songs? If you have heard Love Story, I beg you to write a Ron/Hermione or Rose/Scorpius fic about it. It's a lovely song really. Anyway, 10/10 as usual, and what's the sequel called? I want to read it. Awesome story, saved in my favourites. OK. Long review. Bye! :D
P.S. Did I say this was an awesome story?

Author's Response: Yeah, this is my favorite TS, too. I don't think she'll ever be able to make a song or vid as good as it- although Mine is close, I ADORE that music video. World According To... in validation! Although the fact that you chose a Roscore on my page instead of one of the many Romione one-shots that litter it make me wonder... But, thank you! Considering that I wrote this SO long ago and you still think it's great, I feel a sense of accomplishment with that. Wait till you see what's coming for World According To! Yes, I wrote one to Love Story very long ago, but it's god awful, so I wouldn't bother with it :) I only keep it up to remind myself and others of how much I've improved. It's an online record. The sequel's called 'The Question of Forever', and yes, you did mention it's an awesome story, but you can never say it enough times, so THANKS! ~writergirl8

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Review #4, by _hedwig_ You Belong With Me

17th November 2010:
Teehee. This made me happy. Her name is Astoria, by the way, not Asteria. Just so you know :)

Oh, Lily. This isn't how I picture her, AT ALL, but it was fun to read her in a different light.

Love Hermione. She's awesome.

Author's Response: I don't really write next gen, so, yeah, I'm sorry I spelled her name wrong. That isn't really how I pictured Lily either, but you get a plot bunny... well, you get a plot bunny. Hermione is awesome. Hr/R is my favorite ship, so it was fun to write about her as a mum. ~writergirl8

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Review #5, by beckyducky You Belong With Me

8th November 2010:
Dear Writergirl8,

Hi!! I'm not a big fan of Taylor Swift. Not because she's bad or anything but I generally listen to Asian music. (When i say 'not a big fan' I mean to say that I don't know her music very well... I digress) But I love this song. Seriously, I think so many people can relate!! Haha at least I can. Besides, you wove in the lyrics and the story line so well!! Songfics can be a hard to execute elegantly because the lyrics are going to be out of place. You did such a wonderful job of melding the two together.

I loved how you wrote all the characters!! I like how you didnt make Lily the strident BITCH! monster from hell. She was just a bit self-absorbed and fashion crazy. I see her as a genuinely good soul, just with different interests and a heck of a lot different personality than rose or scorpius.

I found myself humming when i read this!! Haha if a songfic can make you do that, then you've done a great job!!

Toodles!! **Goes to read the sequel**

Author's Response: Hi there :) I totally understand- I haven't even heard anything from her new album yet! But I know the classics. I think everyone loves this song! And although I can't relate word for word, I can relate pretty well. Glad I melded the two in together well! I always work hard to get that right! And, yeah, if Lily was a bitch it wouldn't be a big deal, Scorpius would just pick Rose, right? I had to make her lovable in some way. I made her an endearment to them all, instead. She really is good! Why else would she have broken up with Scorp for Rose? And, in the one I wrote before, I have Lily at the same ball meeting a guy named Chace. Glad you hummed... I hum more often then is generally advisable! ~writergirl8

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Review #6, by Miss Lily Potter You Belong With Me

31st August 2010:
Aw. This was so adorable. Loved it. (:

I love the song, and it fit this so well. It's just... so cute. Ha, I like that he was in her bed, and Lily caught them. XD And Hermione didn't get mad, which was good. (:

Another cute, adorable one-shot.

Author's Response: Thanks! I tried really had to write a sequel, because so many people liked the first, but I got one chapter out and have decided to probably abandon it. I just can't write, lately! However, I am trying. ~writergirl8

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Review #7, by bandnerd218 You Belong With Me

1st June 2010:
That was really awesome. and so sweet :)

Author's Response: Aw, thank you :) ~writergirl8

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Review #8, by krapfm You Belong With Me

23rd May 2010:
The whole story was really sweet!
In a way wasn't it nice of Lily to break up with Scorpius after she found them? I mean she could have ignored it or began a fight with Rose... At first I disliked Lily but now after thinking about it, the things above mentioned came up.
I loved the note of Hermione and the part where she fixed Rose's eyes. :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, and for saying it was sweet :) I like to think so! Yeah, it was nice of Lily. Lily isn't a bad person, and I meant for it to be nice of her. I think, in every way, not just one, it was nice of Lily to break up with Scorpius. I loved the part where Hermione 'accidentally' made her daughter beautiful, too. It's one of my favorites of every story I've ever written. ~writergirl8

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Review #9, by harry4eva You Belong With Me

30th April 2010:
That was a great story! It fit so perfectly with the song! I just loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you! I love writing next gen, because anything can happen :) ~writergirl8

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Review #10, by Solana You Belong With Me

30th April 2010:
It was brilliant! I just loved the way they finally got together the way they were always meant to! What a romance! Now, you said the sequel is up, what's the name of it so I can find it?

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it :) I love good romances, too! The name of the sequel is 'The Question of Forever'. You can find it on my author's page. ~writergirl8

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Review #11, by starwarstina You Belong With Me

25th April 2010:
Unbelievable is one word.
"always had her hair long and good smelling" this is sort of awkward. It doesn't flow the way the rest of it does. Maybe remedied with something like "she made sure her hair was always long and smelled good"? Or maybe you wanted it like that.
Hahaha quidditch cheer team!! Love it!!
"Me and Scorpius walked" uh how about "Scorpius and I"?
The glasses touch is cute. Awww Hermione :)
So I like this a lot, but the sequel is better. Just a few random mistakes? or otherwise.
I love it though.

Author's Response: I wanted it like that :) But thanks for the tip, I appreciate it. In the future if you read anything of mine that is awkward, definitely let me know. I live for that stuff :) Sorry, I never beta my stuff *looks around guiltily* I felt like Quidditch needed a cheer team. Everyone's going to like the sequel better, because they're together :D Thanks for the love! ~writergirl8

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Review #12, by i_love_harry_12721 You Belong With Me

12th January 2010:
this is sooo good!!! i love this story. please publish the sequel!


Author's Response: Ahhh, the sequel! I keep forgetting to write it... the problem is it's novella form so it will take pretty long to write. Okay, I promise it will be up by the summer of 2010. Thank you so much for reading this AND reading 'The World According To Triple Chocolate Ice Cream'. I love people who can love one pairing but try out different ones, too. ~writergirl8

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Review #13, by Jane_Volturi You Belong With Me

26th July 2009:
This is very good, very good indeed, i can really get through to the characters
Rose: She seems decent and caring, i like the way you've shown her, and her dialogue too.
Scorpius:He seems very unlike his dad, i like thw way you've portrayed him as well

Plot:Brilliant, loved it

Spelling: Couldn't spot anything
Grammar and punctuation:this was good too
Descriptive language:Loved it

Overall: Brilliant one-shot, i really enjoyed reading it.

Seeing how well you've done with your writing i jsut thought of something. I don't want to sound cheeky but could you read and review my fanfiction, i'd really love some constructive critisism off of such a good writer, i've already asked another person but i'd really like a range of reviews to help me out because the reviews i've got so far aren't very helpful. It's called invading thoughts, i'd be very greatful if you'd read and review



Author's Response: Omg thank you so much I don't think I've ever been complimented so much in my life! Of course, I'll read your fanfic as soon as I can and thank you so much... keep your eyes peeled for the sequel! ~writergirl8

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Review #14, by Looney Lupin Lover You Belong With Me

24th July 2009:
='D that was truly amazing! Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the awesome review! *happy!* ~writergirl8

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Review #15, by NorahGP7 You Belong With Me

19th July 2009:
Okay so I read this one-shot last month but I didn't hear the song and now that I heard the song I am dying for the sequel! Please post it up soon! And I know this review maybe be a bit late but I am excited!

Author's Response: Okay I'll post it soon as i can! (Now you've made ME excited :) thank you so much for reviewing it means the world to me :)

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Review #16, by abi You Belong With Me

9th July 2009:
amazing one-shot. really really enjoyed it. those two are so sweet.

Author's Response: Thank you! I hope you check out the sequel :) ~writergirl8

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Review #17, by Violet You Belong With Me

7th July 2009:
You're talent astounds me! I know i have heard it before but i couldn't resist reading it again. By far the best piece of work you have made so far. By alot!
10/10 all the way!

Author's Response: Violet omg thank you so much! I log in thinking I\\\'ll have no new reviews but then BAM! hahaha. Thanks for this review, AViolet, it really means a lot to me.. and I\\\'m proud of this one too... and I\\\'m proud that you\\\'re proud of me :) love, ~writergirl8

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Review #18, by ReAnna You Belong With Me

22nd June 2009:
That was beautiful and i enjoyed it alot. im happy they got together in the end

Author's Response: Thank you for R&R... me, too, and I hope you read the sequal :) ~writergirl8

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Review #19, by PunctualPrincess You Belong With Me

14th June 2009:
You did so good!

Loved this story. Love the song.


Author's Response: Thank you, thank you, thank you! That means SO much, I can't even tell you! ~writergirl8

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Review #20, by Harry and Ginny You Belong With Me

9th June 2009:
this chapter is great however Aunt Harry and Uncle Ginny? shouldn't it be Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny? i can't wait to read the sequel!!!^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: I did that on purpose... it was to show that Rose is nervous around Scorpius. Thanks for the review :) ~writergirl8

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Review #21, by Aashna You Belong With Me

9th June 2009:
Hi writergirl8
Yeah it was very nice and particaulary d end scene was too good, the neckalce thingie added a perfect charm to Rose's love-story. I can imagine the dress must b looking really good. Very nice attempt at a song-fic, d song ofcourse blended in well and the story held my interest throught as i read it further. Mayb u shud write a sequel to it, it would b really nice. Anyways, gr8 job!
PS: Would u plz b kind enough to raed my new story and comment on it in d form of a review ofcourse. I just want to know ur thoughts abt it. The story is called 'Forever As One'

Author's Response: Of course! I'd love to read your story! I loved this review, its the longest and most detailed I've EVER gotten, so thanks. I will be writing a sequal, but it won't be in the form of a songfic. Keep your eyes peeled :) ~writergirl8

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Review #22, by moony101 You Belong With Me

8th June 2009:
aww... that was cute! A sequel would be wicked!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm looking foward to writing the sequel! ~writergirl8

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Review #23, by severus478 You Belong With Me

8th June 2009:
I liked it a lot :D I'm looking forward to the sequel!

Author's Response: Great! Check back often, I'm not sure when it's gonna be up, though. :) ~writergirl8

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Review #24, by ParkerGirl You Belong With Me

7th June 2009:
Aww that was beautiful! and i love the song =) I'll keep my eyes out for a sequel! PG

Author's Response: Thank you! i'm glad you think my writing is beautiful! the sequal will be up kinda soon? I'm not sure about it yet- I know what's it about but I haven't written it yet. ~writergirl8

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Review #25, by X_slytherianprincess_X You Belong With Me

6th June 2009:
that waz the sweetest most perfect thing ive ever read and i cant wait for the sequel xoxo

Author's Response: okay I don't know when I'm gonna post it but It'll defiantly be soon. Check back! ~writergirl8

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