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Review #1, by MyObsession Daytimes Dangers

19th June 2005:
Dude, you should really read the books again so that you can get a good idea about what the characters hould act like, cause you have no clue. And before you write anything else you should read some of the other fanfics and get a good idea about what good writing is about.

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Review #2, by need for speed The Train Trip

14th April 2005:
Alsome... heah come check out my story

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Review #3, by 'Mione Daytimes Dangers

18th March 2005:
Ilove it so far and I'd encourage you to keep going with it.

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Review #4, by Elandili Daytimes Dangers

5th July 2004:
I have to say, there are some pretty good moments in the story. It could use a few more details and there are a few grammatical errors, but I liked it otherwise. One phrase that really got my attention was, "...were obviously outside, worshipping the sun." It was a great metaphor.

Author's Response: well, thank you. seriously. and, im not exactly sure what a metaphor is, i just had one of thos random good writing days, i guess

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Review #5, by Light The Train Trip

19th May 2004:
Good. i loved what happend to Malfyo

Author's Response: thats good. as i said before, ill try to update it soon

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Review #6, by Shiseidox Daytimes Dangers

31st March 2004:
longer chapters. First of all, longer chapters. And can you put names next to who's saying what? I have a headache right now, which might lead to some confusion, but I have trouble keeping track of who's saying what. Lucius is also out of character-in the books, he's portrayed as an evil git who hates muggles and anything associated with them. In your story, he's asking Lily, a muggle-born witch out. It's just weird. But good cliffy with Lucius, Crabbe Sr., Goyle Sr. all knowing Pettigrew's evil. I'd like to see more, so please update.

Author's Response: thanks. im not much of a writer, and i know i havent updated for a couple of months, but ill try.

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