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Review #1, by silvergreen Chapter Six; Notes & Outbursts

28th September 2009:
Dearest Elise,
congrats on another great chapter of yours :)
The characterisation especially that of Umbridge was outstanding and you could describe the emotions very well.
I hope everything will be all right with Josie and her romance and things will soon get better in Hogwarts.
Sorry to review it only now, I have been very busy.
Don't stop writing, go on with the good work :)
hugs xxx
your fan, silvergreen

Author's Response: silvergreen, your reviews seriously make my day.
umbridge is a massive cow, i sort of based her on a teacher from my school whom i dislike VERY much :D

thankyou so so so so much for the encouraging words.

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Review #2, by ILoveYohBaybee Chapter Six; Notes & Outbursts

28th September 2009:
Once again, another excellent review. (not to the informal part)
cant wait for another chapter, keep on writing.

Author's Response: hahahahahah!
oh nicole, you make me laff :)

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Review #3, by RAMMiE Chapter Six; Notes & Outbursts

24th September 2009:
hope she doesnt get in trouble!
can't wait till the next chapter!

Author's Response: :D
i love leaving you guys hanging

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Review #4, by Aashna Chapter Five; Malfoy & Tradgedy

1st September 2009:
Hi Eliseelove
Well, dat was so-so bad.. I liked Timothy's character from d very first chappie n it is too bad dat he is killed n poor Josie! The chappie was nice.. u maintained a good balance in hovering between positive and negative.. Well, its interestin 2 c Draco Malfoy advancin on Hermione Granger.. not dat i mind.. i myself am a Draco/Hermione shipper. It'll b interestin 2 read abt Ron's reaction n d rest of d group if Hermione responds 2 his ministrations in a favourable way of course. The chappie ended on a sad note n i still feel bad for Timothy and Josie.. i hope Fred will b wid her to keep her sane in such an ominous time. Overall, d chappie was really gud n d story is interestin.. i hope u update soon of course after d que opnes.. Great job so far on ur story!

Author's Response: aashana, i am so happy right now.
your reviews just blow me away!
the memorial service will be coming up in the next few chapters, so keep an eye out for that.
and about the dramione; i myself am not a big fan, but i know the auidence loves it, and i dont like to dissapoint, so i am so glad that it worked!
now onto this blasted assignment

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Review #5, by Aashna Chapter Four; AFAS &; Kicks

1st September 2009:
Hi Eliseelove
Very captivatin chappie.. it had my interest throughout till i read it until d very end. It was so good! n as i've mantioned b4 too but i really like ur expressions abt certain thins. For instance, 'because if Ginny could be with anyone nicer and more caring, she'd be with Jesus' and 'where the sun dont shine'. The former on one hand represents thoughts abt piuos n delicate love while d latter is immensly funny.. dats d best description abt d place i've read in a long time.. its so funny!
So overall, i really liked dis chappie.. d way u induced humour at every possible interstice was very remarkable 'cause acc. 2 me comdey forms d base-line of every story n makes it more appealin. Very good job!

Author's Response: konnichiwa aashana.
(i dont have any relations that are japanese, i just like saying that LOL)
i basically write the descriptions on how i would imagine the characters if i didn't know what they were like, you know ?
kind of seeing it in the minds eye..
yeah i dont make sense at all hahahaha
thankyou so much for your fantastic review, it really means the world.

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Review #6, by Aashna Chapter Three; Ferrets & Soap Operas

1st September 2009:
Hey Eliseelove
I really like Josie's character.. d way u portray her, she poses 2 b a strong-headed yet charmin n a funny person. In short, almost perfect. I liked her 'aww' comment at d end.. it was so funny. I also liked d way she got back at Malfoy.. Overall, another good chappie n its nice 2 c, everybody is buildin up on d love side n George finally also has an access to some-one. Another thing which i just noticed it is dat u have an amazin banner, it suits d mood of d story quite well :) Gr8 job so far!

Author's Response: guten tag!
(my grandfather is austrian, and thats hello in german hahaha)
your review made me smile so much, i think my face is going to fall off hahahaha.
and thanks so much for the comment about the banner, i was so stuck for ideas, but then i finally got something i was happy with.
i will be reading+reviewing the rest of a tryst with destiny when i've finished my assignment, its the only thanks i can give for such an awesome review.

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Review #7, by Aashna Chapter Two; Synonyms & Snogs

1st September 2009:
Hey Eliseelove
Well, nice n interestin chappie.. it definitely was grippin as i srcolled down n read it. Fred as always was charmin n i liked ur usage of certain phrases like 'Fred blushed a colour that was rival to the tomato sauce on his plate' I think dey rendered quite a picturesque quality 2 ur writin.. Thr buddin romance between Josie n Fred was written wid gr8 care n dat phrase abt muggle movies is definitely so true *winks* Although, i felt a lill abruptness at one place n dat was wen Fred was advancin on her wid his moves, Josie suddenly realised abt Voldemort n all.. perhaps dat was ur chain of linkin Harrys friends 2 comfort him in d end as a group but den umm it didn't fit too well. I guess it may work also 'cause after becomin an item, now Josie and Fred can't throw all caution into the wind too soon. Overall, another good chappie.. n am on2 d next!

Author's Response: g'day aashana!
oh muggle movie romance scenes annoy the HELL out of me.
and yeah; i totally agree with you on the abruptness of the whole thing, and i'm glad you pointed it out.
thankyou again for your marvellous review.

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Review #8, by Aashna Chapter One; Remeniscing & Breakfast

1st September 2009:
Hi Eliseelove
Its me! Hmm.. i like d idea of d story.. d dooms n drudgery of teenage life alongwith d beautiful opportunities of romance. Although, there were new characters in d story but u worte abt dem so genuinely dat it blended in well wid d picture of already existin real ones. I liked d way u maintained a flow in d chappie n readin abt typical boyish convy was really funny.. its gud dat Harry is gettin to incline towards Ginny n Cho is out of d picture but then d harsh reality of voldemort at large.. hmm.. i guess he or rather u'll figure out d further course-of-action. I quite liked dis Timothy.. n i hope his charater is in d forthcomin chappies.. Nontheless, a very interestin first chappie. Good job! n am on2 d next.

Author's Response: oh aashana.
your review is so excellent.
i feel so bad for not writing reviews as fantastic as this!
thankyou so much for reading and reviewing.

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Review #9, by sameep Chapter Five; Malfoy & Tradgedy

31st August 2009:
i really like this story but i wish you would update it :)

Author's Response: oh my god!
thankyou so much for the excellent rating :)
the next chapter is under construction now, so sit tight.


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Review #10, by rileypotter Chapter Five; Malfoy & Tradgedy

25th August 2009:
great chapter!!! i love the killers so that was a nice touch...and you really made it more than just a fluffy story with the tradgedy!!

Author's Response: rileypotter;
you made my day with your fantastic review!
i needed something to shake the story up a bit; so that seemed like a good thing to do.
glad i didn't fail as i was unsure of whether or not it sounded good
thanks for reviewing.
and yes.
the killers are THE best.

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Review #11, by ILoveYohBaybee Chapter Five; Malfoy & Tradgedy

24th August 2009:
Eliseee, what can i say? Your newest chapter is as always, amazing. I love how you added draco+hermione in your story, this has made me so happy! Also i was wondering, why have you always got malfoy to be the punching bag? haha . My poor man, but dont worry i will heal him ;)
Anyways, keep the amazing writing up.

Author's Response: ahahahahaha
i'll give him to you to kiss better..
except josie kicked him in the groin..
oh wait;
you'd love that

thankyou so much :)

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Review #12, by Vickitee Chapter Five; Malfoy & Tradgedy

23rd August 2009:
Loved it!! Please update soon. I really like your writing.. :)

Author's Response: oh thankyou so much!
you keep me going with your great reviews.

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Review #13, by silvergreen Chapter Five; Malfoy & Tradgedy

22nd August 2009:
My Dearest Elise,
Apart from the last sad part, this chapter was hilarious, really, really fascinating!!! Oh, I loved it!
I list the scenes and ideas I loved the most:
1. bewitching the radio to play the fave songs - really great idea! I wish it would be real :)
2. Hermione watching Fred jealously, wishing Ron would do sg sweet like him - it was very cute :)
3. And I LOVED, ADORED every line of Draco and Hermione's dialogue, it was so masterfully written, with both humour and seriousness... Handling the surpressed emotion sparkling in them very well... Congrats!:) I enjoyed every word of it!!! I'm so grateful you wrote such a fantastic Dramione chapter :)
So 10/10, my friend!:)
Looking fwd very, very impatiently to the next chappie, hungry for more Dramione romance... :))
Hugs xxx
Ps: sorry to review only now but I was in the countryside without much Internet connection.

Author's Response: oh silvergreen!
your review put the cherry on top of a fantastic day!
not just the cherry.
you put the sugar that was on top of the cream that was on top of the cherry.
i'll put in lots and lots of dramione just for you.
thankyou for the excellent rating
elise x

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Review #14, by angie :) Chapter Five; Malfoy & Tradgedy

19th August 2009:
this chapter was soo beautiful
it was really sad and you wrote is really well
i both love and hate draco and it was good to see him get a little attention :P
im excited for chapter 6 :D

fabulous work !! ily

Author's Response: ahhh angie your reviews keep me going

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Review #15, by RAMMiE Chapter Five; Malfoy & Tradgedy

19th August 2009:
that's heaps sad!
i loved it so much!
Well Done with the Dramione
thiis chapter makes me teary
love you

Author's Response: -blush-
thankyou so much rammie :)

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Review #16, by _hermione_jean_malfoy_ Chapter One; Remeniscing & Breakfast

19th August 2009:
ooo, i think this story is going to be very intresting!!

Author's Response: ahahahaha
thankyou so much for taking the time to review

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Review #17, by rileypotter Chapter One; Remeniscing & Breakfast

18th August 2009:
great great story! i cant wait to read more. i love joesphine, she sounds like a really intriguing character

Author's Response: thankyou so so so much for reviewing.
josephine's my favourite too.. i dont know why to be honest hahaha.
my latest chapter has just validated; so please check it out :)

thankyou again

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Review #18, by potterspells Chapter Four; AFAS &; Kicks

10th August 2009:
woah! awesome! keep writing I wanna read more ;D good ol' Josie!

Author's Response: your review made my crap day so much better
thankyou :)

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Review #19, by paris Chapter Four; AFAS &; Kicks

9th August 2009:
i love it
it's so cute

Author's Response: awww!
thankyou so much

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Review #20, by randomreader Chapter Four; AFAS &; Kicks

8th August 2009:
its awsome! luv it, u did fred and goerge perfectly! can't wait for draco and hermione to come together... keep writing, i can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: oh thankyou so much :)
the dramione chapter is awaiting validation, so check back :)


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Review #21, by vickitee Chapter Four; AFAS &; Kicks

31st July 2009:
Fred and Josie are SO CUTE together!
Diddo to George and Kailey!
I can't wait to read more! Please please pleas update soon, that would make me very happy, and when I'm very happy, everything seems happier.

Author's Response: hello again :)
i'm in the middle of writing chapter five, so i think it'll be up in the next two weeks.
thankyou so so so much for reviewing.
means the WORLD (L)

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Review #22, by vickitee Chapter One; Remeniscing & Breakfast

31st July 2009:
Oooo. This is really interesting. I'm just going to keep on reading now...

Author's Response: hahaha thankyou so much!
i'm smiling so wide right now :D
you're the BEST (L)

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Review #23, by RAMMiE Chapter Four; AFAS &; Kicks

23rd July 2009:
i lovee it soo muchh
heaps good
keep it upp

Author's Response: oh you ;)
thankyou so so much for pointing the things out LOL
very stupid of me


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Review #24, by silvergreen Chapter Four; AFAS &; Kicks

22nd July 2009:
Dearest eliseelove,
It was an extra-cute chapter!:) Extremely well-written, entertaining, full of humour, I was smiling while reading it :)
You portray the twins brilliantly, what they say, what they do, totally believable for me. Even that AFAS thing was a good idea :)
Even Malfoy's character was like the original one from the books and he deserved what he got in your story :) Of course I prefer a charming and sexy Draco (as you know well) but anyway, Im grateful that you put him in your story and you mentioned there would be some Dramione in it, too, so Im looking fwd to that :)
I enjoyed the dialogues as well as the last romantic George/Kailey scene (the last sentence was really sweet :)
10/10 Go on with the good job!:)
Hugs xxx
PS: I like the new pics you have put on your author page, though I prefer Fred with long red hair :)

Author's Response: ahh silvergreen :)
you make me smile so much with your lovely reviews.
dont worry; the charming and sexy draco is in the next chapter ;)


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Review #25, by Hailie Chapter Four; AFAS &; Kicks

22nd July 2009:
Your making malfoy out to be a big nitwitt he isint and he dosent stutter you can't just make a charicter a different persone like that but oh well i guess you can its your story.

Author's Response: dear hailie;
the memory of the ferret thing still tortures and embarrasses him, so thats why he stutters when josie mentions it.
thankyou very much for reviewing.

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