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Review #1, by evaleant Mostly Independent and Totally Broke

21st May 2015:
The mention of the "yodeling song about the goatherd" conjured up some wonderful memories from my childhood... Thanks for another great chapter!

Author's Response: Gotta love The Sound of Music! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #2, by evaleant Parmenter, Again

20th May 2015:
Ha! you had me at "Terry Pratchett" - he was one of my favorite authors. Great chapter! lots of funny moments.

Author's Response: I adore him! So sad he's gone now. Thank you for the review!

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Review #3, by Shinicha Small-Time Hoods

15th November 2014:
Every person Rose talks to seems tothink Knappter is really bad business, and she still only listens to Ron! I'm wondering if Scorpius knows something too, I thought his reaction at that one time was a bis suspicious. I'm really hoping that the Mafoys aren't involved in dark business anymore... sorry about my meaningless bubbling. Overall a wo.derful chapter, everything you thoughtup for the characters' pasts and their habits is awesome and thought through. Love it!

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Review #4, by Shinicha Weasley Genes

15th November 2014:
Great chapter, you really mix suspense with humour so well! I also like that Victoire isn't the beautiful vixen that people usually imagine with her being Fleur's daughter...
I wasa bit confused because I thought you' mentioned Heronebeing a Healer in the first chapter, but I'm probably remembering wrongly.
Reading on, can't wait to find out what Scorpius came up with!

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Review #5, by Shinicha Parmenter, Again

15th November 2014:
I started reading this story a long time ago but, for some reason, never finished it! I don't know I couldn't - this is great! :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you're back, then :) Thanks for reviewing, and I hope you like the story!

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Review #6, by grednforge217 Chuck Finley?

4th June 2014:
Lovely! So happy I finished it. I love Rose, she's such a character. :)

Author's Response: Rose is nuts, it makes her a lot of fun to write. Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #7, by ginwannabe Small-Time Hoods

27th November 2013:
AHA! Dino is Ranger ;). Interesting that Scorpius is following in her grandfather's footsteps. I'm sure Draco will be so proud. I'm enjoying this story immensely. And I'm really late to the game, as you wrote this ages and ages ago. But as I've said, I haven't really read any FF in ages and ages, so I'm trying to catch up.

Author's Response: Ah, he is and he isn't. He's the bounty hunter who actually knows what he's doing and goes after the scarier criminals, but he's a married guy and has no interest in Rose, who likewise has no interest in him. She and Scorpius are solid. Yeah, Draco's sure to be happy that his son is working a menial job at the Ministry. lol... I'm glad you're here and reading! Nice to see you back around the site again :)

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Review #8, by ginwannabe Weasley Genes

26th November 2013:
OK, I know I haven't reviewed each chapter, but I've just wanted to keep going without stopping, but seriously, I LOL at so much of this chapter. Victoire is Rose's Lula, pastries and all, although hopefully, not an ex-ho. I have to ask there a Ranger? I'm thoroughly loving this HP/SP crossover story.

Author's Response: It's not exact parallels to the Plum stories. Victoire serves some of the purposes that Lula does, but she's very smart and would probably be better at it than Rose, except that she's focused on her kids. Thank you so much for reviewing, I'm really glad you're enjoying the story!

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Review #9, by CambAngst Mostly Independent and Totally Broke

15th October 2013:
Hi, there! Back again for some more entertainment. My day could definitely use it. A good snarky Rose story is definitely the way to go.

In this case, the person who'd put up collateral was Mrs. Butrus Knapper. I wondered what her first name would be. Ermengarte? Broomhilde? Flying Buttress? Mary Jane? -- Yep, that was worth it all by itself.

Mrs. Knapper was skinny, in an unhealthy kind of way, with short brown hair and wide, bruised eyes. She didn't look like she'd slept much lately, and she smelled like stale whiskey. She had her wand in her hand. -- I loved your description of Knapper's wife. It manages to say a lot in a very short amount of space. The poor woman seems so resigned to her fate. Drunk, miserable, alone and now doomed to suffer for her husband's crimes unless Rose can manage to track him down. Seeing her husband suffer for her terrible lot in life seems to be the only thing that gets a rise out of her. I love the idea of somebody being a custodian to bond a criminal out of jail. There's something about it just fits perfectly with wizarding ideas of justice. There's also a sense of mystery around her. Angelo doesn't seem like the type to do anybody favors and if Lomatia -- good lord, what a name! -- has nothing but her own skin to offer as collateral, why is he doing this?

Something about the concept of finding Scorpius sitting on the closet floor like a little boy playing hide and seek was really amusing. The fact that Rose sits down next to him and they talk about bumming money from their parents made it even funnier to imagine. The two of them are sweet, in that "kids who never really grew up" sort of way.

Scorpius had this weirdly independent streak. I had it too, which is why we had always understood each other so well, and also why we were broke. -- It makes sense, actually. They're both determined to do things their own way, but together. Like I said, sweet. But he's also protective of her. And she's protective of him, by which I mean that she lies to him so he won't worry. Love does funny things to the conventional standards of right and wrong.

He might as well have had a sign up that said "Tie me to a stake and burn me, I'm magic!" I wondered why no one from the Ministry had given this man a warning to fit in more with the Muggles. Sheesh. Some people have no class. -- This passage wasn't only funny, but I liked the way that it gives us a peek into the way that magical folk deal with being surrounded by Muggles. And based on Rose's ideas about what is and is not classy, I guess it's a good thing that the Burrow doesn't have any Muggle neighbors.

There is something hilariously awkward and borderline inappropriate about Butrus's creepy half-brother staring Rose up and down while she's standing there in a t-shirt with a pink unicorn on it.

I came home to the strains of 'Oh What a Beautiful Mornin' performed to the sounds of washing-up, Scorpius's baritone voice echoing in the hallway. I smiled as I came into the kitchen. Scorpius was busily scrubbing a pot with dish gloves on, his blonde hair tied up with a pink elastic into a ponytail, the dishes in the sink next to him washing themselves. I'm pretty sure that was my hair elastic. -- OK, I realize we've reached the point where this review probably consists of more words copied and pasted from your chapter than actually written by me. It's shameful. But I love this visual way to much to let it go. And the way that Draco found the silver lining in Scorpius's relationship with Rose was brilliantly ironic.

On to the most intriguing part of the chapter: the Venatici case. You created a marvelously gruesome image of the man, and I have a hard time believing that youíve done so for no reason. Layered into it, I love the way youíve set Ron up as a very competent, serious Auror. I get tired of reading him as mostly comic relief in Next Gen stories, so I have very high hopes for him here.

Excellent second chapter! I already feel like I can see a few plot threads emerging and Iím having a good time trying to imagine where theyíre heading. Back again soon!

Author's Response: Welcome back! I hope you continue to enjoy the story :) Always happy to provide entertainment. I love to hear that my writing has cheered up someone's day.

Lomatia Knapper is definitely a sad sort of a person. She's got a crap life and is sort of a butthead. The custodian bond is a real historical thing - no longer legal, but when I was looking into bounty hunters (and they do not exist in the UK, but I didn't want to go so AU that I made the Next Genners Americans to write this story, so, accuracy out the window there) I read about the custodian laws and thought it made for a fantastic plot, particularly because it would so enrage Hermione. ;) Angelo wrote the custodian bond because he would still keep the payment they offered, and generally when someone signs that sort of a bond, they don't jump bail. A custodian bond is usually a sure thing - quick profit for him, basically. A person will do a lot to make sure their loved one doesn't go to jail in their place. Not Butrus Knapper, of course, but most people.

Rose and Scorpius are both kind of big kids, really. Neither is very mature. She does get protective of him in her own way - lying so he won't worry (though this is also to avoid an argument, so sort of her own self-interest as well), working while he stays home. They take care of each other. Not super-well, but they rub along as best they can.

The Burrow totally doesn't have any very close Muggle neighbors. They're set back from the village and from the Weasleys' complete ignorance of Muggle ways, clearly do not interact with the locals much. Molly isn't even sure the local postman knows where there house is, after all.

Rose does love her pink unicorn t-shirt ;) It's her favorite. And it is totally awkward, isn't it?

As bigoted as Draco is, I can't imagine he'd be happy that his son was gay, so yeah, silver lining however minuscule for him. Son's not gay, but is in love with a non-pureblood Weasley. Kind of makes you pity Draco a bit. Especially since Scorpius loves Muggle Broadway musicals ;)

I adore Ron, so yes, he's definitely good at his job. I hate the Ron-the-clown depictions in fanon at times. He's a witty guy, but he's not stupid. He's pretty canny about a lot of things. He's in this story (and both sequels) quite a bit. Usually hanging out with his BFF Harry ;)

Thank you so much for the review! I'm really glad to hear you are enjoying the story so far.

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Review #10, by 800 words of heaven Parmenter, Again

11th August 2013:
Hello! First-time reader, here!

OMG! I LOVED the Stephanie Plum novels! I think I read up to number 14, then gave up, but still! They were so funny!

I really like your writing style. It's very Janet Evanovich, but obviously not the same. Your use of present tense and short, sharp sentences give it a snappy fast-paced feel, which I love. And the way you seamlessly blend the Potterverse lexicon with that of the business of American bail bonding is great!

I really like Rose! I like that she's just an average person, trying to pay the rent, instead of this super-high achiever with issues, like she's usually portrayed. That you're showing a pre-established relationship with Scorpius the painter (which is the best!) is also a new direction! I'm so excited for this!

An excellent opening chapter! Looking forward to reading more!

Author's Response: Those are such good books! I haven't read the latest one, I think I read 18 but I know I haven't read 19. I need to get a hold of a copy of it. I tried to fit the Potterverse and the style of the Plum series together, so I'm glad you think it worked! This story is sort of half in present and half in past tense, because apparently I have a hard time writing first person in past tense. I need to edit it. It was the first time I'd written in first person, that's my excuse. ;)

Thanks! Rose is definitely average, though she's actually very book-smart when she stops being lazy. She's very lazy at heart. I wanted the romance to be back seat in this story so she and Scorpius are already together.

I'm so glad you liked the first chapter, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the story! Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #11, by CambAngst Parmenter, Again

24th July 2013:
Hi, there!

Right off the bat, I can tell you that this is my type of Rose. For starters, she and Scorpius are a couple, but that's really the 10% of the iceberg you can see above the waterline. She's snarky and irreverent, with that inner monologue that's dripping with sarcasm and self-deprecation. She hasn't quite lived up to her potential in the world, but somehow you get the feeling that's more by choice than by any fault of anyone else. She isn't hostile toward her parents, but she doesn't really feel compelled to measure up to their standards, either. She's marching to the beat of her own drum, which is just slightly out of step with the rest of the world.

Honestly, I've never understood the business of bail bonding all that well. I assume that the bondsman receives something in return for posting the collateral required to bail the accused out of jail. Probably a percentage that amounts to usury when you consider the short-term nature of the "loan". It seems like a high-risk business when you consider that most of your clients are, quite literally, criminals. Bounties are probably a major expense item.

I think it was a really good choice to make Rose more of a small-time player in the go-go world of bounty hunting. I could easily see the temptation to make her something akin to the female, British version of Dawg the Bounty Hunter. In fact, I now have this really humorous scene in my head where Rose is levitating some dark wizard after putting the incarcerous jinx on him, asking, "Do you talk to the Lord, brah?" I have no idea where I was going with that, but anyway, I think it was much better for her character that you didn't overreach and make her a dark wizard hunter akin to her father and uncle. The whole narrative of her life - especially the financial struggles - holds together so well with her hunting down petty criminals. That's not to say, of course, that she might not get there, depending on what this Knapper fellow is mixed up in.

Then we have Scorpius. I really love the idea of him as a starving artist who has totally rejected his parents' politics and their money. He seems like a great compliment to Rose in this. While he's obviously pretty flighty and not really carrying his weight in their relationship, he obviously cares about her enough to want to be sure that she isn't embarking on something too dangerous.

To sum it up, I think you have the beginnings of an awesome story here. Your writing is very engaging, vividly detailed, everything flows beautifully and I didn't see a single mistake. Must read more...

Author's Response: The romance is definitely not the focus in this story. She is together with Scorpius, and has been for about ten years, but it's a mystery, so it's not about that aspect of her life, kwim? She's quite snarky and not a little bit lazy too. She does her own thing, has some guilt over parental disapproval but doesn't let it stop her. I quite like her. She's a bit silly though at times. It's one of the many reasons she's fun to write. ;)

Bail bonds work pretty much how you expect: The accused is released on bond but can't pay it, so borrows the money from a bondsman, who keeps part of the money as payment (courts return bond when you show up at your court day). This is why bondsmen don't like those who skip out on their court dates - they then have to pay some of their fee to a bounty hunter to go collect the skip. It is a high-risk business, but they do pretty well a lot of the time. Most people go in for their court date rather than try to jump bail, especially in smaller towns where one's family is well-known. Jumping bail might mean a bondsman going after your mother for the money, so that's a big inducement to show up.

Rose is a small fish for sure. She's not tough enough or interested enough to be a big league type. Angelo has his cousin Dino to pick up those sort of bounties. I've never seen Dawg the Bounty Hunter but it sounds hilariously bad! Rose avoids the violent criminals, she's a shoplifters-and-drunks sort. ;)

Scorpius is the black sheep of his family. They haven't totally rejected him, but they make it obvious that virtually everything about him, from his art to his girlfriend, even his House at school (Hufflepuff), were not up to Malfoy standards. He's also lazy and unmotivated, rather like Rose, but not as flighty as she is. He's the more responsible one out of the pair of them, who remembers to buy food and pay the bills (when they have money). He does love her, for sure.

Thank you for the review! I'm glad you liked the opening chapter, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the story! :D

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Review #12, by Roots in Water The Disappearing Man

17th July 2013:
Hello there!

Another interesting chapter. So now Worthing has skipped out on them, eh? At least she still has one house to camp outside of, even though it could be abandonned as well...

I will say this, Rose manages to fill her days in very unique ways. Her job certainly doesn't fill in all of her hours, leaving her with plenty of time to go and visit her extended family. :P It must be nice to have such flexible work hours (although perhaps Rose would like for there to be more hours to work, since that would mean that she actually had a solid lead).

Her latest pick-up was interesting. "Can you get me a Day-Dreaming Charm, then?" Oh jeez. At least it was a nice, quiet and easy pick-up. And even though the bounty was small, Rose certainly needs it because she's not really getting anywhere with Butrus at the moment.

Scorpius' reaction to her change in wardrobe wasn't as big as I'd had hoped, but it was still quite appropriate. It's good that he prefers her wearing her pink unicorn shirts. :)

The last scene of the chapter was also a nice read. The interaction between Rose and her two cousins was nice and the familiarity between them was quite obvious.

All in all, I think that you did a good job with this chapter and I definitely enjoyed reading it. Good work! :D

Author's Response: She is only mostly employed, isn't she? A lot of the time she's got nothing to do. If she took bigger bounties, she might be busier. And have more money. But Dino takes care of those. Having more working hours, more leads, and more bounties would sound good to Rose, but she's rather lazy, so she's probably happier being less busy.

Ah, Annabelle Cleary, she's one of the more inept criminals, typical of Rose's usual bounties. Quick pick-ups that aren't worth Dino's time (in his opinion) but that someone has to take in. At least they're usually easy to deal with!

Scorpius likes her being herself, even if that means pink unicorn t-shirts. ;)

Thank you very much! I hope you get a chance to continue the story and let me know what you think!

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Review #13, by Roots in Water Like a Law or Something

17th July 2013:
Hello there! It's me again! :)

Wow- what a change. You know, I hadn't ever really pictured Rose's wardrobe before, but now that I have the picture is quite funny. A Bounty Hunter, trying to catch people while wearing a shirt with a pink unicorn? I thought most people grew out of the phase of thinking that those sorts of shirts were the perfect thing to wear. But to each their own, eh?

Unfortunately, her new wardrobe is such a change! I hope Rose is comfortable wearing all of that leather. I also hope that you'll show us Scorpius' reaction to her change in wardrobe. I think it'll be interesting.

Mrs Kochel, though she seems gruff and unbending, is understandable. After all, she probably depends somewhat on their rent for her own provisions and having rent come in late is never good. At least she's willing to give them another chance.

It's too bad that she can't give Rose a description of the guy who came to see her (and I can't imagine that guy wanted anything good). However, it does fit in with what I know of Mrs Kochel. She doesn't really care who it was and so she didn't take any care to remember any details of the meeting. :P

I really liked the one line you wrote about how Rose had to deal with her mother's problems because she gave birth to her. It was very funny.

Once again, I really like your description and the personalities you have given your characters. You've done a good job of giving such a wide cast individual and recognizable personalities.

All in all, I think that you're doing a great job with this story. I look forward to reading on! Great work! :D

Author's Response: Her wardrobe is really ridiculous. But it suits her. She's flighty. Ever heard of Lisa Frank? Not sure if you're old enough to remember Lisa Frank, but google her - that's pretty much how I picture Rose's wardrobe. Pink and cartoony and with glitter. She never grew out of it, since she's still a bit childish at times. Switching to dressing in Molly's clothes with black leather and industrial effects is a huge change. It's just not her.

Mrs. Kochel is a bit mean, but she's not wrong - they owe her a bunch of rent and have pretty much never paid on time. They're lucky she's been as lenient as she has. Rose is a fast talker, so she gets a second chance.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you like the characterizations, I really loved writing this story and fell in love with Rose and Scorpius while doing so. Had to give them a sequel, and then a few more ;) Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #14, by Roots in Water The Good One

17th July 2013:
Hello there!

Oh no! Evicted? I suppose it was inevitable... But they were getting the money! It's not like they aren't working... They just aren't working jobs that give them very much money.

Oh Ron. Once again I really love the little sentences you include that seem to perfectly describe the character/a relationship. The little phrase about Ron seeming to be unable to withhold the truth from his wife as well as the line about their individual determination really spoke a lot about their personalities and their relationship.

To clarifiy this: I absolutely love the way you're portraying the relationship between Ron and Hermione. It seems very natural and very true to their characers.

Poor Scorpius. It's good that Rose noticed the change, but I hope that he's soon allowed to go back to painting (and that he actually starts getting paid for it).

And aha! I knew that Worthing was lying! I knew it! If only Rose can actually do something now... Hopefully she soon finds someone for backup or takes a stupid risk and just confronts them... I really want her to get somewhere with the case! I want her to find Butrus and bring him in and crush whatever Dark thing he's got himself involved in.

Ah well. These things take time... Even if they don't really have the time to spare.

All in all, I think that this was another good chapter and I'm looking forward to reading the next one! Good work! :D

Author's Response: Sadly, it was inevitable. Two months behind on the rent when they're chronically late, it was bound to happen eventually.

Ron feeling compelled to tell his wife the truth is one of my favorite bits of this story. I'm glad you liked it ;) Rose finds it incomprehensible, but I feel like that's Ron and Hermione - he'll be all "No" and then immediately come clean. I love writing Ron and Hermione in these stories. They're one of my favorite couples ever.

Scorpius's stress levels are definitely up, particularly with the eviction. Poor guy. Rose will get him back home again soon.

Rose take a stupid risk? Ehehehe... Yep excellent call there. Definitely Rose as I write her. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #15, by Roots in Water Bounty Hunter: 1, Aurors: 0

17th July 2013:
Hello there!

Hmm... I have a suspicion that Louis will end up being helpful somehow. After all, as Rose said, he seems to be involved in a lot of those shadier things and he could have heard something while he was frequenting trouble.

But sheesh, Louis. You know it's bad when it's what your family expects of you. I did find it funny, though, when Rose and Lily started discussing sunglasses/glasses. They can be so easily distracted. :P

Though poor Louis- what an awkward situation, to have to consider how to get home whilst naked. You'd think that he'd have the spell on how to conjure/transfigure clothes mastered by this point in his life.

I do feel a little sorry for Rose, though. Nothing seems to be going her way (who on earth is she going to turn to now for back-up?) and her family is continually turning up underfoot. Though, to be fair, she's searching them out a lot of the time too.

And, pointed remark to Dino: you can Apparate without getting your license. Getting your license just means that you're able to Apparate legally. Geez. Stop being snarky to Rose.

As well, I noticed one small thing as I was reading. The phrase "now Scorpius" would sound better as "now that", I think (but feel free to ignore me, of course).

All in all, I think that you're doing a great job with this story and I'm very intrigued to see just what Butrus (and thus Rose) has gotten himself into. Good work! :D

Author's Response: Louis is a disgrace. ehehehe. He's just terrible, isn't he? No taste in women at all. Always good for a laugh, though. Rose is easily distracted, and Lily's not much better. At least they managed some sort of clothes for him! Could've been worse. He really ought to master the conjuring trousers spell, shouldn't he? ;)

Rose is definitely having a time of it. Things will start looking up. You're right about the license ;) Dino just likes to make fun of Rose's ineptness sometimes. He does bet on her to catch her skip in the sequel though, so he actually does have some confidence in her.

I'll have to look over that line. It's possible I was trying for a more British-style phrasing, I did make an attempt at that for this story. Less so than I did with Unsinkable, since it's a bit more tongue in cheek.

Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #16, by Roots in Water Temporarily Deaf and Blind

17th July 2013:
Hello there!

Haha- oh Harry. At least he hasn't turned into such a stickler for Ministry rules that he won't allow Ron to sneak files for his daughter. :P

I liked the discussion about Hermione in this chapter. It really shows that the friendship between the three of them hasn't changed much over the years. Hermione is still the one looking for social justice and doesn't care as much about the specifics of the suffering of those who benefit from the system. Harry and Ron, who can see their points, don't try to argue with her too much. After all, she kind of just steam rolls over them. :P

Harry and Ron weren't all that helpful, aside from the smuggling of the files. I guess they can't always have brilliant insights, but they just suggested things that Rose had already done (good for you, Rose, doing the same things that Aurors would suggest you do). But then again Rose really doesn't have much to work on and they aren't working on the case themselves. :P

I didn't like Worthing in this chapter. He seemed too nice, too agreeable... I have a feeling he's still involved and was just trying (and succeeding) in pacifying Rose's suspicions.

I wonder how Rose is going to go about the case now. Hopefully the files will have something helpful... Else all she can really do is stakeout the brother's house.

All in all, this was another good chapter full of solid story-telling. I'm on to the next one now! :D

Author's Response: Heh. Harry would probably sneak files to his own child if one of his were a bounty hunter or P.I. And of course he lets Ron gets away with it, they've been BFFs for about forty years at this point. ;) And brothers-in-law!

Hermione could give two craps if someone points out those she sees as oppressors are being injured by her social crusades. lol... Harry and Ron sit back and let her do her thing, because really, there's not much other choice. Ron still argues with her, but he knows it won't stop her. She does steamroll over them, doesn't she?

They weren't much help, other than giving Rose confidence in herself. And unauthorized files. Those will give her some clues, though. She really has very little to go on.

Worthing is suspiciously kind, isn't he? ;)

Thank you for reviewing! I really appreciate it.

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Review #17, by Roots in Water You Can't Bring a Baby on a Stakeout!

17th July 2013:
Hello there! Hopefully you aren't getting sick of the reviews. :P

I enjoyed this chapter, especially because Rose seems to finally be getting somewhere with Butrus' skip (although I'm not sure I'm following her thought process one hundred percent. But I am sure that I'll catch up at some point :P).

It was interesting to see Rose and Scorpius interact with Scorpius' parents. That scene reminded me of the scenes in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" where Ian's parents were so silent during their dinners together... Those silences and strained conversations seem so uncomfortable! I would have thought that Draco would have changed since the war- would have become warmer, less rigid - since he had a near death experience and would have had to live in a world where Voldemort lost and his old views were very outdated, but I suppose it wasn't to be. It's kind of sad, actually, that Scorpius prefers Rose's family, whose older generation still doesn't accept him one hundred percent.

Rose's interaction with Victoire was great, as per usual. My favourite part of that scene was when Victoire said "Bugger off, my love" in a very happy and loving tone. The difference between the tone and the actual words struck a very funny comparison to me. :)

Anyway, I do hope that Rose finds more concrete detail on Butrus soon. Her tale about how Angelo found someone two years after they disappeared off the grid was amusing, but Rose doesn't have that sort of time. :(

All in all, I think that this was a very enjoyable chapter and I am eager to see Rose's progress on the case. One thing I particularly enjoy is how you're weaving the rest of Rose's life into the story of her catching Butrus. Great work! :D

Author's Response: Nope, not getting sick of them at all! I love reading reviews, and yours are really making me smile.

I'm not sure Rose always follows her own thought process 100 percent. Sometimes she leaps merrily to conclusions. :p

Visits to the Malfoys are sort of the polar opposite of visits to the Weasleys. I can't see Draco changing much - he did change enough that he still has a relationship with the son who was a Hufflepuff, has zero interest in any of the things Draco values, and ran off with a half-blood Weasley girl. So I suppose that is a rather big change for someone like Draco, but he's not going to morph into a warm and fuzzy guy really. At least not in my stories! Scorpius just doesn't fit in with his family, and he fits much better with Rose and her cousins. He'll get along better with her parents and the older Weasleys as time goes by.

Victoire talking to her kids is always fun to write ;) The high-pitched happy mum voice cracks me up, and I'm glad you liked that line since it's one of my favorites in this story. And it's our introduction to Johnny Lupin!

Rose definitely doesn't have two years to waste. She'll catch him in the end, but you'll have to keep reading to see what happens ;) Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #18, by Roots in Water Gainfully Employed

17th July 2013:
Hello there!

I really love the interactions you write between Rose and the rest of her family. The last scene was particularly enjoyable- I love the idea of Arthur cracking up because Scorpius now works in the Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office. Didn't Arthur once work there himself? Perhaps this example of how different Scorpius is from his family will help to further soften Rose's family's reactions to him. *crosses fingers*

The incident in the shop with George was also great. I really liked how he just gave them to her free of charge - as Rose said, her family can really be there for her when she needs it. After all, what's a few galleons compared with Rose's safety on dangerous cases?

I think that you're doing a fantastic job with your characterization as well as your description. Everything flows so smoothly and the characters really are dynamic.

I'm also really happy that Rose has finally found a lead - Fred certainly had a good idea about looking through his belongings (how come Rose didn't think of that earlier? :P ). Perhaps she can finally move along with the case and come closer to actually catching the man (although that will bring her in closer to the danger of whatever it is that Butrus is involved in).

All in all I think that you did a great job with this chapter. I really enjoyed reading it and will now proceed to the next one! :D

Author's Response: Hiya!

I love writing Weasley family scenes. Arthur did indeed used to have that job, and Lucius Malfoy mocked him for it, so seeing Lucius's grandson working there is definitely going to amuse Arthur. They definitely have reservations about Scorpius - it would be hard not to given all the things the Malfoys did to the Weasleys - but they do understand that Scorpius isn't responsible for that history and is quite different from his father and grandfather.

I imagine George probably gave her free samples pretty regularly after this - once he realizes he can keep her in one piece by giving her things he can well afford. I'm sure he'd needle Ron about it though ;)

Rose doesn't always think things through, or notice the obvious. Fred is a better sidekick than she thinks, at least until there's some action happening, then he's useless.

Thank you very much for the review!

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Review #19, by Roots in Water Small-Time Hoods

17th July 2013:
Hello there!

This was another great chapter! Every hint seems to be pointing towards Butrus being an awful lot more dangerous than anyone thought... Rose will most likely stumble across something big in her quest to find him. Unfortunately, she doesn't have any leads as of yet. Hopefully she finds something soon.

And yay for Scorpius finding a job- a legal, paying job! I was worried about that, but at least he's doing something that will help them to pay the rent. Hopefully the little side hunts Rose is doing will help them to finally pay both of the rents they have due. :P

I liked the scene at the end of the chapter as well. I suppose there is one benefit to having a really large family. :P I really like how you have everyone in Rose's family interact. With such a large family, it could be easy for someone to be left out, or for them to not keep in contact with each other as much/not keep as up-to-date with each other's lives... But then again I suppose that a few nights out at the bar, coupled with a quick owl here and there, as well as the Weasley grapevine would be sufficient enough to keep the family ties alive.

All in all, I think that you did a good job with this chapter and I'm really rooting for Rose to find Butrus. Hopefully she finds a lead soon! Great work! :D

Author's Response: Rose's main investigative technique is pretty much hoping to stumble across something useful, it's true. She follows their usual haunts and hopes for something to turn up. It usually works out for her, though.

Scorpius has a legal job! It doesn't suit him, but it's temporary so he puts up with it. Living in a cardboard box is a strong inducement to get a job.

I like throwing in the Weasley and Potter cousins. Rose is very close with her family, particularly when they're buying her drinks. I didn't get to give all of them a scene in this story, but a few more pop up in the sequel. Lucy's the closest to being left out, because she's the most introverted of them, but her sister makes sure she's never totally left behind.

Thank you for reviewing! I'm glad you liked the chapter :)

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Review #20, by Roots in Water Weasley Genes

17th July 2013:
Hello there!

So what is Scorpius' big plan? I do hope that it won't get him in trouble. Not only would he be in trouble with the law, but there would be even more problems with his and Rose's life in their small apartment. *sigh* I'm really starting to get attached to him- the fondness and love between him and Rose is obvious, even though you haven't yet dropped the "l"-word.

In fact, their relationship is one of the things that I really like about this story (not that there's anything I dislike). I think that you've done a fantastic job of writing the dynamics in their relationship. Seeing the lasagna Scorpius left warm for her, or his loud singing, or especially his concern for her well-bringing (as well as Rose's knowledge of his habits) has really brought their relationship to life for me. It's great to see that they aren't fighting about their money problems; particularly that Rose isn't nagging Scorpius about not bringing in any money himself. Their financials will look up!

I also really liked the peak into Rose's relationship with Victoire and Teddy. Your description/version of Victoire was quite interesting- typically she's portrayed in the more "socially-accepted" version of beauty but her appearance here definitely fits in with her Weasley heritage. :) It was very interesting to see that Rose actually asks them to accompany her on her cases... But then again I suppose that she's never really had any dangerous cases before.

I also really liked the glimpse into Ron and Hermione's relationship. I particularly liked the line about how proof of Ron's love for her can be found in the fact that he doesn't really mind Hermione's awful cooking.

All in all, I really enjoyed this chapter and I hope that Rose finds some leads soon! The whole business with the activity in the brother-in-law's house seems rather suspicious... She'll probably find something there. Great work! :D

Author's Response: Ah, you'll have to keep reading to see his plan! It would certainly complicate things for them if he started breaking the law. I do love Scorpius, so I'm always happy to hear a reader starting to fall for him too ;) He's a good guy. Very solid sort of man. Since Rose is so flighty, that works well with her.

Rose and Scorpius have been together a long time at this point, and you do get to know each other. That sort of comfort level is a really warm and fuzzy sort of feeling - when you know each other so well. They do love each other. I tried not to focus on the romance in this story, though, since it's a mystery novel. The first time I wrote mystery, actually. My other HP fanfics to this point were largely in the romance genre. This was a bit of a challenge to write in some ways, particularly the action scenes.

Victoire and Teddy are a lot of fun. I especially love writing Teddy's view of Rose, since he sort of thinks of her as an inept and self-destructive teenager who doesn't know what's good for her. And he's not totally wrong, since she's often merrily racing headlong into danger. Making Victoire resemble her grandmother instead of her mother is still one of my favorite ideas for characterization. I love the thought of beautiful veela Fleur trying to parent short, round, red-headed daughters. Rose does like to invite Victoire along (not Teddy though) for surveillance, since she gets bored easily. She hasn't taken her on anything dangerous, since as you note, she rarely gets dangerous cases.

There's more Ron and Hermione later ;) I just love them. Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #21, by Roots in Water Mostly Independent and Totally Broke

17th July 2013:
Hello there!

Uh-oh- do I sense I bit of irony? Or foreshadowing? I have a sense that Rose's case will eventually link up with her dad's... Which means that Rose will be in a lot of danger and hopefully won't have to worry about rent money for a long time (that's how happy endings work, right? They brush away all of the problems the characters had at the beginning of the story. :P )

I find it funny that their landlady is threatening to call their parents, along with other things. You'd think that that wouldn't even cross her mind (after all, both Rose and Scorpius are adults) but I guess when your parents are famous...

I quite agree with Hermione's attempt to get that law removed from use. The idea that a human can be used as collateral for another human... That sounds like something the mafia would do, instead of legal law enforcement. I really do hope that Rose finds the man, not only so that she can finally pay her rent but also so that this woman won't have to suffer on her husband's behalf.

I really wonder how Rose is going to find this guy. I mean, she doesn't really have any leads and she's definitely on a time crunch... But I suppose that she has more tricks up her sleeve, from previous experiences as a Bounty Hunter.

All in all, I think that you did a great job with this chapter. It was just as interesting as the first and I look forward to reading the next one! :D

Author's Response: Ah, I try not to comment in early-chapter reviews about the main mystery plots, so I'll just wink at you about the foreshadowing ;) Rose never gets to brush away all her problems, partly because she's rather irresponsible at heart.

Oh, Mrs. Kochel worked out early on what motivates Rose. Calling her mother is definitely in the top three. And Rose really is a terrible tenant. She's almost always late with the rent, after all.

That law is based on a real law from UK history. Horrible. It definitely had the effect of targeting low-income women, whose husbands got in trouble and had to use their wives as collateral. It really is barbaric, to use a Hermione-ism. She definitely wouldn't let that stand once she found out about it.

Rose has very few tricks, actually. She's not a great bounty hunter. lol... She does know more than she thinks she does, but she's a small fish in the bounty hunter world, after all.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far!

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Review #22, by Roots in Water Parmenter, Again

17th July 2013:
Hello there!

I don't tend to read many Next-Gen stories, but perhaps that should change. I really liked this beginning to your story. Rose certainly has an interesting job and it's great to hear about another side of the Wizarding world. After all, someone does need to go after those who skip out on court dates, just like in the Muggle world.

I really liked how you built her world in this chapter. Your description was fantastic and, without laying everything out at once or being overly descriptive, it was easy to see the outlines of Rose's world.

Rose's personality was also well done. She has a very snappy personality (if that makes sense). She understands who she is and what she wants - even if her living situation is still a little shakey.

It was also very interesting to see the big Weasley family from Rose's perspective. The difference between Ron and Harry as Aurors was an interesting detail - I can understand why Harry wouldn't share the details of his cases with Rose, even though it makes her job more difficult.

Unfortunately, I have a sense that this case won't go so easily for Rose. Perhaps the man with the unfortunate name is a lot more dangerous than he appears. Or just not as easily found.

All in all, this was a great first chapter and I really enjoyed reading it. I'm definitely moving on to the next one! Great work! :D

Author's Response: Ah, I should note here that bounty hunters do not exist in the United Kingdom. Since these stories are inspired by the Stephanie Plum series, I went ahead with it anyway. Artistic license. That's my story and I'm sticking with it ;)

Rose does have a lot of surety about her life, really. Even though she's quite lazy and has no desire to have a regular job, she does enjoy her work and in particular the ability it gives her to sleep til noon whenever she likes. I'm glad you like my portrayal of her.

Harry is her uncle, so he doesn't have that father-daughter connection with her which Rose uses to guilt or otherwise wheedle her dad into giving her information on cases. It comes in pretty handy.

If it went easily, there wouldn't be a plot ;) So naturally it won't go easy for her. I hope you enjoy the story, and thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #23, by Jchrissy The Good One

9th February 2013:
ĎAnd I was going to find out just what that sketch was.í

This may be my favorite thing Iíve ever read.

I like that youíve mentioned Hermioneís parents in this. It got me thinking, and I donít really remember eve reading a story that included them. A next gen, I mean. Not even in passing reference. I donít read a ton of next gen, so that could be why. But it was just a nice reminder that there are other people that are part of Roseís family besides the Potter and Weasley clan. You do that quite often, you know. Insert these little things that are barely even a sentence, but add so much to the story. For me, at least.

I canít tell you how much the paragraph that followed Worthing Disapperating amused me. Rose is genuinely shocked that this man is still in contact with Pulford. It does a lot to show just how out of her element she is with this job, haha. But, as sheís pointed out before, usually she just stumbled around and it leads her where she needs to go. So even if her instincts that are suppose to tell her when someone is lying or not are failing, at least she still has the Ďgo with ití method :P

Ohh poor Scorpius and Rose :(. That end of the first section really made me feel bad for them. Rose is usually so bouncy.. like something bad happens and it just bounces off her, so seeing her this upset was tough :(. I love how supportive Scorpius is at the end. Even if he doesnít know how it will be all right, heís still trying to convince her. Theyíre good together, you know. Well, you probably do know, since you wrote them ;).

I love the dinner in this last section. And the way that Hugo gets Hermione all rilled without meaning too. Somethings about her will never change, thank goodness. And when she has a point that sheís certain sheís right about, sheís going to defend it to the end. Go Hermione!

ďHarry said I could.Ē Oh WTM, this chapter really is full of awesome little bits. Iím so happy you donít forget about the fact that Rose is someoneís child and just ignore all of this-- this kind of family interaction and dinner, like so many others do. Part of what does make reading next gen appealing to me, is getting to see how the children (even adult children like Rose) get to interact with their parents, and I think youíre doing such a perfect job.

Rose as the easy going sort of let it all happen attitude of Ron, mixed with the stubbornness of her mother. She doesnít seem to be one parent, though Iíd say she takes after Ron a bit more than Hermione, sheís still her own person. I think she could put her foot in her mouth every bit as well as her dad, but argue someone down as well as her mom. Sorry about that tangent.. back to the chapter.

This chapter may have been one of my favorite so far, but I think that I say that again with every new chapter I read. Or at least I think it, haha.

But we got to see Roseís really amusing personality, and we also go to see her in a more serious time. It was nice watching something really get to her, even temporarily. On top of all those really great pieces of getting to know her character, we got to have dinner with Hermione and Ron ♥ and you really kept the entire feeling of that section just right.

You have an addicting story. Did you know that?


Author's Response: Rose and her bad puns! I'm glad you liked that one ;)

Hermione's parents do seem to get passed over a lot. Rose would see both sets of grandparents, I'm sure, even if she does spend more time with the Weasleys since they live in the same world, so to speak. Rose's world is pretty full - she has a big family - so I think it slips into her internal monologue a lot. It makes sense to me.

Rose is legit shocked that Worthing lied to her about that, which is hilarious because she's such an accomplished liar herself. And she really has no idea what she's doing. Pretty much at all times! She stumbles around acting like she knows what she's doing and hopes it works out.

Getting evicted sucks. Poor kids. They're both a bit depressed. And of course they have to keep it from her parents. Good thing Hugo no longer tattles on his sister.

Dinner scenes with the Weasleys make me happy ;) Hugo puts his foot in his mouth. I bet Hermione despairs sometimes of how much her kids are like Ron haha. She does go on when she's full of righteous indignation, doesn't she?

"Harry said I could" is one of my favorite bits. I can just see Ron all "No," and then turning right around and admitting it, cause he knows better than to lie to his wife. Even when he knows it'll cause a fight, he tells her the truth. Maybe he shouldn't, but he does. That just cracks me up and gives me Ronmione feels. lol

Next Gen's parenthood and child/parent interaction is one of my favorites about it too. Rose's family is important to her, and it's a major facet of her life. She's a Weasley, after all. So there are lots of times she goes to her family.

Rose has a lot of Ron in her. She does have Hermione traits too, but she's a lot like her dad. And all her own self too. I enjoyed your tangent ;)

I'm really glad you're liking the story! And Rose herself. I'm very pleased to hear it. Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #24, by Jchrissy Bounty Hunter: 1, Aurors: 0

4th February 2013:
You are my first valentine heart --> insert little blue bird carrying a paper heart here.

Roseís sleep schedule is my dream. Although the uncertainly of her job would make me a bit nervous, so maybe Iíll take me early mornings :P. I like how unaffected she is by Dinoís attitude. She just has one of those personalities that makes you want to smile. Well, unless youíre Dino, I suppose.

And really, I canít understand why you wouldnít love being around Rose. Maybe she should say more of her awesome comments outside of her head. Specifically the one about Rose not knowing her life. Again, I continue to be impressed with your ability to mix humorous lines with Rose, without going into that trying-too-hard-to-be-eccentric. She isnít overwhelming at all, and I sort of want to be best friends with her

Oh god. This is so, so awkward. I donít even know how I would react. Roseís holy Kneazles pretty much sums it up, though. And poor thing, just proved Dinoís point. But it really isn't her fault!

Side not, for some reason I wanted Ďlace and hopeí to be Ďlace and desperation.í Only because of the delightful picture youíve already painted of our lovely felon ;)

Iím not sure if Apparation licenses having the ability to be revoked or not is canon or WTM creation, but itís awesome. I really hope we get more Louis in this, because I really like him. Haha.

Ahhh Lily! really?! You do such an awesome job with this whole large family extended family kind of dynamic. She was the perfect character to bring for this. You do a really good job bringing so much of them into this, without you needed everyone to be everyone's best friend that they go to lunch with everyday. Or making everyone hate everyone else because Dom got pregnant with Teddyís kid or yeah. You get it. I like that this focuses mainly on Rose but you definitely donít ignore the fact that she has a large family, or push them all down my throat.

Okay, I now I promised you more in depth reviews if thatís what you enjoy (I just hate leaving long reviews for people that donít really care if itís a five liner or five paragraph). But this chapter just amused me way too much to stop and try and pick out different things. You really pull the reader in, and usually first person is kind of blah for me. I like it and all, but I get burnt out. I think the only other first person story Iíve every really enjoyed without getting sick of it after a few chapters is Helenís (I think thatís her name) Not Just a Bystander. So Iím really excited to be so into Roseís story.

I did wish this chapter was a little longer, but youíre right in your AN. What can you really follow up with this? haha. Good thing thereís a new bright shiny chapter waiting for me only a click away ;)

Author's Response: Aw thanks! hearts and birdies and flowers. :)

Ah, I wish I could sleep til noon like Rose does. I haven't been able to do that in years! I think I've only slept until 10am a handful of times since my kids were born. In my undergrad days, I was up all night and slept til noon. Ah youth.

I think Rose is a hoot, but I can see how Dino would find her annoying and a bit frustrating. He's very much a professional and she's so often inept. And occasionally she tries to filch his bounties when she thinks they're non-violent, so I'm sure that would irritate him too. XD

It is a bit of lace and desperation, really! Oh holy Kneazles is one of Rose's favorite things to say, and it's really appropriate here. Oh Louis. *tsk tsk* He has crap taste in women.

There's no canon evidence of revoking Apparition licenses, but if they can be issued, I would think logically they could also be revoked. I imagine there are things you could do, much like with a driver's license, that would warrant having it taken away from you. Louis, of course, probably does those sort of things all the time.

Lily doesn't appear much in the Midnight stories, but I have a pretty clear idea of what she's like so I always like being able to add her in for a cameo. I don't write the Next Gen cousins that way (the "Dom gets pregnant by her brother in law" sort of plots), but Dominique is probably Rose's least favorite cousin. She appears quite a bit in later stories in this series. Rose does have a big family, and she's happy to lean on them when she needs to, but mostly she does her job on her own and sees her family socially (when she can't dodge it).

Ah I love a long review! I do care, I promise. I don't get them often, either, so I appreciate them all the more :) I haven't read Not Just a Bystander, I'll have to check that one out.

I felt bad it was so short, but adding another scene in felt wrong. So I went with it. Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #25, by Jchrissy Temporarily Deaf and Blind

28th January 2013:
Okay, this was by far my favorite chapter. Not only did I like the fast paced feel, but I loved the interactions between Rose, Ron, and Harry.

I'm also really impressed that you made Hermione so perfect in such a short amount of time. Then tying in the lunch with it all, and imagining Ron and Harry hunkered down hiding from hermione.. Ahh huge flash backs to the good old SPEW days.

The small touches you add, like them asking if that's the bar that Louis got arrested in, really give your story an intimate feel, for lack of better words. But I don't feel like an outsider looking it, I feel like I'm just sitting right there inside of Rose's brain.

So I've decided that harry and Ron's bad guy has to tie into Rose's. right?? Right??

Ps, let me know if you'd prefer longer more detailed reviews. I just get to read quicker if I leave shorter ones, but I don't mind leaving much longer I'd you're more partial to those!

Author's Response: I love the long detailed reviews! I don't often get them on this story, so they make me very happy. But if you leave shorter ones, I won't get mad at you. :)

Writing Ron and Harry as grown-ups is definitely one of my favorite parts of writing Next Gen. Picturing the two of them as tough old cops (special agents!) is just really fun. Hermione is fun too, especially when she's on a rant. Ron and Harry would absolutely hide from her, Harry a bit smugly because he knows Ron will be going home to her every night and he won't (not that his wife wouldn't do the same!).

Ah Louis. Keep reading, there's more Louis to come. ;)

I don't want to reveal anything about future plot, so keep reading, you'll see! Thank you very much for the review, I really appreciate it!

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