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Review #1, by Yemi Hikari Chapter 2 Hogwarts Again

19th October 2010:
It is interesting that you tried to look at the possiblity of Tom Riddle having a nice side, however, you start in the middle of things, and not the begining, which is VERY important for a character like Tom Riddle. The first chapter is rather average, and not a problem. The second chapter though... why do I get the idea that you've been effected by the Twilight craze? This is NOT the vampire that Rowling uses. Not to mention, the character is too good to be true.

Author's Response: i do love twilight so i did put a bit in, however there is more to this story on fanfiction net which is now where im posting my stories

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Review #2, by Akw Michelle Riddle

3rd June 2009:
Okay, for this chapter the spelling looked average. Some errors here and there .Nothing to major just make sure your spellcheck has a option where you can add grammar check as well and turn those on the next time you feel like writting up a chapter okay.

Author's Response: will do thanks 4 the review

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Review #3, by dream_me_a_dream Michelle Riddle

25th May 2009:
hey, I know how frustrating it is to not get reviews, so I thought I'd give you some suggestions. You apologized for your spelling, which actually wasn't that bad...however, your grammar, punctuation and capitalization are very much off. You can have the most brilliant story out there, and no one will read it because of bad grammar and such. so I don't want to sound mean or harsh, but I would recommend trying to clean this up a bit. Especially the story and chapter summaries--many people will completely bypass a story that has misspellings/bad puntuation etc. in the summaries because they see it (whether rightly or not) as an indication of how the rest of the story will be. I hope that makes sense and if I could be of some help, then awesome. Good luck, and keep writing, practice makes perfect!

Author's Response: hi thanks 4 the review i will try n be better with me spelling and grammer but i was never really got english lol x

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