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Review #1, by potterprof Epilogue – The Forest

8th August 2009:
This was a really great story. I hope there will be another addition to the next generation. Thanks.

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Review #2, by potterprof Chapter Nine – Falling into the Past

8th August 2009:
awesome chapter!!! I'm totally loving this time travel plot. It's a shame that JKR didn't touch more on it after Prisoner of Azkaban. Great job!

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Review #3, by Trev2112 Epilogue – The Forest

6th August 2009:
That was a brilliant story. Loved it i started reading it today and couldn't stop reading. I really like the parts with James's wand Terraxtra.

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Review #4, by hpguafan Epilogue – The Forest

26th July 2009:
Thanks you for another great story. I sure hope that you are planning to write a sequel. Keep up the great work.

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Review #5, by hpguafan Chapter Twelve - The People

22nd July 2009:
This has been a great story. I really enjoy your style of writing. It feels very polished. Congrats.

Author's Response: Thanks. Lots of room for improvement, though, I know. I still seem to skimp on descriptive narrative but the most acute thing is the limited range of emotions I write for the characters. Still, I'll keep trying! Thanks again.

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Review #6, by Sarahsmad Chapter Ten – The Terrarium Opened

16th July 2009:
keep up the good work, I love this story so much.

Author's Response: Thanks. I’m glad you are enjoying the story.

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Review #7, by Sarahsmad Chapter One - Welcome Home Stranger

15th July 2009:
hey I love it, its a really original story.
Once in there you said James when you were referring to Albus (its at the chalk board)

Author's Response: Thanks, and thanks for the spot. I’ve corrected now.

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Review #8, by hpguafan Chapter Ten – The Terrarium Opened

14th July 2009:
Awesome. Without a doubt, you are one of my favorite authors.

Author's Response: Thanks. < Blushes >

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Review #9, by hpguafan Chapter Nine – Falling into the Past

5th July 2009:
Thanks for the update. This is one of my favorite stories here. Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Thanks. I’m sorry it took me so long to post an update.

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Review #10, by hpguafan Chapter Six - Hogsmeade

24th May 2009:
I like this. I feel a slight Albus-Abeforth vibe going between James and Albus, but there is that hint of dark magic. Will we get some time with Albus, to get his side of things, or at least what he thinks his side is?

Author's Response: Thanks. The situation that Albus finds himself in will unfold from James’ point of view, but perhaps I should revisit that and give Albus more of a chance to justify himself. I’ll give that some thought, but James needs to stay in the dark for a while longer. As you’ve probably realised, there is a sort of twist coming that will eventually force James to reconsider which of them is really the Good Guy.

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Review #11, by hpguafan Chapter Four – Professor Aberforth

17th May 2009:
Nice pace. I know this is building to something good.

Author's Response: Thanks. I hope you enjoy the rest of the story. We are fast approaching a tipping point for James, so I’ve tried to ease the pace a little over the next couple of chapters.

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Review #12, by hpguafan Chapter Two – An Apology or Two

10th May 2009:
Oh hell yeah! I have been waiting for a continuation of the Fifth Cohort. Hopefully we'll get some clue about Albus. Thanks a lot.

Author's Response: Thanks. The goings on around Albus will come out fairly slowly, mainly because I wanted James' troubles from his previous year to be considered first.

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Review #13, by kittikatlova Chapter Two – An Apology or Two

10th May 2009:
ooh, time travel...interesting. Headmaster Bode reminds me a lot of Dumbledore in the way he talks and acts. This is shaping up to be very interesting, you have me hooked. Good job!

Author's Response: Thanks. Yes, I found I couldn't help myself! The idea with Bode is that he's actually a lot better than almost everyone gives him credit for. He shows little interest in the running of the school (no-one could remember him making a speech before), so James is one of the few people who actually know what he's really like. One difference to AD which will come out later: he really doesn't like Harry at all! Thanks again.

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