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Review #1, by Calder  Internal battles

29th August 2013:
Do I more this is fab do another chapter

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Review #2, by DahliasQuill  unexpected moments.

24th November 2012:
There are some major inconsistencies in this story. I would go back and read your first few chapters and make everything match up if I were you.

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Review #3, by LilyRose89  broken moments

8th July 2011:
Good actual story, but please learn to spell and use grammar.
It makes reading it so difficult.

Author's Response: i did use spell and grammer check..

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Review #4, by Josh Armstrong chapter 10

8th July 2011:
Hi, it was a really good story up until ythe end when harry died , thath spoiled the whole thing. sorry

Author's Response: how do you know he died? you have to keep reading! it was a cliff hanger:)

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Review #5, by Willy_fruhog Doctor appointments.

18th April 2011:
Its a good book...but i am just wondering if you skipped the wedding beacause they call Ginny Mrs.Potter...and plz be careful of ur grammar errors a lot of sentences make no sense thought i do understand them. Most people will just be confused! Doesnt Ginny already know that it is a girl since when she took the pregnancy test the potion turned pink??? Those are all little details, i love ur writing thought i think you can improve it a lot.:) Have a nice day!

Author's Response: thanks for the thoughts i dont remember where i put it wasent ill fix it it was one of those things were all my little details are in my lap top i was using an unfamilar computer and i am not used to this one ahah i will deff fix those errors when possible! my lap top catches them this one dosent. thanks for the advice! - gianna

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Review #6, by karl.  broken moments

16th April 2011:

Author's Response: yay ! hah my first review out of like 1700+ reads thank you so much you have no idiea how much it means to hear that! I am going to finish no need to worry right now my lap top however is out of town and i am hoping to get it back next weekend and my chapter is on it so i applogise for i wont be able to update for atleast a week! sorry keep reading:)

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Review #7, by Harry_Potter123  prolouge

18th May 2009:
Good Chapter, but i was wondering, i harry died?
Post Soon

Author's Response: thanks so much, and no this is just the prolouge so i wasent planning on it starting here just this is kind of the out line to the story!:) thanks for the review

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