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Reading Reviews for He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
18 Reviews Found

Review #1, by hogwarts_girl_5 Valentines Dance

28th January 2007:
hmm...i liked this much better than the other one!! pls update soon!!

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Review #2, by luvv_me Valentines Dance

28th November 2005:

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Review #3, by hawthronelove Valentines Dance

6th October 2005:
its really good! but im not a big ron/hermione fan but still really good

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Review #4, by the weird kid Valentines Dance

20th August 2005:
hi its me again i hope im getting a rep lol jk but any way to your story the only words i can say is WTF write more your chapters are small and they need more info i like harry/cho so plz write more (im sorry if i was rude but for me its 2:44 in the am lol i love reading but any way best wishes to your fan fic just some adcive write more now im off to bed lol ive read 7 fan fics today and ive posted on some of them and your right up there with the rest so dont get your hopes down lol

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Review #5, by mel Valentines Dance

13th July 2005:
Great story!!!!!!!!!

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Review #6, by Lost Beauty Valentines Dance

7th May 2005:
This is pretty good so far, and I am glad that the girls asked the guys instead of the other way around. Much more original. Good job.

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Review #7, by RNRH Valentines Dance

8th March 2005:
This is awsome you have to wright another chapter

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Review #8, by Mallorie Valentines Dance

1st November 2004:
Dude! I love this story so much! Post more soon. Later!

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Review #9, by S.G. Valentines Dance

1st September 2004:
Great , now hurry up and write more!

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Review #10, by cassie Valentines Dance

15th July 2004:

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Review #11, by Joan Navarre Valentines Dance

22nd May 2004:
That is a really cute story. I like it! I really like how you add in so many details. Very keen. Keep up the good work! Note: Keen=cool

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Review #12, by Kay9 Valentines Dance

8th May 2004:
Aw this story is so cute and i luved the thing w/ Ron+hermione. Keep writing

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Review #13, by Pixie Dust Valentines Dance

2nd May 2004:
I luv this story! Update as soon as u can!

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Review #14, by FirePrincess911 Valentines Dance

2nd May 2004:
No offense but I thought it was dumb! Who ever heard of Hermione thinking Ron was HOT?! That's just crazy talk! But it is your sotry so do what you want but..............Ron/Hermione aren't the best pair.^_^

Author's Response: Think bout it...every1 thinks their guy is hot, no matter what. thats y they like them. sum ppl dont like the c/h ting, but they like the r/h ting, so i just wanted 2 please either. i just want ppl to like one point of my story

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Review #15, by Jonny Valentines Dance

28th April 2004:
hej just thought you orta know i liked it. i have always liked the hemoine\ron ting but i have only just started to like tha Harry Cho thang. Keep smiling Keep writing xx Jonny xx

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Review #16, by Mandy Valentines Dance

28th April 2004:
It was pretty good. The only problem is that I think you're using the word "love" a bit too freely. They're only, what, sixteen? Ron and Hermione had never dated before. I doubt that they would already love each other. Especially Ron coming out and telling Hermione he loves her. Most guys are even too nervous to say that after they've been dating for a year. Other than that, it was really good. Update soon!

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Review #17, by afzaa lydia Valentines Dance

28th April 2004:
its very nice its hot u should have written a bit more will u plz mail me at afzaa2001@hotmail.com when you have a nice story like this or we both fans of harry potter can be friendz

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Review #18, by meredith Valentines Dance

27th April 2004:
It was pretty good

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