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Review #1, by Pacific Wizard Requirements

6th October 2011:
Gin25: Don't know if you've abandoned this story but I thought I'd leave a review. I like your writing style. It's descriptive but to the point. I think you could embellish a bit more on Lucas's background. He's your character and while you have written his character well, he's going to grab the attention of a beloved character and take her mind off the central character, Harry. That's a big undertaking. So if you want us to have some affinity toward Lucas, we need a bit more from you about him. We all love Oliver and now see the eventual Quidditch connection but there needs to be more about Lucas for us to believe that Ginny would allow herself to be drawn to someone other than Harry. You have painted him as a loner and somewhat brooding and mysterious. Why? That's a key difference from his brother Oliver. I think you could capitalize on that.

I'm a H/G shipper so I hope that Harry and Ginny end up together but this could be very intriguing and a poignant story of a desperate Ginny overcome by worry and longing for Harry in a world of cruelty perpetrated by Voldemort's minions. She's given a brooding but strong ally who seems to be there in her times of abject depression. Like Harry coming to her rescue but different in that he doesn't seem to carry the burden of a cursed life.

Well, you wanted some suggestions so there they are. Hope that helps you. Keep writing, you're doing well. If you haven't read their stories yet, Singularity, 1917Farmgirl and Lilygreeneyes are exceptional on this site. You should check them out. Well done. PW

Author's Response: this story is not abandoned! i'm just struggling with the plot and where i want it to go. i shall most definitely come back to it when i have a solid idea. :D thank you for your suggestions! and for reviewing!

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Review #2, by Mrs HJ Potter Requirements

8th July 2010:
I like it so far so write more.

Author's Response: i sure will, thanks for reviewing =)

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Review #3, by bellalove7 Of Leaving and Lucas

11th March 2010:
I think that this is a great idea and I really see a lot of potential for this story. If I were you, I would fix the formatting. It is very cumbersome to scroll through so little writing that is spaced so far apart.

Author's Response: yes you are right, it bothers me as well. i'll fix it as i update more chapters and then go back to the first two. thanks for reviewing! i'm glad you like the idea! :)

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Review #4, by luv_addictGxJ Requirements

25th September 2009:
lucas seems awesome! haha update soon!!!

Author's Response: yeah I love Lucas haha. Thanks for the review :)

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Review #5, by lyrix82 Requirements

25th September 2009:
Hi there, another great chapter, although not a reat deal happened in this one, I'd prefer a little more in each chapter, but perhaps I'm just greedy! Your writing is great, well done but it's the uniqueness (I like to make up words) of the plot that really holds the strength, I'm really enjoying seeing how you progress this story. Thanks for sharing again, I can't wait for the next chapter! xx

Author's Response: I'm glad you don't hate it, I know it was slightly uneventful but it's the most that could happen at this point of time. The next few chapters will be more fitting to your greed haha.

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Review #6, by pollyp Of Leaving and Lucas

18th May 2009:
what a cow, just forgetting about harry like that!
but very gripping, i'm dying to know what will happen next...write more

Author's Response: Will do! Thanks for the review!

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Review #7, by lyrix82 Of Leaving and Lucas

18th May 2009:
Good start. Very interesting spin on things, I'm looking forward to how it pans out. I was just thinking about an explanation for why they haven't met before- why she doesn't know who he is, in a small school like Hogwarts- but then I remembered that in DH Ron explains about how attendance at Hogwarts was made compulsory when Thicknesse "took over" at the ministry. Perhaps Lucas hadn't been at Hogwarts until now? Maybe not, but I'm a bit of a details freak and want to know why they don't know each other!
Well written, I look forward to more, thanks for sharing! xx

Author's Response: Good question. It's actually one that bothered me as well since I'm just as much of a detail freak. But I sorted it out in my head and if you read the part where Lucas says that he's not interested in talking to anyone it's a sort of hint. He's basically a loner, not depressed but just aloof. That's why they've never met. Hope it makes sense it will show in future chapters :)

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