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Review #1, by Isabel Black A Noble Surprise

18th May 2009:
That was a great chapter! Far far better than the first one! It gets more and more interesting! I hope you'll update the next one very soon!!!

Author's Response: well tomorrow i am tied up but then i have the whole week ahead of me to write and write, im glad you liked it!!

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Review #2, by Isabel Black The Journey Begins

16th May 2009:
That was a very very good chapter indeed! A nice piece of work but try making the chapters longer, it would make them far far better. Take as much time you like and update, it doesn't matter. What matters is length and the story's quality. You should focus more on some other characters a bit but do it the way you like. That's what makes an author unique. Having own style. Yours is quite good if we disregard the facts that I stated above. You describe Albus's feeling very well. And that's very good, always do it that way. Your writing style reminds me a bit of that of Rowling's. That's something! So, I hope your next chapter would be as good or maybe even better than this one!

Author's Response: i have posted another chapter that should validate in a day or 2 that is longer and begins to add more to the story, this is for me an exploration of what i can do so there will be alot of editing. thank you for your comment i take everything on board :)

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Review #3, by Elise =D The Journey Begins

8th May 2009:
i've always wanted to see what would happen after albus gets on the train :)
excellently written

Author's Response: thanks im happy you like it, im writing the next chapter now but i have exams coming up but im making good progress

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