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Review #1, by gigi Chapter 15: Would you mind if I hurt you?

24th September 2014:
Story has been a bit confusing with Maisy's feelings being all over the place in the early chapters giving me whiplash. Lily's early pregnancy didn't bother me as much as the fact that "Say you, say me" was released in 1985 and "Don't go breaking my heart" was released in 1993; WAAAY off! And after 15 chapters, where the hell is Padfoot in this story, except briefly in Remus's POV.

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Review #2, by SilverPatronus Chapter 37: No More Life Alone

16th August 2014:
Sorry about that, I felt I wanted to write more.

You brought out the characters so well! Frozen peas and granola bars? Srsly? That was awesome! And then that part where James and Sirius talk about socks and gay-ness (have no clue what word to use!!)? SO COOL!

Then the graduation? THAT WAS EPIC! You are truly an amazing writer and you can easily be the next JK Rowling. Kudos to you!!!

Luv u so much,

P.S. Did Remus say yes to marrying Minnie (Just kidding!!)

Author's Response: There is a sequel where you can find out if Remus and Minnie are together, haha. Thank you for your support :-)

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Review #3, by SilverPatronus Chapter 37: No More Life Alone

16th August 2014:
The good news: OMG It was so damn hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing!! You're such a good writer!

The bad news: You gave a terrible stomachache from laughing :-P

Author's Response: Aw bless you, thanks very much :-)

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Review #4, by Dramione_love Chapter 2: Just Be Here Now

1st June 2014:
Hey! I'm liking this story although I do not like the way you portrayed Dumbledore :( good story anyway

Author's Response: Unfortunately, I didn't want Dumbledore to be too much of a focus, rather a background character so I can focus more on the students. I'm sorry you don't like him though! I'll try and sort it.

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Review #5, by Obsessions_Are_Bad Chapter 15: Would you mind if I hurt you?

9th April 2014:

Author's Response: I'm so pleased when people guess this :-)

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Review #6, by Anonymous Chapter 29: You're Worth The Fight

9th July 2013:
This chapter was really surprising. In earlier parts of the story, Maisy seemed somewhat close to her dad. He was sweet to her and caring even after her mother's death. What I don't understand is the sudden cold behavior towards her. It was not written in to the plot at all that this may be the case. Not once in Maisy's POV does she say something along the lines of "I worry about my dad because he hasn't sent me back a letter." or "my dad isn't replying to my letters." So this kind of comes as a shock. I'm sure it was necessary so that Maisy could go live with Sirius with no issues, but it was kind of a shock to the story and it made little sense to me as I read.

Author's Response: Thank you for your input, I appreciate the advice. ILJ

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Review #7, by Anonymous Chapter 17: So Much To Lose

9th July 2013:
Obviously your story was published like 3 years ago but who doesn't love a new review! I love your plot it's so funny and perfect. All your characters are well developed and I feel like I can see them without even being there. With that being said there are two minor things that detract from the story. First is some of your grammar is off. You often say, " she was sat on the couch." That is improper use of the progressive. You should either say "She was sitting on the couch," or "she sat on the couch." It makes me stumble every time I read. Also I wish there was a little tiny bit more description of Lea and Ava because I can't quite picture them. With that being said everything else is perfect and I have spent the past three days non-stop reading. I can't wait to finish! Thanks for writing a great story!

Author's Response: Again, thank you for the advice. I'm obviously a lot more grown up now and I'm editing when I can so I don't sound too much like a teen. ILJ

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Review #8, by Blue Pheonix Chapter 7: Wish You Were Here

27th April 2013:
Great work! Love the construction and the way your ideas are intertwined, but just one problem. Maisy's too depressing! Could you bring out a lighter and cheerful side of her? That would be great.

Author's Response: She will get more cheerful as the characters develop. ILJ

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Review #9, by MissMoneypenny Chapter 37: No More Life Alone

4th April 2013:
I spent last night and today reading this and it's absolutely incredible. I have enjoyed it so much. I loved the lyrics at the start of all the chapters-- they really added more to the story.

Maisy Heart has to be one of the most original and captivating characters I've ever come across. (Especially when she's drunk. I was literally in hysterics during the chapters where she was.) The way she manages to be so strong and inspiring and human (you 'fuscia wearing slag bag!' - literally the best line of all time) is amazing. I was overjoyed when she got her voice back and got engaged to Sirius (though I kinda always knew she would) and I would LOVE to read a sequel if there's going to be one.

Your portrayal of Sirius was perfect and exactly how I thought he would be: I love how close he is to James and Remus and how they say if they die, they die together.
He obviously adores Maisy and he changed her so much- he made her the person she is now. I'm so happy they're engaged. I love Sirius Black too!

James, Remus and Lily were all perfect as well. I've read many fanfics where Lily is very shouty and bossy which I don't really like, but you mixed it perfectly with her maternal-ness (whatever, I can't think of the right word!) towards Maisy. Also, her cravings for granola bars and frozen peas? Hilarious.

James had me in stitches. ("If we were gay, you'd fancy me, right? RIGHT?) The ending, where he hadn't prepared a speech reminded me of Harry and his reluctance and shyness towards speaking in front of a large group, even though he's very confident. Anyway, he was amazing.

Remus was great even though he had quite a small part. I really admired how he got over his little crush on Maisy for Sirius.
Peter... Urgh. He's so disgusting I'm not going to say too much on him, but you wrote him really well.

I think you might want to go over the Death Eater scenes a bit though. They were undoubtedly very good, but in some cases a bit rushed and over-dramatic. Ruby's thoughts might need to be a bit more serious. She was a bit jokey in them.
Ah yes, Ruby. Weirdo. She went to such lengths to try and get Sirius! Was she mental? Still, I'm glad Maisy was able to stand up to her.
Just one tiny fault- Lucius and Narcissa were five years older than the Marauders so wouldn't have been at Hogwarts with them- unless they were sneaked in for their meetings? Have I got that wrong?
Anyway, if you were intending on having them attending Hogwarts at the same time, you should probably make a quick A/N saying it's artistic license.

I did notice quite a few typos- e.g.,"wont" instead of "won't" and some unnecessary commas, so you might want to go back through and edit those. They weren't enough to detract from the overall brilliance of the story, but your writing would be more polished withouth them. I know what it's like though, I'm always making typos!

This story, though, was amazing. I love the ending, which was nice and light-hearted considering the times they lived in. James's last line was incredible.
I have so enjoyed it and I give it 10/10.

Miss Moneypenny x :-)

Author's Response: This is a beautiful review which makes me very happy to read. I'm glad my story is still out there even though I haven't touched it in so long. Thank you very much. ILJ

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Review #10, by GinnyPotterForever Chapter 18: Here Without You

11th March 2013:
I don't think I've ever cheered on any character finally getting the love of their life... But this story! Wow... Cheering, crying, cooing, every step of the way!! :-) It's an amazing story...

Author's Response: YAY for having a true love, right? ILJ

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Review #11, by GinnyPotterForever Chapter 6: What Am I To You?

11th March 2013:
Ok, that last line was just so sweet!!!

Love the way the story's going, especially the closeness that they share.

Author's Response: Thank you very much. ILJ

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Review #12, by Alessia Chapter 37: No More Life Alone

4th February 2013:
Okay, I officially hate you for the prologue. I assumed it was all building up to that and I was ready for a heartbreak story! That said, it was lovely not to, I fell in love with Maisy and the Marauders all over again, even though I don't usually like Marauder stories! Congrats. It was an amazing story :)

Author's Response: The prologue is to keep you guessing, it's about the darker sequel, Lost and Forgotten. Maybe give that a go if you were expecting a heartbreaking story? ILJ

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Review #13, by blackballet Chapter 3: Hello, I Love You

1st February 2013:
I really really like this story. I just feel like Maisy isn't in the right house. I know we don't know exactly what's going on in her life right now, but with self-dialogue, it might be able to be shown to the readers. So basically like Maisy talking to herself. I do, however think that this is how Lily would react I always pictured her as frantic and very protective. I really like this though!

Author's Response: Thank you, appreciated :) x

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Review #14, by Lilyflower8159 Chapter 3: Hello, I Love You

9th October 2012:
Awesome that all I can say cant wait to find out whats with Maisy!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, I appreciate it! :)

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Review #15, by Shay_Gryff Chapter 37: No More Life Alone

26th May 2012:
A) I love this story
B) I LOVE SIRIUS!! oh, and James

Great job, good balance of good, bad and romance, I'm glad Maisy can talk again!


Author's Response: Thank you! WHO DOESN'T LOVE SIRIUS? I adore him too much... I intend to keep writing and finish this soon! ilj xo

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Review #16, by Mrs K Black Chapter 12: Finally

5th February 2012:
THANK GOD! Ive been waiting for that to happen ;)

Author's Response: Haven't we all! Love a little bit of fluff! :) ilj xo

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Review #17, by Bellatrixtonks Chapter 37: No More Life Alone

19th December 2011:
Im sorry but i couldn't stop laughing at the end part :D still has me going :D Bellatrixtonks

Author's Response: I'm glad, thanks for the review! :)

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Review #18, by Bellatrixtonks Chapter 5: Mama, I love you

18th December 2011:
Making me cry?thanks :P

Author's Response: Aww, I didn't mean to. Funnily enough it was easy to write the feelings for losing a parent, because it's something that I fear. To anyone who has lost a parent, I apologise if everything is wrong.

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Review #19, by Faith177 Chapter 37: No More Life Alone

26th October 2011:
Supercool!!:) I really like this story, and I've read it in two days...:O Hope you have written a sequel, but this is the best ending to this story!! You've written a really good story, all the plot lines are good, the characters too, and I love how you've set the first characters!:)
Really great, keep on writing!!

Author's Response: Aw, Faith177 you've made my year! I haven't written since April and reading this is inspiring me to keep going. Thank you x

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Review #20, by Ali Chapter 12: Finally

18th October 2011:
hey, do u like have a thing for Greek Mythology, cuz uve made a lot of references to it throughout the story :) i LOVE greek mythology, which is why im asking :) I LOVED LOVED LOVED this chapter by the way, along with the rest of the story so far!

Author's Response: Thanks hon. Greek mythology is what my friend is into, so it rubs off on me!

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Review #21, by meinghi Chapter 9: Save Me (From Myself)

9th October 2011:
i like it a lot u should rite mor stores

Author's Response: thank you x

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Review #22, by creepy Chapter 2: Just Be Here Now

8th October 2011:
i like story it make me want to read more cuz it good and i like it write more stuff cuz it good

Author's Response: no problem, am writing as we speak x

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Review #23, by Phoenix_Rayne Chapter 21: The Beautiful Disaster We Made

28th September 2011:
Oh crap, dude.
Oh, and you do know that she's not supposed to be pregnant with Harry till she's 19, right? She has him when she's 20.
And he's supposed to be born in July.

Author's Response: He is born in July... and also, the 20 thing freaked me out a bit and I wanted to show teenage pregnancy in a story and combine relationships and friendships. I know it's controversial but it's a different approach :) sorry if you've disliked the change x

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Review #24, by Phoenix_Rayne Chapter 15: Would you mind if I hurt you?

27th September 2011:
I knew she was pregnant. Big boobs, eating all the time. Yepp. Anger. Mood swings.

Author's Response: I did make it obvious with anvil size hints:)

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Review #25, by Phoenix_Rayne Chapter 12: Finally

26th September 2011:
It's all good. I'm in love with him too.

Author's Response: I've never stopped! hehe

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