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Review #1, by theRandomSlytherin In The Rain

11th August 2009:
Wow. That was so cute and adorable. I like how descriptive it was.
Oh, and I loved that Sirius was quirky yet sweet.

Wonderful job!

Author's Response: Thank you.. I'm finding that writing Sirius might just be fun after all.:) you're a darling!:) ~~Carla

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Review #2, by mbstargirl123 In The Rain

9th July 2009:
Good story!
I really liked the descriptions you provided; the rain really fit the theme and style of it, although I liked how Sirius still had some of his bouncy, quirky-ness, especially in the beginning.
Great writing too! I didn't notice any spelling or grammar errors.

Author's Response: you are a darling! :) Thank you.:D I'm glad the way I portrayed Sirius was good to you.:) -huggles- ~~Carla

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Review #3, by phantompoptart In The Rain

19th May 2009:
Oh wow. This was fantastic. I loved it. That was sooo sweet.
I want you to remember that one time, a guy chased after you into the rain. I might not have given you a declaration of love. I doubt that you wanted one. But, at least, remember that I cared enough to do it.
That was my favorite part right there. Sirius is just so sweet in this...I loved it.

Author's Response: Thanks. I love a sweet Sirius. I've of a mind to write another one of it.:) ~~Carla

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Review #4, by PottersDaughter95 In The Rain

13th May 2009:
This was the most adorable story I've ever read! I loved it. Normally I critique right now but I have nothing to fix. Keep up the amazing work. =]

Author's Response: Awww.. Thank you.:) My aren't you a darling. :) ~~Carla

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Review #5, by sectumsempress101 In The Rain

11th May 2009:
Awww... It was sweet, and romantic... and definately fluffy. I love the Marauders era and Sirius/Lily, so 10/10!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you like it.:) ~~Carla

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Review #6, by jman7693 In The Rain

7th May 2009:
Aww, this was cute and nice and sweet. Haha, you don't really see many Lily/Sirius shippers on this site(or you do, i have no idea, haha) but i thought this story was completely adorable and wonderful. Your writing style fit this story perfectly and the rain just added to the niceness. Haha, i like this story a lot. :D

You made Sirius actually nice! That was a refreshing change from other Maraurder Stories. He was sensitive for once! Hooray! And i thought it quite believable how the two concoled each other. Lily wasn't insensitive either, like a lot of authors portray her. Like i said, refreshing.

Overall, I loved the story. It was little and sweet.

Author's Response: Thank you. I had lots of fun writing this. :) It was my first Sirius/Lily ever!:) Hahaha.:) And first Marauder story.:) And you... you are sweet.:) ~~Carla

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