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Review #1, by Crazy Purple Unicorn How To Annoy Friends and Alienate People

30th September 2012:
This is really well-written.
I've never read a story quite like it, because aparantly being gay didn't exist when Harry was in school... that always annoyed me, actually.
J.K did say Dumbledore was gay, but that never sat well with me. I like to think of him as asexual, because otherwise I get disturbing mental pictures that take months to disappear completely.
So, Victoire and Teddy? It's pretty obvious as to how this will turn out, but that's okay.
I think someone should ask Ted why he's gay and he should reply "with hair like mine you can't not be gay" and then change his hair colour. Because why not?
Anyway, update soon!

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Review #2, by RowlingsGirls_22 How To Annoy Friends and Alienate People

9th August 2012:
sweet very good writing

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Review #3, by Slytherinlover The End Where I Begin

14th May 2012:
Loved it! Amazing! x

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

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Review #4, by Sophie <3 Happy Families

5th August 2011:
I have a suggestion for you. If you have run out of inspiration, I could maybe contiue it for you. I mean, that's only a suggestion, if you want to do it yourself that's fine. But do think about it!

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Review #5, by Sophie <3 How To Annoy Friends and Alienate People

18th June 2011:
ARe you ever going to update this? Sorry if that sounded rude but this is one of my favorite ever stories!

Author's Response: Haha don't worry, not rude at all, I know it's been an insanely long time since I updated xD This story has been pretty much abandoned due to complete lack of inspiration on my part, but you've really rather encouraged me to have another look at it, so thanks! It's really lovely to hear that you've enjoyed the story :)

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Review #6, by magicmuggle01 The End Where I Begin

25th February 2011:
Hi, I found this chapter to be very enjoyable, I was abit surprised to read that Teddy was gay. But what an idea for a story, it will be interesting to read on and see how Teddy's Grandmother deals with this since she is one of the old school. I give you 10/10 for this chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it :) I know, gay!Teddy pretty much goes against everything we're told about him in canon (since he's kissing Victoire and all... xD) but the idea struck me and I just had to go with it :P Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #7, by dream_BIG How To Annoy Friends and Alienate People

20th June 2010:
so, generally, i'm not a usual fan of slash - wait, not like that! i mean, i'm perfectly okay with homosexual people! in fact, one of my best friends is gay and i still love him - right, anyway.
not used to slash. generally don't read it as much.
but this is fantastic! i absolutely love it - every word. it's funny, and original, and wow. i love it.
just a question, though - on the summary it said that his boyfriend alex was getting too close to a girl (who i am assuming is sam), so...does that mean this is also a teddy/victoire?
update soon!!

Author's Response: It's ok I know what you mean ;) I never used to read slash either and then I read a couple of really good stories and I was hooked!

Thank you so much! You're too nice! But those things are always lovely to hear :)

Yep Alex is too close to Sam for Teddy's liking, but nope this isn't a Teddy/Victoire. A lot of people ask me that, actually... I must be writing something wrong... Though, like anyone with sense, I do love a good Teddoire! :D

Thanks so much for such a lovely review!

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Review #8, by rowenaravenclaw94 How To Annoy Friends and Alienate People

24th February 2010:
oh goodness. alex is quite the lady's man... poor teddy is so obviously jealous. i was absolutely reeling on his behalf during that whole bit in french. it's so dreadful that he shares such animosity with victoire but she and alex were practically bffs straight off... awkward. good job! 10/10! update soon! this sam character seems dangerous for teddy and alex's relationship...
-xoxo, rowenaravenclaw94

Author's Response: Lady's man? Well that's one way to put it x) And he is a bit jealous, poor guy. He doesn't like being ignored :( Haha who doesn't love a bit of awkwardness? xP And yep, Sam=dangerous. You'll see why later on... *looks mysterious* Hopefully I should be updating fairly soon, but I'm having a bit of trouble with the next chapter...

Thanks for all your reviews! They've all put a huge grin on my face :D

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Review #9, by rowenaravenclaw94 Happy Families

24th February 2010:
no! not tuesday!!! he's seeing alex on tuesday!!! *sigh* victoire is just insufferable. poor, poor teddy. good job! 10/10! i'm glad that teddy has harry to talk to about things, because is grandmother is definitely "old-fashioned" (to use teddy's own words). i can't stand that. and the whole church bit! that killed me... great fic! nice break from ap bio! :)
-xoxo, rowenaravenclaw94

Author's Response: Indeed he is! Silly boy. Such a scatterbrain. And yep, Victoire is pretty insufferable ;) But she gets a bit better, eventually... Glad you liked the church thing! Haha, well, breaks from work are important x)

Thanks again! I'm so glad you're enjoying this :)

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Review #10, by rowenaravenclaw94 The End Where I Begin

24th February 2010:
i totally called that with the script song bit! so proud of myself! lol... anyhoo! good job! you did a great job of emulating how absolutely dreadful and mortifying i expect that experience was for teddy... goodness, i couldn't even imagine being in that position. i mean, obviously with a girl, b/c if i were snogging a boy my gran probably wouldn't be shocked or anything... but you get what i mean... anyhoo! good job! 10/10! i've only read one chapter, but i can tell that this was definitely award-worthy. :) can't wait to read more and learn more about the characters!
-xoxo, rowenaravenclaw94

Author's Response: Yay a fellow fan of The Script! Haha I'm proud of you too x) And yes, I can't really imagine it either! I'm sure it would be unbelievably embarrassing though. Poor Ted :(

Thanks so much for reviewing! :D

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Review #11, by Grapeback Happy Families

18th February 2010:
Hi again! I couldn't help myself. This story is far too addicting.

Well, I can say that I never expected the twist you put in. I quite liked it though, so I'll go in deeper detail later :)

Well. I thought that Harry and Teddy's relationship was sweet. Their connection was loving and absolutely adorable. It is bloody amazing that Harry accepted Teddy's gayness when his grandmother did not. I wasn't expecting that. But then again, having two of your guardians hating your sexuality is kind of depressing...but I'm rambling.

Victoire is really something else; kind of like Fleur. I can detect her snottiness and, um, high self-esteem. I hope it gets better, because right now, I'm not feeling any chemistry between them. I'm sure that you'll around that though, since you are a genius :)

I really can't wait to see what else happens. What will happen during their outing?


Author's Response: Hi again! Glad you thought Harry and Ted's relationship was sweet - I tried to make it quite sweet because I always imagine they'd be pretty close. And yep, it would definitely be super depressing to have both of them hating it, but I also think Harry would be more accepting because he's younger than Andromeda and just generally less discriminatory x)

To my shame, I always see Victoire as a little mini-Fleur, only with better English :D And there you are calling me a genius again! Haha, thank you :)

Ahh what will happen indeed... you'll just have to read on to find out *looks mysterious* Thanks for another brilliant review!

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Review #12, by Grapeback No Place Like Home

4th February 2010:
Yay! This story just keeps on getting better and better! Hmm...what was my favourite part?

I think it would have to be when Andromeda woke Teddy up and told him that they were going to church, and then the nude comment. I had a visual of Andromeda sneaking behind Teddy with a bottle of holy water saying, "the power of Christ compels you...the power of Christ compels you,"

Anyways 0.o We got to see more Alex! I actually like him, even though I would rather Ted be with Victoire. He seems laid-back and not as...fa fa as I thought he'd be. At least he doesn't have the stereotypical lisp (I don't think)

I'm really glad you breathed life into him. It is really boring when people are so supportive of one ship they forget what is so magical with the one they begin with. You really took your time and thought this out, and for that I give you an A+ (puts sticker on sheet).

Keep up the great work! This is really one of the best stories I have ever read, because it is compelling, well-written, and has a satisfying plot. I absolutely adore it!

Author's Response: Ahh thank you! Very reassuring to hear that. I usually put a lot of effort into the first chapter because I'm so nervous about posting a new story, and then less effort into subsequent ones, but I'm glad to hear it doesn't seem that way x)

Hehe, you actually made me laugh out loud there! :P I love that image of Andromeda.

Yay, I'm glad you like Alex! I always worry about him being too Gary Stu, because as the reader sees him from Ted's perspective all the time you get a bit of a rose-tinted view of him because Ted thinks he's wonderful, even though he has plenty of flaws (which are brought out later). And nope, he definitely doesn't have a lisp xP

As I rarely get A+'s in class, I will treasure that one! Thank you :) And thanks for another brilliant review, as well! :D

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Review #13, by Grapeback The End Where I Begin

4th February 2010:
Gasp! You...just...revolutionised the whole realm of Teddy/Victoire. A gay Teddy *gasp*. I thought I was misreading, but after reading the actual chapter, I had to face the facts.

You are a genius.

I mean, a gay Ted? It's so weird that I've never thought of it before but now I can see it. He was raised by Harry and his grandma after all. Of course he would be a little soft :) You characterised him and Alex well. And Andromeda. Well, just about everyone. I am completely in love with the story!

I believe that my favourite part would have to be when Andromeda caught them snogging. She reminds me of an extremely conservative old-lady, so it wasn't that much of a leap for me to imagine it. I'm sure she was absolutely terrified at the prospect of having a gay grandson who likes boys. :(

I am wondering when Harry is going to come in, and of course Victoire. Even though I support gay-ness, I would love for them to be together. It is Ted/Victoire after all. How can they not be together?

I'll stop rambling now and post another review for the next chapter. I can't wait to find out what is going to happen next. No critique except to keep doing what you are doing!

Author's Response: Eeek sorry it took me so long to reply! I feel bad, especially as it's such an amazing review! Thank you! And I've never been called a genius before, so that's nice to hear x)

Haha gay Ted. I like to think of him as always gay. I think it kind of suits him. And I definitely think he'd be a bit soft, and probably a bit spoilt too considering the circumstances xD

Glad you like all the characterisations! And in my mind, Andromeda = conservative. I always imagine her as very old fashioned, and so definitely isn't comfortable with him liking boys... :D

Harry and Victoire both appear in chapter three (I think? I should really know my own story better xP). And haha, I have to confess to being a bit of a Teddy/Victoire shipper myself ;)

Thanks so much for this lovely review! :)

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Review #14, by Reneť How To Annoy Friends and Alienate People

14th December 2009:
Omg I LOVE this story :) pleae. write more . It incorperates the traditional HP magic and the 21st century teen comedy coming-of-age thing

10/10 :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm trying to write more but at the moment seem to be suffering from too much homework and horrible writer's block :( More should hopefully be coming soon *crosses fingers* Thanks for the review, and I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :D

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Review #15, by Gryffindor Goddess No Place Like Home

19th October 2009:
I'm a little bit confused. If it's summer holiday, why would Teddy have homework?

All in all, really cute story. Your writing is humorous and nice to read.

Author's Response: Do you not get homework over the summer? If not: wow, you lucky thing! I always get loads. Sorry if it confused you, though :/

Thanks for the review, and I'm glad you like the story! :D

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Review #16, by ohcrapidroppedmybrain How To Annoy Friends and Alienate People

11th October 2009:
Hi! You updated! This is definitely one of my favorite stories on here. I am so looking forward to see how Ted and Victoire's relationship is going to work out, because now, as far as I can see, they have a great dislike of each other. Victoire's very childish too, but I guess you intended it to be that way. It's a very interesting read =]]

Haha, and this chapter was great. I feel for Teddy. I think it's funny how Victoire can talk so easily to Alex, yet she hates Teddy's guts. Maybe she's hiding her inner feelings? I dunno. Sam is very mysterious and I can't wait to find out how she's going to affect Ted and Alex's relationship. I think that Alex is going to cheat on him with her. Sorry if I'm overwhelming you with all of these assumptions, I am just aghast at the plot and your writing skill. I can't find a single flaw in it! Great job, and I hope that you update soon!



Author's Response: Hi again! And yep, I did update! Amazing, I know xD Oh my gosh, thank you! That's so lovely to hear! :) And yes, they do have a huge dislike of each other at the moment... will that change? You'll just have to wait and see... *looks mysterious*

Oh, I know, poor Ted really is having a rough time :( And his summer/story has barely even started! Yesss, that is a little strange... (plot device! *coughs*) Nahh, there actually is a bit of a reason for it, but you'll have to wait and see about that one too...

Ah, yes, Sam. All will be explained about her in the next chapter :) OMG I love that prediction! I won't say whether or not it's true just yet, but I love that you're thinking ahead :D

Thanks so much for reviewing! Your reviews always make me smile :)

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Review #17, by Kelpie How To Annoy Friends and Alienate People

10th October 2009:
So this chappie was really well done, but there are a few mistakes in the French department (don't worry they're not that bad...)

- je prťfŤre quĒelle ici, bien que. La nourriture est meilleure.
it should be "je le prefere qu'ici, la nourriture est meilleure."
- Vous níes pas sťrieux
Vous n' etes pas serieux!
Vous ne peux pas
Vous ne pouvez pas
- Tu as ridicule
Tu es ridicule
- Voulez le continuer?
Tu veux continuer?
* My computer is hating my accents, but your accents are in the right place*

You may want to get somebody to help you out to make sure your grammar is correct if Alex and Victoire keep speaking to each other in french.

But yeah, the layout and how Teddy's summer is progressing is running along smoothly like a Swiss Train that's always on time.


Author's Response: Thanks so much for the corrections! Rachelle (my beta) actually corrected them all for me and I've only just put the corrected chapter up for validation, but all French issues should always be sorted out properly in future :D

Glad you liked the chapter, and thanks for the review! :)

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Review #18, by RonsGirlFriday How To Annoy Friends and Alienate People

9th October 2009:
Poor Teddy! I can't even tell you how many times I actually laughed during this chapter. Teddy is just so witty and acerbic in all of his observations and remarks. I didn't even expect that Alex and Victoire would strike up a friendship, so that threw an amusing wrench in the situation. And now we have Sam. Oh, dear. This is not Teddy's best summer.

Loved the pop culture reference to social networking, and emails being outdated.

Your characterization -- of canon and original characters -- seems to be spot-on, and your writing is as excellent as ever.


Author's Response: Hehe, glad it made you laugh! :D Ahh, Alex and Victoire - in fanfiction I practically live by the idea that opposites attract ;) And yes, now Sam's been thrown into the mix and things are about to get even worse for our unfortunate hero xD

Thanks so much for the review, Melanie, and your continued reading! :)

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Review #19, by Fireball Nymph How To Annoy Friends and Alienate People

8th October 2009:
Poor poor poor Teddy. Poor Teddy. :D I feel so bad for him. Two girls that he doesn't like. NO, sorry, "forced to tolerate." Lol, that was funny. Awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Yeah, the poor guy is having a bit of a bad week :( Hehe, glad you found it funny, and thanks so much for reading! :D

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Review #20, by MidwinterMasque How To Annoy Friends and Alienate People

6th October 2009:
Great chapter! I love Teddy... But urgh, I'm beginning to find Alex reeaally annoying, and Victoire's looking a nicer prospect by far.
Can't wait to read the next chapter,

Author's Response: Yay, I'm glad you liked it! :) Arghh, is he really annoying?! I kind of like him but I have a real problem writing him - it's difficult for him not to come across as Gary-Stu because we only ever see him from Teddy's perspective, and Ted pretty much thinks he's great... But he's not meant to seem too annoying... -hurries to re-write-

Thanks so much for the review! I really appreicate the feedback :D

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Review #21, by arwenevenstar The End Where I Begin

6th October 2009:
You've surprised me, I haven't read a good new fanfic in ages and I thought I'd never find a good one again, but this is really well-written. I don't have time now, but I'll read the rest as soon as I can. Good luck with writing chapter five!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! I'm flattered :D And I'll need all the luck I can get with chapter five, actually, as I've got serious writer's block with it... x(

Thanks so much for the review! :)

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Review #22, by Eridanus The End Where I Begin

29th September 2009:
Hey, Lizzie!

I think you've made a really good start here! This is the only Teddy/MaleOC fic I've ever read (probably because he gets paired with every woman under the sun), and I thought it was fab.

You've struck a really nice balance between description and narrative humour and it's very pleasant to read. Andromeda was fabulous! You tackled a tough issue with her without it seeming politically incorrect or anything. Once again, you seem to know where to put in the drama and when to soften it with humour.

I really enjoyed this ^_^

Author's Response: Hi Jane!

Teddy does tend to get paired with every girl going, doesn't he? Good for him xD But that's one of the reasons I decided to write him in a slash fic, actually, just to try and be a bit different. I'm so happy you liked it!

Yay, glad you like Andromeda! She's loads of fun to write x) And actually, one of my worries about writing something like this was that I might end up being politically incorrect or offensive or something, so I'm rather relieved you said that! :D

Thanks so much for the lovely review, hun :)

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Review #23, by Dellacqua Happy Families

11th September 2009:
Me again! You just canít keep me away :P. All of the Potterís were shown so brilliantly. I particularly liked Ginny Ė being the fiery, donít-mess-with-me type still and so bad at cooking! Iím the same, my Mum is awesome at it and I just burn stuff, all the time, just goes to show you canít inherit everything.

Harryís characterisation was my favourite, just his humour, bad attempts at discipline and his fatherly role around Teddy was brilliant and so reminiscent of how we know him as a teenager. Itís not surprising when they have a strong relationship that Teddy told him about being gay first, before he told his grandmother.

Mrs Weasley was as ever so motherly and warm and obviously oblivious to poor Teddy not liking girls, you have to feel for the guy. Having such a big family there are so many people to tell and so many different personalities which means loads of different reactions!
Victoire was awesomely good. I love the idea of Bill and Fleur having moved to France and had their children educated at Beauxbatons rather than staying in Britain. I can kind of imagine Bill going for that, he was a cursebreaker and all so I could imagine him wanting to travel more and take on bigger challenges particularly after the war was over and all.

Victoire is perfectly horrible :P sheís just so stuck up! Itís a nice change though from the usual characterisation however, I canít wait to see what happens when Teddy had to amuse her for the day, a day...I couldnít help but notice...which Iím pretty sure heís supposed to be seeing Alex! Bad times. Awesome story :)

Author's Response: Hey again :) Thanks so much for reviewing all three chapters!

I am so, so glad that you like how I wrote Ginny! Personally, I'm not a huge Ginny fan and so don't read a lot of fanfiction about her, which meant I was really unsure about her characterisation. This is also the first time I've tried to write her and I wasn't sure about how it had turned out, so I'm really happy that you approve :)

Harry's another character I've never tried writing before, because I knew I would never be able to get him right (his character is so well defined in the books, obviously :D), but I figured I'd have better luck with a next-gen Harry and so just decided to give it a shot! I quite liked the result but wasn't sure about how canon he seemed, so for you to say he's reminiscent of his teenage self is just brilliant! Thank you :)

Ahh, Victoire. There's someone else I really like writing, basically because it's so much fun to write someone so horrible xD I always got the feeling that Fleur wasn't a huge fan of England and that's its only attraction for her was Bill, so I generally imagine that she would want to move back to France eventually. (All that stuff about Bill didn't actually occur to me, but it all makes perfect sense and is completely brilliant so, if you don't mind, I'll just steal those thoughts and pretend that was my intention all along xD)

Yes! It's the same day! I think you're the first person to notice that - well done :) He really should be more careful when making social arrangements... ;)

Thank you so much for all your reviews!

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Review #24, by Dellacqua No Place Like Home

11th September 2009:
Really enjoyable chapter! Once again I thought Teddy and Andromedaís interaction was brilliant and entirely...normal. You have a great way of making something as ordinary as trying to wake up a teenager who desperately wants a lay-in really funny and enjoyable to read.

The whole Malcolm Green/Andromeda kind of pairing is awesome :P itís so sweet although he doesnít sound like the most exciting guy to have as a potential step-grandad! The whole chapter seemed to flow very well, you handled time in it really realistically. Sometimes in fics Iím left thinking well what happened to all that time? It was the morning but now itís the evening? But as I said yours just flows and fits together very well.

It was great to meet Alex! I was looking forward to seeing more of his character and I really like what Iíve read so far. His mum is actually beyond awesome and Ė for some reason I canít put my finger on Ė I really like that heís from a muggle family. The relationship between Teddy and Alex was so lovely! I almost went ďawĒ when they were together, it was very cute. And they seem so good together and yet still have that slight weíve-only-been-together-a-couple-of-months-and-donít-really-know-each-other-that-well-yet vibe about them. Like theyíre still exploring what itís like to be in a relationship.

Canít wait to see all the Potters/Weasleys at the meet up! :)

Author's Response: Aww, I'm really glad you liked this chapter too :D

Hehe, I love Malcom/Andomeda xD I don't know how far I'll go with their 'relationship' but I've got a couple of ideas, most of which involve Teddy being embarrassed and everyone else having a laugh at his expense (xP) so I really want to include them. It'll depend on what else I want to put in...

Yay, I love that you like Alex! I really like him, so it's great to know I'm not the only one :D I had a lot of fun writing his family, especially his mum :) I decided he should be muggle-born because I thought it would provide a fairly significant difference between Ted and Alex... glad you liked it!

Thanks for another lovely review! Seriously, I've got the biggest smile on my face right now :)

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Review #25, by Dellacqua The End Where I Begin

11th September 2009:
So, I was only doing a fic per author I wanted to read really, for this reviewing shindig. But I saw the summary for this story and I couldnít resist. Teddy Lupin is a character I love but, stupidly enough, I just never find the time to read much fanfiction anymore as Iíve read few fics with him in and all have been the traditional Teddy/Victoire.

This will in fact be the first slash fic Iíve read bizarrely enough, and not because I dislike them. I know some people just refuse to read them and thatís never been the case, I guess Iíve never really come across one and wanted to read it (I always used to go for Sirius/OC of which few results were slash).

It was such an awesome first chapter, Iím not sure Iíve enjoyed reading a fic as much as this for a while. I love the dynamics between Teddy and his gran, they have such a brilliant relationship and I love her old-fashioned almost embarrassment over her grandson being gay.

Itís just one of those situations you know would occur Ė a prime example of bad timing and bad attitudes all mixed up into one exciting bundle which ends in disaster. Iím looking forward to hearing more from Alex and discovering more about his character although, to be quite honest, Iím already shipping Teddy/Alex :P I think you managed to just show a lot of their relationship already.

Teddy is a brilliantly realised character, the way you portrayed him I thought was excellent. I loved his humour, awkwardness with his Granís reaction but most of all the fact that not once did he regret kissing Alex on the platform, or regret his sexuality. That shows how comfortable he is with himself which makes for good reading.

The fact that he had shared his secrets with Harry and Ginny I thought was realistic and fitting with their characters. I think the generation gap between Teddy and his Gran is likely to cause some problems Ė because there are just some things people of her age are likely to have a more old-fashioned opinion about. I always thoughts Harry would be like a father to Teddy Ė just like Sirius was to Harry Ė and the obvious trust Teddy shows towards them is lovely.

Such a good start to the fic, canít wait to continue reading it. Definitely added to my favourites :)

Author's Response: Hi again :) Aww, thanks so much for reviewing two of my fics! You truly are brilliant :D

I'm so glad you're shipping Teddy/Alex! xD Alex is probably my favourite of the OCs I've written, so that's great to hear. One of the main reservations I had about writing this story was that I wasn't sure about how people would feel about him not being paired with Victoire/Dominique/Rose, and especially about him being gay, so I'm really glad you like it :)

Haha, I love writing about Ted and Andromeda x) As you said, I always imagine that the generation gap between them would be a bit of a problem, and that's sort of a recurring theme of this story. They love each other, of course, but there are just so many things they can't understand about the other because they've grown up in such different worlds...

I always like to think that Harry would be like a father to Teddy, and then that they'd have an almost brotherly relationship as well seeing as the age gap isn't that huge... I had a bit of trouble actually writing them together, though, when Harry first appears in chapter three xD

Thanks so much for the amazing review and for the favourite as well! :)

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