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Review #1, by allyinwonderland Royal Flush

30th July 2009:
I like it so far.
Update soon (:

Author's Response: Thank you for the feedback =]

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Review #2, by JessieAnne Royal Flush

9th June 2009:
Keep going!
this is amazing

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Jessie =]

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Review #3, by cathyyy Royal Flush

14th May 2009:
I like it! Can't wait to read more! =)
Very well written and it will be interesting to see how much it follows the actual movie. Ah, I'm eagerly waiting for the next chapter!

- C

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the compliments and feedback.
More soon :)

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Review #4, by Shinigami777 Royal Flush

13th May 2009:
I'm excited to see where you take this :)

Author's Response: Thank you for the feedback =] I'm excited too haha.

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Review #5, by cooptown1331 Royal Flush

8th May 2009:
Is this going to be just like the regular Titanic story?

Please don't take that as an offensive question. I'm merely curious if I can anticipate the ending, and just wait for it to end like the original story does, or if I should be excited for twists that are different from the story of Rose & Jack?

Answer honestly, please.

Author's Response: Honestly, I have no clue as of now.
I haven't really thunk about the end. But I suppose I will soon.
But everyone will find out in due time.

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Review #6, by Femme_Fatale Royal Flush

7th May 2009:
This made me smile.I really love Titanic. I saw it for the first time when I was 7 and couldn't wait to see the ship sink (I was so convinced [i]that[/i] was the best part but when I turned about 10,11,12 that's when the movie started to make me cry...I didn't get over the sadness until I was 15 when I'd seen it to many times to be sad...OH JACK!! Why did you have to die!!!

*clears throat* Well then, you got a lovely thing going so far, I'm so glad you took my challenge. Please do let me know when you update!

Femme ^_^

Author's Response: Alright. Thank you so much for feedback and compliments =]

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Review #7, by roxie Royal Flush

7th May 2009:
AHA! I sense the beginning of a promising story!!

I really want to see how you plan to let Draco and Hermione meet. While playing poker or swimming? Or just bumping into each other.. talking about that, was the woman draco knocked into actually hermione or someone else??

Great start and I really look forward to reading the next chapter. update soon!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the compliments and feedback.

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Review #8, by tyrosine Royal Flush

7th May 2009:
I'm just wondering if this will follow the exact plot line of the titanic because then I don't think it will be that interesting because most of us know what happens in the end!

I think you should add some of the other HP characters!

Author's Response: The plot will be like a guide.
Of course there's going to be twists because there's the use of magic.

And I'll most likely add more of the HP characters. I just didn't list them because I have a very vague idea on where I'm going with this =].
Thanks for the feedback.

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