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Review #1, by mythilhorn Hostile Negotiations

25th September 2016:
I was finishing school when I started this series, and every now and then I checked to see if there were any updates to this story. Now, as I'm finishing university I still have that habit and this story is bookmarked forever. Nedved, I hope you finish this. I know it'll be difficult, but like me, there are lots of people who want the LEGACY series to have a proper ending. This masterpiece deserves it. take your time man, we've waited this long and we don't mind waiting a bit more.

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Review #2, by Dark Master Qam Hostile Negotiations

18th July 2016:
A real shame you have discontinued writing in general and this series in particular.

I really wish you would carry on writing, but i know that feeling of work, life, kids and the Mrs. makes it difficult to get back into that routine you had back in 2004 where it was a chapter a week. Ahh those were the days.

oh well. can't have everything in life i suppose.

you should continue albeit in a slower time frame. Dont pressure yourself. Take it as it comes and who knows in a number of years we will have the masterpiece we all were hoping for.

Still the best fanfic series ive ever read.

Author's Response: Hey thanks man for the encouragement
I am contemplating a new fic with a bit of fanfiction-net's popular theme of "doing it over time travel" Harry. gots lots of cool stuff in mind

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Review #3, by Blyieau Hostile Negotiations

30th January 2015:
Wish I could get to read the end.

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Review #4, by Alan Hostile Negotiations

13th October 2014:
OK so I was an avid reader of your stories a few years ago but life and such forgot about them until last week on night shift with nothing to read I remembered how much I loved your fics and decided to start again. One week on and I'm at this point and pretty gutted there is no more updates. Dude you have to continue this even if it is to reach and end. We need closure lol. ;-)

Author's Response: hey. thanks for reading. It seems like so long ago i did this. I should finish it. But , in reality, Its going to take a miracle for that to happen. Thanks for the review though.

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Review #5, by nedvedfan Hostile Negotiations

3rd June 2014:
Dude.. Keep posting chapters man. There are still people out here reading ur work. And this Is the best fanfic ever.. I hope u do continue and not abandon it.

Author's Response: hey thanks

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Review #6, by Chaos_Therum Hostile Negotiations

29th July 2013:
Oh man I just decided to jump back into reading some fan fic, and I checked this page on the off chance you decided to finish it and low and behold I see you commenting on someone else's review. You have now idea how happy it would make me to be able to finally finish this series. This was one of my first fan fics. and to finally see it finished would in my opinion make this the best HP fan fic I have read. I even consider your fan fics to be some of my top books. Please continue I love your work

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Review #7, by Realized Dreams Hostile Negotiations

22nd April 2013:
These stories were so great, that I've set your author's page as my phone's internet homepage, just waiting for the day when you would update. But alas, it wasn't meant to be. Its been two very long years, and it seems you have abandoned your faithful fans. I see you posting on greengecko quite often. I have just one request. Mark Crusader as abandoned... Us fans can't take the heart break any longer. I guess all good things must eventually come to an end. Just remember, you will always have a dedicated fan, and I will still check for the next update each and every day until it is finished or abandoned.

Author's Response: Pressure is on with this review, Phew! Thanks for the comments life caught up with me I am a family man now and I actually have a story set up for Harry and co. Crusader, I must admit, has been on the back burner but that is due to it following a certain trend of fanfiction; which i have been noticing because i've read quite a few now: it has now become pretty cliche This might be acceptable for some authors, but now as I am older, and this legacies series was something i started in my late teens/early twenties, i think i should try to make a story more original yet still 'feel' harry potter in a sense.

On that note; I have ideas for a continuation in a sort from DH , and may want to infuse some of JK's HP style into my fan fiction once again. And if you wanted to know, I will have some vacation/ home time coming up soon in late may 2013 and will back to posting. Thanks for the review

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Review #8, by Az Hostile Negotiations

28th December 2012:
I really loved the series you had going here. It's unfortunate that it seems like it will remain unfinished but that is the way it goes sometimes. It's hard to get the motivation to continue working on something that has remained active for so long. A request? Mark it as Abandoned. Close the book on this incredible series of stories.

Author's Response: I want to continue. I'm not abandoning it just yet. The length of time I've let it sit down, a LOT of my ideas I planned have become quite popular (Walking Dead LOL) and probably needs a reboot for the Crusader plot. Thanks for the review

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Review #9, by realizeddreams Hostile Negotiations

11th December 2012:
My Lord... Please, you absolutely must continue this! I saw one of your replies to a review, saying that you may update this year, but still nothing! I love your stories so much, that I have set your author's page as my homepage. I would do anything to see these stories finished. By far the absolute BEST fanfics I have ever read... Hell, these are even better than the originals! The Dark Lord Nedved must rise again. Is there any chance that you are perhaps posting these stories on a seperate website, or is this the most up-to-date? Thanks for your time,
Kenneth Amor

Author's Response: this is the most up to date.

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Review #10, by , still a fan. Hostile Negotiations

20th October 2012:
So i was doing this thing during a thing which made me think about a thing. Out of nowhere I remembered another thing which in turn made me think about yet another thing. This last thing was actually this kickass story I read about half a decade ago, give or take a year. And I thought to myself, "Whatever happened to that amazing story what's-it's-name-again?".

My excitement rose after doing some googling and finally finding it again. Then I saw that it's still at the same stage as I remembered leaving it. "Oh well" I thought, "'tis a shame but understandable. Amazing writer like this probably went on to do some original work."

I did see you responded to a few other reviews and figured you're still checking this. Just thought I'd let you know that you still have a dedicated fan of this story who would love to see an update. If not, perhaps you could point me towards some original work of yours?

Author's Response: I want to start doing work on a HP story on this site in late may.

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Review #11, by Humble follower Hostile Negotiations

30th March 2012:
I read this story 4 years ago when I first started reading fan fiction and I check every other month for chapter 3. Have you considered posting your masterpiece on fan fiction. Net??? You'd reach more people and followers.I think you would be astounded by how many reviews you get. It might motivate you to continue your legacy as well!!! At the very least you'll inspire others to write their own works of art.

Author's Response: I did start posting on fan fiction . net a long time ago, but this site is the most current with regards to my content. i would actually have to back up the stories from this site because the pc i had the originals on have long since died a natural death. fantasy stories are rampant now that HP has opened the doorway again. The idea i have for Crusader is so grand, so kick ass, so awe inspiring... i realise that i need a team to help put this to flesh, i would go nuts if i went it myself. The first few stories are contained in England, this venture i would definitely need a team working on it to be great. I might post something this year, and it should be a big chunk.

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Review #12, by sean Hostile Negotiations

20th January 2012:
You seriously need to get this story up. It is one of the best stories the site has and its been bothering me for a few years now. A FEW YEARS I see you posting on other authors haha but anyway your an amazing writer so let's get azrael to kill malfoy already

Author's Response: Lol hahahaahah u see me posting on greengecko lol nice

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Review #13, by sushant Hostile Negotiations

18th January 2012:
hey its almost been two years.are you going to continue???
i have read all your are a damn good writer. i hope you will continue this fic.

god bless u

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Review #14, by ThePaladin_ Hostile Negotiations

22nd October 2011:
I believe that Sixthaustin is talking about a story hosted in yahoo groups. apparently i can't paste the website's address here so you can find it if you go at the yahoo group: stranger_trilogy (wow they have pretty darn good anti-url-pasting filters here). I just googled about it and found it. Apparently the author was first posting at fanfiction net but then stopped and only updated his story at this group. I will now proceed to read it :) Btw, the legacies saga is one of the best three pieces of fanfiction i have ever read. My humble opinion is that you should either continue posting every now and then, even once every six months would do the trick, or mark your non-finished stories as abandoned or deleted so you can put an official end to your legendary creations. I don't think they deserve to be left incomplete and inactive, they are just too great for that. I hated it when it happened to Hogwarts sanitarium... Please start posting again :)

Author's Response: it is not abandoned. The Dark Lord Nedved Will Rise Again

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Review #15, by Sixthaustin Hostile Negotiations

20th September 2011:
Iam really hoping you continue this series. I have been following it for so long that it has become one of my favorites. Actually it is my favorite after the strangers trilogy by jono. I really hope to see another chapter dont let us down.

Author's Response: Is that story on this site? Not seeing it under the search.

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Review #16, by GaiusEternum Hostile Negotiations

4th September 2011:
Dude, I love your stories.. just discovered it several days ago and it saddens me that Crusader has been sitting un-updated for several months.. My Lord Nedved, please do not keep us in suspense

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Review #17, by wolf Ravenous

24th July 2011:
need more. love your novel just tell me that you haven't given up on it cant wait until you update

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Review #18, by EpicCity Ravenous

3rd June 2011:
Im confused, there are two stories after Legacies:The Grim. is it this one or the other one?

Author's Response: both...this one is right after grim...the other is a next generation stylin'

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Review #19, by Daragh Hostile Negotiations

2nd May 2011:
Yup that's me, I knew the name would give it away. Hadn't checked back here in ages, thought it would be funny to mess with your mind a bit!

Author's Response: you got me thinking hard there... this was a good one..Got all 'Inception'-esque mind twist there for a second... stay cool man

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Review #20, by Stamp2Chest Hostile Negotiations

30th April 2011:
Well Nicholas, it's you from the future. You have to get back writing. Or else declare the story abandoned so people will stop bothering you. I mean me. Thanks!

Author's Response: Wow this one took me for a loop there! lol is this daragh?

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Review #21, by Argetlam22 Hostile Negotiations

23rd December 2010:
I have to say that I really like your stories. But one thing I must point out is that since you ARE posting chapter by chapter, and not just the entire book in one go, shouldn't you be updating just a little more often? I see promise after promise, and yet nothing to show for it. The last mention you made of an update was at LEAST several months ago...I know another author who writes long chapters like you, and they still manage to update once or twice a month. We all enjoy reading your work, and would very much appreciate it if you got with the program...Not to be plaintive or anything, but the wait and empty promises get rather tiring...

Author's Response: I don't expect anybody to really keep checking back after so long a hiatus, but i've been reading tons of long-ass fantasy novels with 10-12 books in each series ( nerdy yes, but i've finished around four whole series already) .. And now it seems that no matter what angle i think of next, somebody has done it before, so now my chapter three which had been sitting down on a hardrive for almost a year now feels abit wishy washy.. I need to come hard, come stronger, and i dont promise any of the loyal readers that it would be soon, but you never know. Don't write it off yet, i think i can probably contact some of these fine readers through pm when i post, or you can check back.
lets just say with all this 'experience' i am getting from these fantasy novels I should be a bit better when i get back down to business. Later and Respect!

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Review #22, by ash Hostile Negotiations

8th December 2010:
dude i love your story.but are u still alive? its been ages...this is an amazing story...u should get it published or sumtin.

Author's Response: The Dark Lord Lives. Listening to some slipknot right now lol Before I forget

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Review #23, by Mercer Hostile Negotiations

30th October 2010:
It's to bad it's been forever. I have officially lost all hope that this masterpiece will ever be finished. Legacies deserved better. But I enjoyed it greatly while it lasted. Thank you my lord.

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Review #24, by steve Hostile Negotiations

11th October 2010:
so whats the dealio? i like all your stuff. is there gonna be more?

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Review #25, by Snuffles Hostile Negotiations

24th September 2010:
Hope I'm not spoiling the story now, but seeing as it doesn't look like much is happening here anyway I just wanted to ask... Why doesn't Harry get a magical eye or eyes like Moody had? Too easy? No monsters from Greek mythology to fight along the way. Go on, update! You know you want to get back writing

Author's Response: Because that means he would have willingly remove his eyes...and who's going to do that anyway? he cant do it himself. But good question I didnt think of that.

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