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Review #1, by hopeprince My World, Your World, Our World

16th May 2009:
poor draco
hope u update soon
love the chapter

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Review #2, by roxie danielle malfoy My World, Your World, Our World

16th May 2009:
Moldy old voldy is not dead yet? What a pity. But it sure provides the danger and suspense that a story sometimes need i guess. Am i right to say that Draco betrayed his own parents? Why did he do that? Is he in the Order or is it just an act of rashness?

And Narcissa.. she has been given the dementor's kiss hasnt she?? Why cant it be Lucius that got it!! I'd rather him die a thousand times than have Narcissa die once though im not much of a fan of hers as well.

Please update really soon!! I want to know what happens next!!

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Review #3, by bjay093 The Beginning of the End

5th May 2009:
i like this story
and i hope that you finish it.=]

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Review #4, by roxie The Beginning of the End

3rd May 2009:

Draco appears right in front of her in the Ministry of Magic, the very last place she would expect him to be in. This must mean he has nothing to do with the Death Eaters right?

And what exactly happened to Voldermort? Did he actually die or did he just disappear?

Please update soon to let me satisfy my curiosity!

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Review #5, by hopeprince The Beginning of the End

3rd May 2009:
I really like it so far
want to see were u taking this

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Review #6, by dragoness97 The Beginning of the End

3rd May 2009:
ohh what happens next

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