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7th August 2011:
Hahahaha whoa, so I am rolling around on the floor and trying to compose myself >.<

Now that I'm okay, lets begin with today lesson of ... Awesomeness!!!

This was wickedly written. Rowena thoughts and the way you got them thoughts across even though iut isn't in first peson was really amazing!!! ^.^ && Wanna knoiw something awesomely cool ??, The word Buss and But did actually jump out at me :P Just like it did with Rowena.
This story is amazing!!! >.< to say the least!!! >.< I am blown away *inserats hearts here*

It was beautiful but unique at the same time. Yes they are two different things, perhaps Rowena could look it up for you in her dictonary.

I particularly liked this line
- It really was no wonder that shed gotten fed up with him. He would come in and just stand there, or hed browse through a shelf with frequent smirks aimed in her direction, and it was infuriating!
I was like yeah! Go salazar :P Awesome little story ;) xx

Forum Name: MyMyMiss
House: Slytherin.

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