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Review #1, by Phoenix "If Music Be the Food of Love, Play On"

21st July 2013:
I just want to say how much I love this story. I personally love Regulus. So I'm kind of rallying behind him. I know it has been almost 3 years since you last updated, but I hope you update this one day.

Author's Response: Hi Phoenix! Yes I know it's been a while. :( My sincerest apologies! I'm still here and am doing my best to stay an active writer, but I just haven't had much motivation lately. I will definitely do my best to finish this story, especially knowing that there are still people out there rooting for it. :) Thanks so much for the review! It really means a lot to me, even after 3 years of no updates!

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Review #2, by Jen827 "If Music Be the Food of Love, Play On"

1st February 2011:
Um, hi. Are you still alive? I would really appreciate an update soon! Pretty please?? I just spent a good hour rereading your story, and was reminded of how well you write. The second time around was equally enjoyable! Please please please update soon! :)

Author's Response: Hello! I'm sorry I disappeared off the face of the earth for six months. But now I'm back and I'm working on Chapter 14! I'm not quite sure when it'll be posted given my sporadic updating schedule, but I can assure you it won't be longer than a month! My apologies once again and thank you for sticking with me!

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Review #3, by mariesaysRAWR "If Music Be the Food of Love, Play On"

2nd September 2010:
This is without a doubt, the best story I've read yet. Incredible. Highly entertaining, and excellent grammar. Professional, even. I love it. I also love Regulus. So, naturally, this story gets my two thumbs up. :)

Author's Response: Thank you! :) I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #4, by Blue Biro Prologue

10th August 2010:
wow, i really like this!
i never (NEVER) usualy go anywhere near fics with reggie in, but this looks to be really good!
loved the prologue!
becky ;p

Author's Response: I used to never fully appreciate Regulus, but after writing this story, I think I've pretty much fallen in love with him :) Thanks for reviewing, Becky!

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Review #5, by Lily_Flower27 "If Music Be the Food of Love, Play On"

10th August 2010:
I've been looking for a good Sirius/OC/Regulus love triangle for a long time and it looks like I've found it! :)
the only problem is that I can't decide who I like better..
Sirius was only a jerk because Neely broke up with him over something that wasn't true. I like the way he's been in the last few chapters buy first impressions mean a lot to me and now i can't like him as much as I
Regulus seems like a good guy but there's something sketchy about him. He hasn't done anything sketchy, but there's just something that's off about him. I do like him though :)
Argh, I can't choose!
Anyway, I love this and I hope you update soon :D

Author's Response: Aw thanks! :) It's sad to hear that Sirius made a bad first impression on you, but hopefully that'll change in future chapters. And it's only natural to think Regulus is a little sketchy. He's a Slytherin and his motives aren't exactly clear at the moment ;)

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Review #6, by WildFlower "If Music Be the Food of Love, Play On"

9th August 2010:
Well I must say I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter. It was fantastically written, flowed perfectly and the discription was superb :D I think I'm going to like Lestrange and Macnair, so I'm pleased to see that you are having them stick around.

Also, I loved the moments between Regulus and Neely, it's sooo cute and yet heated and passionate - love it! As well I loved that despite the awkward moments, Sirius and Neely remained great friends. I thought the gifts were very thoughtful as well, but I think Sirius has some ulterior motive behind his gift, since the Sneakoscope warns you that someone is doing something untrustworthy...but then again I could be wrong and it could have just been a thoughtful gift.

Anyway, please update asap! I can't wait for more! 10/10

XOXO WildFlower!

Author's Response: Funnily enough, I think I'm going to like Lestrange and Macnair as well x) They amuse me with their bitter, Slytherin ways. And yes, I believe you're onto something there with Sirius and the Sneakoscope ;) Bravo! It will definitely come into play in future chapters. Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #7, by Shahzadi "Nothing Can Come of Nothing"

2nd July 2010:
It's a close match between Regulus and Sirius. You can say that Neely is more suited to Sirius because going to him is like returning home, but I am passionately rooting for Regulus.

I love Sirius--I really do--but Regulus is like lightning. He's so charming and self-assured and to see him fall for a normal girl like Neely is SO amazing. Plus, I would love to see their relationship progress. I'm good for both of the brothers, but it would break my heart to see Neely break Reg's heart.

Anywho, I'm going to be sad once I finish this story and am subjected to waiting for you to update...

Author's Response: I think Neely has fallen into quite a hole with both the Black brothers, so it'll be hard for her to choose in the end. But we'll see what happens :) I'm glad you enjoy this story so far!

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Review #8, by Shahzadi "The Winter of Our Discontent"

2nd July 2010:
I've perused many HP fanfiction archives searching for stories that have a good Regulus in them, and I've found only three out of, say... five hundred... stories that have a good Regulus in them (character-wise). You're #3 and I am LOVING your Regulus. He absolutely makes my life. What's even better is that your heroine is AWESOME! I find myself relating to her as I read the story. She has flaws that we all can connect to but is simultaneously strong and amazing.

There's just one area of your story that I find iffy, which is how insincere the Marauders and company were to Neely after her parents' death, but that can easily be attributed to the strong face she puts on for everyone. However, if I were Neely--if anybody were Neely--I feel that she would be especially stressed out because of her parents' death and would be pushed over the edge--not in displays of anger, as you've written, but rather tears or a breakdown, if you know what I mean? That's just my thought, but besides that your story--in terms of character, dialogue, plot and writing--is simply excellent.

I'll be reading the next chapters now...


Author's Response: Wow, I'd have to say I'm honored that my Regulus is in your Top 3. Makes me feel special :)

As for the death of Neely's parents, I agree that the way I wrote it was a bit too hasty. In terms of the story, its sole purpose was to provide an opportunity for Neely and Regulus to interact, so I may have skimmed over it a bit too quickly. And yes, some people may suffer tears, but Neely isn't one to easily cry, and as such, she typically releases her emotions through anger. Nevertheless, thanks for pointing this out to me, and if I were to ever do a rewrite, I would definitely put your comments into consideration and spend a little more time discussing Neely's dad's death and her reaction to it.

Thanks so much for reviewing and for your thoughtful input!

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Review #9, by Fireball Nymph "More Than Kin and Less Than Kind"

24th June 2010:
I think I might want Sirius & Neely together.. =. I dunno, it's confusing, GAH >O.
Well this was a good chapter. (:

Author's Response: Confusion indeed! But at least you made some sort of choice ;) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #10, by uberwacky "More Than Kin and Less Than Kind"

14th June 2010:
YES YES YES YES! Neely made the absolute right choice. I just love Regulus. But why does Sirius have to be so wheepy about it all? what a drama queen. thanks for the update and continue to write, but if Neely cheats on Regulus over winter break with sirius.uhg that would be terrible

Author's Response: I'd actually like to think that Sirius took the situation considerably well. At least he didn't throw a fit :) And don't worry, there will be no cheating from either side during winter break ;)

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Review #11, by TheGypsyQueen "More Than Kin and Less Than Kind"

13th June 2010:
Awesome! ^.^ Excellent choice ;)

Author's Response: I'm glad you approve :)

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Review #12, by snowlilly Prologue

12th June 2010:
YAHOOO!!! OCS FTW! [ForThe Win] sorry. But it was AWESOME! [Especially the food part.] The poem was genius, and yet on Sirius' part, utter stupidity as always. But it all worked out.

Author's Response: Haha thank you :) I don't think it really qualified as a poem, considering Sirius isn't exactly very poetic, but at least it worked, right?

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Review #13, by WhisperInTheRain "More Than Kin and Less Than Kind"

11th June 2010:
I love your story! It's brilliantly written, and I hope you update it soon! I'm curious on what will happen to Neely and Regulus..

Author's Response: A lot of things will happen to Neely and Regulus in the following chapters :) It'll be quite a lot to look forward to. Haha.

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Review #14, by Jen827 "More Than Kin and Less Than Kind"

11th June 2010:
I am so happy you decided on Regulus! Update soon! :)

Author's Response: I'll work on the next chapter soon :)

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Review #15, by WildFlower "More Than Kin and Less Than Kind"

10th June 2010:
As I said before, I would be happy with whomever she chose, so when I found out she had chosen Regulus, I was over the moon that everythings light and happy and Sirius and Neely are feeling better :D The way you portrayed the fight between Sirius, Reg and their mother was simply amazing! Every word flowed just right that I could imagine it happening that way - it was sooo sad as well! Good job! I can't wait to see what's in store from now on! Update asap!

XOXO WildFlower!

Author's Response: Yeah, Sirius leaving the Black family has always seemed like a sad affair to me. It ended up a lot more dramatic than I originally planned, but I figured Walburga Black just seems like a drama queen, so it all fit in :)

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Review #16, by BlackRain "More Than Kin and Less Than Kind"

10th June 2010:
Wooohoo. New chapter~~ I like Regulus. But in the end Sirius is way better :DDD

Author's Response: Haha well Neely is with Regulus right now, but who knows what will happen in the future :)

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Review #17, by Fireball Nymph "The Most Unkindest Cut of All"

30th May 2010:
Really, going to leave us hanging there? D: That's just cruel. -_- Especially since it was getting so good! .__. I can't wait till the next chapter, I'll tell you that. (:
Awesome. xD. Sorta sad. :'[

Author's Response: Yep, looks like I'm really going to leave you all hanging here ;) Haha. These next few chapters aren't going to be very upbeat either, but things will eventually get better!

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Review #18, by sarlizbby "The Most Unkindest Cut of All"

26th May 2010:
I love this story! It's amazing!

When do you think the next chapter will be done??

Also, I hope that she ends up with Sirius!

Author's Response: Next chapter should be out within the next two weeks. I'm working on it as we speak, but I've only got a few pages. My chapters are roughly between 10 to 15 pages, so I guess we're about... 10 percent? :)

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Review #19, by Sophia Starkey "The Most Unkindest Cut of All"

25th May 2010:
Wow. I can't wait for the next chapter. :D

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #20, by EW4eva "The Most Unkindest Cut of All"

19th May 2010:
Okay after this I have to say that I 100% want her to end up with Sirius. Her and Regulus are just no where near meant to be. Please update soon!

Author's Response: Haha poor Regulus ;) But Sirius is most definitely very pleased with you.

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Review #21, by TheGypsyQueen "The Most Unkindest Cut of All"

18th May 2010:
wow, great chapter! i'm rooting for regulus as always:) wonderful, can't wait for the next one:P

Author's Response: Next chapter should be out soon! And thanks!

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Review #22, by I am Lily Evans "The Most Unkindest Cut of All"

17th May 2010:
I love your story. And Regulus is such a bastard

Author's Response: Regulus is a bastard? How so? :)

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Review #23, by StepUpx_Gryffindor "The Most Unkindest Cut of All"

17th May 2010:
opkjdsfoijasdf Oh lord, I couldn't choose. At this point, I'd be so lost - just like her! Only you could write a story this captivating. I felt so bad when Sirius was crying :/


Author's Response: Aww thanks :) And yeah, it's very... emasculating for Sirius to cry I think. And that's why it was so dramatic when he did. Poor Neely.

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Review #24, by I am Lily Evans "Nothing Can Come of Nothing"

17th May 2010:
I go for Sirius, Regulus is okay but he's like a death eater

Author's Response: Yay for Sirius! Another vote on his side :)

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Review #25, by StepUpx_Gryffindor "Nothing Can Come of Nothing"

17th May 2010:
Well, CRAP.



Author's Response: Hahahahaha I love your response ;) It cracks me up to no end.

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