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Review #1, by lily flower Memory

7th December 2009:
Hi Insanity!

Well you asked for a review, so here it is...

I was supposed to write notes as I was reading this, but, somehow, it just wrecked the moments, so I don't really have much to say about the finer bits, I just loved it so much.
I loved the emotion in it, I loved how real it seemed.
I thought that it was all very well put..


lily flower
if you have any questions, just message me

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Review #2, by dracos_hotter Memory

7th December 2009:
Here from the forums!

Brilliant beginning -- catches the eye and draws the reader in, like it should.

"The answer, after hours of contemplating, was quite simple; he was a redhead named Ronald Weasley."

Are you saying Ron is simple, or that the solution was simple? (Personally, I prefer the former.)

I adore the fact you didn't use speech, and that you didn't cheat by using indirect speech (I hate the stuff).

I also adore the fact Hermione gave up and walked away -- described perfectly, of course.

I don't think Hermione was that spoiled -- she couldn't really have everything. She didn't get equal status in many eyes (in the book/canon) for ages, being muggleborn.

So I don't think portraying her as the poor little rish girl was fair.

But still, an effort worthy of praise.


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Review #3, by HogwartsMafia Memory

6th December 2009:
Well first off I like the first paragraph good description of emotions. I'm not sure about Hermione being too surely of herself though. Confident yes, though your second paragraph kind of makes Hermione seem a bit arrogant. Though the third paragraph almost seems like she as a different Hermione, even though the paragraph about her thoughts on Harry and Ron were described brilliantly. The rest of the story seemed to go smoothly. It felt as if Hermione was more in character I suppose. It's sad that Ron and Hermione could not be together in the end but hey this is Fan Fiction. Over all it's a decently written and very well depiction of Hermione's thoughts.

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Review #4, by midnightxskies Memory

10th August 2009:
I left a review for this earlier, but I don't know what happened to it. I'll try this again :].

Your request did go against my rules, but I read it anyway because it was just a one shot.

I think Ron's characterization was the strongest point of this. I like how you made the war have a different kind of effect on him. It was realistic, though, because no one can go through something like that without changing at least a little bit.

I like how you described the progression of their relationship, too.

I didn't really care for Hermione, but that's probably only because I don't care for her in fan fiction. So, I was probably a little unfair in judging her while reading. I thought she was a little out of character, too.

Overall, it was nicely done. Feel free to come back for more requests if you need them!

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Review #5, by Clair Clementine Memory

10th August 2009:
Ok, you're are without a doubt amazing with romances. No joke! The sere power and emotion that emmited within each word was so moving. I really, really liked readin this.

I thought you did a really good job with writing in Hermione's poitn of view as well. I'm really not too great at keeping to original characters (I normally stick to other canons) so I really admire how you portrayed Hermione. The one thing that I'm not sure I could see her saying was how she got everything she wanted. I mean, she was rather fortunate at times, but it didn't seem very much liker her to comment on all the things she got. But none the less, I still thought she was good :)

Thanks so much for requesting a review! Any other stories you'd like me to look at please feel free to ask! Thanks!

Clair :D (EvelynCullen09 in forums ;) )

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Review #6, by timeturner Memory

10th August 2009:
It's difficult to pull off a one shot that contains no dialogue but you've managed to succeed here. You have a good grasp on your own interpretation of Hermione and by using her internal monologue have managed to keep the story moving forward minus the dialogue, which is a wonderful talent to have grasped.

Your characterization of Hermione is quite different than most found in fanfic. You have her almost vulturous in a way, particular with her haughty comments about how she gets everything she wants. This may turn some readers off (particularly Hermione fans) but I think it pair well with the ending you have where she is forced to realize that this is not the case.

You mentioned that you were concerned most about Ron but I really don't see anything you should worry about. Through Hermione's eyes, we see him grow over the years and all of that remains quite true to canon. When you do finally stray from JKR's world, you do it timely and explain the change in his character. Hermione know that Ron hasn't done some quick change of face but it is the war and his losses that have changed him into someone she almost doesn't recognize. I think you've done quite well explaining this shift and anyone who takes the time to read it carefully will see that growth (or perhap regression) in him.

Once again, you've done a good job on this, most particularly in balancing her internal thoughts with the actions happening around her and being able to use this to keep the reader interested. Well done!

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Review #7, by soliloquy Memory

10th August 2009:
Aw. I've never seen this characterization of Ron before, to be honest. Nor have I seen this characterization of Hermione. I love that you wrote that he was always shadowed by Harry - which is extremely true. One could only imagine how terrible it is to always be thrust into the shadows - by your best friend, your family, everyone. Aw, I wish they had ended up together though :( but I suppose that's the irony - that they were so clearly meant to be together, but didn't.

I didn't see any major, glaring grammar mistakes and I quite liked your imagery and comparisons - Ron is definitely Prince Charming (in my books, anyway ;D) Though, I do wish that you had explored further into Hermione's brain - like, what she was thinking, what she was feeling when he left and such. You did a lot of telling, rather than showing but all in all, it was quite an emotional one-shot. I could only imagine how it feels to lose a brother and almost lose your sister. Poor Ronald.

Good job :)

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Review #8, by JLHufflepuff Memory

10th August 2009:
I love no dialogue challenges! I think this is really interesting, and I like getting to see Hermione's side of things. The only thing I think is hard for me to grasp is what Ron's motivation was to change so much. What about the war changed him to the point where he was too cold and emotionless to want Hermione? Hermione stands out to me, but Ron just needs to be a bit clearer . :)

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Review #9, by DeaVanity Memory

9th August 2009:
Hey, I'm reviewing as requested... :)

You asked about Ron - I'll give you just a question - why? You really did a good job characterizing him. You nicely incorporated the fact that he was mostly left in shadows and how it affected him. Well done ;D

Herimione seemed a bit off in parts but that's okay. :)

Overall, it's very well written and even without dialogue it's easy to read. :)

9/10 ^^

~ DeaVanity

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Review #10, by Jazzeh Turnip Memory

6th August 2009:
Hmm, I'm a little bit uncertain with how I feel about this.

I love your writing, and I like the emotive description that you've incorporated into this. That side of it is beautiful.

I think it's probably that I dislike the idea of Hermione being completely devoted to anyone that puts me off a little bit. But this is great for your first Ron/Hermione fic :) Better than any I could do.

I saw NO mistakes. I doubt there could be any with so many fabulous beta's.

As for Ron... he seems pretty in character to me, for what you wrote about him.

Feel free to request again for something else :) 9/10

Author's Response: Hello,

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and review. :) I take great time to write my stories I have been on this site for about five years and have only kept two of my stories if that says anything. I know that this story is a little rocky. I am not a big fan of Ron/hermione but I just though that I would try it and so far people actually seem to be liking it except I seem to make Hermione a little to out going. I am not a person to edit my own work so I asked some close friends of mine to help me edit this :) I am releaved that Ron was well written that was what I am aiming for because he is the character that I find the hardest to write. Thank you os much for reading my story and once agian for the lovely review~

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Review #11, by Miss Lily Potter Memory

24th July 2009:
Wow, this gave me shivers. I thought it was really well-written, just a bit... Jumpy, I guess? at parts. But I loved the way you described him, as not the real Ron... I don't know, but I really liked it! (:

Author's Response: It is good to know that you liked it, and I am sorry that it was a bit jumpy, my writing tends to be that way. Thank you so very much for the kind review~

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Review #12, by Wierdy Memory

14th June 2009:
Wow, that was full of emotion. It was riveting. I could feel it as I was reading. I felt sad for Hermione, like I was her best friend and I wanted to help her through it and I was feeling her pain. You're a fabulous writer. I can't say all that stuff about many stories.

The transitions were good, as was the characterization of Hermione. Amazing description, and though devoid of dialogue this was wonderful.

"The years have been long since I last saw Ron Weasley. Sure, we visit every Saturday, but he is married to a blonde who is deeply in love with him. I have not laid eyes on the real Ron Weasley in almost fifteen years." That's the best part/ worst part. It made me feel horrible for Hermione.

If I could give more than a 10 I would, but a 10 will suffice.


Author's Response: It is so great to get feedback as great and as motivating as this. :) It is reivews like your's that make me really happy and only grow my love of writing :) I have never written this ship before and I am so releaved that it turned out like this and that so many people enjoyed it. I didn't know if I made the story to sad or made Hermione full of to much self pity, but now I see that I managed to write her well. I wanted to find away for Hermione to show that she still loves Ron, but she knows that the man she loves hasn't been the same in a long time. :) Thank you again so much for the compliments and the wonderful review~

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Review #13, by Illuminate Memory

9th May 2009:
:D I really like this oneshot. I think your strongest point is your prose, the inner feelings of a character. You got Hermione down cold and I think Ron was good aswell.

Well done!

Author's Response: Hey, thank you so much. It is nice to hear that I did well with this one-shot and that my characters were not at all cliche. :) Thanks~

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Review #14, by padme_alejandra Memory

8th May 2009:
Hello, here with the review! Sorry for the epic wait, life has been so busy lately!

This was quite good. The beginning was perfect. It was an instant hook and already I was full of questions. I think Hermione was a bit arrogant in the beginning, it’s not something associated with her character – a Slytherin, yes, but I suppose we all have our moments of weakness!

You write very well and this was a refreshing twist on a common plot. Perhaps the extent to which Ron was changed was a bit drastic, but I’m not fully knowledgeable on the terrors of war, never having seen or been in one myself.

You captured all the emotions and angst in this splendidly. I felt like a few lines teetered next to a cliché, but you never fell directly in that path so kudos on that.

This was short and sweet, and you wrapped everything up nicely.

Good work!


Author's Response: Actually thank you for the review. I didn't wait to long since I have been so busy with school and all. I understand that I probably wrote Hermione as too arrogant. It was my first time writing her, and I had to get out all the mistakes I guess. I have a tendancy to write my characters very slytherin based because that is my favorite house, and it is something that I am going to have to work on so that I can become a better author. I didn't think that I changed Ron all that much if you remember and you look back at him you will see that he is constantly feeling that he is second best, and doesn't deserve Hermione, but I also had to mix him with the lose of his family member. I have always been pretty good at writing tragedy, so I am glad that there was alot of angst and that you liked it. I tried to have some good quotes, but even I know that there were some lines that were rather cliche. Thanks for the review~

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Review #15, by SlytherinPrincess55 Memory

6th May 2009:
Hey there! Its Chanel from the forums here with your review! :] I apologize for the long wait, life has been CRAZY lately.

This idea is very classic, with a nice twist. Your story is very short, sweet and to the point. The characterization for Hermione seems to be a little bit off, its not necessarily a bad thing. I just think she comes off as a little conceited in your second paragraph, and while I do think Hermione is proud, I think she is a far cry from conceited. Thats just my opinion though.

You handled the enormous amounts of angst in this story with amazing sophistication. It did not come off as cheesy, but as touching and moving. The emotions were very raw and very well portrayed.

Overall great job!!

Author's Response: There was no wait, and thanks for stopping by to review. I understand how crazy life can get it took me a whole month to just reply to these simple reviews. I am glad that my story is to the point and simple and sweet. I know that my characterization for Hermione maybe off but I am working on that this was after all my first time writing her. What was written in the second paragraph was never said it were her thoughts and remember that we are humans and that makes us all vain at some point. Have you ever thought you were better than someone else? I am so glad that it was not to angst, it took a lot of work to balance it but I am glad that it worked :) Thank you so very much for the kind review~

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Review #16, by alanapotter Memory

3rd May 2009:
I absolutely love this!

It's written beautifully and I just feel these same emotions as the piece goes on... I feel like she's trying to justify what happened to herself, but at the same time it's telling us the story. If that makes any sense..either way it's a good thing.

"It is not because you do not care, but sometimes it is because you care too much, and sometimes they only need to find a way to help themselves." -- This was definitely my favorite sentence... it's something that Hermione would definitely say, and yet it really resonated with me.

I also think you've written Hermione quite well... she's a tough character, so big props on that!

Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Why thank you so much for the kind remarks to my story. I tried really hard to keep the emotion and the tone the same throughout the entire story, because I know that authors often change mood and tone. Yes I understand. I think that what you mean is that she is telling an experiance but also making it into a story, that was my goal to have a lesson but also a good story. It is wonderful to hear that I wrote Hermione so well and that you liked my story so much. Thanks for the great review~

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Review #17, by rachm34 Memory

1st May 2009:
Wow, I almost cried. LIke my body was absolutely shaking. Your writing style is amazing. This was so goood

Author's Response: Aww *hands tissue* Im thrilled that you liked it so much. Thanks for reviewing~

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Review #18, by Dead Kiwi Memory

1st May 2009:
Great read; nice piece without the use of dialogue!

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I'm glad that you enjoyed it.~

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Review #19, by Tinkerbell01 Memory

29th April 2009:
My dear, your writing is amazing! I don't know what to say! You have me speachless! I love your descriptiveness. It's truely amazing how you pull off Hermione's emotions on the years that she wished she would have had with Ron.

I have no criticism, because obviously this is so well written!

Well done, dear! :)

You almost, almost had me in tears, it was so great!

Author's Response: I love reviews like these, they always leave me speechless, you are so kind :) I am glad that you like my story, and thanks so much for the kind review~

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Review #20, by Derek Zischke Memory

29th April 2009:
This doesn't seem to be about the two characters you say it's about. I can't see Hermione thinking in terms of 'always getting what she wants', or defining herself through a man, or even attaching much importance on anything she herself did for Viktor to ask her out in fourth year. I especially can't see a Hermione that would pine for five years. Similarly, I have a hard time imagining a Ron that would be so catastrophically affected by the war, but that could be due to seeing nothing from his perspective in this piece. It's well-written and emotional and all, I just... don't see Hermione and Ron in there.

Author's Response: They were in there but I understand that some people have a hard time understand that we are all vain and that at some point we think we are better than others. I wrote Hermione and Ron at a moment of weakness. I guess that is just a hard concept to grasp. Thanks for the review.~

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Review #21, by Phoenix_Flames Memory

28th April 2009:
Awww!! Wow! Dear, this was amazing.

The beginning was so gripping. Just that simple sentence.

We were not meant to fall in love.

Fantastic!! It's short and sweet, yet it still leaves the reader wondering why not. You wrote this beautifully. I liked the no-speaking part of it. It's rare that you find a gripping enough story without dialoge, and yet you did it fantastically. I commend you.

You really have talent. This was beautiful. I'm nearly in tears. Well done!



Author's Response: Hey, thanks for stopping by to review. It's nice to hear that the beginnign was good, I work really hard to draw my readers in. I'm also glad that you liked that quote, it's one of my favorties. I tried to make it a decent length but there is only so much that I could put it, so I am glad to hear that you liked the length. Thank you again so much for the review~

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Review #22, by RonsGirlFriday Memory

28th April 2009:
What I really liked about this was that you made the break between Ron and Hermione realistic, with Ron changing after the war.

When I first read through it, I thought that some of it might be too naively romantic for Hermione, like her calling him Prince Charming and knight in shining armor, but then I read it again and really got caught up in the flow of it when I laid aside any preconceptions of what Hermione is like from the outside. I think that, once you break through Hermione's walls, she could potentially be thinking things like that.

There are some wonderful lines - for example: "Without him, I did not amount to anything." Overall, I thought it was very sad and moving.

Author's Response: I knew that war changed people so I thought that if I were to write a Ron/Hermione shipping that it would have to be after the war because I wanted to change Ron, so I am glad that my plan worked. Hermione I have always thought to be a complexe character, she has many emotions on the outside she is booksmart, and can answer any question for you but inside we know she is like any other girl. I am glad that you liked it and thanks again for the amazing review~

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