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Review #1, by BlueNeutrino Severus Snape and the Chocolate Frog Cards

24th August 2011:
I got really lucky with the random story button on this one. That was hilarious! Thanks so much for writing it.

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Review #2, by Snoggin' Sev Severus Snape and the Chocolate Frog Cards

26th August 2009:
Your case of Beingsillyitis caused a serious bout of Gigglelaralgia. I suspect the only cure to be Chocolate Frogs.

Author's Response: Have one for me as well! :D

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Review #3, by harrylilyjames Severus Snape and the Chocolate Frog Cards

6th June 2009:
haha, that was a funny piece to read...but just that I am sure Snape isn't on a Frog's card- he didn't do anything brilliant that he would be known for. But, still it was an amusing piece to read.

Author's Response: Oh, don't be mean to Snape. I am sure he came up with some brilliant potion.

Merlin's pants, Voldy is on a card in that story!! hehe

Glad you found that little piece of craziness amusing.

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Review #4, by ComradeKari Severus Snape and the Chocolate Frog Cards

14th May 2009:
That brought the funny, and refused to stop! Nice work!

Author's Response: Funny is good, right? Glad it made you laugh.


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Review #5, by forever_and_a_day Severus Snape and the Chocolate Frog Cards

27th April 2009:
LOL this made me laugh :) your writing is absolutely fantastic and the fact that your writing spans comfortably through so many genres is proof to that. Man, I love this one-shot!!!

Author's Response: I take a deep bow and say Thank You. I am glad I could make you laugh.


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Review #6, by Kitty Karma Severus Snape and the Chocolate Frog Cards

22nd April 2009:
Grin!? I died laughing, at work no less. And since I work in a library, it made it that much more fun. I love this story. Tonight I will remember to toast you at dinner and retell this story.

Author's Response: *takes a deep bow*

Thank you very much!!


PS: You write fluently for being dead ;-)

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Review #7, by angelmaple Severus Snape and the Chocolate Frog Cards

19th April 2009:
lol... forgive the use of this very unsophisticated slang, but being a teenager one cannot help it, and this story really fits the description of 'laughing out loud'. Some interesting ideas you've got there...every body needs a little silliness once in a while. ;)

Author's Response: LOL is good! And it's high praise for this little piece of silliness.

Cheers. /M

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Review #8, by essenni Severus Snape and the Chocolate Frog Cards

18th April 2009:
I had read this on your other site, but I had forgotten it already so it was fun to read it again.
I have to admit that Ron has a lucky had. Buying three boxes with the best wizards on them. I only wonder how the painter managed to get a look at Voldy and get away alive. Ok, I'm just having a laugh here.

Author's Response: Hm, maybe Voldy sent a self-portrait to the printers? LOL Pearly white skin, ruby red eyes, flowing robes ... dashing! hehe

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Review #9, by Jolene Wawr Severus Snape and the Chocolate Frog Cards

18th April 2009:
This was hilarious!
"...the little box started to rock rhythmically." - One of the best lines! Definitely ranks in the top 10.

Keep doing what you do best, Morgaine!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it, Jolene. It sure was fun to write :-)


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Review #10, by ingeborgsk Severus Snape and the Chocolate Frog Cards

18th April 2009:
Oh, now I know what Snape does during his free time. Funny fic, made me laught x]

Author's Response: Hehe, glad it made you laugh. Laughing is healthy.

Cheers. /M

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