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Review #1, by kittikatlova Arrival

16th April 2009:
This is interesting.I am excited to see who else is invited, but I have to ask, isnt there 3 guests left? I keep coming up with a count of 9 guests so far, leaving 3 to arrive. Anyways, good start. I like this so far, and am very interested in seeing the rest of this fun dinner unfold!

Author's Response: Don't worry, you are right. There are only nine there and there are still three to arive. What I said at the end was 'two of his guests who had not yet arrived', which can allow for there to be more. Sorry for the confusion!

Thanks for reading and reviewing and I'll get the next chapter up soon.

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Review #2, by morgana67 Arrival

16th April 2009:
Oh, I can't believe that you actually took that very old idea and created something so well-written and imaginative. I truly feel honoured.

The surprise in Harry is really well done and Dumbledore as a choice of host is just great. In fact, funnily enough, I had an idea for the end of my novel length where a character who is technically dead makes an appearance but has only limited time on Earth but he/she's not a ghost either. This is almost uncanny because that's how James explains it and I didn't post this idea on that thread.

I must say I'm really impressed with the story so far and extremely flatter that you took on my idea. Please do let me know when you have the next chapter up.

I just loved it!

Author's Response: Thanks!! It was just such a cool idea, and I sat down and started writing and all of a sudden I had over 2000 words! I can't wait until I get all the guests there - it'll be an interesting dinner, especially when you see who the last three are.

As for the idea of being dead but not a ghost, you know what they say - great minds think alike! I knew he wasn't a ghost, because as JKR said, 'the only people who become ghosts are wizards who fear death'. I highly doubt that any of those characters who are there (other than Helena, of course) feared death.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing, and I will let you know as soon as I post it!

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