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Review #1, by magicstick93 Distractions

27th October 2013:
Please say you haven't abandoned this story, it would be a complete shame! Your character development is amazing, it's great that you've made Rose so likeable and yet a b*tch all at once. I hope you come back to this story, its clear that you have a lot of talent.

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Review #2, by imgoingbackto505 Distractions

26th January 2013:
I really hope you haven't abandoned this - I absolutely love it and I can't wait to see what happens next!

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Review #3, by ginnyweasleyfan4ever A Few Friends

8th October 2012:
ErMahGawd! Rose is such a bitchy drama queen! She's so totally awesome!
Love your story

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Review #4, by cathilde Distractions

14th July 2012:
Yay for Scorpius's POV!!! But Rose is a bitch. A lovable one, but still...

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Review #5, by Chase! Distractions

7th July 2012:
OMIGOD! can we PLEASE have a scrop pov on this scene?? and by the way i litterally gasped when i saw there were no more chapters to read. this is an amazing story and please update soon! when i first started reading this i thought it was a bit unrealistic possibly because im the complete opposite of rose but i love how you twisted and turned this story!! plus i love the little secrets at the end theyre so cute and clever:D This reminds me of me and my bestfriend but were just less bitchy than them:) but i love how realistic this is and relatable...its just the whole story seems too...coincidental ya know? just some feedback but i absolutely love this story! update soon!!

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Review #6, by Draculoramalfoy11 Distractions

13th March 2012:
I love this story! Please write more

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Review #7, by couuuuuuuuuuuuuchsofapotato Distractions

24th January 2012:
EUNICE?! Cried of laughter for a good 15 minutes. Twas fucking hilarious. I am so using that now.

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Review #8, by Livelaughlove25 Hysterics

29th December 2011:
She's sooo's hilarious. Amy is one of those girls I want to slap just because of the way they walk.
Good job!;D

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Review #9, by beckyducky Distractions

6th November 2011:
Thank you so much for continuing this story. :) I reread all past chapters just so that I was caught up. Scorpius and Rose coming together was natural and unforced. The way you wrote it was magical because these two could not be separated no matter what life threw at them. It was sensual without becoming graphic. And I could feel Scorpius lose control after Rose kissed him. It was just beautifully written. The POV shifts were timed just right, so I had no trouble getting a hold on what was going on. An evil part of me is insanely curious of Amy's plot and how she'll go about exacting her revenge. I want to see Albus and Rose reconciled, but you can't ask the wrld for too many things. I want Zoe to not be hurt by Scorpius's betrayal (because that was what it was). Zoe seems like a genuinely nice OC who is not written into the fic merely as a character foil for the primary female protagonist. A lot of people might get upset when things go down, but i'm confiden you'll make it something interesting to read. Can't wait for more. Cheers~!

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Review #10, by ANNOYED :| Distractions

24th October 2011:
duuude i like this story but i've given up! You just refuse t update!

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Review #11, by shaketramp New Years Eve

13th July 2011:
I really like this story so far! It's really different for once to have a less popular Scorpius and a popular Rose.

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Review #12, by Zora Weasley A Few Friends

11th July 2011:
I love that you wrote Rose not as the perfect daughter/student/friend/girl, but as the mean girl of the story. I think that is a great idea.
I hate her!
I think the argument between her and Scorpius and Naomi was really great.
"No, she just high fived your face." that line was my favorite from the chapter. I still laugh about it.
I love the way you write and your story so far!

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Review #13, by hannahhbbz Distractions

14th June 2011:
update soon please i just read this whole story in one go and it is fantastic! :)

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Review #14, by J.L Distractions

29th May 2011:
You are, without a doubt, one of the most brilliant writers. Ever.
I'm sure you get comments like mine all the time but, just so you know, I do really, really mean it.


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Review #15, by Serendipityyyy Distractions

22nd May 2011:
Oh my goodness, this story is amazing! I read it all at once and its seriously one of the best Rose/Scorpius stories I've read on this site!!! I love Rose and her funny but bitchy sense of humour, her sarcasm and her little secrets.

I cannot WAIT for the next chapter!!! Keep up the great work and please update soon! It's torture waiting! :D:D

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Review #16, by Haley Distractions

12th May 2011:
i really liked this chapter, i love scorpius's pov! its so cute you can actually see how much he liked her

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Review #17, by Hello Distractions

12th May 2011:
Wow, nice chapter. I hope Amy doesn't get in the way.
You got the kissing scene from "Tommy Sulivan Is A Freak" didn't you?

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Review #18, by house elf Distractions

29th April 2011:
I LOVE THIS SO MUCH, please update soon :3

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Review #19, by Hera Distractions

27th April 2011:
Great story and great chapter! Just love it!! :) Keep up the work, please, I really want to see them together and finally see Rose take a stand for herself and get rid of that no-use-of-a-friend-of-hers (aka Amy) :)

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Review #20, by Shooka Oblivious

27th April 2011:

That is all I have to say :)

Infinity out of 10... (if only that was possible)

Author's Response: YAY! thank you! I'm really happy you liked it! :D xx

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Review #21, by MidwinterMasque Distractions

26th April 2011:
Awesome chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you!! :D
I'm so happy you liked it! xx

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Review #22, by M Distractions

26th April 2011:
O-M-G! The Best Chapter EVER! You rock!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much!

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Review #23, by NorahGP7 Distractions

25th April 2011:
OMG YOU'RE BACK! I was so sad when I found out that you wouldn't be writing anymore! Thank god you're back and better than ever!!! Ok so this whole Scorpius/Rose chapter came out of nowhere. I was shocked that it happened so fast and I'm not sure if I wish it could have happened later or if I should just shut up, stop being so critical and just enjoy it. I'm thinking the second option :) Just one thing though, in Chapter 9 the secret was:
"Secret No. 34: Remember that couple making out behind the greenhouse every thursday for a month, around two years ago? Yeah, that was me. The person I was with? Marissa's boyfriend at the time."
And in this chapter it says that she's never been the other woman before so yeah.
I'm so happy that Love, Lies, and Lipstick will continue cuz I missed it a lot!

Author's Response: YAY! Oh, I've actually missed you and your lovely reviews.
Yeah, I was thinking that myself so I thought if I included the Scorpius POV then it might make it a bit clearer. Also, more will be explained in the next chapter ;)
And thank you for pointing that out! I edited this chapter so it doesn't contradict that secret. It's been too long, I actually forgot what I had written and only had time to scan through it really quickly. Probably not the best idea... so thanks again!
And for the lovely review as well! :) xxx

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Review #24, by Ronsgirl29 Distractions

25th April 2011:
lsjdflkjsdiofjlkasjdfijsfiojsdlkjsoifjlasjf *dies* That crazy blob of letters is my brain exploding after reading this chapter. This is seriously one of my favorite stories on this site, I just love your characterization of the nextgen characters so much. And the Scorpius point of view in this chapter made me love it even more. I'm so glad they finally realized they are in crazy for eachother.

and I'm really interested in seeing how things work out with Rose and Al, that should be fun haha

amazing chapter! can't wait for the next one

Author's Response: Hahaha, your review really made me laugh :D
And SQUEE at the same time because it's so lovely, thank you so much! :)
I'm trying to write but I've got exams so it's a bit hard, at the moment.
But thank you so much again :) x

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Review #25, by lindsay Distractions

25th April 2011:
Great story! Please keep writing and update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!
I'm trying, I swear! x

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