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Review #1, by Janner Well This Is Akward...

15th December 2015:
An amusing little tale ruined by atrocious grammar and spelling.

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Review #2, by Pinkpal1992 Well This Is Akward...

29th May 2012:
oh please write a sequal please

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Review #3, by Hedwig and The Owl Post Well This Is Akward...

18th September 2011:
The story is good, but you can work on the grammar

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Review #4, by flawlessbutton Well This Is Akward...

30th November 2010:
You should let someone else recheck your text before posting it. It's so full of spelling mistakes I can't keep myself reading until the end, and who knows, maybe that's a shame :-/

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Review #5, by VeniceLily Well This Is Akward...

28th July 2010:
As many have said, this has the potential to be an okay story - in a fun, humorous, It was very difficult to read, and to understand exactly what was going on.

In future, I would highly suggest taking note of how real authors write, and make sure you spell check and edit everything!

However, it is an interesting concept.

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Review #6, by Constance Bell Well This Is Akward...

12th July 2010:
I thought it was so funny. walking in on snape and mongongall. lol. very good.

Author's Response: Lol thats what i was going for , funny

Thank you for reading and reviewing =)

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Review #7, by lexi buchanan Well This Is Akward...

8th July 2010:
deffinatly loved this! you should continue.. :P

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing =)

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Review #8, by JohnnyPickAlot Well This Is Akward...

6th July 2010:
Hahaha, really quite funny. :)
But, I must say again, proper grammar would have really fixed the flow in this one-shot and would've made the punchline of the story 3x funnier. :/

Author's Response: Thank you thats what i was going for =)

I know and i'm gonna try and work on that for future stories

Thank you for reading and reviewing =)

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Review #9, by littlemissmb Well This Is Akward...

7th April 2010:
omg hilariously funny. you have a lot of typos, and so many grammatical errors. kinda hard to read it some places but omg! so so so so so funny. made me laugh!

Author's Response: Haha yeah that was the idea thanks for reading it =)...

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Review #10, by CaptainRikkie Well This Is Akward...

1st April 2010:
The story was good and funny towards the end, but you should really use commas. The sentences are too long now (:

Author's Response: thank you =) i'm glad you liked it , yeah i know ive been working on that with my other stories thanks for reviewing...

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Review #11, by preppy_arteaga Well This Is Akward...

8th February 2010:
that was hilarious! i was exoecting something way different like hermione's prego but nooo...loved it

Author's Response: yeah that was the idea to go with something unexpected , thank you for reading it =) glad you liked it...

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Review #12, by joeyp_cm Well This Is Akward...

6th February 2010:
LOL, I love the ending. although I'm going to have nightmares about the professors now *shudder*

Author's Response: Haha lol thank you i'm glad you liked it =)...

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Review #13, by jenkent Well This Is Akward...

19th November 2009:
Okay, so I really liked the general idea/plot of the story; however, there were a lot of spelling, grammar, and capitalization mistakes. I think you have the potential to be really good, but I would suggest getting a beta for your stories in the future. 7/10 ~Jen

Author's Response: thank you , i'm glad you liked it yeah i am highly considering getting one , thanks for you review =)...

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Review #14, by muggle_malfoy Well This Is Akward...

18th September 2009:

Author's Response: so i take it you liked it?

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Review #15, by hermione.malfoy Well This Is Akward...

17th September 2009:
omg that was so funny hahaha i loved it

Author's Response: thank you im glad you loved it =)...

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Review #16, by Emi Well This Is Akward...

28th August 2009:
I did not read the hole thing, I honestly couldn't. I'm not saying your writing is bad, but there were no pauses, you didn't even give their lines their own rows, it makes it very hard to read. It feels very stressed when its written like this, maybe you should try to look a bit at How you write and not just what you write, 'cause you could be the best writer in thw world, but noone would notice it if you do not write with a good flow, do you understand me? Or maybe you could get a beta who corrects your texts. I do hope you do not feel offended.

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Review #17, by IloveSevvy Well This Is Akward...

25th August 2009:
It could be a decent story, but the grammatical errors are so egregious that it is almost impossible to look past them.

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Review #18, by Non_Ya Well This Is Akward...

24th August 2009:
Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Very nice twist at the end.

Author's Response: thanks =)...

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Review #19, by DracoLover Well This Is Akward...

24th August 2009:
Ahahah! They got caught! Silly professors

Author's Response: yeah they did lol
i wanted something with a twist at the end of it...

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Review #20, by galaxy_explorer Well This Is Akward...

24th August 2009:
This story has potential. But you have a lot of grammar mistakes. Like a lot. But other than that it was pretty good.

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Review #21, by KorpKlo Well This Is Akward...

23rd August 2009:
This story could be good but you have so many misstakes that it was hard to read and I couldn't get anything out of it... So please fix the grammar when you have time

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Review #22, by dramione4everanever Well This Is Akward...

23rd August 2009:
This story is very good,, considering it's only your second.
The story has a nice plot but you do have alot of grammar mistakes.
Ps:could you maybe review on my story 'Insanity' please?

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Review #23, by dramione_girl82 Well This Is Akward...

23rd August 2009:
OMG. What seemed to be an erotic one shot just brought tears of laughter to my eyes. that was great!! What a twist... That was awesome, you definately need to write more of these... It was hilarious!!

Author's Response: thanks so much
i will =)...

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Review #24, by Josie Well This Is Akward...

23rd August 2009:
HAHAHA! lmao!!! snape and mcgonagall! LOL!

Author's Response: yup lol...

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Review #25, by Spell_it_out Well This Is Akward...

23rd August 2009:
Okay... I don't really think there is a proper way to respond to that.

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