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Reading Reviews for Truce
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Review #1, by Ginny45 Truce

14th July 2010:
I favorited your story ages ago and have decided to review it.
My favorite line has to be this, "Love starts with a smile, grows with a kiss, ends with a tear drop"
I may add to my list of favortie quotes.
You characterisation in this is great and I really think that is important as a great story can be ruined by a character acting out of his/her personality.
I am a die hard Lily/James shipper and your story is within my top 10. (which is good considering I have read a lot of James/Lily fics)
Ginny45 xxx

Author's Response: WOW I am so grateful thank you !!! I am so glad you liked it !!

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Review #2, by Amelia Bones Truce

17th April 2010:
This is really good writing, but there are two bits of constructive critism I have to say. The Voldemort scene is good, but that isn't what really happens, as you probably know but it just gets up my goat when people changes things haha.
and the second one is that you should probably re read it and put in a few more full stops and commas to make it flow more. I am happy to beta it if you would like.

Author's Response: Thanks i agree it gets up my goat too but TBH i just wrote it LOl oh and i have been meaning to re read this for months now but i haven't gotten around to it but thanks for the offer i will put it at the top of my to do list !!!
Thanks for the review !!

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Review #3, by LOLhaily Truce

28th February 2010:
OMG!! this is just so brilliant! im not even joking... i would be lying if i said this didnt make me cry...

Author's Response: Yay so glad youo liked it ! Thanks for such a lovely review !!!

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Review #4, by Nicholas Prime Truce

24th January 2010:
The premise was good, but the punctuation really detracted, quite a bit, from the overall effect.

Author's Response: Ok point noted ,
thanks for the review.

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Review #5, by BigBangTheory-Sheldon Truce

18th January 2010:
Wow that quote was beautiful and the whole story really just touched me and made me cry ,well almost.

Author's Response: Yeah i do love that quote thanks for a lovely review !

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Review #6, by jodie Truce

22nd December 2009:
wow goosebumps! that was horrificly beautiful

Author's Response: thanks so glad you liked it !!

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Review #7, by Evelinne Truce

6th December 2009:
I think the storyline is wonderful, and so on... Really, I love how it goes, and when Lily's thinking. It's so cute, but at the same time very sad. But some of the sentences are too long, maybe you should shorten them a little and put in some commas and points here and where, it would do it a lot easier to read. But apart from that, it was a wonderful story. I'm looking forward to read the sequal!

Author's Response: Yeah sorry but when i get ideas like that i generally forget about comma's !!
Thanks for a great review !

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Review #8, by maggiepotterblack Truce

5th December 2009:
that was great, especailly how the story goes adding to the line of 'Love starts with a smile, grows with a kiss, ends with a tear drop' and that line is amazing where did you get it from?

Author's Response: Thanks, i found the quote on the internet.

Thank you for the great review !

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Review #9, by kassandra466 Truce

8th November 2009:
awe!! I think that, that was the cutest Lilly/James fic i have read in a long time!! i LOVED it!! even though it made me cry!! I loved it!!

Author's Response: yay so glad you loved it !! thanks for the awesome review !!

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Review #10, by Paloma Patil Truce

4th November 2009:
This is just sweet. You've done a great job of imagining both their courtship and the sadness at the end of their lives.

Well done.


Author's Response: thanks i'm so glad you liked it - please check out the sequal if you want to !

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Review #11, by harryandginny2k9 Truce

1st November 2009:
that was class
it could have been longer though

Author's Response: yeah check out the sequal thanks for the review !!

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Review #12, by fall_for_you Truce

25th October 2009:
That was really sweet! I liked the part in the beginning when Lily said she only felt like killing James sometimes after they got together. Somehow it fit her personality very well. It was sad at the end though. But the story worked well with the quote. Adorable story :)

Author's Response: thanks for the awesome review !! so glad you liked it !!

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Review #13, by Marie-Joelle Truce

21st October 2009:
That's so sweet. :)

Author's Response: thanks for the review i,m glad you like it !

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Review #14, by ParkerGirl Truce

21st October 2009:
Aww this was lovely but so sad!! off to read the sequel :) PG

Author's Response: thanks for the review !! hope you like the sequal !!

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Review #15, by Little Writter Truce

11th October 2009:
I loved it!! it's so cute I shivered and cry and said aw a looot!!

Author's Response: so glad you liked it and thanks for the review !!

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Review #16, by lilylvr Truce

3rd October 2009:
good good! is this all of the story!?

Author's Response: yeah thanks for the review !

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Review #17, by Draco_Dracula and me_ Truce

11th September 2009:
that was so OMG sad i cant believe james was so like that brave at the end i really loved this it's the best one shot i have ever ever read !

Author's Response: i know it pratically made me cry while i was writing it so glad you loved it

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Review #18, by Toxic Turquoise Truce

14th August 2009:
Wow! This was just, wow.

I love the quote "Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a teardrop" and how you put it into the story.

I've been reading some of your other stories and you're such a brilliant writer =)

10/10 =D

Author's Response: Thank you so much yeah i read the quote ages ago and i loved it so much and it just it inspired me to write Truce i'm so glad you like my stories ! Thank you again for such an amazing review !!

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Review #19, by ReAnna Truce

29th July 2009:
that was beautiful and sad i love how u portrayed it..u are a good writer and i loved ure story

Author's Response: Thankyou for such an amazing and inspiring review !!

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Review #20, by Mr_Reviewer Truce

26th July 2009:
It was good but i dont know it just felt like it was missing something. I didnt really like that everyone knows Tom Riddles name because he suppose to be all secretive and Dumbledore doesnt tell anyone else about him but it was pretty good.

Author's Response: Yeah i suppose that's true thanks for the review !

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Review #21, by sreduaram Truce

26th July 2009:
that was lovely! and its such a beautiful line aswell :) "Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a teardrop. And how rightly so". loved it muchly!

Author's Response: so glad you loved it and i do love that quote !
thanks for a great review !

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Review #22, by Zaphira Truce

26th July 2009:
Super cute. I think if you got someone to beta this, or read back over it and added some full stops and semi colons and commas, it would flow a lot better - I felt a bit out of breath reading some of those longer sentences.
Nice little one shot though!

Author's Response: Yeah i know i can be long winded at times but i do try !! maybe a beta would be useful i'll think about it !

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Review #23, by Draco's blond... so am I! Truce

22nd June 2009:
TWas good, but you could make it more detailed and use more varied language to take it to the next level :)

Author's Response: K thanks for the review and the advice...oh and cool name !!

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Review #24, by monkiie_business  Truce

22nd June 2009:
that has become my favourtie quote: love begins with a smile , grows with a kiss, and ends with a teardrop
it made me cry in the end

Author's Response: So glad you liked the quote and im sorry i made you cry !

thanks for a great review !

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Review #25, by It might have been... Truce

10th June 2009:
Oh my goodness i love this story it was so amazing i love the ending and how lily and james were being so romantic and protecting harry to death i was like ah that is so cute !! and the quote thing was really nice to.

Author's Response: so glad you enjoyed it and loved the romance and james and lily and james were being so protective !!!

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