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Review #1, by michelle00 Ron Confides In Crookshanks

28th March 2011:
This story is so cute! Hahahha I love Crookshanks

Author's Response: I love him too!! I think he's a gem. :) Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #2, by alicesaysrawr Ron Confides In Crookshanks

24th July 2010:
hyuu~! this was such a cute story. my all-time favorite line in this entire fanfic is when ron says that he and crookshanks are alike because they both have red hair and like to sit in hermione's lap. ahmazing story. :) lovely. hermione/ron? the best couple ever? uhm, i think so!

alice. :]
rawr. :]

Author's Response: They definitely are!! And why else would Hermione have chosen the ginger cat?? To look like Ron of course! :D

Thank you for reviewing! Glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #3, by Kenna Ron Confides In Crookshanks

5th May 2010:
Hell yes!

I'm slowly working my way through your fantabulous stories, but I keep forgetting to review. So I just wanted to let you know how much I love all your stories overall. They are laugh-out-loud funny, which can be quite problematic when I'm supposed to be doing homework (apparently the French revolution isn't supposed to be funny...) .
Anywhoo~Lovely R/Hr, there is never enough of them!

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Review #4, by DemetersChild Ron Confides In Crookshanks

20th October 2009:
Ahahaha that was hilarious and so cute! I especially liked that "we both have red hair and we both like sitting in Hermione's lap!"

Quite funny!

Author's Response: I like this one, if I may say so... :D I just love how Ron and Crookshanks are men so important to Hermione... and they both have red hair! :D

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Review #5, by forever_weasley_girl Ron Confides In Crookshanks

23rd August 2009:
very cute one-shot :)

i also agree that ron and hermione are the best couple ever... i love exploring this website for all the stuff people come up with about them :)

Author's Response: :) Thank you!

I just adore them together... we waited long enough for it to happen after all! :D

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Review #6, by ILuvSev4Evr7 Ron Confides In Crookshanks

11th August 2009:
Cute. :) I like it. I mean, why would Hermione like Victor? He doesn't even know how to say her NAME... Anyway, great short. :) 10/10

Author's Response: Yeah Viktor's nothing on Ron. :) Ron and Hermione... there is no better couple. :D

Thank you for your lovely review!

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Review #7, by fatality Ron Confides In Crookshanks

21st July 2009:
aw! that was so sweet and cute

Author's Response: :) thank you!

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Review #8, by StillMissingHogwarts Ron Confides In Crookshanks

16th July 2009:
they are so cute=) They are so made to be together!

Author's Response: Of course! :D

Thank you for your review!

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Review #9, by WitnesstoitAll Ron Confides In Crookshanks

12th July 2009:
haha. I just stumbled upon this little one shot and had to tell you that it was to die for. I laughed so hard. I could just imagine a grumpy Ron whining to his fury orange sworn foe. Too funny. My favorite line in the entire story was: "he was surprised that fate hadnít made him spontaneously naked, just for fun." I really had to pause and compose myself before I continued on. I was laughing too hard to concentrate. And I do agree, Ron and Hermione are hands down the best couple ever.


Author's Response: :D Heehee this is a such a cool review! It made my evening.

Lol it's always good to hear I'm funny, because I'm usually that person who tells a joke that I think is absolutely amazing, and no one else does. :D

Thank you again!

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Review #10, by janelleweasley Ron Confides In Crookshanks

26th June 2009:
cute x10 :D Ron is just so. adorable. I really liked it. Keep on writing.

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Review #11, by momotwins Ron Confides In Crookshanks

18th June 2009:
Aww. This is totally adorable. I could just see the image of Ron lying flat on his back with Crookshanks on top of him. I did think him asking Hermione to sit on his lap was a bit odd, but you made it work. A really sweet fic. Romione love!

And you know, you brought up an excellent point here. Ron, who has a strong inferiority complex through most of the books, does favor a Quidditch team who NEVER wins. I think that says something about his inner character.

Author's Response: I love Ron so much! And Crookshanks too, so this is one of my favourite stories I've done and it always makes me very happy when other people like it too!

His loyalty to his Quidditch team is admirable, and it does seem a bit "Ron" that they lose a lot... haha, but he got Hermione in the end, as we knew he would :)

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Review #12, by hermionieforever Ron Confides In Crookshanks

27th May 2009:
aww, that's so cute!

Author's Response: Thank you :) :)

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Review #13, by chicken  Ron Confides In Crookshanks

21st May 2009:
So funny. She sat on his lap! That was so cute.

Author's Response: :) Thank you!

Ron and Hermione = cute. :) :)

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Review #14, by laks Ron Confides In Crookshanks

8th May 2009:
i agree with you, ron and hermione the best couple ever

Author's Response: Hell yeah! ! ! !

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Review #15, by Aashna Ron Confides In Crookshanks

20th April 2009:
Hi TheDirigiblePlum
Hm nice indigenous idea there 4 a story, it was very good. The beginning description about Ron being irritated, frustrated and more-over extremely bothered by Hermione's likes for Krum was awesome. u managed quite well to describe the dingy atmosphere for Ron who was aggravated to no-end.
It was humerous too, at places it really made me smile. So, overall a real nice attempt and the story was very good to read n njoyble too!

Author's Response: :) Aw thanks!

I'm very pleased you liked it :D

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Review #16, by Jessica Ron Confides In Crookshanks

17th April 2009:
Will you sit on my lap? loool.

Aww I could totally see Ron actually doing this.

Author's Response: :)

Ron's so lovely. :D

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Review #17, by Jellyman Ron Confides In Crookshanks

16th April 2009:
Oh my God, that was so cute! I think I much just throw up rainbows :) Haha, that was perfectly sweet and wonderfully original, I loved it! Well done :3

Author's Response: Throw up rainbows! That would be something to see!

I so happy you liked it, because this was one of my favourite ideas, and you thought it was original too!

Thanks lots and lots!

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Review #18, by JAMIEWAMIEBEANS<3 Ron Confides In Crookshanks

15th April 2009:

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Review #19, by Misty_Rey Ron Confides In Crookshanks

15th April 2009:
I completely agree with the last sentence. xD

Back to the story though, it was brilliant! Absolutely adorable and heartwrenching and heart-warming and all that other good stuff. I don't like Crookshanks much (then again, that's probably because I don't like cats in general) but I can apreciate and believe that Ron would confide in the furball. Its thoughts were quite amusing as well. But what really shone in this story was Ron himself. You've perfectly captured him and the essence of his character from the HP series, of what a thoughtless, insensitive to other people's feelings git he can be but also his insecurities and feelings of inadequacies, tying it all neatly to his jealousy of Viktor (which you mispelled but no big deal ^_^). Ron was just... Ron. And when he asked Hermione to sit on his lap, oh my. But then she did and it was just a really sweet moment between them. This entire story was sweet, fluff at its best. My only advice would be to look over this story as there were spelling and grammar mistakes but nothing glaring. Overall, an entirely enjoyable read. 9/10


Author's Response: :D thank you so much !

Lol I wrote this at about 1.30 am so my grammar is probably awful as I was still tapping away with my eyes and brain somewhere entirely different - most likely my bed. :D

I'll run through it (when I'm more awake) and make the changes. :)

Sooo happy you thought I got Ron right, because I think he's the hardest character to do.
Again I'm very happy you liked it!

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Review #20, by looneyleeleelovegood Ron Confides In Crookshanks

15th April 2009:

Thats left me all warm and tingly, a lovely story, well done!

But i'm afraid I have always hated Crookshanks with a wild fury... and evn though this was a brill story, i'm still not converted to liking the flat faced ugly thing haha. Good job!

Author's Response: :O I'll just pretend you didn't say that about Crookshanks... and move on. :D (Sorry, I'm a GREAT GREAT cat fan and I think Crookshanks is an absolute gem :D)

But apart from that I'm glad I left you warm and tingly! That's what fluffy one shots are all about :)

Thank you for you lovely review :)

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Review #21, by Alopex Ron Confides In Crookshanks

14th April 2009:
Oh gosh, I loved this one-shot! It was fantastic! It was really funny and sweet and creative, and it made for a lovely reading experience. I really like the way you had Ron and Crookshanks interacting. I think you captured the most interesting parts of both of their personalities and brought out their most similar traits.

Of course, being a Ron/Hermione shipper, I like that you let them get together in the end. Ron was just so . . . Ron in that part. You've got to love him and also groan and roll your eyes at him. Anyway, as I've said, I liked this story a lot. It was very funny and well-written. There was a good balance between description of things (chair, paper, room, etc.) and emotion (Ron's feelings and interaction w/ Crookshanks).

Author's Response: :D Thank you! :)

I tried to get Crookshanks and Ron just right, and I'm relieved I managed it! (Crookshanks is a complex character to write... being slightly more intelligent than your average cat. :D)

Lol at the end I didn't imagine them to quite be "together" together, but they kind of have a mutual understanding that maybe their relationship is slightly more than a normal friendship. :)

I just love Ron and Hermione... legendary couple.

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Review #22, by Childish_Fairy Ron Confides In Crookshanks

13th April 2009:
aw I cant even surpress the aww! Serious I covered my face when he asked "Sit on my lap?" because i was so embaressed, but this was really really really cute!

Author's Response: :D Lol thank you!

I know... I wanted to die for him when he said that... (lol even though I made him :D)

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Review #23, by Beck Ron Confides In Crookshanks

13th April 2009:
Eek! This is WAY too fluffy! And somehow it seems to fit with the characters personalities!

Author's Response: Can anything ever be too fluffy? :D

I tried to make it Ron/Hermioneish, so glad it fitted!

Thanks for reviewing. :)

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Review #24, by redherring Ron Confides In Crookshanks

13th April 2009:
This is officially my favourite Ron/Hermione ever!! It was just unbelievably adorable. Oh, and I simply ADORE your Ron. He was so perfectly written.

"... he only wanted a good gawk at Hermione whilst she was reading... pervert," Ron muttered"

Haha! Made me laugh. 10/10

Author's Response: Aw thank you! Your favourite!! Wow! :D That means a lot to me.

I love writing Ron, he's so sweet/ grumpy/ funny/ rude that it combines everything!

Best of all it made you laugh... :) That's my one true aim for my stories. :D lol

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Review #25, by Avanell 2 Ron Confides In Crookshanks

13th April 2009:
very cute. very cute indeed! Love Crooks making his way into stories about our favorite couple ;)

Author's Response: He's a gorgeous cat isn't he? Though he's not actually all cat is he? Hmm... :D

Thanks for your review!

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