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Review #1, by Silenceislouderthanwords14 Epilogue

18th January 2015:
Oh my goodness. I absolutely adore this story! It is the kind of Dramione story I love to read. It had action, suspense, romance, love, and was just pure Dramione.I love it!

I knew all along that it would be Daphne, but throwing Blaise in there threw me off guard. As each person turned out to have a double, I was thinking how could there be so many?! Such good suspense.

I especially love this chapter because of how adorable Eltanin is. I loved that he had his own proposal for Hermione, and then cue Draco! That was incredibly adorable.

I completely love this story! Thank you for sharing this story! :)

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Review #2, by sarsh Epilogue

1st June 2013:
bloody loved this ending! the whole story was great but the ending had me think "HOW FRICKIN ADORABLE!"

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Review #3, by PotterheadForever19 Epilogue

18th June 2012:
OMFG!! that was the BEST bloody Fanfic I've EVER read! Wow I kind of sounded like Ron right then. But nevermind! Amazing!

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Review #4, by BrittJade Epilogue

27th March 2012:
This was a really good story. I really enjoyed it.
Keep up with your writing! :)

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Review #5, by gocnocturna Epilogue

21st February 2012:
Awww. The mommy proposal was so cute!! Great idea. I absolutely loved this story, it was confusing at time and could stand to be beta-Ed, but it was also totally amazing and enthralling. :)

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Review #6, by tha.king.m_m Taken Away

13th January 2012:
This chapter broke my heart :(

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Review #7, by tha.king.m_m We Meet Again

13th January 2012:
I have read a story that is just like this but the characters are a little bit different :O it was on fanfiction net but your story is better and it's better written :-)

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Review #8, by Supernaturalgirl18 Epilogue

13th October 2011:
I LOVE THIS STORY! I knew Daphne was up to no good from the start but she died for a son! I guess she wasn't completely bad. This Epilogue was so cute! I was smiling through the who thing! There is just one tiny little detail that's kind of bothering me. James is supposed to be older then Albus.but its your story so I'm not going to complain :D

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Review #9, by Amari-San Epilogue

2nd September 2011:
I hated D. Greengrass is this story but I'm glad she protected her son in the end. I also hated Blaise after reading he was only in the picture to have the upper hand. And very rarely will I come across a story that I actually like Pansy's character, and this story isn't one of them, seeing as how horrible she was. I absolutely loved this story. I usually don't write much in the review but because this particular story is just absolutely amazing, I just had to tell you!

I hope there's a sequel!

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Review #10, by BEA Epilogue

16th August 2011:
wow. this was so good. i was crying my eyes out at the end... :,(

such a good story.

well done!

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Review #11, by mindifislytherintom Epilogue

22nd July 2011:
This was amazing! I love Elt! The "will you be my mommy" thing made me cry a little! That was so sweet! Way to make sure she says yes! Who could say no to that face!!

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Review #12, by dracos lover Epilogue

8th July 2011:
i absolutly love! love! love! your book its awsome write more like this because your a talented writer i had tears in my eyes at the end i love happy endings

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Review #13, by luvlunageorgefred Epilogue

21st June 2011:
LLOOOVVVEE OMG LOVE SO MUCH *tears* beautiful! Daphne was so bad but she died for Elt! the twists! I just couldn't pick it! and Draco and Hermione! oh just wonderful! *claps* only one thing...There's no mention of James II in this and he'd older then Albus?
but still love love love xoxo

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Review #14, by jolycassy Epilogue

2nd June 2011:
This story ended nicely. I really enjoyed the ending and hope The sequel is already up. I'll be waiting for it. I wish I was that good at writing stories, I really liked it.

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Review #15, by jolycassy A Slice of Epiphany

2nd June 2011:
I'm really loving this story. Lets just say I started it this morning, and I'm almost done with it (which is a good and bad thing, Good, because that won't mean I'll be staying up late reading it, and bad because it is really good).

In the first chapter when you meantioned Eltanin being a star in Draco. I went to look at my star chart, (I'm an astronomy major and I have a pretty big one in my room) and the name of the star was Etamin. This bothered me because either my star chart was wrong, or you were. But I keep reading anyway. So then I get to this chapter and hear about it again. Still bothered, I decided to solve this mystery and wikipediaed it. The brightest star in Draco can go by both Etamin and Eltanin. So mystery solved.

I don't know why I told you, but I felt like it would be useful information.

So once again, This is a very good story. I like the drama and the romance, I think the only problem with it (other than the fact that I was wondering about that name the whole time) is that it is too short. I understand it makes the story better, but it should be longer because I don't want it to end.

So Hopefully the ending will be great!

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Review #16, by CraftyK13 Epilogue

15th May 2011:
Dear Ms. Darcy,
You have put me through Hell while reading this. I have been worried sick about Eltanin and the other children. I have wondered who was on the good side, or the bad side. I have never wanted to slap someone so bad until I read these final chapters; Blaise is very irritating. But, I have enjoyed every second of it. Everything has been so dramatic, mysterious, and it brought tears to my eyes to see it end. Thank you(:

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Review #17, by Draco_is_Hermiones Epilogue

25th November 2010:
aw!! im so in love with this fanfic like you have no idea i have read it several times!! and i just feel in love with little Eltanin he is so precious! my son better as heck be like that sweet little boy lol

this story was truely and epicly amazing! I love it and- trust me- this is not the last time ill read it. its one of those stories where i will reread over and over just because it was beautifuly written and of course (as i call him) my little boy Eltanin lol

10/10 and its well deserved

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Review #18, by Teri Epilogue

22nd September 2010:
This story was absolutely amazing. I'm sad to see it end. I'd love to have another where we see Draco and Hermione several years later with more children in addition to Eltanin. I feel this could continue if you wished it to.
I can't wait to read more of your stories.

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Review #19, by mcnbirdsgirl Epilogue

9th September 2010:
awww elt is adorable!! loved the way this story was written and Very fluffy at the end :D

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Review #20, by Dramione Epilogue

29th August 2010:
Wow, this is an amazing story. I have never been so pulled towards a piece in my entire life. I cried, smiled, laughed and enjoyed every minute of it. I hope the sequel will come soon.

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Review #21, by fangirl333 Epilogue

24th August 2010:
Awesome ending! I'm a sucker for happy endings :) Can't wait to read the Sequel is you choose to write it.

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Review #22, by fangirl333 For the Night

21st August 2010:
Im liking this story so far, can't wait to keep on reading. There's so many "aww" moments with Elt and Draco. Good job :)

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Review #23, by quirkycharm Epilogue

12th August 2010:
this was absolutely delightful, transfixing. i completely enjoyed every bit of it. :)

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Review #24, by Xaryanna!!!! <3 Epilogue

26th July 2010:
OMGGG! i loveee this story! i love it so much, i cant believe tht i actually am OK with this pairing, i didnt think this was possible!!! i loved this story. am probably gonna print it out and ALWAYS carry it with me! i love you for writing such a beautiful words, i will ALWAYS remember this story. but i must ask yu a question about the sequel: does it have a happy ending for Draco and `Mione??? i would really apreciate it if you could email me the answer to it IF yo dont want to answer it on here.
heres my email: aish_hu(at)hotmail . com
thnxx once again for the story of a life time =)
sry i cant add email address sooo there r actually no spaces between anything :)

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Review #25, by Xaryanna Try And Break Away

25th July 2010:
you are ABSOLUTLY amazing!!! i had to say something please do continue writing!!! i would love to see more of your WONDERFUL skills in the up coming chapters! :) i love the way you have with words simply beautiful!

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