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Review #1, by RonsGirlFriday Sound of Silence

22nd April 2009:
This was a very sweet idea, and at the end I was wondering whether the conversation was all in Neville's mind or what was exactly going on, but it didn't matter to me too much because I think I got the message you were trying to send about Neville connecting with his mother. It was very emotive!

I thought Augusta Longbottom may have been a bit mischaracterized here...I don't think she was all that cold and tyrannical, and while I know Neville kind of lived under her thumb all his life, it turned out she was a caring woman and I think he grew to respect and admire her quite a bit. But this is your story and your artistic license, and a little bit of OOC never killed anyone. :-)

It was also very well written, and I think I only spotted a couple of punctuation errors here and there, probably just typos.

Thanks for writing such a touching story! 8/10

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