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Review #1, by grednforge217 Too Much To Dream

1st June 2014:
I'm so sorry I didn't review sooner, but I was just so caught up in this story! This was so amazing. Though it was much quicker paced then "Unsinkable", I felt far sadder by the end. Probably because it felt like the end of an era, and also because there's never been any stories about seventh year in canon. Anyhow, it was amazing and I felt very sad to be leaving all of these lovely characters behind.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing, any time! :D It's a shorter story than Unsinkable, and hopefully a bit better laid out plotwise - I put more effort into that with this one lol. It made me sad to finish writing these characters, which is why there are a few short stories of them. I'm really glad that you enjoyed it, and thank you so much!

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Review #2, by marauderfan Too Much To Dream

7th June 2013:
Ok all finished. I loved this story. Am I getting repetitive saying this, because I really seem to be saying that about every chapter I review! I like the way you did the end, the way everything's so up in the air.

Also, this line from the last chapter:
"Dorothy's a terrible gossip," said Molly sternly. She leaned forward. "What did she say?"

Lol that sort of sums up Molly in a nutshell :p It seemed sooo in character for her.

Well, now that I've finished I think I'm going to miss the characters a lot, by the end of these two fics they were like old friends to me. (Does this make me sound like I live in a bubble, because I'm so attached to fictional characters?. actually don't answer that)

I guess you'll see me again reviewing some of your other fics! :) You are a wonderful writer!!!

Author's Response: Yay I'm so glad you liked it!

Ahahaha... Yeah that's totally Molly. I'm glad you noticed that, no one else has mentioned it and it was one of my favorite parts - it seemed so Molly-ish. XD Don't worry about being attached to fictional characters, cause I'm even worse - I feel like they live in my head and I write cause they won't stop giving me their stories. We can be crazy together haha

Thank you so much for the kind words, it means a lot to me!

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Review #3, by marauderfan Clouds Passing Overhead

7th June 2013:
This chapter was really good. I wonder what's going on with Siobhan. I think she's my favourite of the side characters.

I think the best thing about this chapter was the way you've described the fracturing of the big group into smaller factions, and Molly feeling as if she is on the outside. That was a feeling I could totally relate to - as people prepare to leave, they stick together with the ones they're closest to, and I distinctly remember that happening to me at the end of high school and university. Your characters and their feelings/thoughts are so realistic.

Author's Response: Siobhan's subplot will come out more in future chapters.

I remember the breaking up of a group into smaller parts at the end of school - I think it's pretty common, when you know you're going your own way. And teenagers feeling like they don't quite fit is pretty common too. Heck I haven't been a teenager in a long time and I still feel that way sometimes. *sigh* Thank you so much for the review, I really appreciate it!

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Review #4, by marauderfan Deep in the Valley

7th June 2013:
As usual with Muggle things, Arthur found himself fascinated by the alienness of their ways. Using needles to sew ink into one's skin, over a period of hours, sounded absolutely barbaric to him, but he couldn't help wishing he could see how the process was accomplished. He wondered if batteries were involved, or if it worked with eckeltricity.

This made me laugh. I love Arthur's musings on Muggle inventions :D

Also, I meant to mention this in my last review but forgot - I know this is random, but I like the fact that Arthur and his brothers names start with A, B, and C. I don't know whether that was intentional but I think it's cute :p

Author's Response: Arthur does love his Muggles ;) Tattooing would be fascinating to him, especially for the power source haha...

It was intentional! I'd been looking at Arthur and Bilius and was trying to think of another brother for him, and Constantine seemed like a good fit. I'm glad you liked it! :) Thanks for the review!

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Review #5, by marauderfan A Lifetime Looking

7th June 2013:
Ok so I'm working my way through this fic now, after I loved Unsinkable so much!

This chapter made me laugh. I remember Ron in the books saying Bilius always had an odd sense of humour - and that prank was so ridiculous. I was laughing out loud. I loved it when Molly hit Bilius over the head with the box - and then Arthur's mum encouraging her. So perfect :D

I liked the inclusion of Rita Skeeter a couple of chapters back. That was great. And I liked seeing the resemblance between the three Prewetts at the duelling club, it didn't surprise me that Molly would be so good at the protective spells but it was great to see the twins really come into their own and have Molly recognise that they're not only about mischief. I really like the way you're portraying the beginnings of the war. So far I'm loving this story just as much as the first one! :)

Author's Response: Oh thank you! I hope you like this one as well as the first. Bilius needs a good smack upside the head ;)

I love to throw a canon character in for a cameo. I'm glad you noticed Rita there :) The Prewetts are definitely similar at duelling club, though Molly would hate to admit it. She's got a natural ability with duelling, both defense and offense, and so do the twins. They're definitely coming into their own a bit, since in the future they'll be quite good at what they do in the Order of the Phoenix. It was fun to show the beginnings of that development.

Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #6, by TenthWeasley Here We Go Again

5th April 2013:
I'm so happy to be reading a story of yours again! After I made that status asking for reading requests, I tried out a Harry/Luna novel, but I couldn't make it through the third chapter because it just didn't feel right. I couldn't explain what it was, but I decided to stop reading and pop back into the Unsinkableverse. Whatever was missing in that novel I tried reading, I found here.

On the contrary, this first chapter wasn't slow at all for me (and I've just seen the word count after having to make my way here again due to shutting down my computer, and that did NOT feel like nearly five thousand words). Opening this and reading about Molly and Arthur and Hattie and all the members of this group of friends... it feels a bit like coming back to old friends of my own. ♥

I love that you're actually addressing the rise of Voldemort here, too, because that's something that's so lacking in this era of fic writing. People very much undermine the influence he had on the wizarding world, but that doesn't make sense to me. He had whole communities afraid to speak his name, so knowing that you acknowledge that and are having Cosmo bring up the newspaper, and Cecila's dad working overtime for it, bring a really fresh and welcome layer of authenticity.

Also, just throwing this in there: ARTHUR AND MOLLY ARE TOTALLY ENGAGED. I defy anyone to think otherwise! ;)

I think this is going to be much like my reviewing style from TUMP, and that means that I might not leave reviews on every chapter as I'd prefer to. I wish time constraints dictated my life differently. But I definitely am going to continue reading, and I'm already itching to hit the next-chapter arrow! And you'll hear again from me at the end, if not sooner than that. I can promise you that.

Thank you for writing these stories. This is totally my own headcanon now, too -- I love this so much!

Author's Response: Harry/Luna is an odd ship to me. It doesn't entirely make sense, I guess. I can kind of see the logic, but I don't see the attraction, I suppose. I'm glad you stopped by and started this story though! I hope you enjoy it :)

I'm glad it didn't seem too lengthy/wordy. Re-introducing a large cast such as Unsinkable has is a bit of a pain. Voldemort's rise is a huge plot in this novel, as you said it was the major social issue in this subset of society at the time. There was no avoiding it. Setting up the culture of fear that would result in "people eloping left, right and center" because they were all hyper-aware of their own mortality pretty much ensures a great deal of Voldemort activity.

They really are, and just never make it official haha. It's true. XD

I do understand about getting time to do everything, so no worries, I won't be mad at you for not reviewing every chapter ;) I appreciate any reviews you can send me! Thanks for this, and I hope you like the rest of the story!

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Review #7, by pumpkinpasties Too Much To Dream

29th December 2012:
Just as good as the previous, I must say. I'm really starting to fall in love with this group :) I would leave a longer review but I'm far too excited to keep reading! 10/10, as always :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked this one. It's a bit darker than the first, but I think it's better planned out as a novel. Anyway thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by George Whitman Too Much To Dream

28th July 2012:
Hey momotwins! I've finally read this whole thing! It was way too short but good all the same.

I liked the dueling club, the uncertainty everyone feels with the rise of Voldemort and of course the characters we came to love in Unsinkable are still strong. Their development here was a masterstroke. Gideon and Fabian were entertaining as ever as they came away with a reverence for their older sister. Molly struggled with jealousy, hormones, and the idea of being a blood traitor while she let her strength at confrontation shine as she channeled it into dueling. We saw Cecilia and Reid seamlessly become an enjoyable couple after the uncomfortable relationship they had in Unsinkable. Hattie was as annoying as ever. Arthur and Siobhan didn't change much but they didn't have to as we've come to appreciate Arthur's unbending resolve and empathize with Siobhan's emotional insecurity. Petula matured and the whole group came along very well. Indeed we saw the men and women make connections among themselves and each other that were realistic and relatable as they faced a huge transition in their lives.

I loved that the Gryffindors won the Quidditch Cup undefeated for once and I like how Arthur was on the team for each . I've always thought that Rowling got lazy with the whole quidditch thing in the later books. She used the same gimmick to see Gryffindor win the Cup three times in a row. They lose a game and then "miraculously" win their other two by the correct margin to claim the cup. Meanwhile she finds some way for Harry to get injured or in detention to either miss the last game or the snitch during some game. Sure these events were exciting once but became a cheap thrill as we eventually saw Rowling discredit the competition to the point that there was no actual tension involved. This straightforward approach was much appreciated because you didn't insult us by pretending it could go any other way. Sorry about that rant. You can tell I'm a bit of a sports fan and was disappointed by Rowling's treatment of Quidditch.

I liked the idea of conflict between muggleborns and purebloods but I thought that it would be better represented by a pureblood closer to the main characters turning out in support of Voldemort's ideas if not Voldemort himself. The only time we see something remotely close is when Reid (I think) tries rather lamely to defend some of death eaters actions as nothing more than muggle baiting. Hattie has natural misgivings as she worries about the safety of her mother and encounters thoughts about prejudice for the first time but I suppose it makes sense that none of the major characters would lean towards Voldemort as they have friends that are muggleborn or closely related to muggleborns but still I was expecting some sort of moral betrayal that never came.

The development of a rivalry between Arthur, Molly, and Lucius was good to see, as was the quick cameo by Rita, but what happened to the burgeoning rivalry between Molly and Bellatrix that we so enjoyed in Unsinkable? It would have been good to see that come out more in the dueling club. My basic criticism of this piece is that as a sequel to Unsinkable it falls short. It lacks the filler that Unsinkable had to increase depth and it doesn't recover themes introduced in Unsinkable sufficiently. It felt like a rushed and uninspired chore to feed the desire of the masses for a sequel. While we were expecting a novel of similar length and depth that we got in Unsinkable, we got a mushy story of our beloved heroes going through the main plot points like a bullet list. I think you are the best fanfiction writer there is at capturing Rowling's style and matching her intent. In this case I was left slightly disappointed because I had extremely high expectations for this story as a sequel. However I still enjoyed what was there and crave ever more. Begging for more surely isn't the worst thing to see from a fan like me! Well done.

Author's Response: Nice to see you back, I haven't seen you reviewing in quite a while. I'm glad you enjoyed the story! I really loved writing this one, showing the gang maturing as they go through their final year at Hogwarts. The Quidditch in canon does follow the same path, yeah. I am not a sports person so I just made myself write it, you know?

Sorry that you didn't think it was as good as the original though. Most other reviewers have felt this was a better written and plotted piece than Unsinkable (which I mostly made up as I went along), so I'm sorry that you disagree with that. I'm pretty proud of this story.

Thank you for the review! I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on the story. :)

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Review #9, by Singularity Too Much To Dream

14th August 2011:
I have to start by saying how much I admire how you've written this scene. I am ridiculously sentimental with a soft spot for overly dramatic, completely unrealistic, tearful good byes (*cough* see chapter 3 of Purpose and Priorities :P). So I love the way you've written this. The sentimental characters are a little bit sentimental, but not over the top, and the other characters roll their eyes at the sentimental ones. Completely realistic and very well done.

It reminded me a lot of high school and college graduation. When you all just kind of stand around and wonder what'll become of you all, and if you'll still be friends in five years. The uncertainty is even higher in their situation, but it's such a common theme, and you've written it beautifully.

I am so tempted to stop reading stories in this universe :P This is such a nice, happy place to end. I can skip merrily off and pretend that everyone lives happily ever after, become the godparents of each others kids, and stay friends forever. I know if I keep reading, something terrible is going to happen. Possibly several terrible things.

But you write so well, that I feel invested in the characters and want to know what happens. I want to see Molly and Arthur get married and start their family, so I know I'll continue.


Author's Response: Hehehe... I like a dramatic good-bye sometimes, but it doesn't feel right here. Everyone says goodbye in their own way, and Siobhan isn't at all sentimental so she's always the one in the back rolling her eyes.

Graduation/leaving ceremonies are funny things, because as a social construct they really are meant to give official status to a transition from one part of life to another, but often they wind up giving the effect you describe, of leaving everyone feeling like they don't entirely know what to do next.

Ah don't stop reading here! There's more in this story universe still, and I'd love to hear what you think :) Thank you so much for all the lovely reviews you've left for this story! I really appreciate it.

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Review #10, by Singularity Written on the Wind

14th August 2011:
This whole story has involved that push and pull between the little bubble of safety at Hogwarts and the growing tension in the outside world, but no where has that been more apparent than in this chapter. They go from being completely absorbed in worrying about their N.E.W.T.s to this blatant wake up call about what's really going on in the outside world, and the back and forth continues all chapter. It was brilliantly done, and I think you did a wondrous job of capturing what it must have been like to be a student at Hogwarts at this time.

I remember someone in canon (I want to say Sirius) talking about how a lot of people thought Voldemort had the right idea until they realized how far he was willing to go to get there. That seems like exactly what's happening in this chapter. The Ravenclaws are being awoken to Voldemort's true intentions and they realize that isn't what they want for the world.

I really enjoy this story. It's absolutely amazing the way that you've captured Molly and Arthur at this time in their lives.


Author's Response: The murder of Twyla's parents really comes as a slap to everyone - brings the war home in a way they hadn't really felt before, and it escalates things as well, because her father wasn't Muggleborn. It takes them from the childhood worries of exams straight to a reminder that shortly they'll be grown-ups, and in the same danger as everyone else.

I think it was Sirius who said that, yeah - most people didn't really take Voldemort seriously, not until he started killing people in retaliation or merely for sport. The Ravenclaws are starting to get it here. And now everyone realizes that really NO ONE is safe.

Thank you so much!

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Review #11, by Singularity Lady Willpower

13th August 2011:
"School would be over soon, and Arthur would no longer be on the team, so surely that meant she wouldn't have to feign interest in the game any longer."

Hahahahaha! Little do you know that you will soon be the mother of at least 5 Quidditch playing children :P You can't escape it Molly!

Something bad is going to happen to Cecilia and her family, isn't it? :( It makes sense. You can't try to pass legislation like that with the social climate the way it is and not expect some negative repercussions. I'm totally keeping my fingers crossed for Cecilia and Reid, though I'm starting to think it's a lost cause.

Ok, so I /really/ shouldn't celebrate Molly hexing a third year, but it's Lucius Malfoy and he so had it coming, so go Molly! *waves pompoms* He reminded me quite a bit of Draco in that scene. All talk, but as soon as the other person fights back, he runs off like the coward he is.

It was really sweet that Gideon and Fabian stood up for her and took the blame. Oh sibling love. You wrote that section really well. It was a great way to express affection with really expressing affection. In my experience with siblings, that's exactly how it goes :P


Author's Response: Hahaha... poor Molly. She just doesn't give a hoot about Quidditch. And then all her kids (maybe not Percy) go and inherit Arthur's Quidditch-loving gene. But at least she got to stay home from the World Cup.

Molly and her brothers aren't terribly demonstrative with their affection, but they do stand up for each other. I liked showing the boys' growing maturity here, and the fact they will protect their sister when it's down to brass tacks. Lucius really did earn that little hex.

Cecilia and Reid... I won't spoil it. Keep reading! :) Thank you very much for reviewing!

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Review #12, by Singularity Lights Shining Through

13th August 2011:
Ooh, reality check for Molly and Arthur. It's an interesting moment when you stop thinking idealistically about marriage and start to think about it a bit more realistically and concretely. Not that I'm married, but enough of my friends are that I've definitely hit the reality check point in my own life :P

It's so interesting to see Molly and Arthur's growing relationship in the midst of the brewing war. On one side, their two teenagers who are just trying to enjoy their last year of school, spend time together, and get good marks. On the other side, they're also trying to start thinking about what the rest of their lives are going to be like. Then you throw in the added dimension of the uncertainty of the war coming in, and it makes for an incredibly interesting time. It's as if they're being pulled in so many different directions, and only have each other to hold on to. (That sounded far less cheesy in my head).

It's awesome to see Cecilia's dad involved in such great legislation. It's no wonder that Arthur would want to go work for him. However, it's definitely not a safe line of work to go into at the moment. I really don't want something bad to happen to Cecilia, but since you've already written sequels to this story, it's too late to beg, so I'll just cross my fingers...


Author's Response: Yeah, definite reality check - they haven't really thought out the practicalities of the whole marriage thing. Both of them are just thinking about how romantic it will be - and maybe Arthur's thinking a lot about getting her in bed - but fortunately Arthur's got an older brother to slap some sense into them. Constantine and Glynis really rattled them!

I didn't think it sounded cheesy at all :D I really love that description, it's exactly what I wanted to come across with this story. I do find this time period very interesting, and of course this is my favorite ship.

Cecilia's dad is really someone Arthur would look up to. And yes, it's a bit too late now for anything to be altered in the plot ;) You'll have to keep reading to see what happens!

Thank you for reviewing! *hug*

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Review #13, by Singularity Heart on the Shelf

13th August 2011:
I loved Siobhan's reaction to the wedding discussion! Hilarious and so in character for her :P I was sad that she broke up with Roddy again at the end. Oh, Siobhan! I just want to give her a hug, though she would never let that happen.

As much as I hate to think of 'claws behaving in such an atrocious manner, I'm glad the girls who insulted Molly weren't Slytherins. It's a good reminder that blood purity isn't just a Slytherin prejudice.

Molly's duel with her brothers...just wow. You wrote that really incredibly. And I loved Arthur's ability to calmly step into the middle and end it all, even after Flitwick had been yelling at them for several minutes.

I've always felt a little bad for Petula. It's got to be hard being the fifth Gryffindor girl, the one without the best friend. Especially because the other girls are often quite mean to her behind her back, and sometimes in front of her face. I thought the conversation at the end was a great way to pull in the time period to the story.


Author's Response: I deliberately made those girls Ravenclaws - it couldn't have been limited only to Slytherins, and I think Ravenclaw is the next most likely house, sadly, although I do think you would find people like that in every house.

Arthur stepping in as Molly fights her brothers, I have to admit, I think that's totally sexy XD And I'm glad you liked that scene, it's one of my favorites in the entire story.

The other girls are mean to Petula a lot, aren't they? They really do like her, she's just a little abrasive at times. Not that the other girls aren't occasionally (or a lot, in Cecilia's case) abrasive too, but Petula and her drama-mongering would get tiring. Hard not to treat her as the odd man out after a while. But, she has Dunstan from this year on as her bestie, so she does have someone. And of course there's Thomas. ;) The sex conversation, poor Petula and Molly, they're both so shy about it, but Siobhan's got a point that if you can't even talk about it... Well anyway.

Thank you so much for reviewing! :D

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Review #14, by Singularity A Thing About You

13th August 2011:
Ok, once again, I love Reid and Cecilia. The banter between the two of them is just absolutely brilliant. And the way he talks about her when she isn't around, you can just tell that he is completely in love with her, even as he's saying not exactly flattering things.

I love the way you wrote Arthur's passion for Muggle rights in this chapter. Usually his love of Muggles is written off as some weird personality quirk. He's the guy who collects plugs and mispronounces the names of Muggle devices. He's not usually taken very seriously, so it was awesome to see this side of his passion.

So many things about this chapter made me giggle, especially Arthur's birthday. Oh Arthur, you are such a teenaged boy :P The way you described him as feeling quite the Muggle because he ordered the special was hilarious! I love it :)


Author's Response: Haha, Reid talking about Cecilia behind her back. He's a jerk, but he does love her. She's a jerk too, so they fit each other. XD

Arthur isn't just a weirdo collecting batteries, he really is passionate about equality and protecting Muggles. The Muggle Protection Act, especially the fact that he managed to get it passed while in his dead-end minor job and with quite a bit of prejudice against him for being a "blood traitor" and a bit of a weirdo, I think it really speaks to his dedication and the strength of his beliefs. He's awesome, what can I say ;)

Poor Arthur, he is a hormone-filled teenage boy and didn't quite get what he wanted for his birthday. haha. No shenanigans without a ring, of course.

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #15, by Singularity Clouds Passing Overhead

13th August 2011:
This was a great chapter to kind of be reminded that they're all teenagers and there's a lot of drama that goes with being a teenager. It's really interesting to watch the lines kind of being drawn and loyalties being tested in small ways. I love Molly's thoughts at the end about group dynamics and feeling outside of things. It's really indicative of changing relationships and what happens as people grow up I think.

I've probably said this before, but I love Reid and Cecilia's relationship. They're so great and fun together. Siobhan continues to intrigue me. I want to know what's going on with her.

You do such an amazing job of keeping up with such a large cast. It's really very impressive.


Author's Response: Yeah, there's still teenage drama happening (they are 17/18 only) despite the world being all serious around them. And the group dynamics shift as they get closer to leaving school and becoming full-fledged adults, they sort of section off into smaller and more defined groups.

Reid and Cecilia are sort of a trip, really. They probably both could use some therapy :p Siobhan is a sad and broken girl in a lot of ways. I've got a bit more on her perspective in other stories, and have been planning a longer story from her POV.

Thank you very much for reviewing!

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Review #16, by Singularity Deep in the Valley

9th August 2011:
“Well, we always knew Bilius was an idiot. Remember what he did with the flowers at Hector's wedding?”

^ YES! Yay for ridiculously small canon details! :D
And his apology? Brilliantly hilarious :P Seems about right though...

I always liked the little scenes in the boys dorm in 'Unsinkable' so I was happy to read another of them in this chapter. You do a great job of capturing the dynamics of the boy's relationships, or at least, I assume you do, having never eavesdropped on a group of boys in a dorm. Seems pretty realistic to me.

I'd love to be inside Siobhan's head. I want to know what she's thinking and what's going on with her. This has to be a terrifying time for her. She's such a mystery...

Lovely chapter!


Author's Response: Hahaha, I reference Bilius's flower trick in "Over The Anvil" too. From the way Fred & George talked about it in DH, I gathered it was probably pretty notorious. XD

I try to keep the boys' conversations as accurate - I hope - as possible. The first time I wrote one, I asked my husband (3rd of 6 brothers) to look it over, and he just grinned when he read it, so I think it was pretty accurate.

Siobhan's head is a damaged place to be. Did you read "The Black Velvet Band"? It's a Siobhan-POV one-shot set between Unsinkable and What It's Worth. I know you read Unsinkable a while back, so I'm not sure if you read the associated stories set with that one (like Shift, or Fireworks, or I Will Follow). Anyway. Enough story hocking. Siobhan is a mystery to Molly in a lot of ways, they have almost polar opposite backgrounds (not quite as opposite as Siobhan and Arthur - Muggleborn/pureblood, alone/big family, etc) so sometimes Molly just doesn't get her.

Thank you very much!

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Review #17, by Singularity A Lifetime Looking

9th August 2011:
Hmm, I've always wondered about the history between Lucius and Arthur. Obviously, we see that there is some there, so this is a really great introduction to that relationship.

Aww, I always love Christmas with the Weasleys :) Even if it's a bit of a different cast than we're used to, it's still great! I love how Molly fits right into Arthur's family to the extent that she feels comfortable enough to smack Billius over the head. Granted, he definitely deserved it...(that part made me laugh a lot) I can only imagine how embarrassing that would have been for both Arthur and Molly...and probably everyone else in the room by proxy :P

I'm interested to know what the twins are getting up to. It seems like they're maturing quite a bit, which is probably going to set up the unfortunate canon events that I don't want to think about because I love Gideon and Fabian :( *sniffles* Instead I'll think of Molly's face when she pulled out that negligee. *giggles*

The scene between Molly and her mother was great. It's really interesting to watch Molly explore her beliefs and begin to think about things that she hasn't really considered before. I'm glad her parents don't hold with the blood traitor nonsense. I think it would have been really hard for her to have to choose between her parents and Arthur.


Author's Response: The way they behave toward each other in canon indicates, at least to me, that there's many years of them arguing and scraping each other's nerves as their paths cross. It's probably a blessing they have a few years age difference, or they'd have been in detention for fighting the entire time they were at Hogwarts.

Christmas with the Weasleys! This year's Christmas, as opposed to in Unsinkable, I tried to really show how seamlessly Molly fits with her future in-laws. The way she and Arthur are so confident and just wave to relatives at Bill's wedding in DH, I think she'd have been enthusiastically accepted into the family all along.

Molly's parents are sometimes portrayed as stuffy purebloods, but I think they couldn't have been, or she would have been disowned. Arthur's mother was disowned by the Blacks for marrying a Weasley, and if the Prewetts behaved that way, having two sons in the Order and a daughter who marries a Weasley would have meant a round of disowning, I think. So I wrote them differently. They're not Muggle-lovers, but they're not haters either. I think a lot of pureblood families would be that way.

Gideon and Fabian are growing up in this story - though they're still young, so they've got time. There's some conflict in canon about when exactly they are killed, but it should be around 1980ish, so they've got years still - but yeah, it's sad to think of their fate :(

Thank you very much for the review!

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Review #18, by Singularity Reach the Sky

9th August 2011:
It was really nice to see another side of Petula. She surprised me there, but she really does have a lot of strength and bravery. There was a part where Arthur was thinking about how he was too young to be dealing with murders and dark arts and just wanted to focus on Quidditch and school work and his girlfriend. That just screamed Harry to me. It just reminded me that it may be a different time and a different war, but the issues faced are exactly the same. It was a really nice addition and extremely realistic.

"He leaned in and whispered to Molly, his lips next to her ear, “It won't be for us. I promise. I'll make sure there's more than war and death for you.”

^Beautiful. Just beautiful. Lines like this are really demonstrative of their relationship and how they grow from the teenagers they are now to the canon couple we know and love.

You wrote the Quidditch scene really well! I'm impressed :) I always shy away from writing action scenes like that because they seem awfully complicated. Afterwards, when Molly tells him he was brilliant, I was strongly reminded of Ron and Hermione :P It seems like the type of interaction the two of them would have. Hermione, telling Ron that he did really well, and Ron knowing full well she has no idea how well he did, but appreciating the sentiment anyway :P

The ending with Molly jealous of her brothers hits a bit close to home :P That is such a realistic sibling relationship! When you have siblings, you try to find your own niche, your own area that you can excel in and a way you can be "special." When your siblings invade your territory, it can be bad news :P Speaking from experience here :P If only I had sweet Arthur Weasley to talk me down. ;)


Author's Response: Petula *is* a Gryffindor, after all. A lot of her dramatic hysteria is deliberate, because she enjoys drama. Shame Hogwarts doesn't have a theater club ;)

I really think the Harry-era Voldywar, while different in its ways, would have felt so very horrible to the older witches and wizards because they'd already been through the same thing once before. They did it already, thought it was over, and I think that also helps account for all the head-in-the-sand-ism at that time period: they really just don't want to believe it was happening again because it was so awful the first time.

Ah, relief - sports are not my thing, and I was worried about writing Quidditch. I put Arthur on the team just to make myself write a game - I actually left him off the team in Unsinkable deliberately not to have to write a Quidditch game. It was hard to write, and I tried to focus less on the finer points of strategy and game play (because I'm not sporty) and more on the feelings and actions. I've been so relieved that it's gotten a positive response so far.

I can also speak from experience on the siblings homing in on your territory :p I know just what you mean. If only we all had a sweet Arthur ;) hehe.

Thank you very much for reviewing!

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Review #19, by Singularity Blue Is My World

8th August 2011:
I love all of the little details that you're throwing in to this chapter. Just little things like not knowing what the Dark Mark is and not being afraid to say Voldemort (although Hattie's slight stutter on his name was a great detail and telling of things to come I think).

I'm so glad that Molly is over her jealousy about Francine. It was really big of her to apologize.

The bit with the dueling club was my favorite, especially Reid and Cecilia's banter. (When she hexed him and them kissed him in apology was especially hilarious). I really do love the two of them together.

A really awesome chapter. I continue to be amazed at how seamlessly you're able to interweave the war with the school year.


Author's Response: This is just at the start of the really scary heyday for Voldy, so nobody would yet know the Dark Mark - though they certainly will learn to fear it soon - or be too afraid to say his name. I'm glad you noticed Hattie's stuttering over the name, no one else had mentioned that! Yay. I love when people get it. :D

Molly is a good person at heart, and a brave Gryffindor, so I think she'd do the right thing and apologize, even though it would be really hard to do. The dueling club scenes throughout the story are a lot of fun, and open up a lot of possibilities in the story too, so I really liked writing them. Ah Reid and Cecilia. They're a trip.

Thank you so much!

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Review #20, by Singularity Reach Out in the Darkness

8th August 2011:
Poor Arthur. He's really got no idea what's going on, does he? I loved his reaction in the Three Broomsticks when Molly kissed him :P Speaking of Molly, oh Molly. You need to lighten up a bit, dearie. I do love the way she talks as if she is already planning to marry Arthur and spend her life with him though. It's kind of sweet.

The addition of Fabian and Gideon at the end was really funny. I love the way you've written the pair of them. Very much like Fred and George, but with enough of a twist that they don't seem like clones. I can't wait for some more of their plots and schemes :)


Author's Response: Haha, the poor boy, he is totally lost at sea here. Molly does need to lighten up, but she isn't really a light person that often, actually. Scorpios are often very intense people, and I think she fits that. And yeah, she totally already plans for the future with him!

Gideon and Fabian are growing up a bit, so they're starting to change from Fred & George (who I don't think hit their growing-up point quite the same way). I did try not to make them exactly the same, but they kept coming up really similar when I wrote them.

Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #21, by Singularity Only A Moment

7th August 2011:
Molly's discussion with Hattie and her questioning whether she might have some prejudice was so realistic. I think any one who grows up in an enclosed environment eventually hits a point where they are exposed to the bigger world and start to wonder if they might subconsciously have some prejudices that they hadn't realized before.

I love how you are incorporating the coming war into this story and introducing issues related to blood purity bit by bit. The part with Hattie was especially great. She's in the murky gray area that doesn't really get explored much in canon. Not really an advocate for pureblood supremacy, but still holds some prejudices about Muggles. Very interesting.

To slightly lighter subjects, Molly really impressed me in this chapter. I'm glad that she didn't shout at Arthur and try to talk him out of Quidditch too much. Plus, she decided to be supportive, despite obviously thinking he's crazy and wasting his time (Oh, the Hermione parallels increase :)).

I'm pretty frightened for the jealousy of Molly to come out in upcoming chapters. It easy for me as a reader to dismiss her concerns as silly since I know that she and Arthur end up happily married with loads of kids. Molly does not have that same certainty... This could be interesting...


Author's Response: In canon, Ron sometimes spouts things from his mother that show a sort of unconscious and very minor Muggle prejudice. I doubt he even realizes it, or that Molly does. I think it's so ingrained that they don't even see it, unless they're confronted with it. I wanted to show Molly's growth there through Hattie, who has her own growing to do.

Molly was the only one out of the Weasley family to NOT attend the Quidditch World Cup, in GoF - even Hermione went, and she's not into it at all. So I think she (a) saw that as a delightful excuse to relax alone, which as a mother to 7 had to be insanely appealing to her, and (b) just doesn't care about Quidditch. Much like Hermione, her happiness doesn't depend on Arthur's goal-keeping ability ;)

It is kind of easy to gloss over teenage jealousy when you know in 30 year they're married and have a boatload of kids, but yeah, Molly doesn't know that. To her, it's very real and scary. Everyone's insecure now and then.

Thank you for the review!

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Review #22, by Singularity If You Know

7th August 2011:
You do such a brilliant job of writing Molly and Arthur as teenagers. People's personalities don't just change when they become parents, so it's super realistic for Molly to have so many of those maternal instincts already. And Arthur...oh how I love Arthur. The bit where he decided that he was doing Molly and their relationship a favor by not telling her about his Quidditch tryouts was hilarious. He definitely seems to take that attitude in canon as well :P

I've never really thought of Molly as being so...Hermione-esque about schoolwork, but now that you mention it, I can definitely see that fitting in well.

And I love all of the little side characters. In this chapter, Dunstan was especially endearing. I love the idea that he shows up for tryouts every year on the off chance that he somehow got good :P

Also, I love the introduction of Atalanta. The idea of a pureblood Gryffindor who might end up being a Voldemort supporter (probably getting ahead of myself) would be great. I've always had a hard time with Hagrid's pronouncement that there wasn't a witch or wizard who went bad who wasn't in Slytherin. Of course, we know now that he was wrong (Barty Crouch Jr., Peter Pettigrew, etc) but I think there were probably several sympathizers in other houses as well. Just like not all Slytherins are evil, not all evil is Slytherin.

Sorry, that got off topic, but this was a fun chapter. I loved reading about Quidditch tryouts and look forward (with apprehension) to Arthur telling Molly :)


Author's Response: Parenthood changes you in some ways, but sometimes it just amplifies qualities you already had. I think Molly in canon shows a big emphasis on her children's success at school, so I think she would have valued it in herself (and tried to push it on Arthur, who isn't as studious). She's so proud of Bill and Percy being Head Boy in their years, and Ron being a prefect, I just thought it would really fit if she was into studying as well - but was never a prefect herself.

Poor Dunstan - he's the Petula of the boys, really, which is why he and Petula wind up best friends. Someone's got to be the duffer. ha. The poor boy is really not cut out to be a Quidditch star.

Atalanta is a pureblood snob. I think they'd be bound to show up in other houses now and then. She's also sort of cold and standoff-ish, but that would have been her personality whether she was pureblood or not. I agree that some of the "bad guys" must've come from other Houses. I think Hagrid was maybe using a bit of hyperbole there.

Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #23, by Singularity Here We Go Again

7th August 2011:
I read the Unsinkable Molly Prewett several months ago, and was terrible about reviewing it, so I'm going to try to do better this time around.

The pacing of this chapter was really good for me. It reintroduced the characters in a way that helped trigger my memory about who each of them was and what I knew about them. I loved the idea of Siobhan's tattoo. It definitely seems like the type of thing that she would do. And a nice, sweet, Hufflepuff boy seems like a perfect match for Petula. She could use something positive :) I'm a bit concerned about Hattie...

I'm really interested to see how you tie in the nearing war with the everyday challenges of seventh year, and how that affects their future plans.


Author's Response: I completely understand, as I am normally not the world's greatest reviewer myself. The House Cup is great for nudging us all to do better that way, though.

I'm glad you're liking this so far - I tried to make the opening chapter a bit of a re-introduction to everyone, which a few reviewers said they didn't like but I thought was useful if someone came to this after having a break between reading the first story and this, kwim? Petula needs someone to love her, since she's so often odd man out.

Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #24, by Steph Too Much To Dream

7th June 2011:
Whilst reading this chapter the picture at the top of the site was of Molly and Arthur, all grown up :) It has been such an incredible journey with them. You have a brilliant writing style, which really emulates JKR's and makes your stories so easy to read. Thank you for caring so much about all of these characters, and for being committed enough to continue their story right through. Can't wait to move on to the next chapter of this amazing journey.
Thank you once again, you've got a fan here :)

Author's Response: This review really made my day :) Thank you so much for your kind words. I try to do them justice, they're my favorite couple in the books (I do love Ron/Hermione too). I just love them, so I really love hearing other people do as well, or that I've converted readers to the ship ;) Thank you, thank you for the beautiful review! You left me feeling quite speechless with delight :)

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Review #25, by TheWorldISee Too Much To Dream

31st March 2011:
Oh goodness I almost cried while reading this chapter! What a wonderful job, yet again. The leaving of Hogwarts, how sad that must be! It reminded me of my old schools and old friends, geez you've gone and gotten me all emotional. :)

Well congratulations on yet another amazing story. I really enjoyed this one and can't wait to go on and read the elopement!! I'll be very sad when I finally reach the end of the Unsinkable verse, do you think you could just keep writing forever? Hehe. Wonderful job. 10/10!

Author's Response: It's sad to leave school - very emotional time. I figure it must be the same at Hogwarts. I did find it fun to write Siobhan telling them how mental they all are for being so nostalgic. lol

Thank you so much! I've had several requests to keep writing the Unsinkableverse forever haha. I don't think I could manage it though. I wrote quite a lot! Not sure if I'll do another one. Might be my next project.

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