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Review #1, by American Ginny Paradoxically Enough

21st November 2009:
I actually enjoyed it quite well. It was very dramatic which isn't found that often in one-shots. It was fairly well written, and i loved the quotes about love on every new section.

Author's Response: thank you, i really appreciate it.

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Review #2, by lovesiick Paradoxically Enough

4th October 2009:
your vocab use was just lovely. though the situation is a bit cliche, or so to my findings, i think that your use of words made up for it. and must i say that your title is very unique? haha, good job on this one!(=

Author's Response: i guess i can see why you might find it cliche, i've never taken any story as inspiration for this the concept of getting the girl back before it's too late is very popular anywhere... but thank you so much or the kind review, too!

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Review #3, by littlemissmittens Paradoxically Enough

31st July 2009:
I absolutely loved it; when I got to the end I was begging for more. You should write a sequil to it definitely. You are an awsome writer!!! I rarely give 10 out of 10s, you now.

Author's Response: oh thank you, as far as a sequel is concerned that's a bit doubtful, but i write lots of HHr one-shots so there will deff be more of those in the future.

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Review #4, by Jackson Robles Paradoxically Enough

22nd July 2009:
Great portrayal of Hermione! Harry was a little vulgar, but it works.

And I figured she was just dating Seamus so she had a reason to talk to Harry...huh.

I really liked it though. Competent writing!

Author's Response: she actually was trying to move on, giving up, but she wanted to give it one more final shot before she let go... as fort eh potty mouth well they are adults and this sin't kiddy literature so i dont feel the compulsion to really pretty it up, i find this slightly more realistic... hopefully others do too enough to accept it

thank you for reviewing

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Review #5, by Dmali Paradoxically Enough

9th July 2009:
lovely one shot. really. it hit very close to home for me. keep writing, u have a gift. and i loved the quotes, well done.

Author's Response: oh, THANK YOU!

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Review #6, by Randomised Paradoxically Enough

9th May 2009:
I really like this one show. You manage to find perfect moments for ending one scene and crossing to the other one. I like the dialogue, and I never thought I'd find a story where Ron was such a Harmonian. I really enjoyed his conversation with Harry. Also, really like the descriptions of the first two scenes with knocking on the door and Harry's thought about it.

Author's Response: wow... thanks so much, i must admit that iw as a bit hesitant and extremely insecure in regards to this story so reading this means all the more to me. again, thank you!

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Review #7, by Blondejoke101 Paradoxically Enough

7th April 2009:
very good! I loved it!10/10

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #8, by Paradoxically Enough

7th April 2009:
I liked the ending of the story, but not how you got there. It was to painful.

Author's Response: lol, i apologize for that, but sometimes the things worth having are only ever truly appreciated when you have to fight for it, right?... or so i hope...

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Review #9, by gglol16 Paradoxically Enough

6th April 2009:
awww that was so cute! it was wonderful! great job!

Author's Response: thank you.

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Review #10, by The Arethusa Got Lucky Paradoxically Enough

6th April 2009:
Excellent. Minor grammar issues here and there, and I think I spotted one spelling mistake, but excellent all the same. The emotion was portrayed well; nothing was over the top or underdone. The arguments were extremely realistic, especially for a couple that are fighting for their last possible chance.

Author's Response: yeah, i was a bit worried about that, but so happy to knwo that they didn't detract from the piece, at least.

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