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Review #1, by alexaemd123 Epilogue

5th September 2016:
I loved your story! It was perfect and beautiful! I read it in two days haha because it was that fantastic! So, I wanted to thank you for writing such an amazing story! You really have a talent! Plus, I absolutely loved the ending of how you made Violet hating the Bertie Botts exactly like the beginning! It was truly a great story and I am so glad you came up with it! So thank you! :)

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Review #2, by Shay_Gryff Chapter 11: Plans

22nd December 2013:

I just wanted to let you know that you call Rose's sister both Faith and Hope a few times.

Good job so far, I'm looking forward to the rest :)


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Review #3, by MagykNargle Chapter 18: Revelations

13th June 2013:
Ooh. I'd been suspecting it for a while, but this chapter basically confirms it. Hermione's having an affair with Draco, aye? Wowww, plot twist! Hehe. Anyway, great job; great story; great chapter!

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Review #4, by MagykNargle Chapter 16: The Burrow

13th June 2013:
This is a great story! I'm really enjoying it; I'm just too sleepy to leave a long, detailed review listing all the things I like about this story. Just one question: Who are Demetrius's parents? I feel like I should know this- I'd like to think I'm paying close attention- so I'm just a bit confused. Anyway, thanks!
P.S. Lily's obsession with older guys is awkward, yet hilarious, haha.

Author's Response: Haven't looked at the reviews for these stories in several years, and Im surprised to find how much they still mean to me! Glad you enjoyed it so much. Demetrius' parents (if I remember my own imagination correctly) were Bellatrix and Old Voldie, a strange little rambling of my imagination, that! I always wished I'd taken him further.

Looking back, Lily's obsession with older guys definitely foretold my own adolescence... Unfortunately, no one so beautiful as Teddy ever appeared, however.

Thanks again,

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Review #5, by GabriellaGMW Epilogue

10th February 2013:
Ahh, I love this story so much, I swear this is the fourth time I've read it but strangely only the first time I've reviewed :/
I just wanted to say that I have read this as well as your Lily in the Moonlight story and I loved them both but I still think that you should add more to the story. I would love for you to make another sequel, perhaps about Hope, Kit and Ollie and their time at Hogwarts. I would love a story about the next next generation (if you get what I mean;) )
Basically I just want to tell you that I love this story, it is probably one of my favourite stories ever, and that I would love to read more and more of your work... keep writing and I give this story 10/10 :)

Author's Response: Hiya, this is the first time I've looked back at these reviews in a few years and I'm surprised by how much they still mean to me. I'm so, so glad you liked them. Writing them was incredibly fun and I still kind of miss the characters.
Hoping to carry on writing as I actually embark upon adult life, so maybe one day there'll be a novel with these character's souls still in them.

thanks again!

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Review #6, by Harry_Percy_Lucy_Katniss Epilogue

3rd December 2012:
This was a great story! Pelase keep writting as you are an amazing writer. I read this on the suggestion of a friend. normally I dont read next generation stories as I find them boring, or less interesting than a good Dramione, but this was amazing and still had lots of dramione.

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Review #7, by Fawkes394 Chapter 12: The Insides of a Toilet Bowl

16th November 2012:
Loved this chapter and the ones before! I just couldn't stop reading!! I really enjoyed going in Lily's mind, it was quite fun, and I suspect Rose is pregnant?

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Review #8, by Fawkes Chapter 3: Coming Home

15th November 2012:
I like your story so far, but I'm REALLY impatient to
see when Violet discovers she's related to the
Potter/Weasley clan.

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Review #9, by Noble Gryff A Letter With No Stamp

30th December 2011:
:O amzing im writing a dersley son, this is amazing though :D

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Review #10, by Mick A Chapter 11: Plans

11th November 2010:
Thanks for making me laugh after a particulary horrible day. Love your sense of humour and the way that you've integrated a completely new character so seamlessly into the HP cannon. Not sure about Ron and Hermione being kind of estranged? Will have to see about that, but continuing a great read.

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Review #11, by Lenny Epilogue

22nd August 2010:
This is so awesome! I loved it.. I think you should write more of the Lily/Teddy story, see how it all works out, what everyone thinks of their relationship. how Harry and Ginny react to it.
Anyways, I very much enjoyed this..
Lenny x

Author's Response: I did write the sequel about lily teddy, hope you enjoyed it xx

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Review #12, by Secret Admirer Epilogue

29th July 2010:
SO GOOOD!! I loved it, the characters were brilliant, you made the fact that vi was Dudley's daughter work out wonderfully! Congrats! Can't wait to start the sequel!

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Review #13, by Nina Epilogue

14th July 2010:
Dear amortentia18,

I didn't only like this story, I loved it!

Now I would like to ask for your permission to translate this incredible story of yours into german and post it on the 2. greatest Harry Potter Fanfiction Board in german language.
I would - of course - post it with your name as author and if possible with a link to the english original.
You can contact me via mail, if you like: kristinadeutsch1411@googlemail(dot)com

Last i just want to wish you a sunny day!

Author's Response: yeah sure you're welcome to if you like :) xxx

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Review #14, by incurably dramione Chapter 24: The Affairs of April

17th June 2010:
He's around twenty three. She's thirteen. I see a problem. but I really do like this story.

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Review #15, by incurably dramione Chapter 17: Unexpected Expectancies

17th June 2010:
Ah but its not Scorpius' kid. Its our industrious Head Boy... Joe. Dun dun dun. Poor Violet just has tunnel vision.

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Review #16, by incurably dramione Chapter 16: The Burrow

17th June 2010:
Im gonna try to figure this out. Demetrius Riddle. Obviously Voldemort's son. (gah). cousin to Scorpius. Therfore either the son of Andromeda or Bellatrix. I highly doubt its Andromeda, so I'm gonna assume that its Bellatrix and Voldemort's, for lack of a better word, Love child. Though I think that Voldemort was incapable of sexual interaction. He had lost so much through splitting his soul so many times. But this is an interesting plot twist. Its obvious that something is going on with Draco and Hermione. And that makes me happy. Rose's character is kinda annoying. And the whole getting pregnant thing isnt a good thing for her right now. But with all the stuff you've got going on in this story, I'm surprised you can keep it all straight. I love it so far.

Author's Response: wow am glad you liked it, thanks for the long review, is nice to come back to, I havent been on this website in ages. Yeah Demetrius is the fruit of Bellatrix's adoration and Voledmort's boredome, also he is a bit of a manipulative sadist. I did rose badly, she is meant to be not too annoying, just faulted, but instead she goes from irritating to perfect. Hope you continued liking it xx

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Review #17, by incurably dramione Chapter 4: Confusions

16th June 2010:
Now, we arent in Arkansas. they are cousins! lol.

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Review #18, by TheSaintKiwi Chapter 5: New Feelings

10th May 2010:
you have a true skill and i am so sorry but your work is so good i may not review for a while because i want to read it all (sorry) (Hugs & kisses) (mabye not the kisses thats wierd)

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Review #19, by TheSaintKiwi Chapter 4: Confusions

10th May 2010:
amamazzzinng (that was amazing really drawn out like) you are by far one of the best writers i have seen

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Review #20, by TheSaintKiwi Chapter 3: Coming Home

10th May 2010:
well my plan to review every chapter failed... ITS AMAZING! end of review.

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Review #21, by TheSaintKiwi A Letter With No Stamp

10th May 2010:
wow this is an amazing story and its just the first chapter! great idea. im going to try to review every chapter but forgive me if i dont! i think this story deserves it!

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Review #22, by FreakOfNature Chapter 20: A Sticky Situation

9th May 2010:
Doesn't this mean that Scorpius and Violet will be related???

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Review #23, by Peaches Chapter 12: The Insides of a Toilet Bowl

1st April 2010:
Hmmm.. so far I really like your story. I would strongly suggest editing it, as there are a lot of grammer errors (such as where and wear, and their, there, they're) and names getting confused. You do realize they're fourteen right? Fourteen and pregnant. But that is the only thing I don't like. Oh and the Draco Hermoine thing, but thats just me.

PS, is Dudley going to ever be in the story again? He seemed like a pretty important character in the beginning.

Author's Response: wow, my first honest review in ages. Yes there are a ton of mistakes, but going back to review them would make me realise quite how awful it was. Yes she is 14 and pregnant, it is meant to be shocking. Dudley does return, but badly. Dramione are actually okay in this story, if not really that believable. Also you may want to notice that most of the romance and kissing scenes are not very good either, but I was about 13 1/2 when I wrote this and totally inexperienced in both writing and life. Hope you didn't hate it too much (or anywhere near as much as I do) and thatnks for your honesty xx

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Review #24, by i love you sort of Chapter 2: The Train, the Scorpion and the Rose

26th February 2010:
ahhh the way you've been developing this story is just. . .gah! i think I'm in love! i really like all of the subtle and believable changes that you've made, it's the perfect mixture of change and familiarity! it's really quite charming so far and i really can't wait for all the action to kick in!

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Review #25, by HP4ever Epilogue

4th February 2010:
omg its so good :) brilliant ending
i hope you still check these reviews even though i kind of missed the boat, just want to say i love the story :D
I cant wait to read the sequel, and plese keep writing, you're really good!

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