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Review #1, by jtz My Friend Ginny

19th June 2015:
love this story. i love luna as a potion prodigy.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review. I always thought that Luna would be great at potions, but never follow the book, which would both drive Snape crazy but also make him proud (as he could be). I look at this story now and think it's probably OOC for Ginny a bit, but I like the bones of it.

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Review #2, by Alopex The Necromancer

24th July 2010:
I'm finally starting to catch up on the things you've written since I last reviewed you! I don't actually have a lot to say about this story. I think the only stuff I know about necromancers comes from Garth Nix, I think (Abhorsen series if you know it).

Anyway. I know from a couple of your other stories that Romilda Vane is not exactly your favorite character, so here again you have portrayed her as really unbalanced, psycho. It's nearly like a supplement to that one other story you wrote about her (can't remember the title).

I really didn't feel sorry for her at the end. I did feel sympathetic toward her when I was reading about her being controlled by the necromancer, but the way you're portraying her, she isn't worthy of much sympathy (though I guess being a ghost in Azkaban for 80 years is pretty horrible, so maybe I do sympathize a little).

Anyway, what a dark story . . . not exactly ideal bedtime story material, lol. I know you say you write mostly dark stuff, and that's definitely on display here. The mood of the whole piece is very dark, foreboding, and a bit alarming (as in, I'd be feeling alarmed if I was in the scene). Too bad I've already read "Mr. Ted's Picnic" or I'd read that next to get fluffy images in my mind for happy, sunshiny, unicorny dreams. :P

Author's Response: It is very much a supplement to both 'Graverobbers' and 'Cold Black Rage,' as you noticed. I do know Garth Nix's work and I love it.

Yeah, I realised after I started writing it for a staff challenge that I'd never be able to keep it 15+, but it really drove me to start writing 'Bodies at Rest,' so I feel good about where it led me. I also realised that the way I portrayed Romilda was very consistent and not at all flattering.

I really wanted it to show that she was getting what she deserved and that the Necromancer was doing what he did to protect his friend, Harry.

I'm glad it was alarming and a bit scary, as that's what I was trying to go for. I really want to work on my dark story-telling as I think that's the genre that suits me best. That doesn't mean I'll give up the other genres, just that I'm going to keep writing in this vein. 'Bodies at Rest' will get darker as George goes to Hogwarts.

Not sure if you could tell that the Necromancer here was meant to be George Krupp. This is sort of an AU world to 'Graverobbers' and 'Bodies at Rest' as I'm not going to take the story exactly in the direction mentioned in this story.

I love having a short story collection like this where I can post stories that don't fit my other stories exactly.

Thank you so much for the review and I'm glad it creeped you out a bit. If I succeeded in that, then the story is a success, no matter what I think about the quality of the writing.

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Review #3, by daliha My Friend Ginny

13th July 2010:
aww I really liked this. A sweet start for a friendship.

Author's Response: Thanks for the nice review. I'm glad you liked this story. I was experimenting with writing in first person and I was never really satisfied with this story, but I posted it as a window into how I try to write. I think the story itself is fine, but I know I don't have the characterisations exactly right.

I'm really happy you enjoyed the story and think that it's sweet. I think Luna and Ginny were probably bffs.

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Review #4, by Alopex Cold Black Rage

23rd September 2009:
You just killed Ginny! *gaspjawdrop* You are a monster. I can't believe you did that. I need a rewind button in my brain. Poor Ginny. Poor Harry. And poor, deluded, obsessed Romilda too.

You sure get into Romilda, don't you? Both of your stories in which she stars are a little on the extreme side. No, they're flat-out extreme examples of . . . well, I don't even know what exactly they're extreme examples of. Situations and emotions, I suppose.

When I read stories about Bellatrix Black Lestrange, there is one major criterion I use to judge her characterization. If she scares me and makes me feel weird and uncomfortable (basically if her derangedness - if that's a word - oozes from the story), then I count it as good characterization of Bellatrix. Well, you gave me that feeling with Romilda, although I did think you overemphasized the "cold, black rage spot" a little.

This was such a short piece, yet I felt you did a sufficient, nay, an excellent, job of showing Romilda's escalating violence, instability, and stalking activities. You showed her unravelling, and it was quite scary and disturbing. This story was "raw," and you didn't pull any punches. This is a real show-stopper, pookha. It's crazy but good.

Author's Response: So, get the feeling that I don't care for Romilda much? She bugs me a lot. I could totally see her being the creepy, stalker type. When I wrote this for a colours challenge at eHPF, I knew it was extreme. I admit that I did edit this a bit to add more craziness to it before posting it here.

Again, sort of like 'My Friend Ginny' this was an exercise in a character study for me. I wrote it to look at the first person POV from a crazy person's view. I'm happy that you think I showed her craziness well. I really meant to show the building of the 'pressure' in her mind until she snapped.

I have plans for her in my secon SC4 piece if I get it written. I don't know if I'll have time to get it in before the deadline.

Thanks again for your reviews. I get the feeling that you think I have the 'drabble gift' that I talked about in a review I left for Axjion and I appreciate that.

As you can see, I don't mind killing canon characters and I will continue doing so if it suits the story.

Glad I could make you uncomfortable with her craziness. :)

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Review #5, by Alopex My Friend Ginny

23rd September 2009:
Hm, well, you've heard me say that I'm picky about Luna's characterization because she's tricky to get right. That's only part of it. The other part is that I have a definite image of her in my mind, and I'm a bit unyielding when it comes to people imagining her differently, I have to admit. Luna's voice, especially at the beginning, didn't quite align with my ideal image of her.

Ok, you can take a deep breath now. Even though your Luna here wasn't exactly as I pictured her, I still enjoyed her very much. Who else could get away with showing up Snape? I loved it! You know that saying about how you can't push a rope? Well, Luna can be the perfect rope, and you definitely brought that side of her out in this story.

That said, the potion-making description did grow a bit tedious by the end. It's hard to keep it exciting when you're describing roiling boils and crushed pine needles, though. This story didn't hold my interest greatly, and the last line underwhelmed me, but as I said, Luna was delightful.

I also liked the way you characterized Snape. He was sufficiently oily and mean and to be despised. We didn't see the worst of him, though, which he seems to reserve mostly for when Harry is around. I liked that you portrayed him as grudgingly respecting Luna for making a great potion. That seems IC to me.

Author's Response: This piece is sort of funny to me. I had written it a while back as a sort of a character study for background for a story I was planning to write. It sat on my USB drive in my 'unfinished stories' folder for a long time.

For the last challenge of the Last Drabble Writer Standing challenge, Georgia_Weasley wrote a piece very similar to this as the winning entry. I dug back through my drive and found this. Since I don't think I'm going to write the story that went along with it, I posted to my short story collection.

As I'm sure you've noticed this is the only time I've shown Snape. I've never been happy with my characterization of Snape, except here. I think I did okay here and I'm glad you think so, too. I know a lot of people say that Luna's hard to write, but I find Snape probably the most difficult. I thought that Colin would be a great target for Snape's ire.

I could see how the description of the process would be a bit tedioius. As with a lot of my 'Oddments' stories, this was written with a different view in mind, so this was a little out of character for me. I'll occasionally write something just to get practice writing in a style (I have a Bella/Edward Twilight songfic that I'll never post anywhere that I wrote just to get the song 'Eternal Flame' by the Bangles out of my head. It had been stuck there for weeks.)

I found that writing these little character pieces really helps in bringing out emotion in my other writings.

Thanks again for your CC and your review.

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Review #6, by Alopex Time Well Spent

17th September 2009:
This story is really . . . different. I never would have guessed you to be the author if I'd seen the piece without a penname attached. It seems so different from your other work, somehow. Is this another early piece? It does share some characteristics with your earlier work, though the overall feel of the piece is different. I think you've learned not to be in such a rush when you write.

Like some of the earlier pieces, this story had several places where you do what I tend to describe as making a statement without backing it up (even though that's not really the best way to explain it). For example, it basically takes Harry one sentence to realize he's "fallen for" Luna, and then you actually do back it up with a few other sentences that sorta show it. It just lacks the depth and development that your later work has.

I suppose I consider myself a Harry/Ginny shipper, but only because it's canon. I like the idea of them together, but I rarely like H/G fanfics, and Ginny is not my favorite character. I do see possibilities for Harry/Luna; I think there's something beautiful about them together. I think you did capture that beauty to some extent - not perfectly, but it's most definitely there.

The strongest part of this story is Luna's characterization. I know that Luna is one of your favorite characters and that you like to write about her. It shows here. You are very respectful of Luna as a character, yet you don't shy away from her more unusual traits. I liked Luna a lot here. :-)

That brings me to the final thing I want to say. You described Luna by using Harry. In other words, although this story was written in the first person, the descriptions of Luna were more like third-person. Ever since I got about three paragraphs into this story, I've been trying to remember if you have anything else posted that's written in the first person (I'm too lazy to click around looking). If you have, I can't remember it at the moment. I can only remember third-person pieces. You do Harry (and, I think, all characters in general) better in the third person, at least at this stage in your writing career.

Even though I didn't love this story, and even though I thought there were some weirdnesses (if that's not a word, it should be), reading it was a very interesting experience. It was especially interesting thinking about this and trying to decide where it fits in with your other writing, as well as seeing Luna from you from another angle.

Author's Response: You're right, this is not representative of what I write. My abandoned fic is 1st person from Percy's POV and the next story in the collection is 1st person from Luna's POV. I'm really just beginning to learn how to write 1st person. This was written around January 2008, so I guess it counts as early, since I started writing in August 2007 for the first time in over 20 years.

I wrote this story in a fit of inspiration. I seem to remember it all came out in a rush in about 3-4 hours. I haven't edited it heavily since then, preferring to let it show a time in my development. I want to go back to it at some point and re-write it as a chaptered fic to give the Harry/Luna more chance to develop.

I agree that it's abrupt and there are some places here that make me cringe. In a re-write, the alcoholism would change to substance abuse (draught of peace) and I would greatly expand on it.

I think I have the basics of Harry's POV down, but it would take a lot for me to really get his 'voice'. As I said in the introduction, I think this story has 'good bones,' but it needs to have plastic surgery on its flesh.

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Review #7, by Alopex Harry Potter and the Shaggy Dog

16th September 2009:
Groan, groan, and double groan. I can't believe you wrote that at the end. Groan again. OMG, that was so lame. I'm using two fingers to be legs that are running on my arm running away from you. Why? Because you're crazy. (nm, another lame-o joke.) I'm not a huge fan of puns . . . part of the reason I can only take Piers Anthony in small doses.

Well, I'm really glad I Googled "shaggy dog story" and read about it on trusty ol' Wikipedia before reading this story. If I hadn't, you'd have received a long review mostly critical in tone. However, due to the superb, top-quality research I did to prepare for this story, I realize some of the things I would have commented on were intentional. Either that, or you realized after the fact that your story was a "shaggy dog" type. I can still provide the critical thing if you're really interested, but for now I'll just ramble.

You know, the horribleness of this story only enhances it. I can't really sugar-coat the fact that there are some dreadful (ok, maybe that's too strong a word . . . how about weak? lame? not-up-to-par?) areas in this story. However, because there was this feeling of intent behind some of it, it seemed more funny than cringe-inducing (and believe me, I've read some truly cringe-inducing fics before).

I was a little startled by the way you began the story: I felt like I'd overdosed on adjectives. The adjectives grew more scarce as the story went on, which I approve of, else I'd have found it tedious to read. Definitely some of your descriptions could have been drawn out and explained better if this had been a more serious story. (For instance, the way Pansy's death took up one little sentence: she's alived then she's been stabbed). I did notice in some of your earlier work (as you mentioned on the forums that this is) that you had a tendency to make a grand statement about something without backing it up. I believe you've grown out of that tendency for the most part; it's hardly discernible in your later work.

By the way, I loved the good cop/bad cop routing Ron and Harry were doing. Gosh, I just love those two together. They can have some fabulous interactions. Ron was great acting as Mundungus (Dung's characterization was good, I thought), though I never had the impression he was a great actor. I suppose Auror school trained it into him or something.

I think it's about time for me to shut up. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what to make of this story. On the one hand, it's funny. On the other hand, it's . . . yeah. Hm. I think I like the overall impression I got for it. I suppose I could say I like the sum but not all the parts. Maybe I'm just not partial to this style. Still, it was nice to read something unexpected. (I know this sounds confusing. :- And sorry for overloading this with parenthesis.)

Author's Response: (I love editorializing parenthetical expressions, so feel free.)

I did write this whole story with the terrible pun in sight; it was the focus. I knew it would be a 'shaggy dog' story even before I started it. My second, smaller goal was to write a 'good cop/bad cop' routine with Harry and Ron. I've thought before about not posting this story again (it had been posted at another site for a long time), but I decided that it showed a place in my development as a writer and it needed to be shown.

It shows that while I'm serious about writing that I still have a sense of humour about myself and I'm willing to be ridiculous.

A lot of the horribleness is deliberate and a lot of it's just that it was my earlier writing. If I could do this again, in a different style, I would go for a hard-boiled, noir detective style. I think that would make the horrible pun at the end even more dreadful.

Thanks for reviewing this piece even though it's not your cup of tea.

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Review #8, by Alopex Sartorius Wrecks

15th September 2009:
pookha, you come up with some fantastic one-liners, you know that? Yeah, this story was ok, but its saving grace was the hilarious last line. It cracked me up!

I liked the conversation and rapport between Mordaut and Artorius, although I thought you have an OC or two more than I could really remember and keep track of easily in such a short story.

The spell you came up with was great. I wish I could perform that one! I would never have to go shopping again. Well, I suppose there's a catch. It probably doesn't work well on clothes in need of repair, and the effects surely wear off. Oh well. Anyway, I thought you introduced the spell very well and wrote a very amusing result of it. Well, it was amusing for the reader, though I'm sure Elaine wasn't amused in the slightest.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I was given the challenge of humour and Founders, so I went with the Founders' kids. I just had a vision of the children all having Arthurian names, and it came from there. As you can tell, I like the names since I used the same names in 'A Birthright Denied.' I might re-visit the era at some point.

Yeah, I wish I could just 'Sartorio' my clothes as well. I'm glad you like my drabbles for the LDWS challenge from eHPF.

A word of warning...The next chapter was written very early on in my fanfic career and it's a 'shaggy dog' story.

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Review #9, by Alopex A Christmas Gift / Unwelcome

13th September 2009:
A Christmas Gift. This one brought tears to my eyes for a moment. I just love Dobby. I just love Harry Potter. The story was so beautiful. Achingly beautiful, I suppose is a good description of it. I think it's interesting to have Dobby visit the Malfoys again. I don't know how I feel about that. At first, I thought I was surprised, but then I got to thinking that we all tend to be drawn toward the things that are most familiar to us. (By the way, Joanne K wrote a story centered around Christmas as well. Interesting.) Anyway, I really, really loved the "A Christmas Gift" drabble. I think you beautifully captured the goodness of Dobby and Harry.

The only thing is that at the beginning, you mention that anyone looking out will be able to see Dobby levitating, yet later, he removes a Disillusionment Charm from himself. I was a bit confused, because I'd been wondering how Narcissa had not managed to see him.

Unwelcome. I have to admit here that Draco is not my favorite character in the world, although I like him more since I started reading fanfics in which he's a pretty decent guy. (In a way, it's sort of sad that fanfiction has managed to distort my idea of a character, but oh well.) I do feel badly for Draco . . . it's hard not to after the last two books.

Right. Getting to the point. I liked the way you showed that Draco's past was haunting him, cliche as that sounds. Poor guy just couldn't please anyone his whole entire life. All he wants to do is buy his kid school supplies and people are spitting on him. Stoning him. That's awful. It really is awful. Yet, it's something I can see happening. I'm completely convinced Draco probably endured quite some whispers, at the very least, as an adult.

Gosh, both these stories made me feel a little sad, but I am impressed by both of them. They're both moving and poignant, and I am once again awed by how you can pack so much meaning into so few words.

Author's Response: I've told Jo a few times before that we must think alike because several times we have written very similar things or had similar ideas. When I gave a drabble prompt once of 'red lipstick' she had Hermione visiting a hard-boiled detective and I had envisioned Narcissa doing pretty much the same thing. We also had some similiar ideas on Polyjuice potion.

Thanks for pointing out the part about the Disillusionment charm. What I meant was that Dobby had done the charm when Narcissa started to turn around, but I can see it wasn't clear. We are definitely drawn to familiar things, and with Dobby, I think he still felt something for the Malfoys, even if he didn't want to return to them.

Well, with Draco, I never really think of him as completely reformed. I can't see him ever completely giving up his arrogance and his bitterness, although I could see him softening his stance on blood purity. I really wanted to show that you can never really escape the results of your previous decisions and that one bad decision (or more) can follow you throughout your life.

I'm so pleased by your compliments that I'm able to put emotion into small packages like these. I love the drabble format. I know a lot of people say that you can't tell a story in less than 1000 words, but I think that's bunk.

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Review #10, by Alopex Equality/Coitus Interruptus

9th September 2009:
I've got to comment on the second story first, because I'm still laughing. It's so short, there's not much to say; the story speaks for itself. I don't have children myself, but my mother always says that kids will always need something whenever you're trying to use the bathroom or are really busy. You didn't write this in, but I could just her Harry and Ginny sharing an exasperated sigh.

The first story: I've read a handful of Mirror of Erised stories, but I never really liked one until reading Joanne K's response to this same prompt. I enjoyed this one a lot as well. What a clever idea to use Griphook! I thought you wrote the goblins quite well. I liked the way Griphook was making notations on his sheet of parchment, and then he got lost staring into the mirror. I also liked the way you the writer didn't make an statements for or against goblins owning wands. That was Griphook's dream and desire, and you simply observed it and described it to us, letting it stand as is. There was no activism on your part, just storytelling.

Author's Response: That prompt was tough for me, because I was supposed to write in a style I hadn't done yet. I chose a 'love scene,' as I had written most things. I actually had done a love scene before, but it was a dream and not at all the same. I'm glad you enjoyed the humour of it. I think I almost won this particular round of the challenge, but I could be mis-remembering. I didn't win a round, but did come within one vote a couple of times, including the final round against Georgia_Weasley.

I almost got eliminated on the Griphook story. A lot of people found Griphook unsympathetic; I don't think a main character has to be sympathetic. I write politically for house-elves, but there just wasn't space to do it here for the goblins, so I didn't put it in. I think you're right that it's better without it. So, I can't exactly take credit for it, as I probably would have if I had space. I thought I had a feel for Griphook, so I'm glad you agreed.

As you've noticed, I like to give minor characters stories.

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Review #11, by Alopex Keeping up the Fight / Semper Fidelis

7th September 2009:
I know from reading a couple of Joanne K's and Georgia Weasley's stories that these drabbles were supposed to be under 300 words, which explains why you've combined two in one "chapter." That makes it a little confusing to review, so I'll split my review in two too. To. (Just had to throw that "to" in for kicks & giggles).

Keeping up the Fight: It's very short, and not much to comment on. I liked the way Cho took Cedric's photograph to the Battle of Hogwarts (I assume that's what it was) with her. That seemed very fitting. Cedric belonged there, in a way. I also thought it was clever the way you actually got Cho to look at the coin, even though I have my doubts about a body-temperature coin melting wax.

Semper Fidelis: What can I say? This was heart-breaking. The piece was so short, but so moving. How can you pack that much emotion into so few words? It's incredible. The scene between Charlie and Tonks at Madame Puddifoot's was very touching, and the ending, where Charlie is at Tonks' and Remus' graves was so sad. I'm starting to repeat myself here, so I'll just end with an emphasis: The emotion in these two pieces, particularly Semper Fidelis, was raw and powerful.

Author's Response: Keeping up the Fight: This is the coin that Hermione enchanted for the DA meetings. Just before the Battle of Hogwarts (you were correct), the coins were used to let the DA members know about the impending fight. I double-checked in OotP and it definitely says that the coins grew hot, not just body temperature. I think I might not have been clear that it was 'that' Galleon. I'm glad you liked the emotion there, though.

Semper fidelis: Charlie/Tonks is my 2nd fave non-canon ship, so I had to write it for this challenge. JoanneK actually wrote Charlie/Tonks for the same challenge, but we took quite different tacks. I spent a lot of time polishing this one and I think it shows. I'm glad you liked the emotional content in it.

I've learned a lot since I started writing and I've started being more able to include emotional content. I credit reviewers like you and my betas (reallginny and Bella_Portia).

If asked my best work, I point people to Semper Fidelis and Ashes and The Dementor's First Kiss.

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Review #12, by eightfourseven Cold Black Rage

9th August 2009:
I love the idea behind this! She's absolutely crazy. I love the description of jealousy. You've really made me absolutely terrified of her, which is a good thing. If I knew a girl like this in real life, I'd freak out. Her Harry obsession is insane. Love it. I love the "private black spot of rage" line. She's so... delusional in that line about Harry wanting her. It's fantastic. AH. This is so great. I'm adding it to my favorites and I'm so happy that I got to read such an amazing story. I'm usually way more harsh in my reviews, but wow. Amazing.

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for the very nice review on a very, very dark story of a crazed obsession. I always thought that Romilda had the stalker-type personality. I actually have a story-line in my head with her as a ghost and my necromancer from my other stories dealing with her.

I'm so glad that you liked this little story and the description of jealousy.

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Review #13, by Meridith Equality/Coitus Interruptus

18th July 2009:
The second story is very cute.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the nice review. I'm glad you liked it. It seems to ring true to life with some parents.

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Review #14, by Georgia Weasley My Friend Ginny

3rd May 2009:
I love it! What a lovely beginning to Ginny and Luna's friendship. Ginny is done very well here, jumping in with both feet to help a friend. She's a bit daring and willing to take a risk just to get at Snape. Luna's strangeness works for her, regardless of what others think. Snape was forced to acknowledge her potions prowess once the test was run. Great job! I enjoyed it so much!~GW

Author's Response: Thank you for the kind review. This is the only time I've written Snape and not been horrified at what I'd written, so I'm glad you liked it.

I'm also glad that you thought the charactertizations were well done. I wish I could remember why exactly I wrote this.

And of course it was dedicated to you. As I indicated privately, great minds think alike. ;)

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Review #15, by datbenik513 Time Well Spent

28th April 2009:
Oh, oh, oh. Just why on Earth made Jo Harry get together with that horrible b... witch? What in Merlin's name has he ever seen in her? The more I think of them, the less convinced I am about them together. And to imagine that I used to be a huge canon fan...I'm ashamed of myself.

Harry has never been a person to handle popularity well. In fact, he never sought popularity, he always tried to avoid being in the limelights. Therefore the accusation of Ginny seems just ridiculous. Well, we know already that she's incapable of cool reasoning, but that just doesn't justify her behaviour and the fact she'd turned Harry's proposal down after all he'd been through for her, is just cruel.

I can very well understand Harry's mental state. What I can't understand how her parents could betray Harry. Because, after all, it was BETRAYAL.

The blissful Christmas break. While I understand Hermione's concerns, this had nothing to do with what had happened between Harry and Ginny or how Harry was treating Kreacher; well, he wasn't mistreating the elf as Hermy had implied. Also, slapping him in the face for this reason was rather un-Hermione-ish. Heck, he was miserable as Dr. House, what sense did it have to humiliate him even further?

But after returning to Hogwarts, the clouds showed their silver lining. I liked the way how you gradually, step by step, brought Harry and Luna together, in a more intimate way than it could ever have been with Ginny. Ginny is fierce and animalistic, a very intense person, but her unbalanced character is a "don't" to most men. I know all about it, she's like my wife :)

Their painting sessions, their small talk, their intimacy radiates a sort of soothing serenity. Yet another proof to my recently developed theory that they make more sense together than Jo's implications.

Carl, I really like your alternative take on things, both here and in the Dementor's First Kiss. And, I liked how the title came back as a very strong closing thought

There were some minor typo and grammar issues but I guess you'll still have this chapter beta'd.

Apart from that, it's a 10/10.

Best regards,


PS. You'll want to catch up with some reading soon; the first chapter of Shadowlands is under validation here (3 chapters up on GF) and ... you'll have to see, but Luna makes an unexpected entree there, becoming a major figure. This fic is the continuation to Another Time, Another Chance, just to place it correctly.

Author's Response: Thanks, Z for the long, detailed review of this. I'll start with the typos and grammar first--I wrote this a while ago and haven't seriously edited it since I wrote it; I keep meaning to chapter it out and at that point, I would have it betaed.

Writing this now, I would take a very different tack. I would have Harry with PTSD symptoms, possible a dead Ginny (instead of a PO'd one). The substance abuse would be more like sleeping pill/downer abuse instead of alcoholism. I would change almost the entire first part of the story-the backstory that's necessary to develop the Harry/Luna ship.

The latter half of the story with Harry/Luna would be pretty much the same, but with more development and better characterisations. As I said, I think it has good bones, but needs editing/working on.

I'm really glad that you liked it overall and I will try to get to your works, but I've been having real-world time crunches lately.

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Review #16, by datbenik513 Sartorius Wrecks

28th April 2009:
I still don't know where to place this small story, nevertheless I enjoyed it very, very much. A different touch, a different view on the Founders.

A truly Gred and Forge-like second half with a matching Norman answer and a hilarious end sentence.

Is Elaine the Norman, by any chance, a distant ancestor of Molly Prewett and Ginny Weasley?

Brilliant small piece!

Author's Response: I don't picture Elaine as an ancestor of Molly/Ginny, but that doesn't mean it's out of the question.

I'm glad you enjoyed this. I love humour, but I don't try to write it often, as it's not my forte, but it was the challenge given to me.

I knew I couldn't write directly about the Founders, so their children seemed natural to me.

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Review #17, by RonsGirlFriday Harry Potter and the Shaggy Dog

26th April 2009:
Very clever, and extremely shaggy! I loved Ron and Harry's good cop/ bad cop routine - I thought it was a bit of a role reversal because Harry is usually more calm and rational, and Ron is s bit more hotheaded, but it was a role reversal in a good way. 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I wrote this story for two reasons. The first was to write good cop/bad cop with Harry and Ron. The second was to make a horrible pun.

Glad you enjoyed my silliness.

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Review #18, by FriendofMolly Harry Potter and the Shaggy Dog

19th April 2009:
Oh I was not expecting that. The pun was the best way to end it. Actually the whole chapter was way beyond the Magical world we know through JKR. This was really good.

Author's Response: I couldn't resist the bad pun. Thanks for the compliment. I knew it was way off the norm, that's why I warned about it being a crackfic :)

Thanks for all the nice reviews.

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Review #19, by FriendofMolly Sartorius Wrecks

8th April 2009:
That was very good, confusing at the start. but good. I did like the spell, when it was done correctly, hee hee.

Author's Response: Ah, was it confusing because I joined it in media res?

I appreciate all your reviews, thank you.

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Review #20, by RonsGirlFriday Sartorius Wrecks

8th April 2009:
Very clever! I loved it. :-)

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #21, by RonsGirlFriday A Christmas Gift / Unwelcome

8th April 2009:
A very well-written Draco! It's not done very often! And I love how you worked in two people who are angry with him for completely opposite reasons - Borgin is angry with him for betraying the Death Eaters, and Cedric's mother is angry with him for having been one. That right there shows you how hard it probably was for him to redeem what was left of his life.

The one about Dobby was eerie and thought-provoking.

Author's Response: Thanks for the compliment of a good Draco. I've never actually written him before, so I'm glad he came out well.

You caught what I wanted from the 'pariah' prompt. He's not welcome in either world, his old one or the new order.

The Dobby one I wrote very quickly, as the deadline was approaching and I think it shows, but I love Dobby so much, that I knew I had to keep it as it was.

Thanks for reviewing each chapter.

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Review #22, by RonsGirlFriday Equality/Coitus Interruptus

8th April 2009:
I like where you went with the first one - I don't think many people would think of focusing on a goblin with the prompt you were given. And the second one - well - just plain funny!

Author's Response: Thanks for the nice reviews. I wanted to write someone different, so I went with Griphook. Glad you enjoyed it.

Ah, the second one. Very true to life from what I hear from people with children.

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Review #23, by FriendofMolly A Christmas Gift / Unwelcome

6th April 2009:
God, I loved Dobby. I started wondering why he'd be peering into Malfoy Manor, but then I remembered that as bad as it was it was once his home. Maybe he wanted to see how bad things were without him, he'd like to know, that after he got his freedom, he was if not appreciated, than things were not as good for the Malfoys, as they were with him. Perhaps he'd like to see them going to ruin. But he was right, as much as he hated them, the love he had from Harry, rid him of the need to see them totally destroyed. Good job on not mentioning the w word. In your second, it almost made you sorry for Draco. Actually it did. The last nineteen years could not have been easy. Now he has a little boy, who we know hasn't been indoctrinated into the Dark side. It must have stunned him (not magically), to have Ginny and Ollivander save him and Scorpius. I guess he learned his lesson, and has tried to reform. Both parts were really enjoyable.

Author's Response: I love Dobby, too. He's the death that hit me the hardest. I thought that I did pretty good keeping Dobby IC here, and I'm glad you did, too.

I don't believe I've ever written Draco before, so this was a new experience for me. I don't necessarily think he 'reformed,' as much I think that he just wants a quiet life with his family away from notereity.

I'm glad you've been enjoying my drabbling. I really enjoyed writing them.

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Review #24, by FriendofMolly Equality/Coitus Interruptus

5th April 2009:
Hee, hee, hee, hee, second one first, that was so true to life, I can just imagine EVERTHING! The first was a surprise, just how long do Goblins live, in your mind? I dare say that the Sword of Gryffindor hasn't always stayed in the case, but if a Goblin ever earned a wand it would be Griphook. Another Good one.

Author's Response: I really enjoyed writing the second one. I agree that it's true to life...children surprise you at unwelcome points sometimes.

Not sure what you mean in the first. It's set 50 years after DH, so Griphook would be probably 90-120 yrs. old. And the sword of Gryffindor definitely wouldn't just stay in the case.

Griphook is as treacherous as any goblin (from a wizard's pov).

Glad you enjoyed these, I had fun writing them.

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Review #25, by FriendofMolly Keeping up the Fight / Semper Fidelis

5th April 2009:
I read this one before, thought I'd left a glowing review, nope my mistake. I do like both these short shots. You show your heart in both, congratualations. I'm still sniffing from the last scene, sniff sniff. I can't wait to read the next, so you have another interested reader. Well Done!

Author's Response: Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad that you liked both of them. I'm sorry that I couldn't show Cho's Ravenclaw side more, but I had a very small word limit.

Ahh...Charlie/Tonks is my second favorite non-canon pairing, after Harry/Luna. Poor Charlie, never married, this is one speculation as to why.

Thank you again.

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