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Review #1, by bumbum Lost and Found

29th March 2011:
you know, with this oneshot I actually started thinking a lot about Luna and Harry. I've never thought of it but it's true!! Luna probably did have feelings for him!! It's so painful to think about... poor Luna, knowing Harry only likes Ginny... When I first read the book (like before HBP) when I read the part when Luna comforts Harry after Sirius's death, I actually did briefly think they had something going on.

Draco and Astoria is a highly underrated pairing IMO. I like these two together. Draco is your least favorite? Mine is Bellatrix. C'mon, she beats his evilness by at least a mile!! haha

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Review #2, by JLHufflepuff Revelation and Destiny

12th June 2009:
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Remus drabble! I always try to imagine how they found out about Remus, and none of my hypotheses are as good as this. This is so angsty and yet so realistic that I love it.

The Voldemort one is good too, though I think Voldy should have found it to be hellish that he didn't have anyone there to "worship" him... I guess I just think it's only the hottest flames of hell that old Voldy needs... :P

Also, I can't believe that I was dense enough to miss THE ENTIRE drabble contest at eHPF!!! I remember seeing it but not staying around long enough to check out what it was ... dur... Maybe I need to do that.

Author's Response: Yes you'll need to join the next drabble contest we have! Man it is tough competition at eHPF. I'm still shocked that I made it to third place with all of the fabulous writers we have there.

Yay!! I'm so glad you loved the Remus drabble! It made me want to try writing a Marauders story again but I can't seem to keep the cliches out. Maybe someday... *sigh*

The Voldie one was something completely random that I threw out in about 15 minutes because I had realized that the deadline was that night :P Yep that would be Voldie's hell - having no one around means having no one to recognize his superiority. He's someone who needs to be above someone else ... anyone.

Thanks for your review!!

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Review #3, by JLHufflepuff Strength and Compassion

12th June 2009:
These are both great reads. You have Neville so perfectly - that in the Mirror he would see himself AS Harry with his parents alive and well. I think it's awesome tht even in this short snippet, you show this (his heart's desire) as fueling him to go on and be a hero for himself.

The Molly clip is also very cute. That is a typical parent right there, sacrificing anything necessary to make their children happy and to give them what they need/want.

Author's Response: Thanks Jessi! I think the Neville story was my favorite to write. I have an affinity with minor characters and underdogs, and Neville is definitely an underdog. I think it's so touching and easy to relate to, the way he wants to be so much more than everyone expects. I'm also glad you enjoyed the Molly story!

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Review #4, by JLHufflepuff Lost and Found

12th June 2009:
You're just the mistress of writing. I know that sounds really sarcastic, but it's true. I loved both these scenes because they have just the right bit of sentimentality and cleverness mixed together and just made me want to gush all over the place. Go publish yourself a book now, or I will come after you with my wand.

Author's Response: Shut up, you're totally the mistress of writing! :D I'm still in awe every time you leave me a good review. I promise that I will try to get a book published as long as I get a free copy of yours! *huggles*

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Review #5, by Billion Revelation and Destiny

15th April 2009:
story 5: I feel like I'm reading an excerpt from a story. Must. Know. Ending. I like your portrayal of Peter - is a Marauder whether fandom likes it or not and he did care for his friends.

story 6: There's a certain feel to this story that I find appealing. Interesting how Voldemort is the character. His reaction to his loss is not quite what I pictured, yet fitting. The last line was haunting - I loved it. There could not be a worse ending for someone like that, trapped through space in eternity. I get a really strange feeling imagining it.

In conclusion, I enjoyed all your drabbles Jules though I didn't think you needed the practice - I never thought you were wordy. I've never done drabbles before but I think I should try. At the very least they should help move me from this writers block I'm having.
.And I'm not sure how I managed to turn this comment into a conversation so apologies. ^_^

Author's Response: Yay!! I'm glad you liked my Marauder drabble! I've been toying with the idea of writing a Peter-centric story for a long time, but I keep getting distracted by other ideas. I wish I had all the time in the world to explore every single idea I had. Once I finish my Minerva story and get through five or six chapters of my Founders story, I'll look back and see what I can do. I really enjoyed writing this drabble and it has made me curious to see whether I could handle making Peter sympathetic in a full-length story.

I came about my Voldemort drabble in a really roundabout way. Ginny gave me the word "nebulous" and I thought of the Planet Room, and then I somehow connected it with a punishment for Voldemort. I don't remember exactly how, but my stream of consciousness is often crazy :D Glad you enjoyed it! It kind of creeps me out too, imagining the idea of floating in space by yourself forever in the darkness...

Aw thanks, love, you are too kind. I try to proofread my stories but the rough drafts are very, very wordy - I always have to go back through and prune them. I think you should do some drabbles! I hear there might be another competition at eHPF soon so you should keep an eye out; I would love to read your work. Thank you for your brilliant reviews as always! :)

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Review #6, by Billion Strength and Compassion

15th April 2009:
Ok, for some reason the review thing was being stupid and only posted half my review for the last chapter so the following is the review for Lost and Found:
Jules! Once again you amaze me. How do put so much into so little? Your Luna is very Luna. She's hard to write yet you pull of so well. The interaction between her and Harry is also very in character. I abhor H/G - Harry/anyone is just iffy to me - but Luna is the one I think fits him best. "Too many Veritabloom spores" I loved that.

I ♥ Draco/Astoria and reading your drabble made me want to continue my story. Unfortunately plot bunnies will have to wait till June and there's enough bouncing around my head right now.

Oh, sentence structure: For the very first time in his life, Draco muttered, "Accio!"
It sounds like it was the first time Draco used the accio charm which is rather doubtful since it's fourth year magic.

That's all for now! *hugs*
2nd chapter:
Aw, Neville. Those feelings are spot on. We get hints in canon that Neville wishes he was more like a Gryffindor and the dream really brings out the anxiety he must have felt during OotP.

"Pumpkin Juice" is just too cute. It really does sound like something that would have happened. However, don't the Weasleys live on a farm? Or somewhere far removed from other people? I think their closest neighbors are the Lovegoods and that red-headed muggle.or I could be wrong and this is fanfiction so it doesn't matter. :D

Oh, and Arthur is the best dad EVER.

Author's Response: Oh no problem sweetie! Like I said, I'm with you on hating the Harry/Ginny thing and I also agree that Luna would fit him the best. She knows how to handle him in just the right way without falling into that cliche "fiery strong redhead" thing. Glad you liked Draco/Astoria, which was my first venture into ANYTHING about Draco ever. I'm not crazy about him but this was fun to write. And thanks for pointing out the "Accio" thing ... I guess I meant to say, "for the first time in his life he had used the spell to get something he truly wanted to earn for himself" but I ran out of space :( Hopefully people know what I meant!

I loved writing the story about Neville. I feel for him and I can understand wanting so badly to meet everyone's expectations, yet having to know yourself and your own strengths first.

Glad you liked "Pumpkin Juice" and yes, I was worrying about the fact that the Weasleys lived so remotely from everyone else. But I like to pretend that maybe people (other wizards, of course) walk by every now and then. It kind of plays into the hopeless hope of Ron who wants to make money yet is screwed from the start. I also love Arthur and I think this is something that he and Molly would do.

Thank you for your wonderful review! *huggles*

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Review #7, by Billion Lost and Found

14th April 2009:
Jules! Once again you amaze me. How do put so much into so little? Your Luna is very Luna. She's hard to write yet you pull of so well. The interaction between her and Harry is also very in character. I abhor H/G - Harry/anyone is just iffy to me - but Luna is the one I think fits him best. "Too many Veritabloom spores"

Author's Response: Hi darling! You're too kind :D I should have written more about the struggles I had while trying to stay within the word limit. I would check the word count like, every paragraph, and then I'd be like, "Cool! I'm okay!" And then I'd go crazy and write too much and be about 300 words over LOL. I really don't like Harry/Ginny either, so when the challenge came to write about a non-canon pairing, I had to explore this one. Thanks so much for your review love!

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Review #8, by RonsGirlFriday Strength and Compassion

5th April 2009:
The story about Neville was just heartbreaking! I love his character, and I think you wrote him very well.

Author's Response: I think the Neville drabble is one of my personal favorites :) So glad that you liked it too! Thank you very much for your review :)

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Review #9, by Pookha Lost and Found

4th April 2009:
I really enjoyed "Just the Way It Is," and not just because it features my favourite non-canon ship. You write Luna and Harry very well.

I really like the way that Harry seems to understand, but then says '"Thanks, Luna. I'm glad we had this talk," he said absently.' This sums Harry up very well; a bit awkward still around girls, very interested in Ginny, and a bit callous toward Luna. Sometimes Harry just acts impulsively and this little bit shows it well.

Poor Dobby, his death hit me the hardest of all the deaths in the entire series.

The first story with Draco features some beautiful description and you manage to tell a good, complete story in very few words.

Author's Response: Hi Carl! Congratulations on making it to the finals! Your drabbles and Shanon's drabbles definitely deserved to place in the top two. I had trouble contending with you guys every week! :)

I'm so glad you liked my Harry/Luna story. I do like this pairing very much and in some ways, even more than Harry/Ginny. I might be biased, however, since I really don't like the character of Ginny. :) I wish things had turned out differently, but what JKR says, goes, so...

Glad you liked my Draco drabble too! I hate him so it was a challenge to try to portray him in a sympathetic light. I'd like to think that he changed after the war, although his coldness towards Harry nineteen years later is very telling.

Thanks so much for your kind words!

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