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Review #1, by Blkbuttafly007 Secrets Found

6th September 2017:
I still can't wait to see what happens next. Its been years, but I hope you come back and finish this story. I lobe your writing style!

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Review #2, by Blkbuttafly007 Secrets Found

19th January 2017:
I've read this whole series numerous times. Its sooo GREAT! Hoping against hope that it would be finishe . Its hasn't happen yet :'( But I will continue to wait. This story and the other WIPs NEED to be completed! I hope everything is alright.

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Review #3, by Blkbuttafly007 Secrets Found

12th August 2016:
It been YEARS, but I still hope you finish this story. You cant leae it there. What happen?! The whole series is excellent! Keep up the great work!

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Review #4, by Blk Buttafly Secrets Found

27th November 2014:
I so love this story! All your stories actually. I wish this was finished... Hit hit ;) I know it been years. But please oh please complete your WIP stories. I've read every single one! LOVE IT!

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Review #5, by Kate Secrets Found

3rd October 2014:
I'll appreciate if you'll complete the story...I'm dying to know what happens next...!!!
please resume updating.

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Review #6, by Black Buttafly Secrets Found

3rd October 2013:
I LOVE ALL YOUR STORIES!!! I see you haven't updated in THREE YEARS! I really really hope you finish the stories still in progress. If not, I will just keep reading them over and over like I've been doing.Lol. And every time I get to this part... I'm like "ALL MAN! ITS NOT FINISH!" Your a great author! Love your work! 100/10 : D

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Review #7, by mionestwin32 Secrets Found

3rd July 2013:
Please start writing again. I really want to know what happens next and if they will get together. Also your other stories need ending as well. I love the all of them but I would like to see them get finished. I cant wait until you start writing again.

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Review #8, by Mariah Webb Secrets Found

21st February 2013:
when is the next chapter? i cant wait to see what happens. and i want to know who scorpious' soul mate is. please write some more thank you.

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Review #9, by mskairijade Secrets Found

6th August 2012:
Great story would be awesome.if.u decided to.finish it

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Review #10, by windy Secrets Found

20th July 2012:
r u ever going to update??

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Review #11, by Black Buttafly Secrets Found

13th March 2012:
Its me again. Ive been wondering over the past couple of months if I shoild beg u to continue the story. Yes! Please oh please oh please with sugar on top and ice cream in the middle. This story is too good. But its been over a year seince ur last update :' ( Hope everythong is well and u get to finish the story. ALL of ur stories are great. Ive read all of them twice. :-) Hope to hear from u. Still the best DM/HG finfiction Ive read. 100/10

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Review #12, by Black Buttafly Secrets Found

4th December 2011:
OMG! When are u gonna finish the story! Its too good to just abandon.:-(

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Review #13, by Black Buttafly Secrets Found

15th November 2011:

I've read EVERY SINGLE stores of ur series. And all I can say is WOW, this is the best series I EVER read of HPFF! I truely mean that. I've read alot and I haven't found a write that could keep a story so interesting and detailed. I lobe how the stories flow and refer to each other. You are an EXCELLENT writer. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! I'm looking forward to reading what happens with Brandon and Astrum. :-) 20/10

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Review #14, by Tory Pow Secrets Found

7th October 2011:
I really wish you would finish this story. It is one of my all time favs on this site and you haven't updated in over a year. I would love to read more of it...I've prob been checking on this story for at least the past 10 months if not longer. Please update soon.

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Review #15, by Mrs_Irial Secrets Found

25th March 2011:
Please continue writing this story I'm hooked and want to know what happens!!! Its a brilliant story, all 16 are!!!

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Review #16, by Dhluv Secrets Found

21st December 2010:
Like all of your stories I love this one! You are an amazing writer! I can't wait for an update. Love the Astrum and Brandon pairing!

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Review #17, by Shellee Secrets Found

22nd August 2010:
I'm glad things are a bit normal again between them. It warms my heart how Brandon is trying to stay proper and all that, while he knows he feels something for her.
Is he dreaming though? I hope he isn't, for Astrum's sake..

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. This romance is definitely different since they know and trust each other already. MTC

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Review #18, by Shellee Persian Paradise

22nd August 2010:
Awh, I love the little hints to them being together. That so many people are willing to believe it. They'd be wonderful together. Too bad Brandon is being a bit of a twit about it.

Author's Response: Thank you and esp there an older guy close to the family with a younger woman would be completely acceptable. Brandon's just gunshy.

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Review #19, by Shellee Severus

22nd August 2010:
This explains so much more! Although I wouldn't have minded him being gay, it''d have been refreshing.. Maybe Scorp's gay..? Awh, he's such a darling, and I'm glad he found is soul mate!

Author's Response: Thank you. Yes, Severus has all his shocking plans that never seem to shock while Scorpius gets the limelight. Scorpius' story will come later but he does have some secrets that were hinted in earlier stories.

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Review #20, by Shellee Til Death Do Us Part

22nd August 2010:
This is such a heartwarming chapter. She loves him and yay they're going to fix it. My gosh, it's so sad that Brandon had to go through that. I don't like Bethany one bit.
I'm loving the plan to get them together again! And oh Sev!

Author's Response: Thank you. The not liking someone the way they are is taken from real life sadly. It's the classic that Bethany didn't like him the way he is.

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Review #21, by Shellee A Forlorn Princess

22nd August 2010:
Oh noes. I'm glad Brandon didn't end up hurting Pierre, but I feel so bad for him. I can only imagine how heart broken he is right now. And no one realises it. With that picture taken of Pierre and Astrum, and everything else, it's going to budge things up.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. Brandon is too much of a good guy to follow. Mistiming and misdirection are the influence that Shakespeare had on me.

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Review #22, by Shellee Synchronicity

22nd August 2010:
Oh my gosh, yes! I was right. They are utterly adorable with each other. I do wonder what Hermione's planning on writing though? And I'm glad at least so far she can see what's going on, and she supports it. I do want to see Lucius and Draco's reaction to all this though.
Awh, their first fight, more or less. Such true love really.

Author's Response: Thank you. That is something that is planned for later chapters. I'm glad you like them together. It is my tribute to Emma and Pride and Prejudice (Col. Brandon).

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Review #23, by Shellee Marriage Deconstructed

22nd August 2010:
My heart goes out to Brandon. I wonder what all happened with them. She definitely doesn't deserve him, that I can tell. I'm also thinking there was magic involved with this memory lapses he has about that day.
Yay for Scorpius and Sev, they're still as great as ever.

Author's Response: Thank you. There is a Scorpius story in the wings and more on Sev as well. Brandon had a crush gone bad but it will be elaborated on more.

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Review #24, by Shellee Over the Edge of Seventeen

22nd August 2010:
It's Brandon isn't it? The one she picks as her mate.. I had an inkling in chapter one, but it's far more than an inkling right now. Actually, I had some suspicions when Brandon recently joined the family. He's such a gentleman. I'm loving this!

Author's Response: Thank you and yes it is. Trained to be a gentleman by none other than Lucius. Though not blood, he definitely inherited some of the Malfoy traits.

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Review #25, by Shellee The Veracity of Love

22nd August 2010:
I was waiting for this to happen ever since I learned about Astrum! She sounds so sweet and utterly mischievous still, after all those years. I wonder who the guy is. He obviously is a few years older than her, with him being married and divorced and all. I am so curious!

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