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Review #1, by Jamie Chapter 11 - Do you...?

11th October 2011:
I am confused, this story says it is complete but in your author's notes it says the next chapter is just diary entries(?) that might change. Is there going to be more to this story?

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Review #2, by deatheaterHermione Chapter 4 - Draco Malfoy

2nd January 2011:
I know you posted this story long ago but to be quite simple the imperious curse? Thats why he was so mean! It's hard to believe, really you could of've said instead it was pressurre of lucious and Dear Lord will you stop flipping point of views. YOu should of kept it strictly Draco pov and hermione pov. It just confused by adding Nacrissa. And the characters aren't true to what they are. Their characteistics defenitley are the same so they seem un natural. Other than that the plot is good although it moved a bit fast. I'm sorry if i offended you because i meant no hard feeligns. With all due respect I infact just wanted to commend you on your accomplishment of finishing it. Love and Peace forever, deatheater Hermione.

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Review #3, by dramionefan_Rilla Chapter 11 - Do you...?

29th November 2009:
WOW this was awsome i was kinda laughing because the dialouge is sxo hailours this story is soo nice plz update th

Author's Response: Thanks for your review.
Unfortunately my latest chapter got rejected and i have terrible writers block at the moment so haven't had the chance to change it and get it validated.
Hopefully will be up sometime in the near future!

Bonnie x

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Review #4, by non-ya Chapter 4 - Draco Malfoy

13th August 2009:
its a very good story with a good plot, but i think that maybe their friendship advanced way too fast. the diner alone could have been a whole chapter by its self. then slowly go from there. it would have been a smoother transition.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review and i have taken on your comments, but i have already completed about 12 chapters now, so its a bit late to change that.

Thanks for reading
bmbutlerbabe x

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Review #5, by Charlies_Gal Chapter 9 - A Slight Complication

31st July 2009:
Keep up the good work. Can't wait to see where you go from here.


I'm also from England. Colchester in Essex actually. What region are you from?

Author's Response: I'm in West Kingsdown in Kent.. so i'm kinda near you lol! :P

Thanks for reviewing... again!

Bonnie x

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Review #6, by gitgit Chapter 5 - Confessions and Heartbreak

22nd July 2009:
what why, why did harry leave ginny
thats terrible!!!
interesting chapter though

Author's Response: It gets explained... don't worry. It doesn't last!
Thanks for reviewing! x

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Review #7, by gitgit Chapter 4 - Draco Malfoy

22nd July 2009:
interesting chapter
definitely interesting thing about how he felt ashamed poor thing is broken :(

Author's Response: Thanks! :)
Nice to hear your views on this story.

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Review #8, by gitgit Chapter 3 - Healing Wounds

22nd July 2009:
definitely an interesting chapter
so ron is getting married or he just got married cause i was confused...

Author's Response: He just got married... sorry if you got confused.

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Review #9, by gitgit Chapter 2 - Malfoy Manor

22nd July 2009:
ahahahh he has seen her stark naked already oh my very naughty draco
nice chapter

Author's Response: Lol!
I thought i'd put a bit of humor/awkwardness into it lol! x

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Review #10, by gitgit Chapter 1 - Training

22nd July 2009:
hmmm interesting
i like your story idea and im looking forward to seeing where you take it!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Please continue reviewing and i hope you stick with the story!

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Review #11, by Charlies_Gal Chapter 8 - Friend's Acceptance

20th July 2009:
I enjoyed that chapter very much and it was far from boring. The story really is starting to come together brilliantly. Also I love long chapter so yay! I know how hard it can be to write long chapters, I often struggle to reach 2000 words on my own fics.


PS *congratulate*


Author's Response: Thank you!
I am trying to write longer ones, because i know when i read some stories it can be a bit boring when you have a short chapter and have to wait ages until you get another one! :P
:) Bonnie x

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Review #12, by Charlies_Gal Chapter 7 - Life

13th June 2009:
I think that this chapter was totally worth the wait. Again I loved it and this fic really is getting better with each new chapter.


Author's Response: Thanks, i'm trying to get more chapters written in advance so that if i do get bad writers block again, which is most probable lol :P i can still update then!
Thanks for reviewing again! x

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Review #13, by Isabella Potter Chapter 3 - Healing Wounds

12th June 2009:
the idea is wonderful the plot is ok but u need to go back and reread the first three chapters or probably all of them and fix ur times. at one pt u said living at the manor 2 months now its 2 yrs and u said it was saturday she was going to harry and ginny's but then in this chapter u have it as sunday... u need to fix that cause it is very confusing! good chapter tho.
sry if i sound mean just trying to help u out and i really appreciate it if ppl do the same for me.

Author's Response: Thanks for the info... didn't realise i'd done that.
Will sort out those timings things asap though.
Thanks x

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Review #14, by Charlies_Gal Chapter 6 - James Potter's Family

7th May 2009:
I am loving all the drama that comes with this fic, especially as it started out quite tame. Just like a fine wine this fic gets better with age. (I know, that was so cliched that I deserve a slap for that.) LOL. (>^_^)> *Herbie hugs for a great writer.*(>^_^)>


Author's Response: This is going to sound lame... what is a herbie hug??
I've never come across that one before lol :)

Thanks for your kind review once again!

Bonnie xx

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Review #15, by roxie Chapter 6 - James Potter's Family

7th May 2009:

I sure hope that Draco does not take offence at the fact that hermione keeps leaving him halfway.. he needs to understand the friendship between girls!!

I really like this chapter though im still rather convinced that harry will not cheat on ginny..

Great job and update soon!!

Author's Response: Lol! Thanks for the review!

Originally i wasn't going to have Harry cheat on her, it was going to be Ron with Hermione, but then i decided that i didnt like that so i changed it to Harry lol :P

Will update asap, but got writers block bad right now :S

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Review #16, by varsha Chapter 4 - Draco Malfoy

5th May 2009:
please please please continue!

Author's Response: I'm just waiting for the next chap to be validated lol :P
I like that you are supportive! :D

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Review #17, by varsha Chapter 5 - Confessions and Heartbreak

1st May 2009:
wow!! great story...i would love to read the next chapter..
n plz continue...!
would love to read more..
varsha a.k.a vish..!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing! :P
I have posted the next chapter, but not sure when it will get validated...

Thanks again!

bmbutlerbabe x

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Review #18, by Charlies_Gal Chapter 5 - Confessions and Heartbreak

30th April 2009:
I am so angry with Harry right now. On a serious note though I thoroughly love this fic and it is my new favourite fic. Can't wait for the next chapter.

BTW - Good luck with the book, if it's anything like this fic, then I'll be first in line outside the book store.


Author's Response: LOL! Thanks for the support... i hope its gonna be good. I've only been planning bits and pieces, but it should be good to start writing! :D
Thanks a lot for reviewing... your my current fav! :P
Bonnie x

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Review #19, by Via Chapter 5 - Confessions and Heartbreak

28th April 2009:
Oh my gosh. That is an amazing chapter! Update!!!


Author's Response: Thanks.. don't know when i am going to update next, been busy writing my book!
Will do asap!

bmbutlerbabe x

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Review #20, by pure angel Chapter 5 - Confessions and Heartbreak

28th April 2009:
oooh the baby's coming
urg Harry sucks
aww hermione and Draco are with eachother kindof lol
love the story update soon 10/10

xoxo pure angel

Author's Response: Thanks for the kind review... been busy a lot lately, so dnt no when i will b updating next... hopefully soon!
bmbutlerbabe x

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Review #21, by Charlies_Gal Chapter 4 - Draco Malfoy

19th April 2009:
I love the fact that you've starting to show the 1st signs of romance. My only critism (and please don't hate me for this) is that maybe you should have left a slightly larger space or a clearer partition before the 3 months later. But the story is great and getting better every time I read more.

Author's Response: It's ok... i just kinda got bored and couldn't think of much to write for the in between bit lol :P I'm quite lazy!
And i've been pretty busy so i haven't had a lot of time to write, so i'm sorry if the wait for chapters gets longer and longer :S

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Review #22, by J_O_I_Rowling Chapter 2 - Malfoy Manor

17th April 2009:
you sure are a quick worker! developments already! i think i'm going to enjoy your story veeery much! :D

there were a lot of exclamation marks just there...weird. i guess i'm all hyped up on chocolate is that time of year again :)


Author's Response: Thanks, erm... i like exclamation marks! They show how much meaning is in what you are saying lol!
Now i'm doing it... :S
thanks bmbutlerbabe

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Review #23, by J_O_I_Rowling Chapter 1 - Training

17th April 2009:
already a favourite! wow, that was impulsive! i guess your first chapter was brilliantly good for that reaction...i never favourite on the first chapter! :)
not much draco, but i liked it none the less. next chapter maybe?


Author's Response: thanks, i really enjoy reading those few reviews i get... especially when you say things like that!
I've been a bit busy lately, not been writing much... will get onto it though! x

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Review #24, by BellaRose Chapter 3 - Healing Wounds

12th April 2009:
i think this story is going great but i don't think you need to describe every single piece of clothing Hermione wears. nor constantly point out that it "hugs her figure". otherwise i really enjoyed it.

Author's Response: Thanks for your opinion. I didn't realise i did that lol :P x

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Review #25, by Charlies_Gal Chapter 3 - Healing Wounds

11th April 2009:
The more i read the more i want to read. I am hooked. Looking forward to next update. (>^-^)>

Author's Response: Thanks a lot! :D

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