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Review #1, by Debvfr Bottles Eight and One

17th March 2016:
Not sure you will get this review but this has to be my fav story
I know you have moved on with your life but here's hoping in the future you have time to revisit the hpff and give us some more wonderful tales.
You read a novella sad that you have finished but move on I think these two will stay with me.
Thanks for the enjoyment hope life is treating you well

Author's Response: Hi again Debvfr,

I loved doing the HP fan fics and I do have so many ideas and other small stories I'd like to write. However, I don't have time. Which pains me becasue I've got ideas for a sequel to LtLA, another independent story more about Ginny's struggles after the war, another dark fic, and some one shots.

So, lots of ideas and no time to write.

thanks again for the reviews, I certainly do appreciate them. Glad you enjoyed the stories and hope they gave you a bit of escape from reality.

Have a great day

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Review #2, by harry_ginny4ev Bottles Eight and One

30th March 2014:
I really like the idea of bottles so great job

Author's Response: Finished these up already! Wow, you went through quick!

The bottle idea was a way for me to write in small blocks because I didn't have time to write another full novel-length story. and, once I got into it I liked it more and more. Thanks again for reading and for taking the time to review.

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Review #3, by harry_ginny4ev Bottles Twenty-Nine, Five and Nineteen

29th March 2014:
Your story is great, but in bottle nineteen, you called the duo "Gred and Forge" and Fred "Gred again in the next chapter. Overall it was good but those typos were comical.

Author's Response: Hey, first, thanks for reading some more. As for Gred and Forge, those aren't typos. In Order of the Phoenix(I think it was) while they are all holed up in Grimmauld Place, Fred and George are called Gred and Forge by Ginny as a joke because she considers them the same and interchangeable. I figured a joke like that would stick within the family, and the twins being the twins they would perpetuate it. So it has a canon source, and I liked it so much I used it here. Hope that explains where it came from. Enjoy the rest of the bottles :-)

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Review #4, by CambAngst Bottles Eighteen, Thirty and Six

26th February 2014:
Harry soon returned and the couple lounged on the sofa letting the movie distract them from the coming storm. -- So having read this story already, I get the double-meaning of this now. The memories only get more intense and in some cases more difficult from here on out.

I really liked how you started out the chapter. I've had similar dilemmas while lounging on vacation. Throughout it all, you've never allowed us to forget the setting, which is a very striking one. In spite of all the memories and the heavy emotions that go along with them, you've made the story coherent.

I love the idea of Ginny cuddling the baby turtles. Only Ginny...

So this is Fleur's memory, which must mean that we were looking at Viktor's memory in the previous chapter. Glad I got that right!

You write a really great Fleur. There's nothing weak or bubbly about her. She has that characteristic Mediterranean bluntness and she speaks her mind regardless of whether it's what the other person wants to hear. Her advice to Ginny is fantastic. With both Ginny and Harry being very driven professionals, their relationship is destined to be very different from the one between Molly and Arthur. I also loved Ginny's personal definition of supporting Harry: "Nobody goes after Harry without answering to me, nobody," she stated firmly. That's Ginny!

I also liked all of the cute babies in the first section. Harry and Ginny holding Teddy and Victoire. I'm not sure if that was intentional symbolism, but it was clever nonetheless!

Fleur giving Harry a quick kick in the bottom was also great characterization of her. She is not the type to stand for being treated poorly, no matter the other person's reasons. And Harry was treating everyone fairly poorly at that point in his life.

I love the fireworks show that George and Lee put on for Ginny, as well as Gwenog's reaction to the spectacle. I'm not sure how much more I can say about the second memory.

Jaclyn! This is such a trip down memory lane. Every time I turn around, I'm reminded of great original characters you created for LtLA.

I love the way that she makes her way into both Harry's and Ginny's confidence: by being brutally, constructively honest with them. Both Harry and Ginny have such an enormous capacity for ignoring their feelings and better judgment when they're in a huff about something. They desperately need people like Jaclyn in their lives.

Aww, I think it's too bad that Jaclyn and Charlie didn't work out. Then again, I don't know that it would be good characterization for anyone to work out with Charlie in the long run. Unless that someone was scaly and weighed about 10 tons.

Very enjoyable chapter!

Author's Response: The memories do get a bit more intense, or meaningful. One of the hard things about this story is building any type of conflict. conflict drives stories, but who would knowingly give a conflicting memory on their wedding day? Nobody, so I have to find ways to do that within the parameters of 'happy' memories.

I like baby turtles, so they made it into the story. and if you've never been to the sea turtle farm on Grand Cayman, you should go. Its cool.

I love Fleur's character. Many authors have her as this delicate person, but I don't think so. She was chosen as a champion, married a curse breaker, and joined the order when it wasn't really her fight. She's French. So I think she'd be a very tough person with a soft exterior.

Fireworks memory was Lee's. It was purely done for fun, and is not the original memory I was going to use. The original didn't fit for this so it's saved for use later in another story. I made this one up on the fly and I like it a lot.

Jaclyn- I originally had more of her background in LtLA but it slowed down the story. This was a way to give her character more depth. It's kind of an out-take I guess, but it works here.

Charlie is decidedly into dragons.

Thanks again for such detailed reviews! I appreciate it very much.

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Review #5, by CambAngst Bottles Twenty-Seven, Fifteen and Seven

26th February 2014:
Hi, there! It's me again, resuming my oft-delayed review of this amazing story.

Ah, yes, the cold feet. Bane of the existence of husbands everywhere. I like Harry's solution to the problem, but Ginny's revenge was also pretty well executed. A little pranking to start the day.

I'm assuming that we're seeing Viktor's memory in the first section, since Fleur leaves the room partway through. I really loved the gravity you brought to the scene and the depth of the three champions' commitment to Cedric's memory and to one another. Dumbledore's logic, while difficult on Harry, was also unassailable. I think the highest compliment I can pay to this scene is that I was convinced that a similar scene was included in Goblet of Fire. I actually spent half an hour last night re-reading the end of the book, looking for it. That's just how much I've internalized parts of your stories. I get your version of events mixed up with the actual books.

Alicia's memory is certainly very... personal. I remember Ginny being in this phase in LtLA, and Harry valiantly defending Ginny's honor from Ginny. One of the more humorous parts of the story. And I'd almost forgotten about all of Ginny's "detentions". McGonagall was so good to the two of them!

I thought it was kind of funny that Hermione's memories start with Ginny and Harry being the celebrity couple of the common room. In one way, it doesn't seem much like her, but in another I guess she'd been hearing Ginny pine away over Harry for a long time. She'd also watched Harry go through most of his life so unhappily, so I guess she was one of the people who was most happy for the two of them.

Poor Harry! He finally gets a peek inside the girls' dormitories and it's nothing like he'd built it up to be in his mind. Sometimes imagining is better than knowing.

I can't believe Hermione wanted to interrupt the conversation and look up that thing about the fountain in Hogwarts a History! Actually, yes I can.

"Exactly, see Ginny, in six years he's never talked about himself to me, or to Ron either I expect. He and Ron and I will always be very close. We're his best friends, but you're the one he chose to open up to." -- Hermione knows her stuff. That was always the big thing with Harry and Ginny.

"My cheeks hurt. I didn't know cheeks could hurt just from smiling." He grinned sheepishly. "I bet everyone's having a good laugh at me, but I don't care. Ginny, she...I'm happy any time I'm with her." -- It seems like a small thing, but I thought this was one of the most amazing passages in the whole chapter. It says a lot about how Harry feels about Ginny.

The memory that Ginny adds was a good closing point for the chapter. I love the scenes where Harry is totally gobsmacked.

I actually have something different to offer you in this review: a couple of typos I spotted.

"You're toes are tickling my shins. And they're ice cold too," -- Your toes

No half dresses girls laying on their beds gossiping, -- No half dressed

Great chapter! I'll be back soon...

Author's Response: Welcome back,

Yes, the first is Victor's and was a scene I've wanted to do for a wile (ever since reading GoF). I'm certain the Ministry would have tried to paint this wonderful picture of the champions, but I don't think they would go along with it. This gives me a chance to write Harry as an equal to another character, and that doesn't happen often. Usually he is considered more important, and this makes a nice change.

I didn't get a chance to put in too much of Ginny's motivation for wanting to pounce harry all the time, other than she was a teenage girl wanting her boyfriend. This gave me a chance to get a little deeper into that and show that while they both wanted 'more' neither was willing to break a promise just to get together.

I wanted to burst the girls dorm 'fantasy' that the boys had. Poor Harry...

Hermione- I wanted a chance to write Hermione as a teenage girl. We never see her that way in the books. She's always taking care of Ron/Harry or studying or working out some problem. But under all that, there is a teenage girl with the same teen girl emotions. The kiss legend is based on a 'true' legend from a university in the USA. Won't give away which one...

The 'bonus' memory was put in just as I was posting the chapter. I think it was great.

After being posted for years and two beta's I still find typos. I'll go back and fix them. THANKS!

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Review #6, by CambAngst Bottles Thirteen, Two and Twenty-One

7th February 2014:
Hello, again!

So first off, I loved the old dive captain and the way he torques Ginny just a bit. And poor Harry getting sea-sick was also a funny touch. I'm going to guess you've done some diving in your life, since you seem really familiar with all of the particulars of the activity.

Arthur was hilarious in this. I loved all of his half-baked -- no pun intended -- theories on what a toaster was all about and how it was supposed to work. The marmalade analogy that Harry uses to explain himself to Arthur was absolutely perfect. It got off to a bit of a rough start, however.

Mr. Weasley continued, “The marmalade warmed and seeped into the toast, pure delight… marmalade and warm toast…”

“I-need-to-marry-Ginny!” Harry said rapidly.
-- Best non-sequitur of the entire story. And classic Harry, as well. He holds it in for as long as he can and then he more or less just explodes.

Ginny's reaction to the memory was great, as well. It's the sort of thing that some women would take the wrong way, but she understands what a meaningful moment she's witnessed, even if the metaphor sounds a little more like Ron than Harry.

I liked how Charlie was able to show very similar sides of two people who were too stubborn at times to realize just how alike they were and how much they needed one another. Ginny seemed so vulnerable in what should have been one of the triumphant moments of her life, which I thought was really good. Times like that often clarify things for people, and for her it seemed to be a moment where she finally got a clear idea of what she really wanted in life. All of it, and she was going to do whatever it took to get it. Harry, for his part, was showed his own stubborn streak, refusing to settle for anything less than Ginny. And he does find a way to rub it in on poor Charlie at the end.

The last memory was one of the most powerful things you've shown us in the story so far. We got to see Ginny's strength and vulnerability in a lot of different ways during LtLA, but nothing quite like what she must have survived at Hogwarts with the Carrows in charge. The courage and leadership that she shows by addressing Gregory's question head-on was amazing and breathtaking. Admitting that she sometimes hides from the brutality of life in the "school" but at the same time explaining why she always comes back for more was exactly what the other DA members needed to hear at that moment. Then when she opens up to Neville, explains how close she really is to giving up, but tells him why she's going to keep fighting... I just wanted to wrap her in a hug. Fortunately, Harry was there to do it for me.

The memory faded out leaving Harry in the kitchen clutching Ginny more tightly than ever. "I know, I know, I know..." Harry whispered into her ear. -- Gah, so many feels.

I know there are even more powerful chapters yet to come, but this was definitely the best one yet. Awesome job!

Author's Response: Hi again! So yes I've done a bit of diving. In fact, I've been to Grand Cayman (got married there) and would love to go back. The seasick part is from real life, but it was my wife who 'fed' the fishes, not me. And I love Cap'n Gene. He's based on a friend of mine (now passed) who ran all day fishing charters on the atlantic ocean. At 70 yrs old he could outwork most 20yr olds. So Cap'n Gene is for Gene, or 'Cap'n Hoss' who was a great friend of mine. Back when I was 25 and he was 70+. I miss him a lot.

Arthur's memory came from a question my daughter asked one day about what could go on toast besides jelly. I listed a bunch of stuff, and mention I like marmalade. Anyway, that led me to put marmalade into LtLA. and from there, I worked into a marriage permission request. One of my favorite scenes.

Charlie- I see him and Ginny as somewhat kindred spirits, both being independent and not afraid to forge their own path. I wanted to show this as Ginny understanding what she wants, realizing a big part of it is Harry, but also knowing that she has to be happy as herself before she can possibly be happy with Harry. And I like that Harry gets a dig in on Charlie.

Neville- I've always wanted to show Ginny in a dichotomy of emotions. Strong yet vulnerable, driven yet scared. I see Neville and Ginny as the leaders at Hogwarts during that time. Both stepping up to lead in the face of the Carrows. Her speech almost wrote itself, and I desperately wanted it to show that she understood that they were on their own, and the only people they could rely on was themselves. And so, we got Ginny standing up to lead others when she was unsure she could do it, standing strong, fighting tirelessly, but nearly buckling under the pressure. And we get Neville, Ginny's second in command, supporting her and leading others.

Thanks again for reading, and even more for reviewing.

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Review #7, by CambAngst Bottles Twenty Eight, Three and Twelve

4th February 2014:
Hi, there! For some reason, I have free time in abundance today. Let's enjoy another three bottles...

I wanted to say that I really appreciate the fact that you give us some details about Ginny and Harry's wonderful vacation in each chapter before you dive into the memories. It makes the story feel a lot more grounded. It also gives you a chance to keep them in character in the present, and indulge some of the personality traits you've built up around them. I especially liked Ginny's skepticism about how cruise ships stay afloat.

Ah, yes, the Warringtons. One thing I don't think I've commented on is how many well-developed and integral minor characters you created during Learning to Live Again. Daniel and Lynette were so important to the understanding that Harry and Ginny reach and they were both there until the end. I loved the tip of the hat to Remus's situation and how it helped to humanize Harry even further. This was a great behind-the-scenes look at what took place before we meet those characters and how they reacted to Harry and Ginny's visit.

Wow, Luna! You wrote her exactly the way I've always thought of her. Her wisdom is sage-like, yet delivered in terms that most people would mistake for mental illness. The world is such an uncomplicated place to her. She cuts right through other people's misconceptions, doubts and conceits with an insight that's blunt yet childlike. I've only written her a couple of times in my stories, but I know how hard it is to get her to sound right. You did a great job of capturing her voice in this memory.

"I wonder, for everyone that Harry has saved...If Harry needed it...who'd save Harry?" -- Easily one of the most profound and revealing questions in the entire story. I love the way that it finally focuses Ginny on how she feels and what she really wants.

The last section was really heart-warming to see, both because of Teddy and because of the change that Andromeda sees in Harry and Ginny. I can truly understand her skepticism at the start of the memory. Harry was all over the place at that point in his life. It was awesome to see Molly standing up for Harry and insisting that Andromeda give him a fair chance. I love the way that your Molly never insists on anything less for Harry than she does for her own children. Harry is sort of a natural with Teddy except for that dirty diaper part of the experience. But most people are going to struggle with that the first time. Being a daughter of the House of Black -- albeit one that ran off -- I sort of imagine that Andromeda doesn't like to admit that she's wrong. But in this case, I'm pleased that she does.

Another really touching chapter! I enjoy this story so much!

Author's Response: My original storyline just had them in the loft reviewing memories over a couple days, but I quickly realized that wasn't good way to do it. So I started the vacation thread to the story and it worked out much better. The vacation gave me a chance to write Harry/Ginny in a relaxed atmosphere, which is fun.

I tried to make original characters that had some depth to them. I wanted to give more back story to the Warringtons in LtLA but there just wasn't a reasonable place to do it. So I used those original background note to write this. It let me explore Harry relating to a kid who is going to have a difficult life and not seeing the sickness, but seeing the child despite the illness.

Ah, Luna. I love Luna. It can be really difficult to write her. If you do much she sounds like a wacko, and if you don't go far enough she doesn't seem like Luna. In its first draft, this scene was about twice as long, but it didn't feel very Luna-like. So I started to cut some dialog, and the shorter it got, the better it got, and felt more like Luna. And I enjoyed that it was Luna who gave Ginny her reality check.

Andromeda- I see so many stories where she is happy about having harry as Teddy's godfather. Me, being me, thought that was too optimistic, just like having Harry happy right after the battle. So I explored the Andromeda/Harry interaction and as a bonus I got to write a Molly scene with her conversing with another adult, not mothering one of the children.

Thanks again,

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Review #8, by CambAngst Bottles Thirty-One, Fourteen and Twenty-Two

4th February 2014:
What is this? Two reviews in back-to-back days? Hard to believe, no?

I absolutely love what you've done with Percy in the first memory. The way that he tries to cover his insecurities with formality and social stature was perfectly written for him. But Ginny is having none of it. She's able to cut right through the facade and find the real Percy on the inside.

I remember the part of Learning to Live Again that Ginny's talking about, the part where Harry nearly drives everyone away. It was that depression and disaffection and total sense of loss and purposelessness that really drew me into the story in the first place. I cannot stand post-war stories where everything is rosy and happy and rainbows and kittens as soon as the war is over. Surviving a war isn't like that. I've always thought that your portrayal of post-war Harry was the most believable and realistic of any I've ever read.

At any rate, I love how she segues the understanding that she and Harry came to into what Percy needs to do in order to forgive himself and find his was back to the people he loves. Percy and Harry definitely have some things in common.

Meredith the Healer! I'd almost forgotten about her! Also, the scene where Harry beats Dean to a pulp. I like that you don't shy away from the less pleasant memories in this story. And you also let Harry and Ginny continue to have their differences of opinion about certain things. They're both still very stubborn, but they've also learned how to lower their walls for one another when the time is right. Then moving on to the scene after Harry was poisoned, this made it plain how protective and loving Ginny was toward him. Gah, I've got to re-read Learning to Live Again...

Wow. It's kind of hard to form coherent thoughts about George's memory. That was so sad.


"So yeah, I'm sure you watched… With Sirius I suppose, right? And Lupin, and o' course Tonks..."
-- Ouch. Right in the feels.

I love the way he reminisces about Ginny being their little princess. There are so many things I'd love to say about that scene, but it's hard to find the words.

I liked that Harry knew to give Ginny a little space. They really are growing into a very functional, loving couple.

Lovely chapter! Until next time...

Author's Response: Hello again. Percy is one of those characters that don't get much press time so fanfic authors have a lot of leeway with them. Here, it was about trying to compare two characters that most people would never think would be similar (Percy/Harry). I think that as the only Weasley girl, Ginny would be unique in her ability to relate to each of her brothers, more so than the brothers relate to each other. This scene is the culmination of those ideas.

I agree, after being on the run and then in the final battle, and walking to his death I don't think Harry would be all happy-go-lucky. I do think he'd internalize everything just like he did on OotP. I don't like after battle stories that start all happy either.

Meredith was an addition to the list when the character I did want to use didn't work for me. She also allows me to add a bit of conflict to the story. Since they are supposed to be good memories its hard to find a reasonable conflict, the only way to do it id for it to be accidental, or a memory that the giver doesn't think would have that effect. Added bonus, was what you described, showing how harry/Ginny relate to each other, even when they don't agree with each other.

Georges memory is one of my favorites. I didn't want it to be sad, for George anyway. I wanted it to be the conversation he and Fred would have had, had Fred lived. So he went to his brother and had the conversation even if it was one-sided. For me, it isn't Georges memory that gets to me, it's Ginny's reaction to it.

Thanks again for reading and reviewing!

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Review #9, by CambAngst Bottles Twenty-Nine, Five and Nineteen

3rd February 2014:
Hello, again! I'm not sure I could be much slower about this if I tried, but I will get through this story eventually!

There's only one thing in all of this that I might nitpick you on and that's the idea of Harry and Ginny disapparating from the UK to the Caribbean. I know that no maximum distance was ever specified in the books, but I've always been under the impression that the range of this form of travel was limited. That's why Voldemort flew from the UK to the Continent and back when he sought out Grindelwald. I would suggest a portkey. Again, it's no big thing, but I do feel compelled to offer you a little something.

I nearly died laughing at the way Ginny sold Hermione out to her mother. That was absolutely brilliant and exactly the sort of thing the youngest of 7 kids would do!

Yay, something I remember from Learning to Live Again! I haven't written reviews for middle part of Learning to Live Again yet, but I have to say that the moment where Ginny turned down Harry's proposal hit me harder than anything else I've ever read in fan fiction. I literally put the story down for a week, I couldn't bring myself to read any more. Eventually I got back into it and I think that the depths you took the reader to in that scene and its aftermath redefined the entire experience. Why am I telling you this now? Because it was awesome to see this scene again through a fresh pair of eyes. It was such a turning point for Ginny and Harry in that story.

I love the coarse and overbearing nature of Ginny's teammates in this memory. Professional athletes are a different breed of person and you capture it beautifully here.

The second memory was such a touching scene. In your world, Ginny always seems to be there to tell Harry what he needs to hear when he needs to hear it. This scene was no different. Sad that things still end the way that we know that they do, but I think it sets the scene beautifully for Ginny's long-term devotion to Harry. I love the way that she pretty much reverse-engineers everything that's been going on in Harry's life. In a boarding school far from the real world, I always felt like it would have been a lot harder to keep secrets than it seemed in the books.

Katie is such a good friend to Ginny in the last memory. She would have been three years older, at least by my reckoning, and the difference in age and experience are obvious. The way that Harry is totally gobsmacked by older Ginny in the second part of Katie's memory was really clever and well-written, as was Ginny's closing comment.

I really enjoyed this chapter and I'm really looking forward to getting on to the more intense memories in the later chapters. Great job!

Author's Response: Hi again, JKR never did state the limits on apparition so I had some leeway with it. I would expect them to use it more for short distance since the sensation isn't pleasant. But when they took the port key on GoF that seemed to take them a while, so it wasn't perfect either. In any case it is what it is.

I like Ginny's survival instincts too :-)

I have fun writing the Harpies. I see them as a fun but loyal bunch and base them on sports and racing teams I've been a part of over the years. As for the second memory, I've always thought Ginny had Harry's number. She can be tough with him, or firm, and yet still be tender, which is mostly what this scene is.

The last one was fun to do because its one of the few times that Ginny isn't aware of what is happening. in the books, she's always got information others don't, or sees things others missed. So it was nice to turn the tables on her a bit.

Thanks again for the reviews! Have a great day.

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Review #10, by CambAngst Bottles Ten, Eleven and Seventeen

1st January 2014:
Hello, again! These three memories seemed a bit slower-paced than the first batch, but with more emotional depth. Having read this before, I know you kept the most intense ones for closer to the end, but the first out of this lot was pretty powerful to me.

I felt bad for Harry during the first memory in that way that I always feel badly about the first 11 years of Harry's life, but I actually felt more pain radiating off of Ginny. For better or worse, it seems like Harry had long since made his peace with his childhood. Ginny, on the other hand, seemed totally unprepared for what she was seeing. The anguish that she feels made it obvious how protective she is of her husband, how much she wanted to take all of his pain away.

I liked Mrs. Figg in this. I'm sure Harry didn't really catch on at the time, but the reverence she feels for him was obvious. The concern for him and the way that she was able to lift his spirits were really touching. I could see why this was a happy memory for Harry, in spite of how it started out.

I really liked what you did with Bill and the conflict that he was struggling with in his memory. He spent so much of his life mentally preparing himself to terrify Ginny's boyfriend and suddenly he's confronted by someone he things of as a sixth brother, someone he genuinely cares for and respects. Fleur was terrific in this memory, as well. She doesn't come right out and chastise him, but he helps him get over himself. Oh, and the leg thing! I don't know if you recall the review I left on your last chapter, but I've read Learning to Live Again. It's probably one of my two or three favorite stories in the entire HPFF archive. And I DO remember the leg thing. ;)

Kingsley's memory was an interesting choice. I guess he didn't know the two of them quite as well during the war, since Ginny was generally kept away from the fighting and he probably had little time for anything else. Something from the aftermath of the Department of Mysteries would have been an interesting choice, but I guess Harry wasn't really in any state of mind to be comforted by Ginny at that point. Overall, I liked the idea of the two of them not even realizing that they were dancing all by themselves in front of a room full of onlookers. Very romantic!

Another awesome chapter! I shall return soon...

Author's Response: Hi there, Yes, Ginny had much more reaction to Harry Hunting than Harry did, but as you pointed out, he'd already made peace with it. Mrs. Figg was one of the characters that was on my 'must' list for the story and I knew her story was going to be about him as a child.

Bill's was fun to write because I got to put Fleur into the mix as well. We see lots of fan fiction where the brothers are really tough on Harry and possessive of Ginny. I wanted to show another side to that and the internal a brother might have if they actually like the guy with Ginny.

For Kingsley, I wanted to show that the new 'power' couple didn't hide from the press as many other authors do. Here they don't hide at all, and are still so enamored with each other that they ignore everyone else in the room. It was another angle to their post-war lives I don't see in other stories, so I did it here.

Thanks for taking the time to review, very few readers do, and authors certainly do appreciate it.

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Review #11, by CambAngst Bottles Four, Nine and Twenty-Six

26th December 2013:
Hello, again! I'm starting small. I'm going to try to review my way through this story, properly, and then tackle Learning to Live Again. Also, this happens to be review #900 I've written, so I wanted to review something special.

The whole idea behind this story is amazing. It's such an incredible gift to give a young couple. I mean, except for the couple who got memories of the bride's previous suitors, but I was pretty sure that wasn't going to happen here. It's perfectly magical and the sort of thing that I feel like any Potter fan would instantly connect with.

McGonagall's memory was perfect for her. I loved the fact that she was able to give Ginny and Harry something priceless and irreplaceable from Dumbledore at the same time she was sharing her own memory of them. The warmth and playfulness and sensitivity of Dumbledore's reaction was so perfectly in character for him. It made me instantly think of his confessions to Harry at the end of OotP. And I especially loved Ginny's reaction to being caught, the fact that she seemed more proud than embarrassed. Excellent characterization!

Seamus's memory cracked me up. At the start of the memory, I had it pegged for being Dean's memory. It was hilarious seeing Colin get most of the action in the game. And the rationale for why he picked that memory was beautiful.

Teddy was awesome in this! He would have been, what, maybe 4 or 5 at the time? So cute! I loved the way that Ginny was teasing him and I absolutely adored the fact that it was such a simple memory that he picked. The way that he and Ginny ambushed Harry was sweet and funny. He probably had more fun that day than any he could recall.

Amazing start to an amazing story! I'll be back soon!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, I appreciate it. I think you'll enjoy the story (I may be biased). The idea behind the story is that I wanted to revisit scenes from the books and my own story and let the reader see them from a different perspective.

The McGonagall memory is very close to events in my real life, and part of it is a word for word quote. I'll let you try to determine which parts...

For Seamus I wanted something so off the wall that there would be no chance of anyone ever reading a similar scene somewhere else. I think I succeeded.

As for Teddy, I wanted it to be innocent. A 4/5 yr old Teddy wouldn't have a memory with 'bigger' meaning, so his is simply his favorite day. Which just happens to have a bigger meaning for all us grownups.

Enjoy the story, let me know what you think of the rest of the story. Oh, and some of this will reference portions of Learning to Live Again, so it may be a bit of a spoiler in that sense. If you're worried about that then read LtLA first...

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Review #12, by Subrina Bottles Thirty-One, Fourteen and Twenty-Two

12th March 2012:
You prat! I promised myself I wouldn't cry! ;)

Lovely. Just lovely.

Author's Response: Now why would you promise something like that? When I came up with the idea for this story George's memory was one of the first ones I had envisioned. I wanted it to be a conversation between two brothers, even if one of them was no longer alive, so that's how I wrote it. It's the conversation Fred and George would have had if Fred had lived. For me the kicker is Ginny reaction to it. Throughtout all my writings, this is one of my favorite passages.

Enjoy the story, and thanks for taking the time to read and review.

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Review #13, by ginnyrulz Bottles Eight and One

8th February 2012:
this is so good im practically crying please keep writing. i will die if you dont.

Author's Response: Wow, talk about pressure to write :-) I do still write a little but I've been too busy to work on longer stories. I'm writing shorter things and some one-shots for now. I would like to get back to work on my longer stories, but until I have more time I just can't do it.

I am happy that you liked this story as much as you did. For Fanfic authors, reviews are our paychecks and it always feels good when a reader appreciates your work. Thank you for reading and especially for reviewing.

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Review #14, by From someone who loves this story Bottles Eight and One

15th November 2011:
Aw this is honestly one of my favorite stories on this website. I love everyone's view on their relationship and how they all gel together. I love how the story gels together. I love this story period. Seamus' memory was the funniest, with his " I've kissed both of you on the mouth." I also love the memory with the marauders and Lily. Question though. Wouldn't Harry already know about the memory tradition from Ron and Hermione's 1st anniversary? I appreciate the Passion and the seriousness and the humor.

Author's Response: Hey, wow, such a positive review. I'll remember this one for days when I need a pick-me-up. I love Seamus' memory too, it was one of the first I came up with and I just had to write it out.

As for the tradition, remember Ron and Hermione had a muggle wedding in my story, so Harry wouldn't have known. And Bill and Fleur's wedding was crashed by Death Eaters and he was on the run during their 1st anniversary, so he wouldn't have been exposed to it then either.

Again, thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #15, by EmilyPotter2390 Bottles Eight and One

11th August 2011:
I loved this idea! Is there going to be more of this story because I would love to see how Ginny and Harry react to the families. Ron's memories were amazing. Hagrid's made me almost cry and Molly's of course did. The love and pain these two go through in your stories is truly incredible! I look forward to reading more.


Author's Response: Hi, glad you liked the story. As for if its done... well, I'm toying with that. I have a last chapter part way done for when H/G return home that closes out the loose ends in the story but Its not even close to finished. Some day when I have time I'll finish it up and post it. But for all intents and purposes, the main part of this story is complete.


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Review #16, by Brent Stavrum Bottles Eight and One

3rd June 2011:
Hey this is a great story. just wondering oif its done or if you're going to add more onto it since it hasn't been worked on i a while?

Author's Response: Hi, thanks for reading. It is basically done. I'm toying with writing an epilogue for it, but it isn't done yet. Someday... I hope...

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Review #17, by smkffnut Bottles Eight and One

30th May 2011:
This series was just amazing! It really touched me! So much in fact that I am taking your idea and making it "Muggle" for my niece's wedding. I am going to ask each guest to write a card to them to be given to the couple on their first anniversary. Thanks for the wonderful idea and Thanks for writing!

Author's Response: Glad you liked the story. Making it muggle is brilliant. To make it more penseive-like pass around a digital cam and have them do it on video, then save to DVD and view the video files on their anniversary.

Let me know how it goes... and save me some cake (corner piece, lots of icing).

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Review #18, by HarryAndGinnyPotter Bottles Eight and One

11th May 2011:
Really like the bottle idea !! Did you make it up or was it breifly mentioned in the books and I've missed it ?? If you made it up congratulations !! It was an amazing story =D

Author's Response: The memory bottles as a gift was my own idea, there was nothing about it in the books. It was described that the memories could be stored in bottles, as Dumbledore used with Harry when researching the horcruxes, but the idea to make it a wedding/anniversary tradition was my own.

Glad you liked it, thanks for reading and taking the time to review.


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Review #19, by harrypottergurl10 Bottles Eight and One

13th October 2010:
This was great. I remember most of the memories. I figured out 25 of them but can't remember the other six. Keep up the great work.

Author's Response: Hi, I'm glad you liked the follow up as well. It was a way to get back into writing, and it was fun to do.

I'll write more when I ave time and when I have a plot that I like enough to write out.

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Review #20, by lily601kd Bottles Eight and One

25th September 2010:
I liked both stories, they are my favorites.

Author's Response: Thanks for letting me know you liked them. Have a great day.

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Review #21, by Emerald Bottles Eight and One

19th September 2010:
This story was fantastic! What a great idea with the memories.. just awesome. I only wish there were more!! Keep up the awesome writing.

Author's Response: I do plan to keep writing and I have a couple stories I'd like to do, but right now I don't have a lot of time to write them. So they're sitting and waiting patiently for me to habe the time to write.

I'm happy you enjoyed this story and I'd like to thank you for leaving a review.

thanks, seeker68

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Review #22, by muggle mom Bottles Four, Nine and Twenty-Six

21st August 2010:
very sweet. Please have more of dumbledore in the memories,, maybe have a aunt petunia memory from when lilly and she were girls talking about growing up and having kids.before the hate happened... I wish i could write. I have a great immagination for harry .

Author's Response: Hi muggle mom,

thanks for leaving a review and I hope you like the rest of the story. As for who's in the memories, they're given by people who attended the wedding, so there are lots of options available.

Thanks for reading.

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Review #23, by RED_X Bottles Eight and One

25th July 2010:
this was the best yet i am still hoping for a sequel to continue this amazing story!!!

Author's Response: Hello, I like the last two bottles myself. THe Molly vs Dumbledore was a little scene I had in my mind for a long time, but didn't have a vehicle to showcase it. I didn't even know what I wanted them to be fighting over, just that I wanted a scene where Dumbledore was afraid of her. It worked out that I could do it here.

The marauders scene I'd never even had the slightest inkling that it was going to pop into my head. Originally Hagrids was going to be his first meeting of Harry and all the trouble he went through chasing down the Dursleys. But this idea popped into my head and was better, so I used it instead.

I will continue to write, but I don't have anything ready to post, so it will be a while before I do.


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Review #24, by fatmermaid Bottles Eight and One

7th May 2010:
Extremely sweet ending to a wonderfull story. I absoutely enjoyed it and I hope to read more of your stories that are similar. As I have said before, I think you are one of the best authors here on harrypotterfanfiction! I just haven't had much opportunity to read the rest of this story because I've been at jobcorp and really busy working and such. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: I loved writing Hagrid's, in fact the bit with the marauders part was one of the easiest parts to write in the whole story. One I got going the words simply flowed together.

The memory from Molly was the one that got me started thinking about writing this. I wanted a Molly vs Dumbledore story and this was it.

I understand about being busy, very little time to write or even read fan fiction much any longer. I try to keep up the beta work for Mrs_Granger, but that's about all I have time for. I have more ideas, just no time...

As always, thanks...

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Review #25, by fatmermaid Bottles Twenty, Twenty-Four and Sixteen

7th May 2010:
I liked this chapter. All the disturbing memories from Ron was, well, quite disturbing. But, at the end, it was really sweet. You are a wonderfull author! Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you for the compliments, I do appreciate it. Ron's memory gifts were meant to be a way for him to show H/G that he would always stand by them. That he knew and understood that not only was he Ginny's brother, but he was Harry's brother just as much, or more.

Thanks again,

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