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Review #1, by FredSnapeCollinTonksLupin A typical day in the life of me

8th August 2011:
can you write more? cause I like this story, but you haven't updated it in like, years

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Review #2, by converse_rocks345 A typical day in the life of me

27th June 2010:
You got the quote wrong. It's from the Fourth book, not the fifth. But good job with this nether the less. :) I see this being a very funny story.

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Review #3, by HP Rules A typical day in the life of me

9th April 2010:
This is really funny- Dom's a great POV. Can you continue it please?

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Review #4, by scoop A typical day in the life of me

29th July 2009:
helloo...going to update anytime sooon? Fans are waiting you know

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Review #5, by I Luv James P II A typical day in the life of me

16th July 2009:
OMFG! that was totally awesometasticular! I even made my word longer for this review. Keep it going! I lovvve it. BTW Favorited.

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Review #6, by tiffany_nicole Stupid bloody Weasleys!

16th July 2009:
haha loving this. great job :)

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Review #7, by whacked A typical day in the life of me

16th July 2009:
haha, love teh last line

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Review #8, by Rowdy18 A typical day in the life of me

15th July 2009:
Hmm I just read all of this and I really like it! Can't wait to see what happens next. More soon!

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Review #9, by whacked Preview - chapter four

3rd July 2009:
bit disappointed with shortness, but hey, you updated.

Author's Response: It is only a preview (fortunately, lol) so don\\\'t worry, it\\\'ll be WAY extended. Thank you for reviewing!:)

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Review #10, by anonymous Preview - chapter four

3rd July 2009:
great story so far cant wait to see what happens next but
whos playing ron weasley?

Author's Response: Ahh, you will see in the full chapter of this episode. However, not everyone is going to be played by someone you\\\'ve heard of. However, Lee Jordan will be played by Fred Weasley II:)

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Review #11, by ginny_malfoy22 A letter a day does not keep the Potters away!

13th June 2009:
I love this fanfiction it's so hilarious, I'm just sitting here laughing. PLEASE update soon, this is so funny! I loved the last line.



Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing:)

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Review #12, by whacked A letter a day does not keep the Potters away!

9th June 2009:
i loev this story idea! rather unbelievable, yes, but i cannot wait to see teh stuff you come up with!
dom is fantastic. she's sarcastic, funny, sorta smart, arrogant, pretty much everything a cool main character should be.

please update soon!

Author's Response: Yay, I have a \\\'cool\\\' main character! Lol:P
Thanks for reviewing:)

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Review #13, by cappy Stupid bloody Weasleys!

29th May 2009:
so is this like a new version of the potter and weasley kids?

Author's Response: Yeah, it's got some of the same characters just with a different story line - hopefully you'll enjoy it:)

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Review #14, by coll123 Because Thursdays are funny days, too!

30th April 2009:
this is a very good story and so was potter and weasleys do howarts, do get me wrong, but you keep abandoning them and it makes me very not happy

please great amazingly done chapter(s)

Author's Response: Hey, I'm really sorry I abandoned so many but I'm now trying to keep to one and making sure I plan it properly so I don't run out of ideas!
Thanks very much for reviewing and please keep reading!:)

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Review #15, by whacked Because Thursdays are funny days, too!

29th April 2009:

thats my way of saying "please update ASAP!!! it was bloody fantastic and you have a real knack for storytelling and humour!"

i hope you don't abandon the story, i can see it going many many places

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Review #16, by Estellaa Because Thursdays are funny days, too!

15th April 2009:
D'aww thankyou for saying thanks XD
Liking the chapter, still funny as per usual!
Update soon!!! :D
Estella xx

Author's Response: Aw, cheers Estella, it's lovely of you to take the time to review!
Glad you enjoyed the chapter!

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Review #17, by lyrix82 Because Thursdays are funny days, too!

8th April 2009:
Yeah! another good chapter to brighten my day! I have such high hopes for this story, I really like your style of writing and I like the novelty of Dom being the principle character- I haven't read any decent fics with Dom as the boss yet (to be fair to all the Dom stories out there, I haven't looked for them either!
Anyway, enough drivel from me, I'm looking forward to the next installment, so see you then!

Author's Response: I've read one other story with Dom as the principle character called: My Sister's Fiance. Cheers for the drivel, it's much appreciated:P

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Review #18, by Prongsnlily Because Thursdays are funny days, too!

7th April 2009:
I love this story!! It has been so long since a fanfic had me laughing out loud. I love your writing style, can't wait for chapter 3!!

Author's Response: Aw, thanks very much!:)

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Review #19, by Estellaa Stupid bloody Weasleys!

27th March 2009:
Does this have Edward Cullen in? ('cause of your banner)
And i like your story, tis very funny so far i think :)
Update soonage :)
Estella xx

Author's Response: No but he IS going to play the part of Cedric Diggory...
Thanks for reviewing!:)

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Review #20, by MrsWonWon Stupid bloody Weasleys!

27th March 2009:
This is ultra-funny!
I definitely like it and I'm vaguely wondering where you're going to take it which is of course a good sign!
Aww poor rosie with the crush...;)
can't wait for another update!!!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you very much. I think you'll be surprised about where it goes but hopefully in a good way!
Thanks for taking the time to review!

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Review #21, by lyrix82 Stupid bloody Weasleys!

27th March 2009:
like it, like it alot! Many of my regualr stories are coming to an end and so I was foraging for new fodder adn stumbled upon your story, it's awesome! Lots of potential here! Thanks very much and I look forward to the next installment!

Author's Response: Aw, cheers for such a lovely response! I hope you continue to enjoy it and keep it as a regular!:)

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