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Review #1, by Marsha Secrets

8th February 2014:
Oh come on teddy and victoire have to get together :( not nathaniel and victoire

there are like no good and popular stories out there where teddy and vic are endgame and this could be the first :( they're perfect for eachother

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Review #2, by Macy Secrets

19th October 2013:
Omg please let Victoire and Teddy be endgame i need to see George's reaction! And some more epic cuteness hehe

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Review #3, by Annabelle Secrets

22nd September 2013:
Aww I really hope Teddy and Victoire end up together! Their story is so freaking cute! Nathaniel's nice but I don't want him in a relationship with Vic :( Please update soon! I want some more cute Teddy and Vic moments :3

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Review #4, by Sylvie Secrets

4th September 2013:
Omg please update soon. I love this! Argh I really want Teddy and Victoire but I have a feeling it'll be Nathaniel and Vic :'( It's pretty obvious

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Review #5, by Oh-Crap-I-Forgot-To-Log-In Secrets

27th April 2013:
What did she say?
I started reading this today and I love it!
Look! I wrote a review! Are you happy? Are you inspired? Emotional? You should express those feelings in another chapter!
I think she either kisses Natty or tells him she's in love with Teddy. Also, I hate the friends. She should move to Beauxbatons or something, and come back for a interschool tournament or the like... but Teddy is in seventh year so that wouldn't work.
Actually that's a really cool storyline! Victoire moves to France to get away from mean schoolmates and her childhood best friend who was really horrific to her during school, and when she comes to back she's beautiful and the star of her new school! And then Teddy can chase her, but in the end she turns him down and moves on because she realises she is above the petty bullies of her past, even though Ted has improved dramatically since they last met. Personally, I hate it when the main female character forgives the male lead for something really bad. My least favourite storyline is the one where a girl gets kidnapped by a guy that she soon falls in love with, and he realises his mistake and frees her. Like, WTF? It's called Stockholm Syndrome... Google it.
Seriously. It's bloody interesting.
But I digress. A lot, actually :D
Update? I don't know where to go from here!

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Review #6, by my love for teddy lupin Some Serious Talking

9th June 2012:
still waiting for the next amazing chapter!

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Review #7, by my love for teddy lupin Secrets

31st March 2012:
still awaiting the next chapter.

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Review #8, by remi Secrets

16th March 2012:

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Review #9, by Becka Potter Secrets

25th February 2012:
Really good chapter :) and great story so far so please update soon i wanna know wat happens!!!

Author's Response: There will be an update shortly! :)

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Review #10, by just jennifer Secrets

9th February 2012:
I really love this story but I would love it even more if you could update a we bitty faster :) even if all that happens is Teddy gives Victoire flowers ! Thanks for an amazing story though

Author's Response: Ugh, I know. I'm so sorry. I feel like it's excuse after excuse but at the end of the day, school always comes first :(

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Review #11, by recklessly_sweet Secrets

3rd February 2012:
i am so confused does she get with matty or teddy?
anyway so dann good
please update
cant wait to read more

Author's Response: Well, we don't know who she 'gets' with, now do we? Hm... *cackles evilly*

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Review #12, by recklessly_sweet Talking

3rd February 2012:
ding dong dang brilliant
love it love it love it

Author's Response: ding dong dang THANKS! :)

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Review #13, by Serena Secrets

31st January 2012:
Wrriiite MORE!
Is Nathaniel gay? Cause I can't tell if he likes Vic that way or not. I really want him to be okay. And Vic needs to make up with emily and kristen, and maybe find some better friends.
Please update!!!

Author's Response: You want him to be gay? Cause I'm gonna let you know he's not. I'd really like to write a gay character but Nathaniel's not it... :/

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Review #14, by Serena Christmas in April (Date: Part 2)

31st January 2012:
I really LOVE this! Your writing is absolutely hilarious! Victories narration makes my day, and this plot is so interesting! Update soon please!

Author's Response: Having trouble with the next chapter, but it will be written! I'm determined! *shakes fist in air*

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Review #15, by Serendipity1234 Secrets

21st January 2012:
This chapter was so sad :( her friends do kinda suck, though.
But I LOVE Nathaniel!!! He's such a sweetheart and a great person and I hate that they got into a fight!
I'm also pretty sure he's in love with Victoire. And I'm slightly conflicted because I don't know that I like Teddy better than him...I mean I love Teddy, but Nathaniel is just SO AWESOME. Of course Victoire should be with Teddy, but I feel bad for Nathaniel. He needs someone to love him :)
I hope they make up soon. It's really sad that she doesn't really have friends anymore.

Please update soon :)

Author's Response: I know, but there always needs to be a FML moment in a story ;) Aha, I actually love Nathaniel. I've never been one for bad boys ;) I'll update soon! I kinda got carried away with my other story, but I'll write this one for sure!

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Review #16, by Bluestreakspirit Secrets

19th January 2012:
Oh my god, you are the worst updater in the history of the universe. WORK ON THAT IF YOU WANT REVIEWS. Please. This story is coming along swimmingly, if I may say so, and I would appreciate if you would just HURRY UP AND GET ON WITH IT. This is almost 3 years old...and, yup, only 9 chapters. Disappointing :(

I like Nate the best. Dear old Nathaniel. He needs a girlfriend. *cough blatant hinting cough* And Teddy is an absolute jerk. Vic is okay, but she gets a little...confusing. Taking things that aren't important seriously and not sticking with her decisions and stuff. She changes her mind so much. I feel so bad for Emily! But, wow, she lost her virginity after a week? Still. Poor girl. :( I kind of (really) want Vic to do some breaking-of-Teddy's-heart for revenge for Emily. :p

I enjoy those little flashbacks about Victiore and Teddy's younger years very much. More please?

I will review...whenever the hell you decide to update. Ciao!

Author's Response: Um, I really don't have a good excuse to why it takes me so long. But life's been really crazy the past few years for me, which is why I started writing in the first place, just so I could get life off my mind. I know, I find Victoire infuriatingly fickle, but what can you do?

Next chapter shouldn't be too long. Give me a couple of weeks? :D

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Review #17, by Chloe Talking

14th January 2012:
I really like the story! Its well written, the voice is well developed and its funny! I can't wait to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: Woo! I'm glad you like the writing style! Keep on reading! :D

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Review #18, by ss10009 Secrets

13th January 2012:
Loving this story. :) It's amazing because typically I don't think I'd go for characterizations of Teddy and Victoire like this, but you really pull it off. This chapter was great as usual.

Author's Response: I hate the stereotypical Teddy/Victoire stories. They actually drive me nuts. I'm glad you like this though :D!

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Review #19, by AlPadfootPotter96 Secrets

13th January 2012:
I say Victoire just runs off with Jones and they get married and ride off into their sunset.
Haha, I love Nathaniel. He's so sweet, so contemplative...but he's distinctly himself. He's firm too. :)
Really great chapter!

Author's Response: Aha, that would definitely be cute :) I do love Nathaniel too, but I also like Teddy. I hate that one (or both) of them is/are gonna be hurt :(

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Review #20, by HPsmartone32 Secrets

13th January 2012:
SO GOOD. i like nat nad vic. they need to get together to make teddy realize that he is a ...*badword* haha. please please please update soon!

Author's Response: I'll update ASAP! Hopeless is in the queue so look out for that! :D

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Review #21, by Crescent Moon  Secrets

13th January 2012:
Great chapter, loved it!!
I really can't wait to see what's going to happen next, please update as soon as you can. But don't worry, I know I can see how hard it must be to get it up quickly with all you've got going on. :)

Author's Response: I know, but so many other authors do so well with putting up their stuff, I feel guilty :( I'm updating Hopeless next, so if you haven't, you should read that :D

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Review #22, by feathers101 Secrets

13th January 2012:
I loved the last chapter!!! I feel so bad for Nathaniel, and for Victoire. Teddys so mean!!!

Author's Response: It's just a pity party isn't it! :(

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Review #23, by Vanillaberries Secrets

13th January 2012:
whgovnwoghowivmo you updated! aaah i'm soo glad!
i sort of don't get what's going on...did she feel something during the kiss, or is she lying when she says she felt nothing?
because i looove vic/ted and although i like the friendship between nathaniel/vic i really don't want a relationship between them! - VB

Author's Response: Well Vic thinks she felt nothing, but she is very confused. If you hadn't picked up on it, Vic's very hard-headed but she isn't very decisive. Who knows!? I'm not even entirely sure how I'm going to end it, but I do have a good idea! Thanks for the lovely review! - (your initials are the same as mine!)

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Review #24, by frini19 Secrets

12th January 2012:

Author's Response: STILL ALIVE! Just in University now! ;) Ahaha, busy, busy bee. I will update once the next chapter is done! In the meantime, you should read my other story Hopeless *shameless plug in*

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Review #25, by FitzedOut14 Secrets

12th January 2012:
Woo hoo first review! So I'm a bit confused... Victoire has definitely reached her lowest point and can only come back up, right? But where is that 'up'? Is she going to end up with Teddy? Because it seems to me that she has a thing for Nathaniel :O

Author's Response: Yeah, things kinda suck for Victoire right now. Nobody's really there for her. Well, Victoire's not really too sure about her feelings. Let's just say she's confused. She needs to figure things out. She definitely has /some/ feelings for Nathaniel, but she's not sure what.

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