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Review #1, by 65ashben Day out.

13th October 2011:
Oooh. What's the surprise? I really like this story. I can't wait for the next chapter!!!

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Review #2, by ralula Visitors.

9th July 2011:
Very entertaining story, very well written. Thank-you; you are a talented writer

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Review #3, by PUNKYWITCH Visitors.

24th May 2011:
plz write more i like this side of snape its very good

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Review #4, by ';l/.l,kj Chapter one: Lost.

22nd May 2011:
knocked on sev's says so

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Review #5, by sevanderslice Visitors.

19th March 2011:
I am really enjoying this story. It is nice to see a softer side of Snape. And I think it is plausible that Snape would be nicer to Harry if he met him as a younger child and was forced to see his more Lilly-like personality before he could form any prejudices.

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Review #6, by Daielle Visitors.

12th January 2011:
Please hurry with the next chapter. It is a very good story and I would like to read what happens next

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Review #7, by RumbleroarRedvines Chapter one: Lost.

18th December 2010:
Yay!!! Really really really good!

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Review #8, by Tash2Unknown Visitors.

28th September 2010:
this is great! :) when can we expect a new chapter? I can't wait :D

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Review #9, by Alethea27 Visitors.

4th April 2010:
I'm really enjoying this story. I'm wondering what Albus and Minerva are planning to do with Harry. I'm hoping they leave him with Severus as he's obviously becoming attached to Harry. Please update soon.

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Review #10, by Snapegirl Visitors.

24th March 2010:
Great chapter! I love how Harry talked to Minerva/Bas and she thought it was funny that Severus was "Uncle Sev" to Harry. Now I wonder what will happen with Dumbledore and Severus. I hope Severus gets to keep Harry.

So glad you updated!! Yay!

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Review #11, by Danielle Morin Visitors.

10th March 2010:
You should have Dumbledore try to make Snape bring Harry back to the dursleys and Snape find out all of what they have done to Harry. They should get their retribution for what they have done to Harry. Then the police should be called on Marge for leaving a young child in the park through the night

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Review #12, by bmhallows Visitors.

1st March 2010:
harahh you are back!

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Review #13, by RumbleroarOnMars Visitors.

1st March 2010:
Nice chapter! I really like Harry, he is so cute. I like how Snape isn't a big git :)

I'm glad you're updating again (although I only discovered the story yesterday) and I look forward to the next chapter.


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Review #14, by filupa Black Day out.

16th September 2009:
this is a really cool story i like this side of sev please up date it soon

Author's Response: Thanks a lot for the review, I've just added a new chapter but I don't know how long it'll take to appear, but I hope you enjoy it.

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Review #15, by green skwrets Day out.

17th August 2009:
This is a really cool story... I'm really into it and i can't wait for the next chapter to find out what happens. Its a really original idea and i really like it... please update soon, i can't wait for the next chapter...

Author's Response: Sorry for taking so long, but I have now updated. Just waiting for validation.

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Review #16, by tweezers Day out.

25th July 2009:
love love love LOVE IT!!!
can't wait for chapter 5.
ignor c laire's comment, your story's awsome.!

Author's Response: Thanks, I hope you enjoy the next chapter that I've posted but am waiting to be validated.

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Review #17, by c laire Day out.

25th July 2009:
ok, getting creepie. i love the first 3 chapters, but it's now getting, well, borderline "wrong"?

just a thought

first 3 chapters: 8/10, very good.

this one? not so much, sorry. but i still love your work. xx

Author's Response: What is it you don't like about it?

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Review #18, by Wanted Free7 Chapter one: Lost.

23rd July 2009:
That was awful that his "aunt" and cousin would ditch him. Marge probably had that all planned out in her head. That is evil. I wonder who answers...

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Review #19, by IntoTheDarknessOfNight Chapter one: Lost.

20th June 2009:
Great. Just want to say. The Last Request is still up! It's in my favourite's. Unless you meant the author hasn't updated it for a while??

Author's Response: Thanks for telling me The last Request still exists, don\\\'t know how I couldn\\\'t find it. It\\\'s a shame they haven\\\'t updated for ages. I know I haven\\\'t but i fully intend to. I\\\'m putting a one-shot up in the mean time if your a fan of Severus and Sirius. (non-slash) Just a story of them trying to out do the other. Anyway glad you\\\'re enjoying my story and thanks for reviewing. Feel free to give me any suggestions as I do have a bit of writers block at the moment.

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Review #20, by Mary Rachel Day out.

30th May 2009:
Oh, bummer! No more chapters right now! This was well written. I love how you're having him call him 'Uncle Sev'!

Author's Response: Glad you like it, sorry about not updating i've been busy with exams, moving and work. Next chapter will be a while I'm afraid as i'm not a trusted author yet, but am still writing story.

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Review #21, by Mary Rachel Found.

30th May 2009:
Ooh, I think I am going to like this story!

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Review #22, by JEAClovis Day out.

17th May 2009:
A fun chapter! It's nice to see a kind Severus.

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Review #23, by Prongs_Foot Day out.

16th May 2009:
i luv this story! i want u to hurry up and update!! i check it out every day to see if it was updated!

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Review #24, by Snapegirl Day out.

15th May 2009:
That was a wonderful chapter! I loved how Severus was surprised when Harry hugged him, but thenrecalled that Lily liked to hug also and how he was so mindful of Harry's safety when flying. And also how protective of him he was, that's a typical Snape thing.

Wonder who Tom gave the picture to?

And as to Severus's surprise, I can't even hazard a guess. Update soon, please!

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Review #25, by snapeangel Day out.

14th May 2009:
love this story so much so more post more!!!

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