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Reading Reviews for Affairs of the Heart
12 Reviews Found

Review #1, by arusha Hermione

5th August 2009:
i actaully wanted to say:

sorry and i will really appreciate it u did it.

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Review #2, by Timechild Harry

16th May 2009:
Harry's thoughts are nicely detailed. He also is sounding so true the way you portray him. I can see his guilt and remorse, but also his addiction coming through.

Nicely written

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Review #3, by Timechild Hermione

16th May 2009:
The chapter has the feel of what a person would really feel like if they were having an affair with someone. Hermione's thoughts and guilt is written well and comes across as very real. The detail is just about right and the feeling is quite good.

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Review #4, by Timechild Ron

21st April 2009:
Very nicely written material. Ron's reactions to the situation show a maturity that is unusual and pleasantly surprising. You can feel his unhappiness in reading the chapter. Your short and succinct style is also unusual. I am used to saying that there needs to be more detail in chapters of this size, but for the life of me I couldn't say where to embellish. All the points have been covered.

You did a good job here.

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #5, by datbenik513 Harry

14th April 2009:
I'm back for chapter 2.
And again, a more mature Harry this time.

A young man, who all his life has been carrying a burden. First, the burden of being orphaned and the need to live in a foster family, stealing his childhood.

Then, the burden of the prophecy, marking him a target and stealing his teenage years.

Now, the burden of a rushed marriage, making everyone suffer. But Harry is strong. He never complains, he never had. He finds and provides comfort to the person who always understood him.

THIS love will endure everything. Bravo! Beautifully written!

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Review #6, by datbenik513 Hermione

14th April 2009:
Oh yes. Harmony at its best.

Brilliantly written from a first-person POV, this chapter features a somewhat more mature Hermione. The sentences flow just perfectly and the internal struggle of the "smartest witch of Hogwarts" is depicted in a very poignant way.


Two small BOO's:
"were cheated on their respective partners" should be
"were cheatING on their respective partners"
and I'm not so sure "very beautiful" is really English. Foreigners like me tend to use it quite often, but I'd consider replacing it with an another phrase.

An instant favourite, my dear. Reading on!

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Review #7, by Davis Elrick Ron

12th April 2009:
Should have at least one more chapter for ginnies point of view on this. It would make for an interesting story and a good finished. By the way nice job and keep it up

Author's Response: I've been thinking about writing Ginny's POV since the beginning, but I'm having trouble keeping it realistic. Thanks for the review. :)

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Review #8, by Davis Elrick Harry

12th April 2009:
This is getting in touch with a side that there is no way we could have seen in the books but it is interesting none the less

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Review #9, by Davis Elrick Hermione

12th April 2009:
A very touching chapter looking forward to reading more

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Review #10, by padme_alejandra Ron

12th April 2009:
I definitely liked Ron's chapter the best. You've portrayed him quite well. :)

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Review #11, by padme_alejandra Harry

12th April 2009:
I like the truth of this. Things happen, and we just have to cope with it and move on.

Good job.

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Review #12, by padme_alejandra Hermione

12th April 2009:
Even though I'm a Ron/Hermione fan, I really liked this. You write well and capture emotions beautifully. I liked how you showed Hermione's weakness without trying to make it sound like what she was doing was okay; it was very Hermione :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it. Ron's chapter was the most fun to write; trying to write him in a realistic manner without having him go off on them. Thanks for the review.

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