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Review #1, by Mary Ann Winter break I: Welcome to Washington

10th September 2011:
sad you hear you abandon this story :( rather good story. can you answer just ONE questions for me? Who is the guy you have on your banner? thats laughing. I've seen him on VARIOUS banners and i REALLY wanna know who he is?

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Review #2, by Coraline Winter break I: Welcome to Washington

15th March 2011:
Why??? *Cue drama and tears* Please dont abandon it!! Please??

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Review #3, by LeaMalfoy To play quittich, or to quit and eat cake; that is the question…

25th February 2011:
This was
What an AWESOME first chapter. You fit everything in and I'm sitting here on my couch going like: Woah.

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Review #4, by Someone Winter break I: Welcome to Washington

9th February 2011:
I really liked theis story, but if you're not gonna finish it could you just say so?

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Review #5, by Ms V The wise words of Chase Thomas.

26th January 2011:
Good story but its very not wizarding world with all the american brands.

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Review #6, by Bertle To play quittich, or to quit and eat cake; that is the question…

2nd June 2010:
Kay, so I just realized that this is the only chapter I haven't reviewed. You realize what that means? I've been with this story since CHAPTER TWO! Wow. I think that's the earliest of any of the other stories I'm following. Craziness. Anyways, that was just a fun fact and totally irrelevant to what I reviewed to tell you lol.

The reason I'm reviewing Chapter 1 is because I can't figure out how to review a chapter twice, and I have something to tell you! I just wanted to tell you that while I was checking for updates (which have yet to exist... wink wink nudge nudge!) I noticed your new banner. I just wanted to say it is fabulous. I liked the words because I never really understood the title lol. Also, I realize this is under renovations, but do you have any idea how long it might be until an update? Lmao, just so I can stop checking every day lke a creepy stalker haha you know how it is :).

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Review #7, by rosemarie Winter break I: Welcome to Washington

8th April 2010:
please update i love this story i want you to update

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Review #8, by inky Winter break I: Welcome to Washington

17th March 2010:
oh my god. this is AMAZING! i love it! it's so cute! :) please continue...quickly!! xxx

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Review #9, by aidanlynchrox Winter break I: Welcome to Washington

12th March 2010:
So cute! Aubrey and james are so darn adorable together!!! I really can't wait till the next chapter!!
I can't wait for aubrey's birthday and the weasley-potter christmas!

pretty please with some whipped cream and a cherry on top will you update soon?

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Review #10, by aidanlynchrox Oh goodness...

12th March 2010:
I may sound like a broken record but once again I love love love love love this story!
I love how you always mention what aubrey is wearning, and the scene at the dress shop sounds exactly like my friends and I when we go shopping!!

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Review #11, by aidanlynchrox And I manage to embarass myself beyond beleif, yet again.

12th March 2010:
Oh snap! Looks like someone had a case of word vomit! But then she got over it with a visit from the luuurve dr! oh wow... did i really just call james potter "the luuurve dr"??? ignore the fact that I just said that... I swear fanfics are doing strange things to my brain.

I love how instead of just using all of the cliche love story things that you could use to make this story good and fluffy, you use the cliches but you use them with a sense of humor and you point them out!

excelent work!!

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Review #12, by aidanlynchrox Talking with the enemy, dissing paintings, and old fashioned girl bonding

12th March 2010:
Ok so I love this story, but I have one issue, and I've seen this in alot of stories so maybe I'm just confused...
so I had always thought that the pro quidditch world was kind of like the football/soccer world where there is league play but there's also a world cup, and with the league teams anyone can play on anyteam in any country (as long as they make the team of course) but then in the world cup each country has one team and the people on that team are from that country, so an irish person could play for like the chuddly cannons (which I'm pretty sure is an league english team) but they couldn't play for the english international team in the world cup (in the 4th book at the world cup both of the quidditch teams are always refered to as the irish international quidditch team or the bulgarian national quidditch team) they would have to play on the Irish international quidditch team...i always thought that if the leagues and the world cup were seperate things, it makes winning the world cup a bigger deal, because it kind of means that you are the best in the world, not just against the teams that you happened to play... it also makes it an even bigger deal for the country that wins, you're probably going to be more proud of a team that is all english than a team with people from random countries...does that make sense? or am I just ranting?

oh crap now i can't even remember if it was this story where they said someting about like the wimborne wasps (league team) getting beaten by turkey (national team)... or something along those lines. if it wasn't in this story after all i am really truely sorry for ranting at you... actually even if it was in this story I am still sorry for ranting at you :)

keep up the good work

Author's Response: haha, yeah, that was me. I'm honestly terribly confused by the inner workings of the quidditch world, so i just tossed to country's names in there. :)

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Review #13, by aidanlynchrox The wise words of Chase Thomas.

12th March 2010:
LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS STORY!!! Gosh it has all of my fave things! Clothing, cute boys, chocolate, and quidditch!
I'm not going to stop reading until I finish this story!

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Review #14, by aidanlynchrox A game, a party, and a little blackmailing. Can life get any better?

10th March 2010:
Aahhh!! Aubrey is totally my idol!!! I wish I could use my brother for blackmail! To bad he only dates the nicest girls ever!! Ugh life is hard!!
I love this story!! It's got all of my favorite things, james potter, quidditch, and a dash of blackmail!

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Review #15, by aidanlynchrox To play quittich, or to quit and eat cake; that is the question…

10th March 2010:
Holy crap!! I love this story!!! So amazing!!! I started laughing and I couldn't stop! Aubrey is alot like me with the whole hilarious inner monologue thoughts thingy! i'm probably going to end up staying up until midnight reading the whole story and then doing all my homework but I have a feeling that it will be waay worth it!

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Review #16, by ochalke5 Winter break I: Welcome to Washington

3rd March 2010:
Oh man what a cliff hanger, well it's not really you know whats going to happen!!! AMAZING! WONDERFUL!!! And about 50 other adjectives! I loved it doll!

Author's Response: thanks, dear :) it's really awesome that you NEVER fail to review!

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Review #17, by Random Winter break I: Welcome to Washington

22nd December 2009:
I really like it and I can't wait for the next one!


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Review #18, by blackheart 96 Winter break I: Welcome to Washington

8th December 2009:
that was great!! love it! i cant wait for teh next chapter! keep writing awsomely

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Review #19, by dyqw1700 Winter break I: Welcome to Washington

7th December 2009:
I really love this story! It's so funny! And this chapter was awesome! Please update soon!

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Review #20, by lucy Winter break I: Welcome to Washington

4th December 2009:
I love this story so much,
and the last paragraph just made me so happy, James is so cute.
keep writing I get so excited when I see that you have updated.
love lucy xx

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Review #21, by seriouslywantsyoutopostthenextchapter Winter break I: Welcome to Washington

4th December 2009:
plz? :33

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Review #22, by flying_rabbit Winter break I: Welcome to Washington

3rd December 2009:
Aah :) They're so sweet together!
Life as the president (or his daughter) seems pretty hectic. I'm glad I'm not in such a position, I'd probably hate it. Aubrey seems to be doing alright, I guess (even though she doesn't really like it), but that must be what having the parents she has did to her :) It's a good thing Aubrey's father likes James, but then again, he seems to know Harry quite well, so he'd have a double problem if he didn't like his son. Anyway, great chapter :D The conversation with Joey was quite funny :) You can almost picture him in front of you, just by all the things he says and does.
Well, hope you update soon!

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Review #23, by dream_BIG Winter break I: Welcome to Washington

3rd December 2009:
GETTING SOME, WOO-HOO! (insert vulgar hip thrust here)
shut up. i never said i was mature.
plus i only had three hours of sleep last night.
you know what sleep deprivation does to me...

Author's Response: hi dear. no innapropriate comments. go away.
just kidding. i love you.

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Review #24, by Bertle Winter break I: Welcome to Washington

3rd December 2009:
Aw :) :). James and Aubrey are so adorable! Do you remember that first hate-filled kiss they shared way back when in the locker rooms? And she was shocked about him calling her 'Aubrey' instead of 'Bell'? Look at them now! I just hope she doesn't regret that in the morning. I don't regret it :). They're cute.

I also really love all the gay make up ing you have haha. You're so realistic with all your shopping tidbits. So many things for girls to consider! I wish I had a gay friend to spend 5 hours with me. And she's right. 5 inches make everything better. One thing I noticed though, just for future reference, at one point you said '6'7' and I think you meant '5'7' haha. I was like... 6'7 is normal? Just a little thing though :).

I also really love how Aubrey switches to french when she gets distressed. I find it really funny (it's also convenient that I understand french) and I really hope you keep that up :).

So yeah! Great job! Update again as soon as you can!

Author's Response: haha, thanks. i most definatly meant 5'7!!!

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Review #25, by lunar0o0eclipse Winter break I: Welcome to Washington

3rd December 2009:
I absolutely adore Aubrey, and James, as much as I hated him at first, is the PERFECT boyfriend for her. I think that they'll get caught, after all, they both have reputations that would be ruined and drama would ensue! You're amazing :) Please, please, please upate soon!

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