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Review #1, by spreaddapoo93 Where Everybody Knows Your Name

11th December 2010:
I am really interested in your fanfic (very original and sounds absolutely brilliant). I actually saw this in Story Seekers in Harry Potter Podcast in search of a good fanfiction to podcast myself and I was hoping you would give your consent for me to do yours?
Mind, I've never done one before, but I can promise to try my best?

Author's Response: My goodness. This is really kind of you. I am sorry for the delay, but I had not updated in a while and, consequently, was checking for reviews rather infrequently.

I will try to reply by PM.
Again, thank you so much for you kind comments.

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Review #2, by moony101 Persephone

31st July 2009:
Oh- there was a lot of description in this one! I liked it; it as easier to visualize the scenes. I can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: I did have a pretty clear picture in my head, that riding a thestral -- at least, one of these particular thestrals -- would be a lot like riding a horse. I kind imagined the sensation of an airplane taking off, combined with being on a horse that was sort of rushing a jump. But really -- who wouldn't want to ride a flying horse? Even a carnivorous, hairless one?

Thank you very much. I will try to have a chapter up before too long.

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Review #3, by momotwins Persephone

26th July 2009:
I love how you convey the wonder of Scorpius's fascination with magical creatures. It's really lovely. The description of them setting out to the Arctic was wonderful, it made me wish I could be a wizard naturalist too! I love Neville. And poor Scorpius, so unsure of himself. Wonderful story. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: One of my favorite childhood fantasies was riding a flying horse, so I had a good opportunity to imagine what it would be like. (Of course, I'd grab mane; and you can't really do that on a thestral.)

I went back and forth, making the thestrals hot like a bird or cold like a reptile. Warm like a bird won.

Thank you, once again, so very much for your wonderful, kind and encouraging reviews. I can't tell you how much I appreciate them.

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Review #4, by momotwins Wings of Death

26th July 2009:
OMG. I love the taxi. It's like the Knight Bus. And the thestrals at Wings of Death Pack Station, what an absolutely BRILLIANT idea. This story is amazingly good. I just love it. I love Scorpius. I can't quite get a fix on his age. He must not be younger than 14 or Neville wouldn't be so all right with him going, alleged permission or not, and Teddy also seems quite young but must be out of school if Victoire is... Hmm. The elements you've added to this story - Wings of Death, the Yankee Taxee, the Snorcack expedition - it all gives me that same sense of wonder and fascination that JKR's world does. It fits so perfectly while still feeling fresh and new. Really well done.

Author's Response: I had fun making the taxi driver an American, so I could use all the American slang I wanted without it seeming out of place.

I was going nuts, trying to figure out how to get Scorpius et al into the back country without it being awkward and boring. While I was pondering this (and not updating for ages), I took a short riding vacation with a packing outfit. The idea just came to me as I was riding along on my pony.

Scorpius is 12. He's just very good at manipulating adults. It's not really a Malfoy trait (Draco was awful at it), but manipulating people generally is a Slytherin trait. He's a good kid; he just has that knack. He's also a pro when it comes to wheedling money. (Of course, it's pretty discouraging when Roar is immune to his entreaties.)

Of course, who's to say that Neville didn't sent a little tiny owl off to Astoria with a message along the line of -- "don't worry about your kid; he's with me. If he plays his cards right, there may be some extra credit in it for him." But, then again, Neville's own experience gave him a higher-than-usual tolerance for independent action by children.

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Review #5, by momotwins Scorpius' Salvation

26th July 2009:
Do you know, I had forgotten Teddy and Scorpius were cousins too. Second cousins, but still. How interesting. I really enjoyed this chapter, Neville made me laugh a lot. He's just wonderful, I love how you write him. I love your Teddy too, he's quite different from how I usually see him. I can't wait to see Teddy's reaction to Scorpius being there. And for him to see Victoire's robes haha.

Author's Response: Neville is a fun character. I figure that, by the time he becomes a teacher, he's seen just about everything; so it takes a lot to faze him. And, as much as he can't stand Draco, he can't help liking his kid.

Even though Scorpius is a little Slytherin scamp.

Thanks so much for the review.

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Review #6, by momotwins Thor's Canyon

26th July 2009:
I can't say it enough, I love this story. It's completely enchanting. I love Scorpius. Now I feel he must be younger, more like 14? Did I miss a bit where it said what year he was at school? He's just so cute, setting off to find the Snorcacks. I would leave a longer review, but I'm dying to read more.

Author's Response: Again, thanks. (Blush!)

As mentioned, Scorpius is between his first and second year. He hangs out as much as he can with Hagrid, who lets him do things like feet the hippogryphs, which he normally would not have contact with until third year or so.

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Review #7, by momotwins Victoire on the Grass

26th July 2009:
I love Victoire the utter bimbo. That's just awesome. Rather different from how she's usually portrayed, as all your Next Geners are, which I love. And Scorpius preparing for the trip was fun to read. I loved Draco absolutely forbidding him to wear Gryffindor colors. The red shirt thing made me think of Red Shirts in Classic Trek. Monster fodder! How old is Scorpius meant to be here? He sounds quite young sometimes but I think he must be in the 16-ish age range.

Author's Response: I was afraid that, with Victoire, I made her too American in her speech. I did, of course, intend her to be a total airhead.

Scorpius is supposed to be at the end of his first year. I imagined him having a Spring birthday, making him barely 12. (Draco, with a June birthday, would have been 11 at this point in the year.) He's still preadolescent enough to endure Victoire's Veela emanations unscathed. He's precocious and she's not, so they sort of balance.

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Review #8, by momotwins Aunt Luna and Uncle Rolf

26th July 2009:
Wow. This chapter, if you'll forgive the juvenalia, is made of pure win. Luna, Rolf, the Snorcacks. Wow. No one but this Rolf could possibly marry Luna. And you have Luna's characterization down amazingly well. I love how Scorpius is so involved in what they're saying that he doesn't notice Luna mentioning his family imprisoning her. Hilarious. What a great story! I'm totally in love with this.

Author's Response: Thank you very much.

I think Luna will always be Luna, regardless of her age. She seems like someone to let bygones be bygones for the most part.

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Review #9, by momotwins Scorpius

26th July 2009:
RonsGirlFriday recommended this story to me, and I'm so glad I came to read it. I love your characterization of Scorpius and the history you've given him. It's wonderful and refreshing. You captured Hagrid well too. I'm enjoying this very much thus far.

Author's Response: Thank you for all your wonderful reviews. I would have responded sooner, but my laptop at home refuses to digest Responses to reviews, for some reason.

This has been fun to write and a bit change of pace after WSP, which is much heavier. As I mentioned somewhere in an author's note (at least, I think I did), the genesis of this story was a "write a story in 48 hours" challenge where we were give random characters and prompts. I ended up with too much plot for a one-shot, so this is the result.

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Review #10, by moony101 Thor's Canyon

3rd July 2009:
Ha! Now Neville is pulled into it, too. Great chap!

Author's Response: Neville? Did you read ahead, or did you guess?

Thank you. I appreciate your comments a lot.

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Review #11, by moony101 Victoire on the Grass

3rd July 2009:
Teddy and Vic must be an extremly odd couple... Nice chapter!

Author's Response: I don\\\'t know that they are such a terribly odd couple. It\\\'s just that Teddy is a bit insecure and Victoire, while Veela-rifically gorgeous, is not an intellectual.

Thank you for the very nice review.

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Review #12, by moony101 Scorpius

2nd July 2009:
I like your Scorpius; he's so original! :D

Author's Response:
JKR doesn\\\'t tell us anything about Scorpius beyond the fact that he exists and who his parents are. It\\\'s fun to sort of write against the Malfoy grain.

I have to acknowledge, however, that this started out as a \\\"challenge\\\" story, in which Scorpius was a mandatory character.

Once again: I\'m delighted you enjoyed the story and I really appreciate your taking the time to post reviews.

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Review #13, by moony101 Where Everybody Knows Your Name

2nd July 2009:
wow, Ted just sounds like bucket loads of fun :D Interesting chapter... why does he need the Quidditch robes? Anywho, I liked it.

Author's Response:
Well, Ted is an anxious young man. But I certainly have been having fun with him.

The Quidditch robe mystery will be answered shortly.

Thank you so much for writing.

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Review #14, by RonsGirlFriday Wings of Death

29th June 2009:
Ooh, thestrals! Nice surprise at the end there!

Another great chapter. I particularly liked Roar --he's very funny in his own way. And poor, beleaguered Neville.

As far as your response to me last review -- I really liked the lengthy response, so don't apologize! In my opinion, Neville is difficult to write, but you write him very well, so I enjoyed reading about your take on him and all the things you think about when trying to get inside his head. :-)

Author's Response: I hope this response stays put. The last attempt was lost in the computer malfunction of the past few days.

I was having trouble figuring out how to get Scorpius et al. up country. Apparation seemed boring. I got the thestral idea while horseback riding.

I\\\'m glad you like Roar -- he\'s sort of taken on a life of his own.

At this stage of his life, after fifteen or so years of teaching pre-adolescents and teenagers, perhaps Neville feels an occasional spark of empathy even for his least favorite teacher, Snape. (Or, then again, maybe not.)

Thank you so much for your review.

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Review #15, by RonsGirlFriday Scorpius' Salvation

23rd May 2009:
I love it when a plan comes together!

I think I might have already mentioned this in one of my previous reviews, but you write the adult Neville's personality so well! I can still see remnants of his younger personality, mainly in his passivity and wariness, but he has this wonderful, mature demeanor and benign skepticism. He also seems a little bit paternal, the way he wants to keep an eye on Scorpius and is letting Teddy tag along with him. (By the way, how did Teddy convince him to do that??)

Can't wait for the expedition to start!! 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you again for your kind words.

Neville really matures through the 7 books. As an adult and as a teacher, I think first of Sprout, who must have been a huge influence and a mentor. His character is interesting: he is a Gryffindor -- brave, adventurous, a tad reckless -- althought it takes a few years for these traits to emerge. Meanwhile, life has dealt him so many terrible blows that caution is a a part of his nature.

He grew up without parents, so he probably has an enhanced respect for the quasi-parental relationship between a Hogwarts teacher and the kids that spend more time with them than at home.

In his relationship to Scorpius, it may be that Neville looked himself in the mirror one morning after meeting this kid who looked exactly like his father and said, "You are not going to be Snape." Of course, Neville doesn't have a Snapelike bone in his body. But the recollection of how he and Harry were treated, and his own knowledge that he despises Draco, might incline him to bend over backwards with Scorpius -- until he realized that he actually kind of liked the kid on his own merits. Since Scorpius doesn't mind bugs, he's going to be would be perfectly happy getting his hands dirty in herbology class.

As far as his scepticism for this particular project: as much as he loves Luna as one of his oldest and closest friends, Neville knows she has always had a weakness for wild notions. He just always assumed the CHS was one of them, right up there with the Rotfang Conspiracy.

But at the end of the day, dropping Rolf's name did the trick. After all, as Scorpius put it, he's a respected naturalist with a reputation to protect. And Neville, as a herbologist, is a botanical naturalist himself.

How did Teddy convince Neville to let him tag alone? Whining to Neville and to his godfather Harry, to urge him to put in a good word, coupled with very good timing -- although Neville desperately wanted to tell Harry the position was filled, it wasn't, and he couldn't otherwise say no to his old friend.

I hope to get the expedition started before long. The one-shot draft was written months ago, but the expanded version will require more detail about the actual terrain.

I just looked over this. Please forgive the length. This reply is a chapter in itself.

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Review #16, by BigTiggaPwnz Where Everybody Knows Your Name

20th May 2009:
I'm very impressed. Your writing is very potent. I love your use of words. Honestly, they are what are going to keep me going. And your sentence structure!!! OMG!!! You're a hero among HPFF writers! Honestly, you're like top five material for writing powerfully.

Btw, 10/10 for a damn good job. ;)

Author's Response: I am enormously complemented by your incredibly kind review. (Actually, it made my day.)

I think we are here at HPFF because, at some level, we all enjoy playing with language (and plot and all the other ingredients), and this is a forum where you can have a little fun with words.

Thank you so much for writing.

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Review #17, by panicxxattack Where Everybody Knows Your Name

20th May 2009:
I have to say, I really enjoyed reading this. I like the tone of your writing, it made me smile!(:

Author's Response: Thank you very much. This chapter was fun to write. If it made you smile, I am delighted.

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Review #18, by RIgal Thor's Canyon

17th May 2009:
Great story, please keep posting!!

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I hope to have another chapter up before too long.

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Review #19, by RonsGirlFriday Thor's Canyon

12th May 2009:
Ooh...let me guess! *whispers* Is it Neville? :-D

I like how independent Scorpius is, by the way. His note that he left for his parents was so funny. It's not lying if you just withhold information, I suppose. :-)

Author's Response: I should have the next chapter up soon, and then you'll know for sure.

These three chapters were originally one. But, in keeping with my plan to make all the chapters around 1200 words -- "bite-sized" -- I broke it once, and then again. (Otherwise, there'd be no need to guess.)

As far as that letter -- well, Scorpius is a true Slytherin, which is a character "propensity" (for want of a better word) that will serve him more than once.

Again, thanks so much for your reviews. I appreciate them so much.

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Review #20, by RonsGirlFriday Victoire on the Grass

10th May 2009:
"But it was all right, because Hagrid would never reveal the slightest part of it to anyone."


Another great chapter! Now I know what was going on in the first chapter, with Teddy talking about Scorpius borrowing Victoire's robes. But I liked how you put that bit in the first chapter and then came back to it a few chapters later.

Your characters are so funny and quirky and awesome. I love Victoire here and how Quidditch to her was like being Crucio'ed after being fed live worms. Haha.


Author's Response: Well, Hagrid is an honest soul and he certainly means well. And Scorpius never heard about those slips that happened long before he was born.

I had some fun (albeit perhaps a bit mean) with Victoire as a cliche of a not-too-bright . . . Veela.

Thank you so much for reviewing.

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Review #21, by Rigal Aunt Luna and Uncle Rolf

5th May 2009:
I really like your story and look forward to the misadventures I'm sure Scorpius will get up to

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I expect to update soon, with more misadventures.

Best regards.

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Review #22, by GailGreen Scorpius

30th April 2009:
Hahahah! I loved the line about 'being a Malfoy' and what it meant. Poor Scorpius! Cursed by his own name to a life of dull food, boring lectures, starchy clothes and people after donations... I can see why he would want an interesting life instead (even if it's a Chinese curse).

He does have a bit of his family's calculation, I see. I can see those shrewd Malfoy eyes narrow, as he thought of all the possible fundraising ideas to further is own, creature-centric, concerns...

'Uncle Rolf and Aunt Luna' eh? So their that close to the Potter family they're like surrogate family. That's adorable, espeically, as it's like meeting a superstar for Scorpius the animal lover.

Anyway, nice chapter. It's a bit on the short side, and almost patronising in it's treatment of Scorpius, but I suppose it's the view point of an 11 year old boy, so hay, who cares? I enjoyed it immensly.


Author's Response: Yes, I envisioned Scorpius being sort of a little prince, constantly prodded to act the part of a little Malfoy heir. A bit like Prince Charles, only without the fox hunting and polo. (And thank you for that first paragraph -- I loved reading it.)

All I can say about the Malfoy calculation is that it will come into the story later.

As to Luna and Rolf being called "aunt" and "uncle" -- when I was a kid, I had lots of adult family friends who were not actually relatives but who were (in my dad's words) "honorary" aunts and uncles. So I always assumed this was a common practice.

And, yes, it was like meeting a superstar for Scorpius.

Patronizing? Moi? Well, I was after a light tone; but, since I usually write angsty stuff, I may well have missed the mark and slithered into, um, patronizing. I appreciate the comment; it gives me something to think about.

Thank you very, very much for this wonderful review. I apologize for taking so long to respond, but I wanted to think about it a bit.

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Review #23, by RonsGirlFriday Aunt Luna and Uncle Rolf

30th April 2009:
I am in absolute love with this story. The way you wrote Luna and Rolf was wonderful - so affectionate with each other - and Luna seems mature but still classically Luna...especially when she says things like, "I was imprisoned in his house once during the war, but I think itís best to let bygones be bygones." That bit was perfect. 10/10 of course!

Author's Response: I really appreciate your review.

Thank you especially for your comment about my take on Luna and Rolf. It made my day. Luna's a remarkable character, wired a bit differently, while nonetheless intelligent and humane.

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Review #24, by RonsGirlFriday Where Everybody Knows Your Name

30th April 2009:
I'm so glad I ran across this story! Your writing style is wonderful and refreshing, and I think it sounds a lot like Neville's voice. You have some fantastic expressions, like "coma in a glass." Absolutely hilarious. 10/10

Author's Response: I'm glad you ran across this story, too. I appreciate your very nice comments. Neville was fun to write, although the adult, middle-aged Neville was kind of a shot in the dark.

The "coma in a glass" line was inspired by a line by one of my favorite comedians, Bill Maher.

Thank you so much.

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Review #25, by scarlett nixon Scorpius

30th April 2009:
I'm in love with little Scorpius. I can already see the future animal rights activist, or better yet, Snorkack activist. Update soon please!!

Author's Response: Little Scorpius would never, ever have treated a creature the way Draco behaved toward Buckbeak. He's a different variety of Malfoy.

Thank you so much for your review. The update is already up as I'm writing this.

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